Postpartum Workouts: Round Two

Earlier in the week, I shared my first attempt at postpartum running.  Your comments helped me realize that I’m definitely not alone in feeling slightly uncomfortable and loose inside!  Why doesn’t anyone talk about this stuff?  When I was pregnant, no one warned me that my insides would feel like a game of Operation afterwards! 

Aaaaanyways.  Casey worked from home today, which allowed me to have an extra hour to myself in the morning so I could get in a workout.  I jumped out of bed, put on TWO sports bras this time, and headed back down to the basement.

My new postpartum workout plan looks like this:

  • 5 minute warm-up walk (on treadmill)
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 1 mile walk/run
  • repeat three times!

Casey is doing at-home workouts too now that we have the treadmill, and he’s following the same plan.  He gets up at 5:30 (yikes!) and does his workout, and then when he comes upstairs to shower and get ready, I go down to do mine.  He suggested the guidelines for the workout, although is original plan was for me to do 25 sit-ups.  More on that in a minute…

My second “run” was not awesome, but it was definitely better.  I ran in half-mile increments, and took short walking breaks in between.  I definitely felt more comfortable at the 10:00 minute mile pace this time, but still didn’t feel like I could run for more than a few minutes in between.  And how did the strength training go?

I kept up with weights and strength training until around week 36 of my pregnancy, so I figured I’d still be in decent shape.  Wrong again!  I grunted through ten pushups with shaky arms, and then collapsed on the carpet.  Moving right along to sit-ups, I literally gasped at the first one.  Not surprising, my abs are non-existent after being buried beneath a baby for nine months.  Twenty five sit-ups quickly turned into a grueling ten, and by the third set I was barely able to finish them.  Crazy.

So what went better this time?  For starters, my boobs were much more under control with the double bra trick.  I’m going to take all your awesome bra feedback and get a few new ones eventually, but in the meantime doubling up will work as a temporary solution. 

Also, I think knowing it was going to be terrible going into it made it much less upsetting.  I knew it would be tough and it was.  But I did it, and that’s all I really cared about.  Success! 

IMG_3363 (479x640)

One of my big worries about returning to exercise is somehow having it interfere with what is currently (crosses fingers) successful breastfeeding.  If for some reason my milk supply decreases (I have heard this can happen?), I’ll have to reconsider my workout schedule.  I’m trying to ease back in slowly and make sure I’m continuing to eat A LOT.

Post-workout breakfast included a giant fruit smoothie and a large bowl of oatmeal.  Like I said before, I’m sort of paranoid about the whole milk supply thing, so I’m eating oatmeal every single day (it naturally stimulates lactation). 

IMG_5074 (427x640)

And finally, this has nothing to do with my postpartum workouts, but I can’t help myself from telling you that Cullen wore his first pair of baby jeans today.  BABY JEANS.  Seriously, I just die from the cuteness.

IMG_5064 (427x640)

I’m excited to have a loose workout plan now, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress as I keep going.  And it’s extra motivating to know that while I’m working out, there’s a cute baby in tiny jeans waiting for me upstairs.