The Seattle Sidewalks.

Even though I have the best of intentions and plenty of motivation, I’ve been finding it hard to fit in as many workouts and runs as I’d like to be doing.  My goal is to squeeze in a run every Saturday and Sunday, since Casey is at home and can hang with Cullen.

I woke up this Saturday excited to get moving again, and was even more motivated once I saw that the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day.  I haven’t run outside since last February in Alexandria, so trying to figure out what to wear was a challenge.

Even though it’s December here, the high was still around 45 degrees for the day, and the sunshine made it feel even warmer.  I dug out my old winter running gear, leashed up Indy, fired up the Garmin for the first time in Seattle, and hit the trail with my favorite running partner. 

IMG_5668 (426x640)

I love the weekends when I have a little more time for me, and Casey gets to spend a few extra hours with this guy.

Dec 17 (426x640)

After feeling really rusty on the treadmill for my first few runs, I was excited to test out my legs on the sidewalk and see if it felt any different.  After only doing walks together for the past year, Indy seemed shocked (and thrilled!) that we were running.  I headed down to the trail near my house, started my Garmin, and started jogging.

I found that my comfortable pace seemed to be hovering around the 10:00 minute mile mark – much faster than it was on the treadmill.  I ran and huffed and puffed.  Since I have never actually run in Seattle I had no idea how long the trail distance was from my house, and wasn’t sure how far it would be until I hit the one mile mark.

Having not run in a long time, I felt like I was really moving as I ran along the waterfront.  Assuming I was probably getting close to a mile, I looked down at my Garmin to see I had covered…0.37 miles.  HA!  Looks like I have a ways to go on getting my distance endurance back…

The sun was out, the water was sparkling, and it felt so good to be running outside again in my new city.  We ran to Gasworks Park and up the steeeeeep hill!  My motivation for making the climb?  The view at the top.

IMG_0424 (640x427) 

We stopped for a minute and caught our breath, and took in the amazing view of downtown Seattle from the park.  Just as we had approached the hill, my watch beeped with the one mile alert.  It sounds so small but it felt so big to me – my first full mile of postpartum running!

As we headed home, I did a few walk/run intervals before deciding to try to run another full mile home.  For my final mile, I found myself hitting between a 9:00 and 9:30 pace for about half of it – much faster than I expected!  I credit my Beyoncé and JayZ Pandora playlist for the extra kick in my step.

We looped home in just under three miles, two of which I ran, and the other I ran/walked.  A short distance, but a HUGE accomplishment, and I felt incredible afterwards.

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Being able to run outside made such a huge difference in both my pace and my confidence.  I’m going to do my best to get out as much as possible when the weather is nice, since dry days here tend to be few and far between.

For as good as I felt during my run, I was sore within an hour afterward.  OUCH!  I think my body was definitely feeling the extra impact of the hard sidewalk versus the cushioned treadmill.  I was happy to be taking it easy on Saturday night (as if I don’t do that every Saturday night…). 

We had an extra special evening of babysitting planned!  The only thing more fun than one sleeping baby on the couch is TWO sleeping babies on the couch!  Cullen’s first sleepover!  Both boys were on their best behavior, and it was so fun to get to play with another new baby.

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The rest of our weekend was spent working on Recipage, as we prepared to launch our exciting announcement this morning!  (For background on how/when we started Recipage, here’s the story.)  As of today, Recipage is totally FREEYou can read more about it here!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!