Week 7: Growing Up Fast.

It is amazing to me how quickly the weeks seem to be going by.  I don’t honestly even remember what I used to do with my time, but I know that thinking I was ever  busy before is now laughable.  This guy keeps me on my toes all day long!  Good thing he is (usually) so much fun to spend my days with.

IMG_5142 (640x427)

We had a rough couple of days at the beginning of the week.  Cullen would have long stretches of just seeming inconsolable, and I felt so sad that I didn’t know how to make him happy. 

Dec 5 (640x427)

I think he might be battling some gas these days, so I’m trying to do extra burping and pay better attention to how he’s feeding. 

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He also doesn’t like to be put down much anymore.  His preference is to be held and walked around aaaaall day long, which is fun, but not entirely realistic.  By the end of the day we are both totally pooped.

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He’s not a big fan of lying on his back this week, unless he’s in a really good mood.  If I’m lucky, I can convince him to hang on his playmat for a little bit so I can do things like eat lunch, go to the bathroom, and feed the dogs.  I can tell that developmentally he’s really starting to grow.  He has started actually batting at the toys on his mat, and a few times I’ve caught him holding onto things with his grasp!

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He is also getting SO BIG!  He’s much heavier in my arms these days, which is both tiring and also nice.  I like having a big healthy baby.  His little newborn hair is starting to fall out a bit in the front, leaving him with a funny receding hairline.  He doesn’t seem to care.

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Sleeping is going REALLY well.  I’m almost afraid to talk about it.  I’ll write more about it next week, but we’ve really gotten into a great nighttime routine.  Cullen goes to sleep right around 7:30 each night, and seems to only need to get up twice (sometimes even just once!) for a mid-night feeding.  It’s working well for all of us.

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We went to our birth class reunion this week, and had such a great time meeting all the other babies!  It was great to see all our mom friends again, and to see how different all our little ones and our birth experiences turned out.  Cullen was having a particularly cranky morning the day of the reunion (screaming in my face most of the morning), but then acted like the perfect gentleman once we got there – sleepy, happy, smiley, and social.  Go figure!  No one believed me that he’s typically a big grump.

Dec 6 (640x433)

I already talked a lot about me this week, so you don’t need much of a postpartum update.  I feel so lucky to have the support and advice of so many experienced moms who have done all of this before.  I’m learning about parenting and postpartum life day by day.  Yesterday I learned that I shouldn’t actually be doing sit-ups as part of my workout routine – whoops!  I’ll definitely be modifying this and changing things up for next week. 

I did have one pretty exciting postpartum moment this morning.  Stepping on the scale, I’m officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Exciting!  Although to be honest, my goal for getting back into shape has very little to do with numbers.  My goal is to feel toned and strong again, and to learn how to use my new body to do some of my old favorite things.

More and more I’m finding that I also have a lot of new favorite things.  I used to go and go all day long, always feeling like I needed to have all my tasks completed and lists checked off by the end of the day.  Now I find that my inbox takes longer to clear, my writing is usually done much later in the day, and my recipe development is mostly limited to weekends. 

I’m planning to try to write a “day in the life with a baby” post next week to give you guys an idea of what we do all day long.  Besides playtime, feeding time, diaper changes, and the other usual stuff, I also need to plan for time to do absolutely nothing other than sit, snuggle, sniff, and stare at my baby.  It’s good for both of us. 

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Tonight is our first evening away from Cullen, and his first time hanging out with babysitting friends.  I’m nervous about missing my little guy, but I’m also excited about a night out with Casey.  I can’t believe he’s almost two months old!