Week 9: Headed Out Of Town.

This little man is 9 weeks old today!

IMG_6097 (640x427)

This week has felt like it has flown past since we’ve been getting ready to go out of town.  Tomorrow is our first plane ride with Cullen, and I’ll admit I’m a little nervous.  I’m so excited about taking him to meet our family and friends, but at the same time, I’m worried about being in a new space, being off his schedule, and not having all our usual resources (like the swing!).  Let’s hope he’s a flexible guy.  I’m also finding that packing for a baby is an event in itself!  The boy does not travel light.

IMG_6083 (427x640)

Casey is working from home today, which always makes the day more fun for me and Cullen.  At nine weeks, he is definitely recognizing faces and voices, and this boy absolutely loves his daddy.

IMG_6075 (640x427)

His other love?  Blankets!  We have these really soft bamboo blankets from Aden + Anais that are one of our most used baby items to date.  Cullen’s new way of napping is to lay on either his pillow or in the swing, and then cover himself with a blanket that he rubs on his skin.  He loves getting his arms underneath and then rubbing the blanket all over his face.  I’m glad he likes it so much, but I find myself checking him every ten minutes to make sure he’s not suffocating under all that fabric!

IMG_6102 (640x427)

We had is eight week doctor’s appointment yesterday where he got all his current weights and measures.  He’s up to a whopping 13lbs 3.5 oz!  I’ve been a little worried recently that his nursing time has gone down in both frequency and length, but he is clearly getting plenty of food.  I can’t believe that in two months he has gained 5 pounds!

I took a few pictures of him this week that resulted in some fun before and afters.  Here’s a picture from the day he was born…


And another at nine weeks.  He really doesn’t look that different, right?  He never really had any of the newborn swelling or wrinkles that you see so often.  His hair is definitely a lot longer now!


And here is another crazy before and after.  I took this picture of him playing the other day, and then realized it was the same profile shot as his ultrasound.  When I put the two side by side, I was shocked.  I tend to think that ultrasounds all pretty much look the same, but there is no mistaking that his really LOOKS like him!  (Of course that’s because it is him…)  You can click to make it bigger – check out the nose and chin!

Cullen - Before & After

I also recorded a short video this week to show Cullen in 3D!  It’s hard to really capture a baby in photos (even though I’ve taken 5,000), so I try to do a video with him every week so that we can look back on them when he’s big and all grown up!

I can’t believe that his first Christmas is coming up this weekend, and I already feel all weird and weepy about it.  I can’t believe how lucky I feel to have this little man in my life.

IMG_6112 (427x640)

At two months postpartum, I’m feeling great.  Definitely not getting in as many workouts as I’d like to, but I’m also finding that my attitude toward them has changed too.  I need a swift kick in the pants to take my workouts more seriously, because I find myself much more inclined to stay home and snuggle than to go for a run out in the cold.  At least I’m still making sure to get in my 3 miles a day of walking!

IMG_6124 (426x640)

We’re off to Indianapolis tomorrow, and we’ll be gone for a week!  I’ll be popping in here and there to share our holiday adventures, but I hope you will all be enjoying family and holidays yourselves.  Safe travels to all who are visiting, and have a wonderful weekend!