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Week 9: Headed Out Of Town.

This little man is 9 weeks old today!

IMG_6097 (640x427)

This week has felt like it has flown past since we’ve been getting ready to go out of town.  Tomorrow is our first plane ride with Cullen, and I’ll admit I’m a little nervous.  I’m so excited about taking him to meet our family and friends, but at the same time, I’m worried about being in a new space, being off his schedule, and not having all our usual resources (like the swing!).  Let’s hope he’s a flexible guy.  I’m also finding that packing for a baby is an event in itself!  The boy does not travel light.

IMG_6083 (427x640)

Casey is working from home today, which always makes the day more fun for me and Cullen.  At nine weeks, he is definitely recognizing faces and voices, and this boy absolutely loves his daddy.

IMG_6075 (640x427)

His other love?  Blankets!  We have these really soft bamboo blankets from Aden + Anais that are one of our most used baby items to date.  Cullen’s new way of napping is to lay on either his pillow or in the swing, and then cover himself with a blanket that he rubs on his skin.  He loves getting his arms underneath and then rubbing the blanket all over his face.  I’m glad he likes it so much, but I find myself checking him every ten minutes to make sure he’s not suffocating under all that fabric!

IMG_6102 (640x427)

We had is eight week doctor’s appointment yesterday where he got all his current weights and measures.  He’s up to a whopping 13lbs 3.5 oz!  I’ve been a little worried recently that his nursing time has gone down in both frequency and length, but he is clearly getting plenty of food.  I can’t believe that in two months he has gained 5 pounds!

I took a few pictures of him this week that resulted in some fun before and afters.  Here’s a picture from the day he was born…


And another at nine weeks.  He really doesn’t look that different, right?  He never really had any of the newborn swelling or wrinkles that you see so often.  His hair is definitely a lot longer now!


And here is another crazy before and after.  I took this picture of him playing the other day, and then realized it was the same profile shot as his ultrasound.  When I put the two side by side, I was shocked.  I tend to think that ultrasounds all pretty much look the same, but there is no mistaking that his really LOOKS like him!  (Of course that’s because it is him…)  You can click to make it bigger – check out the nose and chin!

Cullen - Before & After

I also recorded a short video this week to show Cullen in 3D!  It’s hard to really capture a baby in photos (even though I’ve taken 5,000), so I try to do a video with him every week so that we can look back on them when he’s big and all grown up!

I can’t believe that his first Christmas is coming up this weekend, and I already feel all weird and weepy about it.  I can’t believe how lucky I feel to have this little man in my life.

IMG_6112 (427x640)

At two months postpartum, I’m feeling great.  Definitely not getting in as many workouts as I’d like to, but I’m also finding that my attitude toward them has changed too.  I need a swift kick in the pants to take my workouts more seriously, because I find myself much more inclined to stay home and snuggle than to go for a run out in the cold.  At least I’m still making sure to get in my 3 miles a day of walking!

IMG_6124 (426x640)

We’re off to Indianapolis tomorrow, and we’ll be gone for a week!  I’ll be popping in here and there to share our holiday adventures, but I hope you will all be enjoying family and holidays yourselves.  Safe travels to all who are visiting, and have a wonderful weekend!

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Hannah     at 11:09 am

He just keeps getting more beautiful! I love the video, too, and I hope you’ll post more in the future. Have safe travels!


Haley S     at 11:09 am

First of all…I still think Cullen look a lot like Casey but more importantly that picture of him laughing and smiling while staring up at his father is too precious and priceless….


Ashley B     at 11:14 am

There is plenty of time to work out… when he is older and less fun!


Jen@FoodFamilyFitness     at 11:15 am

How is he 9 weeks already?! Just doesn’t seem possible!!
Have a wonderful time visiting your family and friends and have a very Merry Christmas!!!


Emily Malone Reply:

Agreed – I have no idea!


Stefanie     at 11:17 am

We flew with our guy for Thanksgiving…he was 11 weeks old. Best advice we got was to bring a Boppy pillow with you on the plane! It was a lifesaver for me. He ended up sleeping the whole time. Airplanes are giant white noise machines. If you get a travel bag for your car seat, you can stick the Boppy in that for getting through the airport and security and all that, and then gate check the bag and car seat, but pull the Boppy out for use on the plane. Good luck, have a great time! Merry Christmas! :)


Emily Malone Reply:

The Boppy is definitely coming with us, and I’m glad to hear that your trip went so well! Thanks for the tips!


Jessica     at 11:20 am

You don’t need a kick in the rear, you need to cuddle your baby :)
Thank you for the video, you look FANTASTIC and he is BIG!
Does he ever fall asleep with the blanket near or on his face? I would sneak it away after he is asleep.
I hope your trip goes well. Remember you paid for your ticket just like other passengers so don’t let them make you feel bad if he is fussy. It is only a few hours of your life, and them as well.


Emily Malone Reply:

Once he’s asleep I always sneak over and pull it down – makes me nervous!!


kelly     at 11:22 am

Have fun in Indy! We’re heading there too! Although we only have a car ride to deal with w/our 8 week old.. Though 3 hours in a car with her does scare me!! Good luck :)


ste     at 11:23 am

I remember getting very worried when my daughter’s feeding times shortened. Babies just drink so much more efficiently when they get bigger because they’ve figured out how to and their tummies are bigger and thank goodness I remembered that the second time around because I didn’t worry nearly as much.

Travelling the first time is stressful but that little guy will be happy as long as he has you! Merry Christmas.


Danielle     at 11:24 am

He is SO smiley – I love it! It’s going to be so great for him to look back on all these awesome early moments with his mom & dad (though he may be a bit embarrassed at first!) :)


Kaci     at 11:24 am

Adorable!! =) Enjoy your trip! Merry Christmas!


polly     at 11:26 am

i have not commented before, but i wanted to tell you that i love your blog. your little boy is very blessed to have such a wonderful momma and daddy! have fun in Indy! we live 2 hours away and travel there often. if for some reason you venture out to go on a date, check out 3 Sisters restaurant. They have veg options and so many natural foods and all homemade. you’d love it! enjoy and Merry Christmas!
Love, Polly XO


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Polly! WE LOVE 3 Sisters!! My little sister goes to Butler, and every time I visit her there we go to lunch. We were actually at 3 Sisters when I told her I was pregnant with Cullen! :)


Eileen     at 11:34 am

I’m enjoying your blog because it brings back great memories of when my kids were babies. The blanket thing will wind up being a godsend, though you have to be so careful about it. The best-sleeping kids I know are those who have a “thing” or a gesture that signals comfort and sleepiness.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that the ultrasound picture + real-life Cullen reminds me so much of my first. He came out looking *exactly* like I thought he would, and he really hasn’t changed too much. :)


Mara @ What's For Dinner?     at 11:35 am

I just adore the two of you together, you look so beyond happy! Have a safe trip, and Merry Christmas!


Suzanne     at 11:36 am

He’s ridiculously adorable. I love the second and third pictures, he has the cutest personality!


Sana     at 11:44 am

Happy Holidays!


Army Amy*     at 11:46 am

I’m sure the plane ride will be an experience, but spending time with your family will make it worth it. Safe travels and a happy holiday!*


Coco     at 12:01 pm

Have a safe trip and enjoy the holidays!!! Cullen is getting big- but wow that side by side comparison photo is crazy!


Kate     at 12:04 pm

Enjoy Indy. The good news is that other than being grey, it’s not raining, snowing, or particularly cold, so it should be good traveling weather (at least on this end of the trip). Happy holidays!


Kimberly @ Healthy Strides     at 12:19 pm

I was so worried about our first flight with the baby over Thanksgiving, and it ended up being for nothing. I nursed him at take off and he ended up sleeping the entire time. The only bad part was his head got heavy after awhile!

I’m sure you already know this but be sure to bring ID – birth certificate, shot records, etc. – for Cullen. I forgot, somehow got past TSA and was almost not let on the plane. A bit scary to say the least!


Keri     at 12:23 pm

3 things we did to make plane trips doable:
1- I wore him through the airport so no need to deal with a stroller (still do now at 11 months)
2- breastfeed during the flight- it’s amazing to stop any crying and have a happy or sleepy baby
3- we gave out hershey kisses to everyone around us on the flight so they would like us even if the baby was miserable : )
Good luck!


erica     at 12:31 pm

cullen is absolutely adorable!
good luck with his first plane ride! i love reading all the tips.


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats     at 12:42 pm

I hope you have a safe trip and that he does well! He’s too adorable!


Samantha     at 12:42 pm

LOL. I haven’t even given birth and my motivation right now is a bit low. :) I blame the weather. Walking 3 miles a day is nothing to downplay. Have a fabulous time traveling with your sweet boy.


hannah alehandra     at 12:43 pm

Cullen is so cute! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are sooo blessed! Loved the video, and would love if you’d do more. Hope the plane journey goes smoothly. Lots of love from England.


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 12:46 pm

Good luck on the plane ride, hope it goes smoothly for you guys! Merry Christmas :)


Jes Suazo     at 1:09 pm

He’s getting so big! Such a gorgeous little man.

Enjoy that first Christmas; it is very special. Currently, my son Phoenix, is going on Christmas #5 at four years old. It is so fun when they really know what’s going on & what to expect. :)

Safe travels to you all & have a great holiday.


Lydia     at 1:10 pm

Be sure to share your flying tips! (I’m already taking note of them ones here in the comments!) We’ll be flying in a few weeks with our now-7-week-old little guy and it’s a little daunting, right? Happy holidays and safe travels!


Catherine     at 1:12 pm

Happy travels!! I live just south of Indy – hope you enjoy your time with family and have a wonderful holiday! Thank you for the video of Cullen – he’s even cuter in person. How is that possible?! :)


Tara     at 1:13 pm

Good luck on your travels. I hope it goes smoothly :)


Judy     at 1:23 pm

Good luck! My mantra for flying with baby is “the flight will end sometime.” haha, I am always nervous, but the little guy always sleeps!


Socal Rachel     at 2:23 pm

Hope that your trip goes well and you have a Merry Christmas. I just wanted to say I started reading your blog after you became pregnant. I’m not a huge baby person but found myself enjoying your pregnancy posts. I recall you posted you planned to blog about food and recipes after the baby was born and not turn this into a totally baby blog, and I thought to myself oh good. But now I am enjoying your life with baby posts so much more than your recipes. I look forward to your posts even though I know Cullen keeps you super busy.


Lauren     at 2:40 pm

Oh Emily, he is just so perfect! :)


Rebecca @ Miss Magnolia Munches & Moves     at 2:42 pm

How exciting! Cullen’s first Christmas! Y’all enjoy it!


Emily (Edible Psychology)     at 2:46 pm

Hope the flights go well and that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!


ashley     at 2:55 pm

enjoy christmas! i know you will and cullen will do a great job! love you!


Kris     at 2:58 pm

My baby loves rubbing a blanket on his face when he’s sleeping too. We found a small “lovie” blanket that we let him sleep with at 3 months so i would t have to worry about the smother factor. He’s now 6 months and won’t sleep without it! It’s awesome! http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/cr/B000H20B6O/ref=aw_d_crstars_baby-products?qid=1324680935&sr=8-16


Liz     at 3:18 pm

Cullen is such a beautiful baby! I LOVE the comparison with the ultrasound photo – it defintitely looks just like him, which I’ve never thought before with those ultrasound pics :) Happy Holidays to you, Casey & Cullen (and your families) and hope your travels are safe & as easy as they can be with a 2 month old!


Kendra G     at 3:43 pm

We just flew into Indy on Monday with our 9 week old! She did great but it’s been a rough few days getting adjusted. She finally started sleeping during the day today! I know exactly what you mean about not traveling light! Thank goodness for Southwest and two free checked bags!! Hope you have a wonderful first Christmas!!


Kath     at 3:56 pm



suki     at 4:19 pm

happy holidays! and hope the flying goes well. ;) i’m definitely guilty of complaining about crying babies on planes.


April     at 4:26 pm

So awesome to hear how great you are doing , it sounds like Cullen is a perfect baby. I am having quite a challenge with my 8-week old as he is quite the fussy kid. I feel so overwhelmed at times…but I am hoping my guy settles into a routine soon. Good luck traveling I am sure Cullen will do great!


Alayna @ Thyme Bombe     at 4:51 pm

He just loves to stick that tongue out, doesn’t he? So adorable, and that picture of him next to his ultrasound is so unreal!


Katie     at 4:53 pm

Cullen is SO cute! Happy Holidays to your family.


Lyn @ Life Lyn Style     at 5:28 pm

For the plane stuff:
make a plan for security before you get in line. take off your shoes etc. give everything to Casey so you just have to worry about you and your ID and Cullen. Let Casey fold the stroller and get everything stuffed into a backpack before you are too far ahead in line. It will be smooth.
For the plane, have a smaller bag inside your larger bag that has just enough for a bathroom change. Usually, one bathroom has a changing table, but it’s tiny. You don’t want anything extra like a big diaper bag in with you. Bring a shirt for yourself. If he spits up, you’ll be glad you stuffed an extra tank top or something into one of your carry ons. We took our son to Europe at 5 months. It was a great trip.


alex     at 5:41 pm

I love that ultrasound pic comparison! I’ll be looking at the pictures from my ultrasound very differently! maybe that really is what she looks like!


Meagan     at 7:11 pm

CUTE VIDEO :) I think he looks exactly like the pictures!


crystal     at 9:07 pm

Cullen always looks like the happiest baby!! too cute!


sarah     at 9:28 pm

You two are precious! Thanks for the cute video…babies are so fun!!!


Jessi @ Quirky Cookery     at 3:31 am

Whoa! I thought all ultrasounds looked pretty much the same, too, but you’re so right…that’s definitely him there!


Heather @ Dietitian on the Run     at 4:37 am

He’s so photogenic! :) Your video is sweet – in a month or so I bet he’ll notice that camera much more and wonder what the heck is going on, hah.

Safe travels to you guys today! Hope the plane ride goes smoothly!


Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers     at 6:44 am

Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Leah     at 10:19 am

Surreal to hear you speak, Emily! I’ve never heard your voice outside of the written word. Thank you for sharing and have a very Merry Christmas!


Allie@LiveLaughEat     at 10:22 am

Oh Emily, I love him already! You are hilarious. Love seeing you and Cullen “in person.” More videos!


Mehr     at 10:38 am

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures and the video!! I have to agree with you — even though most ultrasounds look the same, you can DEFINITELY tell this is Cullen! So adorable :)

Safe travels!


Amber K     at 10:55 am

I can’t get over how sweet and precious he is. Babies are so cute! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)


lisa @ early morning run     at 11:58 am

OMG. He is absolutely precious! That smile is adorable! Enjoy every minute of his first Christmas!


Katie@Real Food Katie's Way     at 2:10 pm

What a transformation!! How blessed you are!

Merry Christmas!


Ahath     at 6:25 pm

Awe glad you put up a video! He is so precious I smiled the whole video!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


jenny     at 7:05 am

merry christmas, emily! i love love love the video. keep ‘em coming! hope the travel went well!!


radhi     at 8:26 am

i’ve been loving all your awesome posts lately! it’s been fun to have some insight into all the aspects of the first weeks & months! hope the travels went as smoothly as possible! happy holidays!


Alexis @ hummusapien     at 12:07 pm

Cullen is too cute!! I love seeing new pictures! I made your chocolate chip cookies yesterday and they were a hit! I’m plannning on making your lentil chilli and jalapeno cornbread tomorrow….YUMYUM!

Have fun with Cullen tomorrow–hopefully he won’t cry too much on the plane!


Katie @ Talk Less, Say More     at 12:23 pm

I hope the plane ride with the little guy went well and that you’re all having an amazing holiday. Merry Christmas! :)


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 8:50 am

You have such a beautiful family! I’ve been away from the blogosphere for most of the last 6 weeks and so when I was finally able to check out the blogs I usually read, it was such a surprise to see how much he has grown! He looks like such a happy baby! Safe travels!


Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine     at 10:59 am

He has such a distinctive little smile! It’s like a shy little grin–so cute :) I agree that he definitely looks like the ultrasound in that one photo too!


TeenyLittleSuperChef     at 12:35 pm

Oh my goodness that kid is cute! And you look absolutely beautiful. I’m telling ya, motherhood definitely suits you. Good luck on your adventure to Indianapolis. Should be interesting :)


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 1:35 pm

BAH. He is just such a precious little chunk. Hope he’s handling travels well! I did almost the opposite flight when I was just a little older than him–I was 3 months old when I took my first flight from the Midwest to Seattle. I imagine I was nothing but angelic the entire trip ;)


Kinder     at 6:59 pm

Cutest little guy ever! Hope the trip went well!


Dorsa     at 5:23 am

Very sweet video :) Thanks for sharing Emily!


Atara     at 7:01 am

I loved that video! So different seeing Cullen in action! He is so lucky to have a mama like you making all these memories so well documented for him! Happy holidays and enjoy your family time!


Paige     at 3:45 am

Just got around to watching this but just wanted to pop in and say that you look so happy! And Cullen is super cute, as always. :)


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