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Baby Talk: Cloth Diapering.

So many of you have commented and emailed asking about the details of our cloth diapers, so now that I’ve been doing it for about two weeks, I figured I owe you guys an update.  Here is more than you every wanted to know about diapers!

IMG_7907 (640x427)

Prepping and Washing

I was not one of those smart pregnant women who prepped all her diapers ahead of time so that they would be ready to go when the baby arrived.  Nope, I avoided them and left them all in their packaging for months and months.  I knew that having a baby was going to be a MAJOR life change, and I didn’t want to make things more complicated at the beginning than necessary.  For the first 10 or so weeks, Cullen wore Seventh Generation disposables, which worked out great for us. 

Finally after 2.5 months, I pulled them all out and got them ready.  To prep them for use, I washed all the diapers and liners in cold water for 6 or seven cycles (and extra rinses).  Then I hung them all to dry on our drying rack, before folding them and getting them ready for action. 

Now that they are in use, I do a load of diaper laundry pretty much every day.  I’m planning to buy a few more diaps to hopefully stretch this out to every other day (I currently have 16).  When the dirty diapers come off his little bum, they go into one of my two hanging wet/dry bags.  This system is working out fine for now, but I may consider doing a trashcan lined with a bag down the road, since the bag isn’t always easy to get into with one hand.  I don’t do any spraying or rinsing yet since breastmilk poop isn’t actually very smelly or gross. 

IMG_7841 (427x640)

Once the bag is starting to get full, or I looks like I’m going to run out of diapers soon, I take the whole bag and shake it out into the washing machine.  Then I toss the empty bag right in with the laundry.  It’s nice to not have to touch any of the dirty diapers!  I do two washes – one on cold, and then one on hot – and I have been using the same detergent we use for our regular laundry, either Seventh Generation or Biokleen.

IMG_7843 (428x640)

Once the diapers are washed, I toss them into the dryer for one round on low heat – this tends to be enough to dry most of them.  If any are still slightly damp, I’ll hang them on his crib to dry for a few hours before putting them away.  Once they are dried, I dump the whole load into Cullen’s crib, and he hangs out and usually stares at his mobile or watches me while I put them all together again. 

IMG_7827 (427x640)

It takes about ten minutes to stuff the inserts back into the diapers and fold them up to go in the drawers.  While the cloth diapers do tend to take a bit more pre-planning and time than disposables, I find that the extra tasks don’t bother me.  Folding laundry is kind of therapeutic sometimes.  Once they are folded, they go into three stacks in his dresser/changing table, and the extra inserts are piled on the sides. 

IMG_7829 (640x427)

What Diapers Are We Using?

When I first decided to do cloth diapering, I felt really overwhelmed by all the different options and recommendations.  Ultimately, I ended up getting three different brands and figured I would see what worked best for us.  I have actually really liked having three different options because I tend to use different ones for different times of day.

IMG_7830 (640x427)

bumGenius 4.0 One Size Snap diapers

I bought six of these because they came so highly recommended and all of the reviews I read were good.

IMG_7838 (640x427)

Pros:  Easy to snap and put on.  Option of thin daytime or thicker nighttime inserts.  Thin diapers dry the fastest.  Pretty colors.

Cons:  For some reason these are Casey’s least favorite – he thinks the snaps are bulky.  They tend to leak out the front at night now that Cullen has decided he is a stomach sleeper, but they are great during the day.

Bummis Easy Fit Tots Bots One Size

I received six of these as a gift from my big sister, since these are her personal favorites (she cloth diapers too!).  They are a UK brand and not as easily available online, but I really love these!

IMG_7831 (640x427)

Pros:  Adorable patterns (see above).  Velcro is MUCH faster to put on, more adjustable, and easier to size.  Also, the inserts are attached, so you don’t have to remove the wet or poopy insert before putting into the wet/dry bags (HUGE pro).  In the wash, the insert comes out automatically.  Rebecca has been using these for 7 months and says the velcro is still holding up very well.

IMG_7834 (427x640)

Cons:  Inserts are a bit thicker, and since they are attached they take a bit longer to dry.  Hopefully velcro continues to hold up over time – some people using other brands have said velcro doesn’t last as long.

These are my favorite diapers to use at nighttime, because the velcro is easiest when it’s dark and I’m tired and don’t want to mess with lining up snaps.  I’m planning on ordering a few more of these!

Charlie Banana One Size Diapers

I received six of these from the company in exchange for a giveaway over on Babble (going on now – make sure to click over!).  I don’t typically do product reviews other than a few things for Babble, but after receiving a few to sample, I have since ordered six more regular diapers, and a SWIM diaper for our upcoming vacation!

IMG_8048 (427x640)

Pros:  These are by far the softest and coziest of the three.  The diapers are lined in a super soft fleece, and they seem like the gentlest fabric to be up against Cullen’s tiny little bum.  The inserts are also fairly thick, which allows for maximum absorption and no leaks (so far!).  Cute colors and patterns available too – always a plus!  They are also an eco-friendly company that uses all green materials and no chemicals.

IMG_7836 (640x427)

Cons:  My only gripe with these is that the insert pocket is in the front of the diaper instead of the rear.  Sometimes I think this makes the front a little bulky.  Also the thicker pads (which are a pro!) take a bit longer to dry.

The Bottom Line

Even though it seemed overwhelming at first, once I started actually putting the diapers in action it became quite easy.  I explained it to Casey once in about ten minutes, and he was on board from day one – very simple.  I am glad we waited to start using them though, as I think I would have found the additional laundry and folding to be too much when I was still adjusting to an itty bitty newborn.  Plus, they fit him better now anyway.

All three brands are very comparable in price, with diapers running $18-$20 each.  It’s a decent investment upfront, but will more than pay for itself over the course of Cullen’s pre-potty-training days.  I’m hoping we can use them for any future kids that may come as well!

They also have a much lower environmental impact than disposables.  The detergent and water used to wash each load is pretty minimal.

The only thing that surprised me at first was how bulky they are at the beginning, and how much room they take up in his little clothing.  He’s just three months old now, but with the cloth diapers, he’s already pushing the limits on some of his 3-6 onesies!

Overall, I’m really glad we decided to switch to the cloth diapers.  Since I’m home all day, it just made sense to give it a shot.  So far so good, and I’ll be sure to share any additional tips and tricks I may learn along the way!

IMG_8040 (427x640)

For any moms or future moms, don’t forget to enter the Charlie Banana diaper giveaway over on Babble!

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Kellie M     at 7:50 pm

I used to cloth diaper and always wished I was able to try Hiney Lineys, but my boys got big too fast. I’ve heard such great things about them because of their softness and best of both worlds of prefolds and pockets. Just wanted to throw it out there to try if you are still looking to try some. Here’s the link. http://hineylineys.com/ I know I always was looking for new options when I cloth diapered. Cullen is adorable and you are amazing for continuing to post great recipes while your new duties as mommy. Great job Emily!


Michelle Klein     at 9:39 pm

Welcome to fluff land, it is fun. I am considering having anoer baby just so I can cd more! :-)

Cannot possibly read all the comments so hope this is not duplicate info.

You can buy onesie extenders for when he is tight on his diaper from bulk. And later, you can convert his onesies to tshirts and the feet to his footed pjs can be cut and hemmed to just be pants.

Also get some flats when you can, talk about theraputic, folding flats is seriously zen! Lots of how tos on youtube, fyi. You can fold inserts into flats for added absorbancy. Also, did you know you can double stuff your pockets? I really enjoy having prefolds, flats, fitted and pockets, I like variety and have a little of everything. Even a few wool covers are nice and really great for leaky diapers,, like the ones you have.

For the leaks on any diaper, even all in one, consider getting a few covers, I love the motherease airflows. Even once pul is shot you can just use the diaper as a fitted with a cover.

I do not use diaoer sprayers or dunk diapers. I use imse vimse liners. Bought a package and have only gone thru half of it in six months of diapering since we launder them with the diapers and only the poo ines get flushed. They really go a ling way, no telling how many times I have reused the liners. I also discovered that the disposable wipes come out of the laundry looking great and you can use them as dusting cloths, like the swiffer or reuse them as wipes. I like cloth wipes too, for wet clean ups and make my own solution.

So glad you are enjoying using cloth!


mi-an d.     at 5:33 am

very cool post! i don’t have kids yet but i will keep this in mind. i know cloth diapers is good for the environment, but do you think washing too many loads may also not be good bc of using up too much water? waste of water? increase cost of electricity? just wanted to know your thoughts.


stephanie     at 1:29 pm

My parents did cloth diapers with me in the early 1990’s and they had a cloth diaper service. They would bring you fresh diapers on your door step and then you would put the dirty ones in a trash bag and put it on your doorstep and they would take them, clean them, and give you fresh ones. Even with the service the cloth diapers were much cheaper than disposables.


Shannon Bell     at 3:25 pm

He’s so freakin cute! Glad the cloth diapers are working out, definitely a pro for the environment and long-term costs!


Maryann     at 12:02 pm

Boy do I feel old. Wow where were those diapers 30 yrs ago. Pins, pricking myself,rinsing out the …. out in the toilet horrible. Good to see these. Whoever invented them is a millionaire by now.


Lara     at 3:49 pm

I actually like that the Charlie Banana pocket is in the front. If poop gets on the diaper it is usually on the back and I’d much rather touch pee than poop! In my mind, that is the one thing that makes the Charlie Banana’s slightly better than other brands I’ve tried.


Samantha @ My Full Life     at 9:39 am

I want to do this SO badly but daddy is NOT on board! I’m due May 7th and I’ve read countless articles on this and how great it is. It seems like a no-brainer for a stay-at-home mom, but the fiance says there’s no way the dirty diapers are going in the same washer as his laundry. I keep reminding him – you know the washer CLEANS, right? Like cleans clothing and in the meantime cleans itself, right? Given the amount of hot water/soap that we’d put in, I feel like it’d be sanitary. How do I convince him!?


Baby Cloth Diapers     at 5:33 am

Great article! I am pro cloth diapers. Good for baby and environment! Love the “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth” !!!


Tiffany     at 9:30 am

I love cloth diapers. I use them on my son whenever I am low on disposable (my husband is not on board with cloth) or I just feel like giving his bum a change. Love them Bum Genius One Size pocket are my favorites. Easy and the velcro is a cinch. Glad you are enjoying cloth diapers. =)


Maggie     at 10:43 am

We’re expecting our first in October, and I’m definitely going to cloth diaper. How many diapers do you recommend I have on hand? Thanks!


Dona     at 9:20 pm

I just ran across your blog and so glad I did! I, too, live in Seattle (also originally from the midwest), and am almost 12 weeks along with my first baby and looking for all the advice I can get — especially on the daunting task of choosing cloth diapers. Ugh! I appreciate that you blogged about your pregnancy – it’s such a help to those of us out there needing encouragement and to make us feel normal!


Melissa     at 4:38 am

Hello Emily! I’m expecting in November and I’m set on using cloth diapers. This may be an obvious question (and please, anyone feel free to pipe in), but as I’m reading online about different types of diapers, I see just as many cloth diaper covers. Is this necessary to purchase in addition to the cloth diaper? I would think it just makes everything that much bulkier. Do you use diaper covers?


Alysa Gregory     at 12:52 am

Came across your blog and it was a great post! All Mom’s should have time to spare reading a blog like yours. Also, want to recommend this very helpful site for me and to my other friends who’s been a loyal fan of http://www.babynatuarle.com products. They offer AWARD WINNING HAPPY HEINYS ONE SIZE DIAPERS Happy Heinys One Size diapers are designed with the same quality and luxuriousness of the Happy Heinys Pocket Diapers only they are made to fit baby from birth to potty training. Visit them. Thanks!


Cassie     at 8:39 pm

This is a great post. Let me ask though, isn’t it gross to wash the poopy diapers in the same washer you wash your clothes? that would be my only concern.


Theresa     at 5:00 pm

Might I recommend the Spray Pal for rinsing your diapers. A small business with a great product.


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Maggie     at 12:51 pm

Thanks for typing this up, its been super helpful! But I have one question. I want to get teh Bummis (I’ve read lots of great reviews on the diaper) but some people refer to them as wraps and I think you have the “whisper wrap” but Amazon has some listed as “hoop and loops” are those the same thing?


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honest co     at 1:52 am

I tried some diaper samples provided by a company and found them very good. Now I am happy to find honest company diapers.


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