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    A Look Back.

Eating For Two.

It’s funny how the term “eating for two” is associated with pregnancy, when really you are eating for about 1.1 most of the time.  I have always had a huge appetite, and portion control is definitely not my strength. My family and friends often joke about not being able to make enough food to feed me and Casey since we tend to pile our plates so high!

I always assumed that once the baby came, I’d go back to eating like I did before.  I’m finding instead that I’m now eating more than ever!  It makes sense though, as my body is working overtime to help Cullen grow from this…

IMG_3136 (640x462)

To THIS!  Clearly he got his appetite from his mama. 

IMG_8357 (427x640)

The trouble is, now that I am hungrier than ever, I’m also finding that I have absolutely no time to eat.  I always heard moms joking about this back when I was pregnant – that I would never sleep, shower, or eat again.  I’ve got the showering thing down (I refuse to go without one!), but I’m finding the sleeping and eating to be a bit more challenging. 

I don’t usually share much of my daily meals here on the blog, mostly because you would likely find it to be very repetitive and boring.  But I thought I would share a bit about how I’m fueling now that I am truly eating for two.

Our day typically starts out between 7 and 8am (although recently it has been starting between 4 and 5 – kill me!).  I typically wake up STARVING, often to the point of being nauseous.  But I need to get Cullen taken care of before I can think about my own breakfast, so I feed him, change his diaper, and get him dressed for the day.

Once I get downstairs, the dogs are pacing and following me everywhere, desperate for their own bowl of grub.  I try to get Cullen settled with some toys so I can dash down the stairs and fill their bowls.  Usually by the time I get them settled, Cullen is cranky again and wants to be held or entertained.

Once I sense I might get a short break, I run into the kitchen to make myself a giant breakfast.  This is typically about 1 to 2 hours after I actually wake up, depending on how our morning is going.  First things first, I look in the fridge to see if there is a smoothie waiting for me.  Casey will often make a blender full and leave half behind for me.  It’s so nice to wake up to!

IMG_8265 (427x640)

While I chug my smoothie, I fix the rest of my breakfast.  I try to always remember to set up steel cut oats in my rice cooker the night before, so that it’s cooked and waiting for me when I come down in the morning.  I make a full cup of (dry) oats, and split it in half with Casey (who takes his half to work).  The 1/2 cup portion is 300 calories of just oats, and then I usually add sliced almonds, raisins, and occasional peanut butter.  I would guess that my final bowl is between 500 and 600 calories. 

Eating for breastfeeding is a complicated game.  Not only am I always hungry, I have to make sure I’m packing in as many calories as possible during the few chances I get to eat, so my meals are typically really big and very dense.  Big breakfasts are key!

I try to eat oatmeal on most mornings, even when I am sick of it, since it’s a natural lactation enhancer.  If I forgot to start the oatmeal in the rice cooker, I’ll eat cereal instead.  Depending on the cereal, I usually fill my bowl to the top – and then refill it one, maybe even two times. 

IMG_8370 (640x425)

Cullen isn’t really into laying on his back with toys anymore.  He’s in this new exploratory phase where he always wants to be standing (with assistance obviously) or carried facing out so he can see what’s going on.  That doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  His vision has also developed so he notices if I walk away from him (and subsequently screams).  If I’m lucky, I can get him to play on his playmat for five minutes while I sit next to him and scarf down my breakfast. 

IMG_8018 (427x640)

Once he finally goes down for the first nap of the day, I immediately go into the kitchen to assemble lunch.  Sometimes this is only around an hour after breakfast, but I have to use the small bits of time I am given, or else I will lose my window of opportunity.  My lunches are really repetitive, and usually look like this…

IMG_8274 (640x427)

Two slices of whole wheat bread, topped with a few big smears of homemade hummus, half of a large avocado, and one sliced Field Roast veggie sausage.  So delicious!

IMG_8276 (640x427)

This is a reaaaally dense and filling sandwich, but I know that dinner will be late and it will have to hold me over for quite some time.  All meals are washed down with at least one bottle of sparkling water from the SodaStream.  I probably drink four full bottles each day!  I can’t stand drinking plain water, so having bubbly water readily available is a lifesaver.  We go through CO2 tanks like crazy!

IMG_8279 (415x640)

I eat my lunch in front of my computer while Cullen (hopefully) naps.  Once he is up we spend our afternoons playing together, often taking a walk outside either with the dogs or with friends.

IMG_8330 (427x640)

I can’t usually make it to dinner without a snack, so I try to have things on hand that I can grab and eat quickly and easily.  I eat a lot of these Clif Mojo bars, along with handfuls of almonds and crackers.  My diet is a little more carb and sugar-heavy than I like, but I’m doing my best to keep it healthy and keep myself full.

IMG_8372 (640x427)

Once Casey gets home, he is usually able to take Cullen for an hour or so while I start to get dinner ready and catch up on the five million things that have not been done during the day, despite my best efforts (like writing this post!).  Since Cullen goes to bed at 7:30pm, we always eat after that – sometimes not until 8:30 or 9.  I spend from 6:30 to 7:30 winding down with Cullen for the day – bath time, reading, jammies, feeding, and 400 kisses goodnight. 

IMG_7957 (427x640)

Even though it’s already around 7:45 by the time I get back to the kitchen, I have been determined to make home-cooked and healthy meals a priority.  We fell into a bit of a takeout rut for a while, but we’ve been back on track since the holidays have passed, and it feels so much better.  Since the rest of my day is so carb-heavy, dinners tend to be centered around protein and vegetables.  The more the merrier!

A sample dinner might be something like this – two gigantic roasted portabella mushrooms, topped with one-pot quinoa and greens

IMG_8367 (640x427)

Or another plate piled high – roasted mushrooms (can you tell I love them?), sliced roasted eggplant, a big cup of mixed grain rice, and a block of tofu.  I am slightly embarrassed to admit that Casey and I often cook two blocks of tofu for the two of us.  We only eat it once or twice a week, so I’m not worried about too much soy.  I know a lot of people have mixed feelings on it, but I love tofu!

IMG_8139 (640x427)

Other things we make for dinners – large vegetable stir-fry, roasted potatoes and bean burgers, big bags of Trader Joe’s frozen green beans, baked sweet potatoes, raw kale salads, and more.  We try to think of things that are healthy, fast, and provide a good variety.  My goal is to always have vegetables on at least half of my plate.

Despite ALL of this food, I often find myself hungry about an hour after dinner.  Depending on how strong it is, I will either resist the urge to eat more, or I’ll eat something light like a popsicle.  Occasionally I’ll scarf down another granola bar because I know I won’t make it to morning.

So there you have it – a breakdown of how I fit in my meals, and what they generally look like now that I’m eating to fuel both myself and my giant 15 pound baby.

IMG_8365 (405x640)

Believe it or not, despite my massive food consumption, I now find myself three pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.  I say that not to be obnoxious, but only to show how crazy my metabolism is due to breastfeeding.  I feel incredibly lucky that both his feeding and my weight loss have been relatively smooth!

Workouts are of course, a whole other post, but I’m not really doing enough at this point to make a big difference as far as calorie burn goes (there is no time!).  I really think that I have lost all 34 (+3!) of my pregnancy pounds due to feeding around the clock, and eating (a LOT!) of good, healthy food. 

It will be interesting to see how this changes as breastfeeding continues, and if my appetite will go back to normal once he eventually transitions onto solids.  With that, it’s time to go figure out what’s for dinner…

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Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 7:43 pm

I remember the thirst and hunger when breast feeding like it was yesterday and in reality, it was 10 years ago. It is literally the craziest thing I’ve ever seen my body do. I would have to eat and drink while nursing, I was so hungry. I swear all the sugar in the milk makes you crave sweets too. Frosted shredded wheat was my go to snack of choice and I’m talking the huge bags. I would go through one bag in a matter of maybe two days…maybe. I lost a ton of weight with my second baby. My milk production was crazy high with him too and I actually donated some when they used to take it at the clinic in Durham, NC. I know it’s hard to find the time to fuel yourself, but it sounds like you’re doing a great job and he is such a healthy little man!


Emily     at 7:52 pm

This just made me crave my own block of tofu right now. Even though it’s going on 11 pm in Ohio..oh well there is nothing wrong with that!


Amy Ramos     at 7:58 pm

He is adorable! My has he grown so big!!
Maybe once you have extra time (haha) or on the weekend, you can try some freezer meals or make a batch of the black bean and squash enchiladas so that you can heat them up while Cullen sleeps or plays.
Thank you for sharing this post.


Sana     at 8:00 pm

I just got hungry reading this post! Your sandwich looks amazing! You are clearly doing something right because Cullen looks so happy and healthy :)


emmycooks     at 8:03 pm

I hear you! It is ironic that nursing is the time in your life when you need food the most AND when it’s hardest to make and eat it! I always try to keep a stash of things handy that I can eat with one hand when necessary. :) Also (now that my third baby is 9 months old!) I am finding ways to make real, simple meals quickly, since I am so much happier if I get to eat well. Sounds like you are doing the same!


Anna     at 8:03 pm

I just got the same rice cooker as a wedding gift. What setting do you cook steel cut oats on?


Emily Malone Reply:



Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 8:06 pm

He is the most adorable little chunker in those pics! Love baby rolls :)


bri     at 8:24 pm

Wow! I am expecting twins in the next few weeks and the plan is to try and breastfeed…fingers crossed that it works for us! Thank you for writing this post because it gives me a tiny glimpse into what the future could look like and it will also be in the back of my mind when I’m reaching for unhealthy snacks ;) Glad to see things are going well!


nina     at 8:29 pm

I’m feeling frantic just reading this. Can you stash a box of the Clif bars in Cullen’s room so you could grab a snack first thing while he’s nursing?


Emily Malone Reply:

I try not to overly rely on the Clif bars and end up eating insane amounts of sugar throughout the day. But I do grab them when I can tell a better meal isn’t gonna happen! :)


Melissa @ HerGreenLife Reply:

We’ve been making big batches of relatively healthy, low sugar muffins and cookies, and freezing them for quick, healthy snacks. I try to remember to pull out a cookie or muffin to thaw before I go to bed, so I have something to eat during one of the night feedings and/or first thing in the morning.

Muffin of choice = Groaning Muffin: http://hergreenlife.com/2011/06/30/groaning-muffins/

Cookie of choice = Date Oatmeal Cookie, a granola bar in cookie form :)

It’s rare that I make it through the night without some kind of a snack, and I see no need to try. Although I have mixed feelings about daycare (and would like to reduce my work hours), I like being back at work because it means that 4 days a week, I can enjoy my food throughout the day without having to worry about sitting down, only to immediately be interrupted by my little guy.


Elizabeth     at 8:44 pm

Have you tried wearing Cullen in your moby facing out? My 12 week old is wanting to be held facing out a lot more and I have been able to prep dinner a couple times with him facing out in the moby watching what I’m doing. I don’t have a bumbo seat yet for him, but I think he’s ready to stop laying on his back too!
And I hear you on the breastfeeding hunger business! I wish I could say I’ve been as successful with the weightloss. I must need to try more of your recipes!


Emily Malone Reply:

Okay, I HAVEN’T, but I’ve been considering giving that a try. Do you feel like it’s safe? I don’t know why I picture him like flopping forward and falling out. Insane. We have the bumbo but honestly his legs are so chunky it’s hard to get him in it! He’s not much of a fan. And he has no core stability of all, so he flops all over. Still figuring it all out day by day! :)


Ashley Reply:

I used a Bjorn instead of a Moby and both of my little ones LOVED facing out to watch be cook and do dishes when they were Cullen’s age. You do have to watch arms and feet as they grow to make sure they’re not near any handles on the stove, and I did always take them off before opening the oven though. They both seemed to like it. My now 11 month old and 2.5 year old love playing in the kitchen now when I’m cooking. I think it helped get them used to the idea of hanging out in the kitchen with mom.


Jessica Sinclair Reply:

Neither one of my babies ever wanted to be put down, so I got VERY good at working around the carrier, both forward and backward facing.. but once they got some good upper body control I plopped them into an excersaucer so they could push themselves around in circles and grab at toys. It was great cause it;s deep enough that they can lean a bit and it surrounds them so they can’t tip out one side if they are wobbly. Plus they can turn some of the leg chub to muscle! They take up alot of space, but I found I used it more than the swing after the first few months…


Angie Reply:

Yes to the Bjorn! I tried the facing out in the Moby and I just didn’t feel comfortable with it (I’m sure I just wasn’t doing it tight enough or something). But the Bjorn was a lifesaver- our little guy loved looking out and seeing the world, and I could wear him in that all the time and he was so content!


Anne     at 9:05 pm

Wow, he has grown so much! He looks happy & health :).

Some ideas for make ahead/ready to eat meals that may help with this schedule (I had No idea this is what it could be like with a new baby!)

-(Vegan?) Frittatas (loaded with veggies)
-Nori rolls (wrap up brown rice, teriyaki tofu, cucumbers, avocados, etc in nori wraps)
-Marinated ready to eat veggie & brown-rice pasta or quinoa salads, 3 bean salads, cabbage slaws, etc.
-Veggie-heavy dips ( avocado & pea, beet or squash hummus, carrot ginger etc) essentially salad in dip form- just dip some healthy crackers/ toasts and call it a meal.

Fast healthy snacks (to decrease cliff bar intake):
Celery/Banana & PB
Whole avocado with balsamic vinegar & sea salt
Frozen fruits (grapes, bananas)


Lisa     at 9:17 pm

What an interesting insight – and I sentiment I am sure I will know only too well in 5 weeks time!


Jessica     at 9:17 pm

Emily – Cullen sure is getting big and cuter by the day! I made your quinoa with greens a few weeks ago and it’s become a frequent dinner addition. I’m wondering if you’ve ever made anything with quinoa flour? I received a bag as a gift, but I have no idea how to use it.


Kate (What Kate is Cooking)     at 9:25 pm

Cullen is such a cute chunky monkey!


Abby     at 9:42 pm

I have to comment on the fact that Cullen seem luke such a happy baby!! He also super cute


Carly     at 10:01 pm

I love my SodaStream too! As for CO2 tanks, I heard you can take your empty to Dick’s Sporting Goods and fill it up for super cheap… like $5ish b/c they are the same as paintball tanks. I haven’t tried it yet, but my parents told me to do it as they have a SodaStream too (and actually get it for me for xmas)


Ellie@Fit for the Soul     at 10:05 pm

wowwwww being a mommy is truly one of the most sacrificial, tough, but rewarding things ever! haha, I feel like I just went through that whole day with you. This is good b/c I’m learning a lot :) He is adorable and I love his laughing face! He laughs so freely~~And it’s so awesome that you’re pushing through to eat well.


Jen     at 10:28 pm

I bought my mom a rice cooker for Christmas last year and she loves it. Well we were in a junk store a few weeks ago and they had a few Zojirushi that were brand new just returns from costco ( I looked up the model they are $85 at Costco if anyone’s looking to buy one) we made $55 and let me tell our brown rice came out way better then the other rice cooker, I cant wait to cook oats and play around with other grains. We cook baby carrots in our rice and they also come out perfect not over cooked like you would think. I love that it sings!


Jen Reply:

Paid not made $55


Samantha     at 11:51 pm

Aren’t our bodies amazing?

This brings back memories – it could have been written by me each time I’ve been breastfeeding. Even the meals! Except as a meat-eater I had chicken on that avo-hummus sandwich at lunch (often eaten at 10:30 because that was the only time I could fit it in!).

Another great snack is the Justin’s nut butter packets – you can take one in the play area and smear it on a banana or apple, while the little one plays, without making a mess. I also relied heavily on healthy muffins and pancakes that I would make in bulk and freeze.

I’ve been through this twice (once with a single and once with twins) and found that my appetite did return to normal, without much effort from me, after solids were well established (maybe around 8 months?). The real challenge comes when you decide to get back into shape. Do what you can now to stay healthy and eventually you will get tired of being soft and you will know it’s time to make the time – but until then, don’t put pressure on yourself – your body is working hard enough!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 2:03 am

If you think you have no time to eat now, just wait till Cullen starts to eat solids and notice what you are eating. He’ll want to eat everything that looks like it’s going in your mouth!


Cyndi     at 2:54 am

I enjoyed this post! I once read that being a stay at home mom is equivalent to working two full time jobs! I believe it. No lunch break allowed!
It’s been 6 yrs. since I breastfed, but I remember it got easier once they start solids. And your appetite will get back to normal!


Jessie @ Graze With Me     at 3:21 am

Oh I can relate to this post so much right now! My appetite is crazy now that I’m nursing & I’ve only recently realized that I’m 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight! Not wanting to lose my milk, I’ve been eating everything I can but it’s amazing how it’s still not enough…my mom just visited last weekend & told me my eyes looked sunken in from lack of food. I told her 4 months of sleep deprivation was a better explanation!

Cullen’s such a little ham for the camera – what cute goofy smiles!


Laine     at 3:54 am

Can you just add some extra fats to the veggies and things? That might keep you full longer. Both of my sisters nursed and they both were down below pre-pregnancy weight quite soon while their babies got nice and chubby. Cullen is just too cute for words.

I made your quinoa lentil loaf this weekend. It is so good! It actually gets better the next day, and I’ve been bringing it for lunches all week. It tastes like chestnut stuffing since I used savory herbs instead of fruit, and walnuts instead of sunflower seeds.


Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)     at 3:56 am

Such an interesting post. My sister has 3 kids and her dr. always told her that breastfeeding is like running 4 miles in terms of calorie burn!! My sis was always back down to her pre-pregnancy weight in no time. Your meals do look delicious :)


Lauren     at 4:00 am

I’ve heard that breastfeeding puts marathon hunger to shame! You go girl because I’m pretty sure whatever you’re doing, it’s working. One happy healthy baby and mommy is all that matters. :)


Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)     at 4:07 am

Yes, the hunger from breastfeeding is crazy, which is why I only last 24 hours even attempting to count calories (about a month or two ago. Since then I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry, which usually is about every 2-3 hours- haha! I’m a lots-of-little-meals kind of gal.
What really gets me though is the THIRST. I’m always so thirsty and must drink gallons of water each day.

PS- I love Cullen’s round cheeks and belly! I find it so satisfying to look at Hailey’s chubby little baby body and feel so proud that I’ve helped her grow to that size on breast milk alone! It’s truly incredible what the body can do.


Kimberly @ Healthy Strides     at 4:09 am

When I was nursing, I had to keep Kashi bars in the baby’s room so I’d have something to eat at 2 a.m. It was insane! I would try having a Mojo bar in the morning right when you wake up to avoid the nausea. I’m sure a million people have said it but in order to take care of baby, you have to take care of mom!


hannah alehandra     at 4:17 am

Aww I find your appetitie cute :D It’s nice to know that you’re eating healthily. Your pregnancy has been extremely inspiring as to how I hope mine will go one day.
Much love, from England.


katie@newmamamac.blogspot.com     at 4:29 am

these are AWESOME meal suggestions – i need to start incorporating them into my diet!
i remember be starving all the time in the beginning – i am still breastfeeding but not as often so i guess i am not as hungry. but you are definitely more hungry breastfeeding than pregnant – i noticed that too. congrats on the weight loss and chunky baby!


Erica     at 4:41 am

This is helpful! Now that I’m 32 weeks pregnant, I’m hungry ALL the time yet have no room for filling meals, so I’ve been eating clif mojo bars like it’s my job. Now I know what to expect for when I’m breastfeeding.


Melissa     at 4:44 am

“His vision has also developed so he notices if I walk away from him (and subsequently screams)”

This made me laugh. I don’t have kids, but a friend of mine who has a now-two-year-old wrote a song called “My Mother Has Left Me Forever to Go to the Bathroom” when he was younger. Y’know, from the perspective of the baby. “My mother has gone to the bathroom! My mother has left me to diiiiiiieeee!”


Emily     at 4:52 am

My son is 5 day older than Cullen and I have worn him facing out in our Pikkolo carrier and he loved it! Give it a shot. If you don’t feel secure, just take him out. But I felt really secure. Also, just got a ring sling and he loves facing out in that and its so quick and easy to put on!


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed     at 5:03 am

OMG he’s getting cuter every day!


Katie     at 5:04 am

Just thought I’d let you know you have taken the “cake” for the best blog. I started reading about a year ago and I always look forward to your posts.


Sara     at 5:11 am

Oh man, I feel you! I’m nursing my 5 month old as well and it is so tough. I am finding that this past month she’s gotten much better at playing by herself for 15 minutes so I can cook and scarf something down. I’m also under my pre-pregnancy weight, but I have plenty to lose from that so it’s all good, ha.


Amy     at 5:18 am

This post is insane. It’s crazy how much our bodies require — but look at Cullen and then you can see how it’s possible! Wow!

Do you hear people saying things like “you’re so lucky you can eat so much and still be losing weight” a lot? Looking at the reality of how difficult it can be to get that food in, I think it must not be as much of a walk in the park as people think it is …


lisa     at 5:34 am

So glad to know I am not the only one scarfing down tofu blocks! I recently tried your simple recipe for tofu and I am HOOKED! The only problem is it takes SO long for me! How do you make two blocks? By the time i press, cut and cook it, over an hour has past. I had to make 3 batches in the pan for 1 block last night!


Kristen @ Change of Pace     at 5:44 am

I love this post. I’ve always been curious as to what you are eating. Cullen is getting so big and it is so neat getting to see him grow up!


Sarah     at 5:48 am

Oh my gosh I can totally relate! I have a 5 month old and I feel like I’m eating for 3! Mine also went through the sleep regression and my goodness, I feel your pain. All I can tell you is that it passes! Hang in there! You are raising a wonderful healthy baby boy and it shows in how happy he is!


Emilie @ Emilie's Enjoyables     at 5:55 am

Your life seems so hectic Emily, babies are require so much love and attention! You’re doing a great job though, Cullen is a lucky little boy.


Beth     at 6:01 am

I feel you, I am hungry all of the time too while breastfeeding and eat huge meals. It truly is amazing. I am below my pre-pregnancy weight and Livie is 15 pounds too.

Isnt is just insane how busy and hectic our lives are now with baby?! And now back to work, it has been very interesting. Definately have good days and some hard days every now and again. I am so impressed that you are able to cook dinner so often, I find myself make a ton of stuff on the weekends and we have left overs most of the week. Your dinners look awesome!


m     at 6:20 am

I too have never known hunger like nursing hunger…I am still nursing round the clock my 9 month old and I am a little worried that once I wean her (in the next few months probably) I will not know how to go back to eating normally!

From myself and friends it seems there are two general body responses to breastfeeding – those who can´t keep up with the food requirements and find themselves smaller than before (like you and several friends of mine) and those whose bodies lose most of the weight but keep an extra couple of pounds no matter how much/little they eat or excercise but then drop it as soon as they stop nursing (like several friends of mine, and, hopefully, me!)


Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers     at 6:23 am

Portion control is an issue for me. People always ask me, how do you stay slim when you eat so much. The answer is working out! When one of my friends are preganant I go through sympathy pregnancy and tend to eat more, crazy I know. I have never been pregnant, but I only could imagine how much I would eat! :)


Leah     at 6:32 am

Great post and very helpful. :)


Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction     at 6:34 am

I know I say this all the time but Cullen get cuter and cuter with every post! You do have a big appetite, but clearly it works for you because you always consume fresh whole foods. Have you thought about having some pre-cut fruit readily available for in between snacks or an after dinner treat? Just a thought :) Good luck!


Stephanie     at 6:36 am

Neat post-I don’t have children, so I can’t commiserate, but I do think that reading about this is so interesting! And what an ADORABLE baby!! I definitely admire your parenting abilities and commitment to maintaining a healthy (and vegetarian) lifestyle amidst all of the new-mom stress. Kudos!


Rachael     at 6:42 am

My daughter is a few days older then Cullen, and I love seeing how they’ve both gone from being little, wrinkled newborns to baby Buddhas with epic little tummies :)!
I’m also breastfeeding (seemingly constantly) and working full time – I bring the baby to the office. Finding time to eat and prep food has been one of the most challenging parts of motherhood to date. I ate a ton of popcorn the first couple of months – hand to fist worked best!
It sounds corny, but I love that you’re honoring your hunger. I talk to so many moms that are back on the bad-food relationship diet train after having a baby, regardless of where they are weight-wise. It’s nice to see someone realize that you can be healthy and put the focus on mutual nutrition at the same time.


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 6:49 am

Wow, you sound so busy. Hopefully as Cullen gets older he will find other toys that will keep him interested so that you can get a few more minutes to yourself. Kudos to you for making both Cullen’s health AND your health a priority. I know a lot of women who worry only/mostly about the baby, and not about their own health when I think that you can help your baby more the more you take care of yourself. I really admire you!


kelly     at 6:58 am

Your life sounds so much like mine!!! It is a victory for me if I’m able to blow dry my hair after a shower, haha. And I sometimes eat lunch at 10:30, just cause that’s when my daughter normally naps. Fun stuff :)


Sara     at 7:23 am

That’s not at all obnoxious- you SHOULD be proud of yourself and pleased with your body. You took care to stay active and eat right during your pregnancy, and you are being rewarded for your efforts. :) I think that is awesome and I love that you are able to breastfeed! Your little guy is just the cutest!


Aylin @ Glow Kitchen     at 7:44 am

I am a firm believer in eating a lot of the right things versus few of the wrong things. You seem to have struck a great balance between getting the nutrients and density sans eating crap. Congrats on the relatively smooth transition!


Allison     at 7:44 am

To accompany your increased appetite, a sale on your powdered peanut butter: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004P4POZ8/?tag=wantnot-20



ashley     at 7:54 am

Do you like eggs much?? Just trying to think of quick + satiating foods to keep you going! You could hard boil a dozen so you have them ready to go! Delicious on a sandwich mashed with hummus too. :) I love the photo of Cullen in his diaper. Those cheeks!!!


deva at deva by definition     at 7:56 am

This post made me hungry! I know you mentioned waking up hungry to the point of nausea and I totally get that – I do, too, and I’m not a Momma! Have you considered making some proteiny muffins to keep on the bedside table to scarf when you first get up? :-)


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 8:13 am

Thanks for sharing! You’re definitely getting your nutrients efficiently and staying away from junk far better than I can!

I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but maybe you can cook a bigger pot of oats? I usually cook enough for myself and my fiancé to last 3-4 days, though that could be limited by the size of your cooker. Is Cullen OK with being strapped to you while you eat/do things?? Is he not interested in his toys anymore? My niece recently got a jumper/bouncing toy… it might help. Anyway, he looks like he’s thriving, and you’re doing great!


marci     at 8:34 am

I always appreciate the honest posts, and it’s good to hear when you find time to do things and eat during the day. Do you eat cheese? I find cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers a snack I can move around with.


Andrea     at 8:40 am

You are doing so well! I remember those days of just being able to grab something quick to eat with one hand. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss those days! I’m astounded with your weight loss. Way to go! I have such a hard time with exercise and weight. I always gain at least 3 pounds initially when I start exercising, and it’s so hard to see when I try so hard with my diet and working out. I love that you too have a big appetite (even before pregnancy). I’m the same way…my dad used to say, “good thing you like to workout because you’re a bottomless pit”. At 34 years of age, this is starting to catch up to me. Aye!!!!


Katie @ Healthy Heddleston     at 9:44 am

Omg, Cullen has SUCH the personality — I love it!


Tina @ Best Body Fitness     at 9:50 am

Great post that shows the REAL side of post-baby eating – the insatiable hunger and difficulty fitting in enough nutrition. But you show it CAN work. Just takes a little planning…and fast eating.


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 10:08 am

You’re amazing!

My son was a big sleeper (4-5 naps per day at 45min-1hour per nap) and alright at night sleeping when he was Cullen’s age so I was able to get a lot done while he napped but it definitely took a while to get into a rhythm once he grew out of those naps.

I wonder what I’ll do when I have this next baby! Toddler and infant will be an interesting combo. haha


Amber K     at 10:26 am

Man, I bet every single sacrifice is so worth it. But it does sound super busy! Eventually you’ll be able to sit down to regular meals again with your little one at the table. :)


Morgan     at 10:30 am

I am really interested in getting a rice cooker but I want to research and really consider if this is something I’ll use often or not before I spend the money. I read the reviews of this model, as well as several others made by the same company, and noticed that many people complained of the teflon flaking off of the inside pot. Has this been an issue for you at all?


Karen     at 10:30 am

Emily, this might seem like a weird question, but you mentioned that Casey takes his morning oatmeal to work…Does he put the mix-ins before he leaves and do they get too soggy or weird on the commute? I usually grab my breakfast on the way out the door (usually Kashi and yogurt) and eat when I’m at my desk, about 30 mins later. I’d love to switch over to oatmeal in the morning, but I worry about the transporting!

(and PS – I’m also originally from Cinci and I also went to Denison! A friend from high school/college found your blog and recommended it to me!)


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh     at 10:33 am

I just came across your blog! I must say that one cute lil nugget you have there! Who could resist that smile?

Looking forward to sharing your adventures!


Sarah     at 10:38 am

Oh my goodness Cullen is so cute! Squishy smiley baby!!!

I think the volume of food you’re eating and the weight loss has more than a little to do with your commitment to cooking real food. I am in awe at your ability to get a home cooked dinner on the table after such a long day! Definitely something to aspire to.


Renee     at 10:59 am

I guess when having a little one around food takes on a whole new meaning of grab and go just to get something to eat – good luck:)


Annie     at 11:05 am

I didn’t breast feed, but I do remember not being able to eat breakfast until Noon or 1 every day! I would literally eat two meals/day!!


Sarah     at 11:11 am

I didn’t really understand it when mums used to say you sometimes don’t have time to eat. Then I had a baby and sometimes my husband would come home from work and all I had eaten all day was one cereal bar and a banana. It was crazy.

I found a bouncy seat kept my daughter very happy when she was young and meant I could take her around with me as I got chores and cooking (and sometimes eating) done. It had a removable toy bar across the middle too. She just loved bouncing herself back and forwards in it. Oh man, it feels like so long ago and she is on 16 months!


Rachel     at 12:15 pm

I really appreciate your discussion about how much you eat. I’ve always been someone who eats more than the normal person without gaining weight, but my large portions sizes has always made me self-conscious. I’ve always battled this feeling that something is wrong that everyone else is full, yet I’m still hungry. It is really helpful to know that I am not alone.
Thanks for the post, and as always, love your blog!


Mandy     at 1:16 pm

This makes me wish I could’ve continued breastfeeding! Hahah. Still 19 pounds to go. My food looks similar, though less in volume… cereal or oats for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, various in the afternoon, veggies for dinner. Scarfing it down most of the time, even dinner, since bubba doesn’t go to bed til 11pm. Upsides and downsides to either sleep schedule I spose…


eliza     at 1:35 pm

I make a full cup of (dry) oats, and split it in half with Casey (who takes his half to work). The 1/2 cup portion is 300 calories of just oats, and then I usually add sliced almonds, raisins, and occasional peanut butter. I would guess that my final bowl is between 500 and 600 calories.

**Isnt a half cup of dry oats 150 calories..?? I am almost certain!


cristina     at 2:27 pm

Hi Emily, I got the soda stream 2 weeks ago and have been going through about 4 boottles a day. How often are you replacing your CO2?


Amy     at 2:53 pm

Just a word of caution – I lost all of my pregnancy weight very quickly due to breastfeeding as well and continued to lose weight even though I really couldn’t afford to. I was eating all the time (averaging probably 2500-3000 calories a day) but I didn’t fully wean my daughter until 18 months and was having a really hard time keeping weight on. My daughter is almost 2 now and we have been trying for baby #2 for months but I haven’t gotten a period back yet. I eat more and exercise less then ever before but my hormones are all out of whack from losing too much weight and the demands of breastfeeding. My hair has thinned out so much, my skin is dry and I am always fatigued. I am vegetarian also and I didn’t pay enough attention to healthy fats & protein. Just be careful you don’t lose too much weight!


Heidi from BundlesofHugs     at 3:23 pm

Ohh my goodness I think baby Cullen has had a growth spurt in the last week. He’s grown so much. He is soo adorable I just want to squeeze him. Your talk about breastfeeding, eating massive amounts and your hectic day totally reminds me of the young months of my baby Jeffrey. I’ll be doing it all over again soon with baby #2 on the way. I’ve just started to get the hang of this whole mom and baby thing and he’s 17 months! Anyway, love reading your posts…I can totally relate!


Danielle     at 4:08 pm

I would love to see more lunch ideas on the blog :) Ones that keep me full and are healthy! It’s something I struggle with every day :(


Annalisa     at 5:02 pm

I get super thirsty while nursing — even 9 months later!

I always have granola bars on hand. We also eat frozen meals – kashi or annies are pretty good. Not ideal but sometimes I don’t have time to make meals.

I also cut veggies for the week when I can. It has made assembling recipes way faster.


Kat     at 5:36 pm

I think that you’re breastfeeding (is that what you mean fueling both of you?) – and I did that too and OMG does it require fuel. I honestly ate almost twice as much as I did while pregnant and the weight FLEW off!


Jen     at 6:07 pm

I am in a similar situation to you- My son is about two weeks older than Cullen (he was actually due on Oct 15 …) and I have been in what seems like a constant feeding frenzy. I am back at work pumping- and home breastfeeding and have continued to dip below my pre-preg, weight- not on purpose at all!

I try to constantly have snacks available. It is quite a challenge. I do like the KIND bars- coconut/almond ones in particular. Your dishes look delicious!
Also, I just wanted to note that we must be in similar growth cycles -as my little guy has just gone back to middle of the night feedings. I hope the cycle shifts back to sleeping through the night soon!
Anyway, I love your blog and have been following since the second trimester! Thank you for sharing your experiences :)


Maria     at 6:41 pm

What a little meatball! He’s adorable!!!


Gabrielle     at 6:42 pm

I’m curious about your Field Roast/Hummus/Avocado sandwich… I always “cook” the Field Roast sausages in a frying pan with a little olive oil, but yours looks sliced fresh from the package – is that right? Is it okay to eat like that? I should know this, but I’ve never tried it. I love that smoked apple/sage sausage.

Cullen is so cute – love his little orange diaper.


bitt Reply:

It’s not real meat so it’s ok to eat uncooked–another win for a vegan dog!


bitt     at 7:18 pm

Great to see you eating so healthy with the stress you are under. Having an appetite is great and I see so many people turn to absolute junk just because they think they can–well it all goes to baby if you breastfeed so keeping it healthy is important. I know you feel stressed but you are doing a great job here sharing your feelings and ideas for new moms.


Tara     at 9:07 pm

I keep hearing about the sodastream products. Have you done a post on it? I am debating buying one. I love carbonated soda but have cut it out the last few years.. this might be a nice alternative :)


Robin     at 1:45 am

What a beautiful baby!

I have a five-year-old. It took me a while to learn how to feed myself when I was adjusting to being a mother. But it’s so important to stay healthy for yourself and your kids! You are doing a great job. P.S. That Field Roast sandwich sounds yummy!


April     at 3:50 am

I love this post Emily because I seem to be in the same “moments” right now with my 14 week old. Reading this made me realize I am probably not eating enough for breast feeding, lately I feel like my milk production is low and my boy is hungry:(. Since my days are much like yours (until I go back to work next week) I find it extremely difficult to find time to eat many substantial meals. I have to chuckle cuz my main goal at night is to get my oats ready for the next day!
Also, my guy is so tough to put down at night I don’t get time to make dinner. It sounds like I am complaining but just saying thanks for the food ideas, I really need to up my calories in a healthy way. And oh, I eat a whole avocado a day, my fave!


Haley     at 6:27 am

His smile is so damn precious!


Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker     at 6:33 am

I think from reading your post, I may have realized a hole in my diet that I might be able to fill in better. I was always good about eating a big breakfast, but not now. I think that might be one reason I’m absolutely ravenous all day (though I know some of that is expected). But I think I need to make a conscious effort to make my days top-heavy with food. I tend to eat an hour or two after I get up, too. But I should be eating more. It might also help kick-start my metabolism. Too bad you’re on the other coast. It’d be awesome to actually get to hang out and share this mom-info in person. I’m always saying that to Jen, too!


ash @ http://peacehappinessyoga.blogspot.com/     at 8:11 am

Cullen is so adorable —your doing a great job!!!


alix     at 12:43 pm

Oh man, I remember how insanely hungry I got at the beginning of breastfeeding! It was like no hunger I’d ever felt before. My son is almost 8 months and I’d say things started to get back to normal appetite-wise around 5 months or so. I still get crazy thirsty while nursing, though, and my 22oz water bottle is my constant companion.

I also remember feeling like I had to bolt down my food- take heart, it gets better! Although now my son wants bites of whatever we’re eating…


sylvs     at 4:50 pm

Absolutley loved reading this, at the moment I’m eating a whole foods plant based diet (only eggs allowed), tofu is the rare occasion such as when i’m out for dinner, I find processed foods dont go well for me so I’ve started using edamame beans instead and a friend has suggested tempeh. Do you eat tempeh and if so do you like it?


Leila @ Spinach and Skittles     at 8:41 pm

Wow, that is a lot of food – I got full just reading your daily eats :) I’m surprised you don’t keep some of those mojo bars by your bedside so you can nosh on one as you walk to Cullen’s room in the morning. I got a soda stream for Christmas and it was by far my favorite present – I down bubbly water like crazy now!


Zoe's mom     at 4:31 am

Have you thought about getting a Jumperoo (Fisher Price)?My daughter is six months and never liked a play mat. It’s super helpful and the only way I can sneak away from her to anything done.


Katie Hood     at 8:19 am

Oh my gosh. Cullen is such a little chunk! Love it. He is quite the cutie, Emily.


Kara K     at 1:29 pm

My little guy is 8 months today – hard to believe! I clearly remember having to keep individually wrapped graham crackers by the chair where I nursed my son, Lucan, because there were times I was so ravenous that I thought I was going to pass out. 8 months later I’m still have 2 breakfasts before 9:30 am – a bowl of Kashi at 6 am and then either peanut butter/banana sandwich or oatmeal as my second breakfast. And then lunch at 12:30. It’s insane, my appetite!


Christina     at 7:38 pm

Thanks for posting some of your meals, Emily! I recently gained back 30 pounds of the 120 I worked so hard to lose, and this post reminded me of how well I used to eat. Thanks to you I stocked up on mushrooms, spinach, rice, and lots of other healthy stuff at the store over the weekend. I may even give tofu a shot. :)


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