Snowy Seattle.

All the talk in Seattle this week has been about the big storm we were getting.  I was totally one of those crazy moms who ran out to the grocery store to make sure we had enough food to survive on, so now we are set for the next three years.  You know, just in case.

Huge snowstorm coming?  No big deal!  We have plenty of fuzzy bear suits to get us through the worst of it.

IMG_7331 (427x640)

Wednesday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland outside! 

IMG_7488 (414x640)

So we got bundled up and stayed in our warm cozy house all day long.  Casey was able to work from home, so it was nice to all hang out together.

IMG_7463 (640x427)

While I was up in the middle of the night last night feeding Cullen, I heard freezing rain hitting our skylights.  Then when I woke up this morning and saw MORE snow coming down, I knew we were in for another day of hibernating.

IMG_7285 (640x427)

Last night was also our first night trying to put Cullen to sleep without the swaddle.  It went pretty well, but we all needed a little extra time under the covers this morning.

2012-01-19_08.37.10 (640x480) (640x480)

The snow has continued to come down all day long, and I’m really starting to wish we had figured out how to get rid of that stupid Christmas tree…

IMG_7487 (427x640)

Since Casey is working from home again today, I made us a hot breakfast.

IMG_7500 (640x427)

While Cullen play on the playmat with 40,000 of his favorite toys. 

IMG_7492 (640x427)

I thought I would make it a true snow day and do something I never do – turn on the TV and watch the morning news (I LOVE the news!).  Too bad our cable doesn’t seem to be cooperating with the storm.  (I can’t complain though – I’m just happy we have power, since many don’t!)

IMG_7509 (640x427)

After a few days of hiding out indoors, by this afternoon we were all starting to get a bit of cabin fever.  The dogs in particular…

IMG_7505 (640x427)

We decided to take them for a short walk so that they could eat snow and prance around.  Since I knew there was ice underneath the snow, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing Cullen in the Ergo in case I slipped.  Thankfully, we have a badass stroller with wheels designed for bumpy terrain.  We bundled Cullen under many layers of blankets, and used all the shields so that he wouldn’t get hit by too many snowflakes.

2012-01-19_12.38.10 (640x480)

He didn’t seem to mind the cold or the snow one bit.

2012-01-19_12.46.10 (640x480)

We just went for a short walk, but it was nice to finally get out of the house and see what’s going on out there!  This snowstorm is really not bad compared to what other parts of the country get, but Seattle doesn’t have a lot of snow resources since it happens so rarely.  This street below is the main road that runs down my neighborhood, and it hasn’t seen a single plow or piece of salt.  In fact, someone tweeted this morning that there are only four plows in the whole city!

2012-01-19_12.45.58 (640x469)

The dogs loved all the snow – I think it reminded them of back home!

2012-01-19_12.46.25 (480x640)

We just did a short walk since there were cars slipping and sliding everywhere, and I didn’t want to risk having someone slide into us.  Getting hit by a car once was plenty for me!  Cullen snoozed through the whole outing – his car seat bundle looked pretty cozy.

2012-01-19_12.40.16 (478x640)

Now we’re back inside warming up and eating a delicious lunch.  I love days when Casey is home and I can make something more than just a quick grab and go.  A big pile of green veggies…

IMG_7510 (640x427)

And Trader Joe’s vegetable masala burgers.  The fanciest lunch I’ve had in quite a while!

IMG_7512 (640x427)

Large flakes are still coming down outside, and I have a feeling we’re going to be snowed in for quite a while.  I’m starting to feel quite anxious about the lack of chocolate and garbanzo beans in our house – major oversight!  I might have to brave the outdoors again if this goes on much longer…