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    A Look Back.

Three Months Old.

Believe it or not, someone will be three months old tomorrow…

IMG_7610 (640x427)

Now that Cullen has passed the 12-week mark, I’m going to start doing his updates each month, rather than each week.  Of course I will still post about family life and what we’re up to, but since he doesn’t change as much week to week anymore, I though monthly updates from here on out made more sense. 

I can’t believe three whole months have passed since we welcomed him into our family.  And at the same time, life before Cullen feels like an eternity ago.  Look at how much he has changed these last few months…

1 month…

IMG_4146 (640x427)

2 months…

Dec 21 (640x427)

And suddenly, three months!

IMG_7637 (640x427)

He looks like such a fragile little peanut in his one month picture, and it’s strange because I don’t actually remember him being that way.  But look at this comparison of the day he was born vs. today!

IMG_3071 (427x640) IMG_7188 (427x640)

He’s weighing in at over 15 pounds now, almost double his original birth weight.  Hard to believe he has changed that much with nothing but good old fashioned breast milk.  I will admit that when I look at his chubby little cheeks, I feel proud that I’ve been able to fatten him up so well.

IMG_7579 (427x640)

I feel really lucky that breastfeeding has gone so well for us.  It is much trickier and more complicated than I ever imagined, but I have also enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.  We still have bumps in the road, and just this morning I made a teary phone call to a lactation consultant.  But I find myself looking forward to our bonding time in the glider while he nurses, and I’m hoping to keep it up as long as is reasonable for both of us.

Back during the tough early weeks of crying and frustration, a lot of moms told me that there is a magical turning point that happens right around the 12-week mark.  I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but now I know what they mean.  Cullen has gone from a confusing and high maintenance little newborn, to a happy and relatively predictable baby. 

IMG_7611 (640x427)

Of course not every day, or moment is perfect…

IMG_7592 (427x640)

But we’re getting there.

IMG_7624 (640x427)


And a new one he added to the list just this morning:  rolling over!  I watched it happen in the video monitor, as he rocked side to side and eventually ended up like THIS!

2012-01-20 11.59.53 (480x640)

He didn’t seem to mind one bit, and it made me feel reassured that we quit the swaddle just in time.  We also have the Angelcare video and movement monitor that alerts us if he isn’t breathing, which allows me to sleep peacefully at night!

During the days, he’s getting more into toys  – grasping, flailing, tossing, and hugging.

IMG_7692 (640x427)

I’m starting to think we might be running out of things for him!  Can babies get bored of looking at the same playmat day in and day out?

IMG_7702 (427x640)

We still love going for our daily walks or outings to the coffee shop, and it’s fun to take him out now that he’s so much more alert.  I love showing him new surroundings and new places, and watching his eyes as he looks around outside.

This week we’ve been snowed in all week long, and we’re both starting to go a little stir-crazy.

IMG_7662 (640x427)

Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, and another month of milestones!

For more family posts, you can visit the parenting page.  You can also read the recent posts on Babble

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Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 6:48 pm

omg, your little baby! Cullen is too precious to handle. one day he is going to look back on these pictures and his heart will be filled with so much love.


Shari     at 6:51 pm

Oh my gosh, each picture is cuter than the last! Such a little sweetheart :)


Ashley B     at 6:53 pm

I nanny and that AngelCare monitor is awesome. What a neat product!


Michelle M     at 7:01 pm

He is so cute! I miss those days sometimes. My kids never tired of their toys when they were babies. It’s hard to believe these days as they lose interest before I can blink.


Kath     at 7:14 pm

So so cute!!


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 7:15 pm

Wowza! The side by side picture with Casey really shows how big your little guy has gotten! How exciting that he’s started to roll over! Very cool. I love the picture of him contemplating the stuffed monkey…too precious.


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 7:16 pm

Look at how healthy and happy he is! I know you are doing such a great job! Enjoy your weekend with your boys Emily.


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 7:18 pm

I can’t believe he is 3 months old already. He doesn’t look like a teeny tiny baby anymore!


Mandy     at 7:21 pm

He’s such a little man now! The comparison with Casey is craaaazy.

Have you tried showing him himself in the mirror? My guy has recently started to *love* the mirror. He always smiles at himself… I don’t think he realizes it’s him, but he loves smiling at people. Haha.


Emily Malone Reply:

Yep, we do the mirror too! He loves it!


Megan S     at 7:22 pm

Wow! He’s so cute I can hardly stand it. Do you ever get sick of hearing that? Per usual I appreciate your honest an balanced way of blogging about your experiences and anxieties.


Emily Malone Reply:

Nope! :)


Leatitia @ The Sweetest Year     at 7:23 pm

God those cheeks! You two are adorable! :)


Amber @ Bold, Busy, Blessed Reply:

Yes I love the last pic of the two of you <3


Jessica     at 7:24 pm

I may be a little late on the train…. but you seriously just swaddled your baby and laid him down and he went to sleep. I think you are in an alternate reality, one i cannot fathom in my sleep deprived state with a 8 mo old that takes 45 min to get to sleep and sleeps about 1.5 hours at a time.


Emily Malone Reply:

I know, it’s ridiculous. Once we got into a routine, he was SO easy to put to sleep! Of course we had off nights just like anyone, but for the most part he has been a breeze in the evenings. Now that he’s unswaddled, we’ll see how it goes. I’m currently watching him NOT asleep and trying to roll over on the baby monitor… Hang in there!!


Melissa     at 7:29 pm

beautiful baby boy!


Jess C     at 7:29 pm

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Cutest. Baby. Ever. I could read about Cullen all day.


Katalin     at 7:32 pm

He’s such a beautiful baby!

A friend of mine shared this today and if you haven’t already received it, I’m sure it will resonate.



Emily Malone Reply:

Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS. I feel like it was written for me (which makes me realize we ALL must feel this way!). Thank you so much for sharing. :)


Katalin Reply:

We do!! I’m pretty sure becoming a mom is the steepest learning curve out there. When I was pregnant the first time, I read that my body is going through the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest, but no-one prepares you for the steep climb ahead. Nothing is ever the same again. Not even your body is your own anymore, let alone your thoughts. Your entire identity changes in the blink of an eye. But, I’m expecting my 4th now and can honestly say it does get easier… the first is by far the hardest! :)


Jessica     at 7:35 pm

that is the CUTEST picture of the two of you at the bottom!!
(but my goodness is he cute on his own as well….)


Holly     at 7:41 pm

I’ve been reading your blog for a while but have not commented yet. I just want to thank you for your perspective on breastfeeding. I have two children and my first just would not latch on so I pumped around the clock for 8 weeks after many tears my husband & I decided to stop my 2nd child took to it right away but after 8 weeks mommy guilt told me not to give one child more than the other. Thank you for feeling blessed for the ability to breastfeed successfully! And for not making those who don’t 100% succeed feel bad! I love your blog! Thanks for keeping it real.


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Holly! Everyone’s experience seems to be so different, and I really do feel lucky to have had only a few small bumps. Crossing my fingers that future babies latch just as well – I am spoiled!


Michaela     at 7:42 pm

I laughed out loud at the picture of him crying. I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but that face is hilarious.

Also, random note, I’m pretty sure I have the same bamboo tool set you used in your head picture! We just got it from our wedding registry and I lovelovelove it.


Emily Malone Reply:

I love them too! Crate and Barrel!


sallymae     at 7:59 pm

He is super cute!


Jolene (Homespun Heritage)     at 8:07 pm

Yowza! He’s huge, which is awesome! My 23 month old is only 20lbs and at 14 months weighed 16lbs. She’s SOOO tiny! We’re looking into what is causing her to be so small (its more than having a short mom!).

Anyway, I am so glad Cullen is healthy and so much happier!


Cate     at 8:43 pm

This post makes me so happy – it’s amazing how much he’s growing up!


Alyson     at 8:51 pm

~Can babies get bored of looking at the same playmat day in and day out?~

I know exactly what you mean! I had a huge, huge basket of toys for my first baby, and I couldn’t believe that they weren’t enough to occupy just one little tiny kid who didn’t even have any competition!

Have you seen the documentary Babies? I streamed it on Netflix, if you have Netflix and if you have interest, you can watch it that way. I watched it last year, when my youngest was already 5 years old, so I was way past the stage where I could apply any of it. But it was fascinating to see the difference between the baby in Tokyo (who had so many toys and a nice, soft floor to play on)—she was so miserably discontented—and the babies in Africa and Mongolia who only picked up stuff off the ground or played with the things in reach, like the bedpost, and were totally contented. Not that I’m making any suggestions in your case, because I really think you’re doing a great job being so involved with Cullen and keeping him interested and happy.


Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie     at 9:54 pm

Oh goodness, I feel like he was just born yesterday!


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy     at 9:57 pm

Your little man is SO adorable. Hope you guys have a good weekend and are able to safely do a few things outside the house.


Mai     at 10:11 pm

omg, he is too precious!


greenbean     at 11:56 pm

i will miss the weekly updates!


Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)     at 3:33 am

He is getting so grown up. Fun to read your updates, as always. A question for you: how many swaddle blankets did you get and do you suggest is ideal for the first few months of swaddling? I registered for an Aden and Anais 4 pack and I assumed this would be sufficient but thought I would ask someone with experience! What about burp cloths?



Maryea @ Happy Healthy Mama     at 3:35 am

My little guy is 5 weeks old, so I’m loving these updates as a reminder of what’s coming up. You’re doing a great job, mama!


Simply Life     at 4:09 am

Oh it’s so cute to see all those changes and I just can’t get over those adorable facial expressions!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 4:16 am

What a handsome little guy! How is it going with cloth diapers? I love ‘em! We’ve been using them since they were 3 months old and have saved a ton of money. Messy at times but so worth it!


Cyndi     at 4:21 am

Such a cutie. Time flies doesn’t it? Looking back now, I can hardly remember the “baby” days with my girls (now 10 & 6). So awesome that you’ll have this blog to look back on!


hannah alehandra     at 4:38 am

OMG he’s so cute. I can’t take it!!!! You’re so blessed he’s just fantastic.



kelly     at 4:44 am

I love reading your updates since my daughter is a week younger than Cullen and I can look forward to what she’ll be able to do next! I worry about her becoming bored staring at the same things on her playmat too haha. I sometimes mix it up by rotating the toys on the hooks.. not sure if she notices, lol.


Brooke @ Exercise For Fries     at 5:07 am

He is so cute! And that last picture is adorable!


colleen     at 5:07 am

You should definitely be proud of your ability to get Cullen so big. The comparison photos of Cullen and Casey is amazing. You forget how small they were. Again, good job on providing Cullen what he needs to grow.


Kristen @ Change of Pace     at 5:12 am

You wait girl! It only gets better :)


Melissa     at 6:06 am

My sister’s baby girl, born same day as Cullen, had her first laugh too this week! I don’t live near my sister, so I don’t get to see baby Allie as often as I’d like, but reading about Cullen and his milestones, it’s like I still know what’s going on with my little niece, in a way ;)


Karolina     at 6:22 am

WOW he’s getting SO BIG! These pictures are adorable, and I’m glad that a routine is falling into place! I was a tiny 17 pounds when I was one year old, so I was about the size he is. I’m starting to realize just how tiny I actually was…


Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers     at 6:42 am

Wow, time has flown! He’s so cute!!!


kaity     at 6:50 am

cant believe it! hes grown so much.. my nieces are twins there 18months today, and i watch them 3days a wk and i remember wen id plop them on the couch or there playmat and take tons of pics, now its so hard there christmas pictures ones crying while the other ones throwing an ornament, so enjoy all these pictures while you can! lol


Lynne     at 7:32 am

I love these posts, Emily! Cullen is obviously a healthy, happy, awesome little guy :) What a great Mom and Dad you guys are!


Morgan @ Morganshines     at 7:55 am

I came across your blog from fitnessista.com and I am absolutely in love with it…and your baby is incredibly adorable!!!


Tara     at 8:18 am

It’s nice to hear your comment on asking for help and I went over to Babble to read your post too. I am following 4 healthy,new mom blogs and no one has ever once mentioned having any issues with breastfeeding. Everyone just says, it’s going well. As a new mom myself with my share of challenges breastfeeding I was surprised it never came up in any of the blogs. From other new moms that I’ve spoken with, first time breastfeeding never seems a breeze.


Brooke     at 8:25 am

Why have none of my friends told me that such a video monitor exists!!!!!!! It’s going on my list!


Suzanne     at 8:55 am

Oh my goodness, he’s SO adorable! I love the face in the last picture. We always called that the turtle face. It’s just so cute!


Gabby (Quest for Delicious)     at 8:58 am

His rosy cheeks are so precious!


Katy     at 9:14 am

he is the cutest baby ever!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 9:25 am

Congrats on three months! Baby laughs are just the cutest. He seems really happy and healthy so I’m happy for all of you!


Monica     at 9:49 am

So know what you mean about the plump up pride! As Wrigley has developed little fat rolls on his body it makes me so proud that my breast milk alone is nourishing that growth! Breast feeding is such a huge act of love that requires so much, but it is also so rewarding as it provides one healthy, gorgeous growing baby.


ashley     at 9:59 am

He looks SO much like you in the first photo!!!


Coco     at 10:36 am

Whoa that side by side comparison is intense! I’m being snowed in as we speak, and it’s only been one day but I’m ready to escape..


Sneakers2Sandals     at 10:55 am

This baby makes me want a baby even though I’m not ready. I might have to stop reading your blog so I stop thinking about having a baby!


Amber K     at 11:10 am

I never would have thought babies grew so fast if it weren’t for all of the photo proof of the babies I’ve known. You blink and they get so big! I still can’t believe my cute little niece and nephew who I held in the NICU when they came too early are already big rambunctious two-year-old’s!


Linda     at 11:55 am

And don’t forget “tummy time.” This was not a huge favorite with my latest grandson, Isaac…at least not at first. But strengthening that neck, back and arms is SO important. Isaac is 13 months now…a strong guy with 4 teeth…3 down and only 1 up! :)


anh     at 12:07 pm

Oh my goodness Cullen is so adorable!!! He’s so lucky to have such loving parents! Happy 3 months to Cullen!


Macrae     at 12:25 pm

He is so precious! The baby I nanny for is almost 4 months and seems to become disinterested if wew do one thin too long. She responds well to sounds and movement together. For example, he favorite toy is a plastic set of make that make 4 different car sounds and she loves it! Also, baby Einstein Beethoven CDs. Just a few tid-bits!


Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs     at 12:49 pm

I can’t believe three months have gone by! It seems like just yesterday that the blog world was anxiously awaiting the news of his birth :)


Michaela     at 2:31 pm

Oh my, he is so precious! I cannot believe the comparison pics of him and Casey! I know time is flying with children, but this is rather insane!


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 3:44 pm

You are making me want to get a video monitor! I’m jealous you can watch him do funny things in his sleep.

I can’t believe he’s already so big! My son’s growth really tapered off and at 16mo he’s only 22 pounds. haha


Lindsay     at 3:55 pm

That last picture really is an all time favorite!! Just love it!


Jessica Sinclair     at 4:06 pm

I have been through the pregnancy, and two moves with you and the blog…. Cullen is adorable! He looks sooo mischevious with some of those grins LOL. I’m glad to see someone expounding on their vegetarianism and breastfeeding, and proudly showing sucha healthy (and mostly happy, the picture of him dissolving into tears is precious)little one. You both look so happy and content, Casey too. Love every precious second, they grow up WAY too fast!


Sarah K     at 9:01 pm

He is so adorable and I love that you share all the new milestones he’s reaching.


Emily @ Life on Food     at 4:06 am

That little boy can make the grumpiest face. I don’t know how you can stand it. He is so big now!


Anne P     at 6:23 am

Gosh, what freaking CUTE pictures! Especially month 2 (he looks so mischievous!), the ones of him with his stuffed animal, and the one of the two of you. Adorable. I can’t believe how big he’s getting!


Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee     at 6:26 am

Congratulations on getting to a good turning point! Cullen is such a cutie. :)


Anna     at 7:28 am

What a precious little man! And can I say that he is definitely starting to look more like you than just Casey as he gets older?


Angela     at 8:43 am

You have done a great job mama getitng him to his 3 month mark!


lee     at 11:11 am

I absolutely loved this comment you made – “I will admit that when I look at his chubby little cheeks, I feel proud that I’ve been able to fatten him up so well.”

I am not a mom (yet) – nor is being a mom in my immediate future. But I think it’s so wonderful to see a mom taking pride in what her body can do – including something as simple as keeping her child fed. =)


Chelsey @ Chew With Your Mouth Open     at 2:30 pm

Cullen is seriously the cutest baby I have seen in a LONG time. It’s quite ridiculous. I am kind of glad that I do not have a little one yet myself because I think I would be supremely jealous!


kristin     at 5:07 pm

Aww, these 3 mos. pics are the BEST! I want to pinch his cheeks and tickle his belly, haha! =) Your babe is just so adorable!! You’re doing a fabulous job, new mama! I think we can all tell you’re working super hard from this side of things… my little niece is nearly 19 mos. now (& so much FUN), but I feel like I am going into shock looking at her pictures from just 3 mos. ago because she’s looking more like a lil’ grown-up- it goes way too fast! Bask in the love & glory of having such a beautiful little growing baby…keep the baby updates in the mix, please! It’s awesome.


Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous!     at 6:10 pm

Wow! It’s crazy how fast they grow! As always too cute!


Charlie (the runner beans)     at 2:10 am

He is SOOOO cute!


Elizabeth     at 4:40 am

He is super adorable!!! My baby boy is 4 months old and I totally get the turning point comment as well as the fact that I don’t remember my LO being so tiny but looking back at pictures it shows how teeny he was. Keep enjoying him, it only gets better :)


Emilie @ Emilie's Enjoyables     at 5:35 am

I love reading these updates, his little face is so adorable.


Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction     at 7:43 am

Happy 3 Months Cullen! You are SO adorable and you have a great mommy :)


Allison K     at 7:47 am

My goodness! This post got the better of me and my pregnancy hormones! I teared up a bit at the picture of cullen and casey on cullens first day.


Denise@Crazy Mother Runner     at 9:39 am

He is so precious. I miss those days so much with my no-so little ones.


Emily     at 10:03 am

The pictures with Casey are crazy! I can’t believe how big Cullen is getting! What a cutie :)


Sara     at 11:45 am

He is precious! I never really knew how different newborns were from 3-month old babies but my goodness! So many changes. He is really growing so well and is just beautiful. Love this post!


Vanessa     at 12:03 pm

Oh MY! He is such a cutie! I’m a few weeks pregnant and i can’t wait to see my baby now. Its unreal how tiny he was in the picture with Casey and then seeing him @ 3 months…made me tear up.


Kat @ living like the kings     at 1:40 pm

Ok – so I have to point out that my 1 year old (She turned one on Sunday) weighs in at 16 lbs and 11 oz. At 1! OMG 15 lb 3 month old. That is incredible. He is ADORABLE! Now on to my original comment before I saw the weight thing – 3 months is when our little Peanut really changed from being a newborn into this baby! It seemed like our household went from survival mode into this fun, entertaining house with a kid mode. Although I loved every single moment before she turned 3 months, it really just kept getting more and more fun with every passing moment. Have a blast! Seriously. And Happy 3 months Cullen!


Alexis @ Hummusapien     at 6:34 pm

I could stare at his precious face all day!


MelanieF     at 4:18 pm

Oh my god! My godson has the exact same monkey. We gave it to him when he was born, and he’s 3 years old and still sleeps with it!


Amykinz @ Foodie 4 Healing     at 9:35 am

He is soooo cute, Emily! Does he like older girls? I think we should arrange a marriage with him and Adelyn (she’s 6 months old already!) :)


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