Three Months Old.

Believe it or not, someone will be three months old tomorrow…

IMG_7610 (640x427)

Now that Cullen has passed the 12-week mark, I’m going to start doing his updates each month, rather than each week.  Of course I will still post about family life and what we’re up to, but since he doesn’t change as much week to week anymore, I though monthly updates from here on out made more sense. 

I can’t believe three whole months have passed since we welcomed him into our family.  And at the same time, life before Cullen feels like an eternity ago.  Look at how much he has changed these last few months…

1 month…

IMG_4146 (640x427)

2 months…

Dec 21 (640x427)

And suddenly, three months!

IMG_7637 (640x427)

He looks like such a fragile little peanut in his one month picture, and it’s strange because I don’t actually remember him being that way.  But look at this comparison of the day he was born vs. today!

IMG_3071 (427x640) IMG_7188 (427x640)

He’s weighing in at over 15 pounds now, almost double his original birth weight.  Hard to believe he has changed that much with nothing but good old fashioned breast milk.  I will admit that when I look at his chubby little cheeks, I feel proud that I’ve been able to fatten him up so well.

IMG_7579 (427x640)

I feel really lucky that breastfeeding has gone so well for us.  It is much trickier and more complicated than I ever imagined, but I have also enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.  We still have bumps in the road, and just this morning I made a teary phone call to a lactation consultant.  But I find myself looking forward to our bonding time in the glider while he nurses, and I’m hoping to keep it up as long as is reasonable for both of us.

Back during the tough early weeks of crying and frustration, a lot of moms told me that there is a magical turning point that happens right around the 12-week mark.  I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but now I know what they mean.  Cullen has gone from a confusing and high maintenance little newborn, to a happy and relatively predictable baby. 

IMG_7611 (640x427)

Of course not every day, or moment is perfect…

IMG_7592 (427x640)

But we’re getting there.

IMG_7624 (640x427)


And a new one he added to the list just this morning:  rolling over!  I watched it happen in the video monitor, as he rocked side to side and eventually ended up like THIS!

2012-01-20 11.59.53 (480x640)

He didn’t seem to mind one bit, and it made me feel reassured that we quit the swaddle just in time.  We also have the Angelcare video and movement monitor that alerts us if he isn’t breathing, which allows me to sleep peacefully at night!

During the days, he’s getting more into toys  – grasping, flailing, tossing, and hugging.

IMG_7692 (640x427)

I’m starting to think we might be running out of things for him!  Can babies get bored of looking at the same playmat day in and day out?

IMG_7702 (427x640)

We still love going for our daily walks or outings to the coffee shop, and it’s fun to take him out now that he’s so much more alert.  I love showing him new surroundings and new places, and watching his eyes as he looks around outside.

This week we’ve been snowed in all week long, and we’re both starting to go a little stir-crazy.

IMG_7662 (640x427)

Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, and another month of milestones!

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