Week 12: So Much Personality.

Sigh.  These Fridays keep creeping up on me.  I know I should be happy that my baby is thriving, but man if it doesn’t kill me that he is growing up so quickly.

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We had a really great week this week.  Of course we have our off moments like any mom/baby team, but long gone are the days of being grumpy and grouchy all day long.  I know it sounds weird, but I feel like over the course of 12 weeks, Cullen and I have become friends that hang out all day long.

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We had quite a big week as far as milestones go.  The biggest change was that we moved Cullen into his crib a few days ago. Since then, I’ve become a baby monitor stalker. 

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We started by moving him to the crib for naps, which went really well.  Last night, we bit the bullet and moved him in there overnight.  It felt really…strange.  Normally in the evenings, we swaddle him and let him hang out on his Boppy pillow on the couch with us while we eat and watch TV.  Last night our living room felt a little lonely.  I only went up to check on him twice before going to bed myself. 

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He did really well in there overnight, and only had to get up once for a middle of the night feeding.  It felt great to get a few extra hours of sleep!

Now that he has discovered his hands, they are in his mouth approximately 92% of the time.  He’s never been a big pacifier fan, but now he won’t even bother with it.  His fingers appear to taste much much better.

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And with those hands, he’s starting to reach out and try to grab toys now.  I read somewhere that babies will only grab toys from the side at first, so I’ve been trying to introduce them and hand them to him while we play. 

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He has also made a new friend. 

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His fuzzy monkey plays with us all the time, and I love seeing his little personality come to life while he plays. 

Speaking of personality, his expressions are absolutely ridiculous these days.

IMG_6998 (640x427)

He is so expressive, and it cracks me up all day long.

IMG_7041 (640x427)

I wish I knew what he was thinking.

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The other big change this week is that we’ve finally started using cloth diapers!  It’s only been a few days, and I’m still getting the hang of it, but so far so good.  I am still adjusting to seeing him with his GIANT diaper butt.

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I thought a lot this week about how many moms go back to work after a 12-week maternity leave.  I feel ridiculously lucky to get to stay with him during the day, and remind myself of that often so that I never take it for granted.

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Overall, it’s been a great week.  Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing at home just the three of us!

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