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    Marathon - 3:50:58

    A Look Back.

Down and Out.

I am so sorry for all the blog issues these past few days!  I guess there have been some big problems over at Dreamhost with my server, and it was pretty much out of my hands.  With all of the sites that went down, I figure the Dreamhost team has probably had a rough few days, so I have done my best to just be patient and wait it out.  Thanks for waiting with me!  It looks like my pictures on older posts are still missing, and I’m hoping to figure out how to resolve that soon…

In the meantime, we’ve had an interesting couple of days in the Malone house.  Last week was a little slice of hell, otherwise known as teething.  I first spotted the tooth on our way back from Hawaii.  I was absolutely shocked when I saw it – for some reason I never imagined it would happen quite this early.

As his little tooth continued to break through the gums, Cullen turned into a cranky mess.  I can’t really blame him – ouch!  My mom arrived for my birthday weekend, and the timing could not have been better.  It was so nice to have extra hands for rocking, soothing, and bouncing.

We went to one of the baby stores here in Seattle and picked up a few more teethers so that our little guy could give himself a bit more relief. 

IMG_9375 (427x640)

And when the teethers and toys weren’t cutting it, he found other things to chew on.

IMG_9321 (640x427)

It has been so hard to watch him be so uncomfortable and not really be able to help.  He went through a few really rough days, but we seem to be through the worst of it.  I know it’s also just a part of his age, but these days everything goes straight into his mouth. 

IMG_9408 (640x427)

And sometimes even though he’s biting down, it doesn’t seem to be enough to relieve those sore little gums. 

IMG_9412 (640x427)

I can’t believe this is something we’re going to have to go through over and over again as new teeth come in!  At least now I’m armed with every teething item on the market. 

IMG_9446 (427x640)

And while my little guy has been teething, crying, and chewing, my other guy has been coughing, sneezing, and sweating.  Poor Casey appears to have the flu.  He has been miserable for two days now, and in between diaper changes and feedings, I’m doing my best to take care of him too.

I’ve never been much of a germophobe, but now that we have a baby in the house I find myself suddenly terrified that he will get sick.  I went to the store today and came back with an arsenal of remedies, comforts, and disinfecting cleaning products. 

IMG_9468 (640x424)

I’m doing my best to figure out how to juggle taking care of both boys and make sure Cullen and I don’t get sick in the process!  Did I mention he got his four month shots today?  It’s just one of those weeks where you kind of have to laugh so that you don’t cry. 

IMG_9479 (427x640)

Looks like I’m sleeping on the couch again tonight.  Things can only go up from here!

Technical Difficulties.

Hi guys!  Sorry for all the site problems the last few days!  My host seems to be having an issue with my server, and while the blog is finally back up and running, it looks like the pictures still aren’t loading.

In other words… it’s not you, it’s me. 

I have a baby boy getting his 4 month shots today, a husband with the flu, and I’m trying to stay on top of the site issues at the same time.  Hope to be up and running at full speed shortly!

Thanks for your patience.

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