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    A Look Back.

A Hawaiian Farewell.

So even though I am finally home to dreary and grey Seattle, will you guys indulge me and let me write one more vacation post?  I need to look at pictures of fresh fruit and blue water just a little bit longer…

It was so nice to have the full kitchen in our suite, and we stocked up on fresh Hawaiian fruit for snacking in between meals – papaya and pineapple every afternoon.  So incredible!

IMG_3564 (640x480)

Our last few days there, we typically spent about half the day at the pool/beach, and the other half out exploring the island.  With each day, Cullen adjusted a bit more to the water.

IMG_3568 (479x640)

We have a lake trip planned with Casey’s family this coming summer, and it will be interesting to see how different he is in the water then.  Hopefully he’ll like it even more when the water is warmer! 

IMG_3569 (640x481)

He certainly had no trouble transitioning to the warmer air temperature in Hawaii.  He looked so strange in short sleeves and shorts at first, since I’m only used to ever really seeing him in sweatpants and long sleeves.  He spent a lot of time just hanging out in his diapers.  It is vacation after all.

IMG_9093 (427x640)

While it was nice to have the kitchen to make ourselves dinners and save a bit of money, we took advantage of Cullen’s schedule and went out for breakfast and lunch quite a few times.  I love healthy food as much as the rest of you, but vacation is also not the time to pass on macadamia nut banana pancakes (at Duke’s Beach House). 

IMG_3574 (640x480)

And I am sad that we didn’t discover our absolute favorite lunch spot in Maui until almost the end of our trip!  Choice Health Bar is the type of place I imagine myself opening if I ever get the opportunity.  A lot of their menu was smoothie based – both drinks and smoothie bowls.  But they also had delicious grains, soups, and fresh vegetable salads. 

IMG_9113 (640x427)

Here is just a small sampling of the many delicious things we ate at Choice.  A “Healthy Lunch Plate” – a salad, grain, and soup, combo – with two little dessert bites to finish.

IMG_9117 (640x427)

Chocolate chip cookie and mint chocolate chip cookie dough balls.  Love how they are served in a shell!

IMG_9118 (640x427)

This kale salad was incredible, and I’m feeling very inspired to start making a lot more things like this at home.  You can’t go wrong with giant avocado hunks. 

IMG_9119 (640x427)

Perfectly cooked garlic quinoa

IMG_9121 (640x427)

A Hawaiian Passion smoothie, made with all fresh, local fruits. 

IMG_9122 (427x640)

And one of several Acai Bowls we had during our stay.  This one was a very thickly blended smoothie topped with granola, bananas, mango, honey, and bee pollen.  I could eat this every single day.

IMG_9124 (427x640)

When we weren’t eating the special of the day at Choice, we were off exploring the island and relishing all the amazing views.  I have honestly never seen anything quite as awesome as the RAINBOWS in Hawaii.  I had no idea they could be so bright and vibrant!

IMG_3575 (640x475)

On one of our afternoon retreats, we headed to Lahaina to walk around the shopping area take a boat ride.  Before we departed, we checked out the giant Banyan tree with branches growing sideways. 

IMG_9129 (426x640)

And then we boarded our ship for two hours of whale watching!  Coming on this trip, we knew we would be limited in what we could do with a baby in tow.  We have always said we aren’t going to be people who’s lives stop when kids arrive, and I think so far we’ve done a pretty good job of still doing fun things, but also being realistic about what is possible at certain ages.

I called ahead to ask about taking a baby on the whale watching trip, and they suggested we do the large catamaran ship with both indoor and outdoor areas.  Casey strapped Cullen on in the Ergo, and we set sail.

IMG_9134 (427x640)

I am so SO glad we didn’t skip this trip.  It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.  At one point a mama and baby whale came right up next to our boat (which apparently rarely happens), and I couldn’t believe just how BIG these animals really are in person.

IMG_9143 (640x427)

I guess the whales that come to Maui this time of year are here for breeding and birthing, so there are a lot of mom and baby pairs.  Would you believe that a baby humpback drinks around 100 gallons of mama’s milk per DAY?  I can’t even imagine…

IMG_9145 (427x640)

Cullen thought the whales were boring and slept through the entire boat ride.

IMG_9156 (427x640)

Two whales jumping at once, with a third splashing nearby.  Can you imagine being on that little boat on the left?  Too cool!

IMG_9159 (640x430)

This is definitely an experience to cross of my bucket list.  Visit Hawaii and go whale watching were both on there, so I’m making progress.  Now I want to go again…

IMG_9166 (640x428)

The trip lasted two hours, but I could have stayed out there all day. 

IMG_9183 (640x427)

Traveling with a little one may have stopped us from doing more of the adventure-type of Hawaiian activities, but we still found plenty of ways to relax and explore the island. 

IMG_9184 (427x640)

And what is a visit to Hawaii without Hawaiian shaved ice?  This was root beer, coconut, and wedding cake.  So icy and refreshing!

IMG_9186 (640x427)

I would like another one (or three) of these right now.

IMG_9187 (427x640)

But eventually vacations have to end.  Unfortunately, we can’t just nap by the pool forever. 

IMG_3585 (640x480)

The first day we were in Hawaii, we had a few “what were we thinking?” moments when we realized just how much different (and more difficult!) it is to travel with a small baby.  But after a day or two we got into a groove, and we adjusted and adapted just as we do here with each new change.

Since Cullen’s arrival back in October, Casey and I have sort of been going going going all the time just to keep our heads afloat.  Without family in town, we have to really rely on each other just to get the basic small things done.  Bigger things are usually out of the question. 

This trip was a perfect way for us to recharge and reconnect.  A chance to sit and talk about what we’ve done, where we’re heading, and what we hope for as a family.  One of those hopes is to make it back to Maui someday!  For now, it’s back to Seattle…

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Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie     at 8:02 am

That juice bar looks amazing! I’m addicted to acai bowl, so it always make me sad that they’re so darn expensive :(


Natasha     at 8:06 am

Hi Emily and Casey – and BB Cullen! Thank you for sharing your trip with all who love your site – this note comes on the heels of some difficult times in my relationship…Last night I read Casey’s story…and I was so touched by the “realness”. The reality of life is such for myself that I’m overwhelmed – and I would like to know how the 2 of you work through challenging moments…when your doing your life – and the other person may be in a bad place….what is one snip of advice you can give.
You both should be proud…thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us into your life.
All my best,


Emilie @ Emilie's Enjoyables     at 8:21 am

Loved reading about your trip Emily, it has made me even more excited to go there for our honeymoon. And you look so healthy and happy, it puts a smile on my face :)


allpointswhole     at 9:26 am

I am so glad you had a wonderful time..you deserved it


Katie     at 9:58 am

I totally agree with you about vacation…if you can’t indulge then, when can you?! Those pancakes looked A-MAZING! :)


Meghan @ Healthy Food Love Affair     at 10:06 am

Ah, I want to go whale watching SO BAD! One day…

Also, those pancakes look kind of amazing.


Michelle     at 10:36 am

I’ve been reading your posts over at Babble about Cullen and am so happy to have found your website! Those pancakes are drool worthy from the photo alone and I think I’ll try to make garlic quinoa tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!


Jodi     at 10:38 am

Loved all of these recaps Emily! I visited Maui 15 years ago and want to go back but living in New Englad makes for a verrrry long flight! Cullen is a little chubster! so cute!


Kelly     at 11:47 am

Emily, I hope you re-create the kale salad. I’m in LOVE with kale salads! That one looks like it has a heavier dressing on it. Not bad, just saying it isn’t the typical dressing I’ve seen on Kale salads. And avacado… come on! :) Enjoyed your vacation posts. You take really good pics and you captured such good ones of Cullen! Enjoy your day.


Kel     at 11:48 am

Cullen is looking more like his dad! I enjoyed hearing about your trip. I would love to go to Maui one day!! I also enjoyed learning that you were a gymnast (so was I). I am reading your old posts at night when I cannot sleep. My touch does not wake my husband, but a light to read a book would. :)


Michaela     at 12:13 pm

I certainly would not mind another holiday post!
Makes me feel like I am there, too ;)


Maren     at 12:22 pm

You should watch the latest episode of Up All Night (hulu) at least for the scene about traveling through the airport with a baby. Hilarious!


Suzanne C. (@Cruizanne)     at 12:36 pm

Yum! Love Shave Ice! I almost want to buy a shave ice maker…but maybe I will just have to go back to Hawaii. Glad you had a nice trip!


melissa     at 1:37 pm

Ah! I’m so glad you did one more post! I’m going to Maui next month to escape the grey and rain that is Vancouver. I can’t wait to try out this restaurant! It looks so delicious! :)


Heidi from BundlesofHugs     at 3:45 pm

Awww, so much fun! I love the whales they are so beautiful. I can’t go to Hawaii without a boat trip to see them. What an awesome trip I’m sure you’ll never forget it.


STUFT Mama     at 4:00 pm

Okay- again, just so jealous of your vacation. Of course you didn’t find your favorite lunch spot until it was almost the end of your trip. That always happens. Your pictures are amazing and I’m still so impressed that you all went a fun vacation with Cullen. We still haven’t been on a vacation yet and our boys are over 2. Ha ha! Maybe we need to be able to afford it first. You look GREAT!!!


TeenyLittleSuperChef     at 4:31 pm

Mmmm, those peanut butter balls look tasty. I love all the amazing rainbows Maui seems to have each and every day. I’m convinced there is a pot of gold at the end of them. Any luck with your’s? Glad you made it back home safe and sound. Sorry about our crappy weather, but hey, that’s the Pacific Northwest for ya. Summer’s are great but the rest of the year, well… it sucks!


Stephanie     at 7:46 pm

Your trip looks and sounds amazing! It’s cool that your lives haven’t stopped once the baby arrived…and those pictures of Cullen are too much…too cute!!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 7:50 pm

That Acai Bowl looks delicious! I definitely have to try that place the next time I’m in Maui.

Whale watching is incredible. I’ve only ever seen them from Cape Cod but no matter where you get to watch them it’s still enchanting.

Hope you had a safe trip and glad you got a chance to recharge! You deserve it!


Kristen     at 12:26 am

Wow what an incredible experience seeing those whales up close-so lucky! And seriously, is there anything cuter than a baby in swim diapers?


Mary@FitandFed     at 9:38 pm

You are definitely bringing back some fond memories for me of vacationing with babies! The blog will be such a nice record for you of everything– no unfinished baby albums for you! There’s a really nice kid’s picture book we read many times called “Hawaii is a Rainbow”– maybe Cullen would like it soon.


Emilia @ Namaste Gurl     at 12:59 pm

So fun you got a vacay away– and with the little one, too! I bet he’ll have quite the story to tell when he get’s older that he got to travel to Hawaii during his first year :) Whale- watching season really is the best time to travel to the islands and I’m quite jealous you got to experience that… :)

West Maui is practically my 2nd home as I have family who lives there so it’s mainly a summer time visit each year. While summer time there is definitely my favorite time, I’d sure love to experience winter as well. Just discovered Choice Health Bar on my last trip there as well- and right before I was leaving, too! I gave them my blog address and told them I was a “foodie” and I create very similar dishes to theirs. I was so mad I discovered it near the end of my trip since I would’ve love to chow down there more– I wanted to try everything! It was all so wonderfully made (some people can not get vegan food very well) and creative and yummy! can’t wait to go back there next summer :)


Marie     at 9:47 am

Your trip sounds amazing. We went there for our honeymoon back in 2004 & this brought back great memories. Our favorite was their Macadamia Ice cream. Yum!


Kale & Avocado Salad with Creamy Hemp Seed Dressing | Daily Garnish     at 9:11 pm

[…] gloom, and with another one ahead in the forecast, it helps to look back through pictures of our trip to Hawaii last month.  That feels like so long […]

Ray     at 6:53 pm

Way Cool – I’m from Maui but there’s a lot of places and restaurants I don’t know since I haven’t lived there for a few years. Thx for the post and great pictures. If you need a ‘quick fix’ for Hawaii – please visit our blog at http://www.mainlandkamaainas.com or our FB page!


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