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    A Look Back.

Five Things.

1.  We are a TOMS lovin’ family.  It’s pretty much the only thing either of us wear.  (Cullen’s are SO close to fitting!)

IMG_8535 (640x416)

I am definitely in the market for a new pair.

IMG_8536 (640x427)

And I am SO pumped about the new TOMS ballet flats that just came out this week!  But why are they $80??  I was so disappointed to see that they are much more expensive than the originals.  For now, I think I can get away with holes in my shoes.  It’s very Seattle.

2.  Trader Joe’s has started selling coconut oil!  This is one less thing that I need to go to a different store for now, and I love any added convenience these days.  I still want to do some research to find out if it’s cold-pressed though, since the jar doesn’t specify.

IMG_8546 (427x640)

3.  Cullen has decided to stop taking bottles.  I wrote more about it over on Babble this morning, but I’m pretty worried he’s going to be tied to my boob for the next year.  We’re going to keep trying but I am more than concerned.

IMG_8547 (427x640)

4.  The timing of the bottle refusal is particularly bad for two reasons.  The first being my in-laws arrive tomorrow for a week-long visit.  I had hoped that with some extra assistance around I might be able to go for a few extra runs, and a few date nights with Casey.  Those hopes are quickly disappearing!

In preparation for their arrival, I went to the grocery store yesterday while I was very hungry.  Things got a bit out of control.  I hope they are looking forward to eating a LOT of vegetables!

IMG_8544 (425x640)

5.  We definitely need to eat through all that produce because… we are going on vacation next Friday!  Which is the other reason the bottle refusal is less than ideal.

We booked our trip months ago, and I can’t believe it’s finally here.  It will be the first trip that just the two of us (now three of us!) have taken since our honeymoon in 2009.  I’m looking forward to relaxing, unplugging, napping, running, and most of all – seeing Cullen in his adorable baby bathing suits.  :)

IMG_8541 (427x640)

We are headed to MAUI for a week, and I am so freaking excited.  Neither of us has been to Hawaii, and it’s been on my bucket list for a while.  We knew we wanted to travel somewhere with Cullen while he’s still so young (and relatively easy), and February is a big vacation season here in gloomy Seattle.  In preparation for our trip, I ordered what is quite possibly the cutest thing ever made…

IMG_8543 (640x427)

BABY SUNGLASSES!  But seriously, Cullen’s eyes haven’t seen much bright sun in his three short months, and I didn’t want them to feel over-sensitive in sunny Hawaii.  I can’t even deal with the cuteness.  They are absurd!

IMG_8474 (427x640)

If any of you experienced travelers have tips or suggestions for what we should do in Maui, I’d love to hear them!  Keep in mind we’re traveling with a baby, so hard core adventure stuff or snorkeling trips are probably not going to happen.  But I’d love to hear if there are any “must do’s” while we’re there!

I am hoping that our trip will be a chance for all of us to catch up on some much needed sleep.

IMG_8538 (640x427)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Suzanne C. (@Cruizanne)     at 1:05 pm

Ooo, Maui! I went there last summer. It is so beautiful! You have to try surfing! They make it very easy for beginners and it was probably my favorite thing we did there.


Joss     at 1:06 pm

I was so excited to see that pile of Toms..
I personally love the glitter flats they have out :D
I first learned about Toms and what they stand for awhile back through http://www.takethewalk.net/

Amazing cause. Kudos :)


Tams     at 1:06 pm

Did you leave some veggies for the other shoppers? I no longer feel guilty about the dozen green bell peppers I bought yesterday while shopping! *evil grin*


Julie     at 1:06 pm

I got so excited TJ’s was selling coconut oil too! TJ’s keeps getting better and better :)


Melissa @TryingtoHeal     at 1:06 pm

Oh, have fun on Maui! I’m actually leaving on Friday for Hawaii too, but I’m going to Kauai! You’ll love Hawaii; everything about it is so relaxing and refreshing!


Krissy @ Make it Naked     at 1:07 pm

HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP ! we’re going to be in maui at the same time!! are you kidding me!!!?!?!


alex     at 1:07 pm

I have to agree on the Toms flats! everyone has commented on the price! but..I have a Nordstrom card burning a hole in my pocket…so, might have to go for it!


Jessica     at 1:07 pm

Seriously, cutest.baby.ever.


Alix     at 1:09 pm

I’ve wondered the same thing about the TJ’s coconut oil! I’d love to know what you find out.


stacy     at 1:11 pm

I am going to Maui in April. Looking forward to reading some posts on your adventures there!


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 1:12 pm

Hahahaha! Shopping hungry is never good. Too funny :D The Baby Banz are too stinking CUTE!!!


Emilie @ Emilie's Enjoyables     at 1:12 pm

ahh so FUN! I hope you do a recap of your trip because my fiance and I are planning on going to Maui for our honeymoon in October so I would love to hear what you liked/didn’t like!


emmycooks     at 1:13 pm

I got that coconut oil from Trader Joes and loved it. It smells like coconut heaven. I couldn’t believe I’d never used it before! I’m a convert.


mindy @ just a one girl revolution.     at 1:13 pm

I was disappointed about the price of the TOMS flats, as well – they’re so adorable, but that price is outrageous. I know it’s the whole charity aspect, but come ON.


Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)     at 1:13 pm

Maui is awesome. Have fun! Then again, how could you not?! I’d be terrified of traveling with a baby, but you seem like a pro!


Nikki T     at 1:14 pm

So exciting you are going to Maui!! I am too! 2 glorious weeks to relaxation, we are heading there Feb 15th! We got married there 5 years ago and are headed back to celebrate. It really is a beautiful place!


Megan     at 1:15 pm

TOMS are the best! I’ve never tried coconut oil but I just heard about and I’m excited to pick some up at TJoes! Congrats on your vacation! :)


Urban Wife     at 1:17 pm

Maui! Even this Florida girl is jealous. ;) Hope you guys have a blast.

Heather has some great links on her site about Maui…some stuff might not be baby-friendly but she has a good list of restaurant recommendations.



Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 1:17 pm

The only time I’ve been to Maui, we went to see a volcano and also ended up going on a whale watching (humpback) catamaran tour. It was really neat! It also included snorkeling…but not everyone did it. Very cool! We went in December, I wonder if its whale season??


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 1:19 pm

Yeah, WHY are those flats $80? The wedges are ever cheaper. Ay.

Have fun on your vacation!


Alyson     at 1:20 pm

Just read all the comments over on babble, and whether you find someone there who helps you or not, at least you’re not alone. I hope you find the solution you’re looking for. I breastfed my seven babies for a combined 109 months (or just over 9 years spent breastfeeding) and I never once offered a bottle. They weaned from breast to cup/eating meals at the table. I loved nursing, I never had any reason I wanted them to have another way to eat. So I’m not a help to you at all!


Lindsay McAlester Reply:

I havt to say you toot, tooted your own horn quite hard there! That is of no help.


Alyson Reply:

Toot toot!


Jess Reply:

lol, why comment if you are going to be of no help?


Kate     at 1:21 pm

We’ve been to Maui twice and it’s our favorite place in the WORLD!

- Try to snorkel (one of you at a time..haha) at Black Rock (Kaanapali Beach). They also have people who dive off the clif at sunset.
- Whaler’s Village is a really nice outdoor mall. There are also a few nice restaurants there.
- Eat Hula Pie!!
- go to Lahaina (which you really can’t NOT do)
- You guys would love Paia. It’s a very “hippie” town.
- Road to Hana. Leave early in the morning. AMAZING views.
- Visit as many beaches as possible. Every one was so different, yet amazing.


Alisa's Garden     at 1:23 pm

Have fun in Maui! Best baby travel tip I received was double diaper!


Katheryne     at 1:23 pm

Definitely go to Paia, it’s a little surf/local town, sort of near the airport, but pretty accessible from everywhere if you have a car. There’s a great little organic store there – Mana Foods and amazing gelato – Ono Gelato. There are also tons of great little shops and a good yoga studio – Maui Yoga Shala.


jenny     at 1:24 pm

awesome awesome! you will LOVE maui!!!! can’t wait to see your photos!

about the bottle thing… just keep trying. and have casey try while you are NOT in the house. if cullen can smell ya, he will want ya! :)


Felicia (Natural + Balanced)     at 1:24 pm

not sure how practical it will be with a baby..but “The Road to Hana” was BEAUTIFUL. entire day trip, lots of driving (your on a mini bus), but you see sooo so much :) have a great time!


Lindsay @ Running the Windy City     at 1:24 pm

Aww baby toms (and sunglasses) are sooo cute :)

Also, I’ve only been to Maui once but I remember going to a really cool acquarium. I’m not sure how baby-friendly it will be but you never know, he could find it really soothing!


Lindsay     at 1:24 pm

I know they are expensive, but at least you know a kid in need will be getting a pair of shoes, as well!


Gwen     at 1:26 pm

The picture of Cullen in those baby sunglasses is too much, I really cannot handle how cute he is; those cheeks! Have a great time in Hawaii!


Kath     at 1:26 pm

So fun!!!!! Have a great time!


Wendy     at 1:28 pm

Not sure what part of Maui you will be in, but we were in Kaanapali and drove up to the beach area in Kapalua. There are 3 little bays up there, so the waves are gentle – great for kids (ours were 7 and 9). I think we were at Flemmings Beach. If you rent some snorkeling gear in town, this is a great place for you guys to take turns as there is beautiful coral and fish right offshore. Plus there are trees and vegetation lining the beach so that if you do need to get in the shade for a bit. The town of Lahaina is fun too. The whales might be there so a little boat cruise might be manageable with a baby. Have fun!


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 1:28 pm

So funny you wrote about the coconut oil b/c I just got back from TJ’s and that’s one of the few things (along with some dark choc. cookie butter bars of course) I picked up! So.much.cheaper.
Also just bought kefir for the first time and I’m drinking a smoothie with it. UH-mazing. have a great weekend!


Kristen     at 1:32 pm

Maui! How fun :) My favorite thing was going up Haleakala volcano bright (dark) and early, and watching the sunrise while “biking” down (letting gravity take over since its all downhill). I’m sure you could strap Cullen on your back and do it! It’s a great great experience.


Theresa Reply:

I agree that Haleakala was so much fun, but wouldn’t you have to bring his carseat for the van ride up? Otherwise, I second what has been mentioned-Paia and Road to Hana are great!


Kendra     at 1:36 pm

My reaction exactly to the TOMS ballet flats… I was so sad. I just can’t do it right now!

Hopefully the no-go on the bottle is just a phase. We have the same Tommee Tippee ones and LOVE them!

Totally jeal of your trip! Sounds amazing!


Katy     at 1:38 pm

I am so sorry, but I don’t know exactly how old he is (I could scroll down, ha ha) but there is a point (around 12 weeks) where babies usually begin to refuse the bottle. They are more aware of their surroundings and start to realize that one is better than the other :) I had the same problem (although, I wasn’t consistently using a bottle, so at first I thought that was the reason). I read some babies who are bottle fed every day start to refuse the bottle at that point at well. For some it only lasts a couple days and others it lasts a couple weeks. I wouldn’t stress too much about it and keep trying the bottle even if he refuses, but don’t push it! Hopefully it passes sooner rather than later! Enjoy your trip!


Marci     at 1:39 pm

Where are you staying? We just love driving around! We did the road to Hana, which is cool to do once, but that’s about it! It’s a little scary! And Hana isn’t very special, but the drive is long and pretty.
We stayed at the Grand Wailea and spent a lot of time there! Great path along the ocean for walking and running too.


Brandee     at 1:40 pm

I live on Oahu but we try to get to Maui once a year. It’s really beautiful and you guys will love it! We went to Hana for our honeymoon and it was truly incredible. If you there is anyway you can stay there for a couple of days I would definitely recommend it. Our place had no tv, no cell phone service, no internet…it was incredible to go off the grid for a couple of days! And the hikes are amazing! Some you could definitely do with a baby. And definitely check out Paia! It is the hippie town and it is awesome. I absolutely love that place. Great restaurants and little shops. If you don’t have a travel book, Maui Revealed is a great one. They have a book for every island and they are great. Have fun!


Kaitlyn @ Keeping up with Kaitlyn     at 1:42 pm

I blogged about the Toms Ballet Flats on my blog this morning too! I love the look of them because I just can’t decide how I feel about the “normal” Toms. But Cullen’s are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! And those baby sunglasses?! Too cute!

I am SOO jealous of your Hawaii Vaca! Have an incredible time!!


Blair     at 1:43 pm

Bring his birth certificate with you to the airport! This may seem obvious, but my friend didn’t know to bring it and had to go all the way home (2 hours away) to get it or they wouldn’t let baby on the plane! Funny thing is that no one asked for it on the return flight. Guess you never know!


Stephanie Geary     at 1:44 pm

If you are staying on the Western shore of Maui definitely make a reservation for the Lahaina Grill. Really good food, really good service. But a little pricey.

We went to three Hawaiian islands in September and used this guidebook series for all three -
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/maui-revealed-andrew-doughty/1102346858. Best guidebook ever.

If you haven’t already bought tickets, make time to attend a luau. We went to the one at the Sheraton Maui but I hear the Westin luau is great too. Definitely family-friendly as well.


Molly     at 1:45 pm

I just started reading your blog and I love it! You are going to have an incredible time in Maui. My recommendations:
Paia Fish Market (in the small town of Paia) for the best food ever. It’s very casual but so good and my boyfriend always says he would fly to Maui just to eat there.

Maui Lavender Farm: http://www.aklmaui.com/
It’s beautiful, fun to walk around in, and there are plenty of lavender benches to relax on. They also have a gift shop and I am hooked on their I love their body oil, bath salts, and tea.

Finally, drive to the top of the Haleakalā volcano. Once you get on top, it looks like you have landed on Mars. I hiked a few miles down which you guys might not want to do, but it is still surreal and beautiful from the top (and a short hike down might be ok!) I have also heard the sunset from the top is epic! I didn’t get my lazy butt up early enough for it, but you guys might make it!

Have a blast!!


Jessica     at 1:46 pm

Might he be ready for a new nipple speed on the bottle? Don’t go by the months on the package, just try one level up and see if that works. He might also take it from your in-laws if you are completely out of the house. My twins went on a 1 month bottle strike wherein I tried every single thing I could think of- every bottle brand, every nipple type and speed, every time of day, etc. Finally one day they took a bottle again and had one a day for the rest of the year they breastfed. He will take one again, but it is stressful while he won’t. Good luck!


Tara     at 1:49 pm

I went to Maui on my honeymoon 2 years ago. we loved it and would go back in a second A rental car is a must. One of favorite things we did was drive to the top of Mount Halaeakala for sunrise. It was an early morning and pretty cold up there (ice in the puddles.. in Hawaii… if you can believe it!), but well worth it. We were also up there during the day another time and it was great then as well.

we just kept exploring different beaches every day which was fun and laid back. The beaches on the Kihei side of the island are really calm and baby friendly, whereas the ones on the side of the island where the airport is are where the hardcore surfers, wake boarders, etc go. We swam a bit there but it’s much rougher in the water. We stayed in Kihei and loved that town. It wasn’t as touristy as some of the other cities we visited. There were beautiful paved trails right off the beach that we would walk every night. We loved that early in the morning and in the evening there were so many people outdoors. We did a ton of beach walks during those times of day. You will love it there!!!! Here’s a link to our pictures to get an idea of some things we saw :)


Kristin @ FoodFash     at 1:54 pm

The Tom’s ballet flats are SO cute! But you’re right, 80 bucks is a bit much for canvas flats. Maybe they donate two pairs of shoes with each purchase of ballet flats?? :)


Lynne     at 1:54 pm

Maui is amazing! I see some others have suggested this, but I’ll say it again…Maui Revealed is by far the best guidebook you could have. There is so much to see and do but my absolute favorite is just to read a book by the pool or ocean! Have a wonderful time!


Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries     at 1:57 pm

i LOVE toms too!! and cullen’s baby toms are absolutely adorable!


Kristen @ Life as an Americanadian     at 1:57 pm

Baby Toms are adorable!!! Can’t wait to see Cullen rockin them…he’s already so stylish with his shades :-) Hope you have a wonderful trip…relax and enjoy the weather! I’m heading to Kauai in May and cannot wait!

Novice coconut oil question: what is the difference with cold pressed?


Sarah     at 2:00 pm

we’re Kauai people, not Maui people, but these guides are hands down, the best!
And…they now have an app!

*If you get a chance to buy Lychee — do it! Store them in the freezer too, they are way too good.
*Roadside sugar corn is amazing.
*Shave ice with macadamia nut ice cream is not to be missed.

And, a side, if you are flying Hawaiian Airlines, sign up for their frequent flyer club. they (used to) send upgrades to first class for $99 each way.
First class to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines is amazing.


Meredith Reply:

We leave for Kauai tomorrow morning (from KY). This is our first time and we are so excited. It’s our babymoon as we are expecting our first child in June! Have so much fun!!


Christine     at 2:07 pm

I’m going to be in Maui March 1st for a wedding and am so excited to go! You will love your trip… warm nights, no bugs, warm water, good drinks, amazing fresh fruit, fresh macadamias, could go on and on! I was going to suggest Paia as well. Great little town. Surfing is pretty hard core there but something you guys could try could be stand up paddle boarding. Just need to rent one and you could switch on and off – or if all else fails you can just body surf and take turns hanging out with Cullen on the beach. Great places to run too. Enjoy your holiday, can’t wait to hear about it.


Amy     at 2:12 pm

I have lived on Maui for almost 11 years! What part of the island are you staying on? I would be happy to give you some recommendations of things to do and places to eat. My “baby” is almost two now (it goes by way too fast) and it has been so fun to read about your journey with pregnancy and becoming a mom (not to mention all the great recipes I’ve gotten from your blog!). Let me know if you want any suggestions.


Emily Malone Reply:

Hi Amy, sorry I am late to this! We are staying near Kanapaali I think. I’d love any recommendations for vegan-friendly (and baby-friendly!) spots. :)


Shannon     at 2:18 pm

Have you tried using a cup with Cullen? When our daughter was about 4 months old she decided she wanted to drink out of a glass like the rest of us (she was still nursing and still took a bottle). Of course we only put very small amounts in it and we had to help her, but that could be an alternative to a bottle if he is completely rejecting them. We started with just a regular drinking glass and somewhere around 10 months she started using a sippy cup (mostly because it was more spill proof and she could move it around with her)


Laine Reply:

My nieces and nephews both used cups instead of bottles when they weren’t being breast fed, so that might work with Cullen.

Baby Toms are the cutest!


Clare Reply:

My daughter went right to the cup (still mostly breastfed) at around that age. I had the Avent bottles and used to put the Sippy cup tops with the handles on those so I was at least still using them. She seemed to really enjoy the novelty of the handles.


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 2:19 pm

So jealous! I could really use a warm weather vacation right about now(or any time)! I hope things go better with the bottles. My kids went through stages. Boob, bottle, no bottle, etc. It was a cycle!

My kids had baby Toms. So freakin’cute!


Coco     at 2:21 pm

I have yet to get a pair of Toms but they are definitely on my wish list.. and my goodness Cullen’s are all too adorable..
Hawaii!! I’m so excited for you! I only wish I was coming along.. I hope its amazing..
Wow.. I thought I went crazy with bulk shopping the veggies.. lol


Krista     at 2:32 pm

Aaah! I’m going to Maui in March! I’ve been before, but only for a few days. I just remember the beaches being beautiful. The road to Hana is beautiful but is does take time. We’re going to try it again this time with the knowledge that it is an all day trip!


Mandy     at 2:33 pm

Only thing I can think of is to try some different kinds of bottles.. We had great luck with the avent ones (though they have big openings.. we’re still using a size 1 nipple at 3 months).


Emilie     at 2:51 pm

I am jealous you can eat all that produce… it seems like there are so many vegetables that bother my baby when I eat them.
Did you experience anything that seemed to bother Cullen when you ate it?


Ingunn     at 3:01 pm

People always recommend seeing the sunrise from Haleakala, but we went up in the afternoon, hiked around, then watched an amaaazing sunset instead. That way we didn’t have to get up at three in the morning or stand around in the freezing cold (bundle up if you go up there, it can get cold at 10,000 feet) while waiting for the sunrise.

Definitely stop by Paia, they have a great health food store called Mana Foods and generally a cool hippie vibe.

Oh, and Maui has the best starfruit I have ever tasted. I went through withdrawals when I came home last year..


Marie R     at 3:02 pm

You HAVE to find someone to cut you open a fresh coconut on the side of the road and drink the coconut water with a straw. I try to do this at least a few times every trip I take You should also seek out a farm market and sample all of the wonderful produce.

I second the lavender farm and Haleakala Crater- bring at least a sweatshirt and be prepared to bundle Cullen up. We went for sunset but I’m sure sunrise is even more amazing. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life.

We also enjoyed watching the windsurfers at Ho’okipa Beach and seeking out the “dragon’s teeth” lava formation by the golf course by the Ritz Carlton.

You can probably do lots of walking on the beach and maybe some light hikes too.

You will LOVE it there… after being set on never leaving Ohio, I told my husband I would happily move to Hawaii before even leaving the airport on Kauai the first time I wenti! If you love the natural beauty of Maui and the laid back feel, your next trip should be to Kauai- an outdoor lover’s paradise!


Megan     at 3:16 pm

Hey Emily! Acouple of things…

First, my breastfed babies (5 of them) all refused bottles after 1 or 2 successful tries. I think it’s because I didn’t offer it enough :( My husband and I would just go out after 7 pm when they ate for the last time and were down for the night. Just try to make the most of whatever you can get for the first year or so.

Also, I think you should chek out the blog thegrainsofparadise.blogspot.com She lives on Maui, is a vegetarian, and has some great posts about vegetarian restaurants, local banana bread shops, great hidden beaches and such. I tink it would be a great help for you to check out!

Can’t wait for you to go to Hawaii so I can drool over all of the amazing pictures! You better share :)


Shephalli     at 3:20 pm

OMG! Maui is my favorite island! And all the resorts are super kid friendly. Have a great trip!


Laura     at 3:25 pm

You will absolutely love Maui. My hubby and I are going with our then 3 month old in April and am excited to read about your experience! We have been a few times and I am vegan and wanted to give you a heads up of some restaurants that are veg-friendly:
in Lahaina: Thai Chef
in Kihei: Monsoon India (the only indian restaurant on the island), Thailand Cuisine (sooo good!), Pita Paradise (good hummus, falafel, pita). Have an amazing time!


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 3:39 pm

whoa, how much with their coconut oil?! So exciting!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 3:44 pm

Maui!? How exciting! That is like the trip of my dreams!


Katie @ Pop Culture Cuisine     at 3:51 pm

I just bought my little girl some Tiny Toms, and they are so stinkin’ cute! I bought them a bit big so she can wear them once she starts walking and such, but I couldn’t help myself. I go back and forth on whether I want a pair, I always think they look sort of weird on my feet, but I have heard they are so comfy. I was all about the flats, until I saw how much they were, I just think that is sort of outrageous for a canvas shoe!


Babs     at 3:55 pm

Baby sunglasses are beyond adorable and I think it’s great that you think about his wee little eyes :) Maui is awesome. I did an amazing 12mile hike into the Haleakala crater, and it was like we were on another planet. YOU MUST WALK INTO THE CRATER! Obviously 12miles with a little one is not feasible, but just walking down a bit will give you an incredible experience. Other things to do: lay on a blacksand beach, bamboo forest, and drink lots of iced tea (for some reason they have good tea over there)


Kilee     at 3:55 pm

Baby swim trunks and sunglasses are too cute! I used to live on Maui and it remains one of my favorite places. Be sure to go to Paia, it’s a cute little hippie town and Mana Foods is a good natural food store over there. It’s so hard to pick my favorite restaurants, but you have to go out to Mama’s for a special lunch or dinner and take pictures outside, Milagros in Paia has the best fresh Mexican-Island inspired meals, Cafe O’lei in Kihei is another favorite of mine.
Most of all, just enjoy your time on the island!!!


Lee     at 4:07 pm

I went to Maui for my honeymoon. Definitely take a trip to Pai’a. It’s like a tiny little hippie town and they have some really good food. The best meal that I ate was some sort of tofu dish at Mama’s Fish House.

Also, seeing the sun rise over Haaleakala is pretty amazing. I would look into that too.


Millie in Philly     at 4:15 pm

To all of you TOMS lovers out there, are they really worth the $50? I have been looking at them for months and think they are quite cute and could go with many outfits, but as Emily’s photo suggests them seem like them would wear out quickly. Any thoughts? Are they worth the $$?


Jen     at 4:18 pm

omg…the baby toms. i love the new ballet flats too but not the price tag.

so exciting about your upcoming hawaii trip! have a great weekend.


Alexis     at 4:18 pm

Yay of Hawaii!! I live in Oahu, but have been to Maui several times for both vacation and work. A couple suggestions…
-You are coming during the peak of humpback whale season, so a whale watching tour is a must. Many leave in the evening so that you can enjoy the sunset as well, and it’s definitely baby friendly. It is so breath-taking to see them so close!
-Road to Hana. This is a maybe on the baby side. It’s stunning and very other-wordly. You stop off at many sites along the road to go on hikes to various waterfalls and other gorgeous sites. I think it’d be fun to be out hiking with Cullen in his ergo, but the drive and the long day may be a bit wearing. I was exhausted by the end and didn’t have a baby haha. Oh and don’t do the minibus tour if you go. Drive yourselves. Then you can stop for breaks and hikes whenever you want.
-Haleakala. I don’t think I’d recommend this for you guys. First off, absolutely under no circumstances should you strap Cullen to your back and do this, as suggested above! I’m sure common sense told you that, but seriously, my husband and I are adventurous and I even found the ride to be terrifying. You “ride” a bike downhill for 20 miles, but what people fail to mention is that as you’re flying around these corners, huge tour buses and long lines of tourists are driving up the hill. Many people get hit every year doing that ride. The sunrise is cool to go watch, but you’ll leave your hotel around 2am, so there goes the sleeping part of vacation that you’re looking forward to! Also, it’s miserably cold waiting in a massive crowd, where you can hardly move, for an hour for the sun to rise.
-Paia is very cool, definitely recommend it. Lahaina I’m not a huge fan of. It’s a giant tourist trap in my opinion, and not very “Hawaii.” If you do go there though, eat at Lahaina Grill.
-You MUST go to a luau!! It is an incredible Hawaiian experience and everyone coming here must do it. They will teach you a lot about the culture and the shows are so amazing to see.
-Honestly girl, get yourself a massage and take a nap on the soft white sands:) you deserve it!!
-Where are you staying? If around Wailea, then I think the Four Seasons restaurants are a must. They’re expensive but SO worth it. My favorite is Duo (you can order mini desserts, so we got 4 mini ones bc we couldn’t decide!!) and Ferraro’s. Granted, seafood is my absolute favorite food, so I can’t comment on vegetarian options. Also, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (yep that’s a real name, it’s our state fish!) at Grand Wailea has a stunning setting and is supposed to be great food. We only drank there.


Emily Malone Reply:

Alexis, this was so helpful – thank you!


Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.     at 4:27 pm

Cullen is adorable in his sunglasses, have fun in Maui!

I love TOMS too and fell in love with the flats when I saw them the other day. It is a bummer that they’re $80 but it would be worth it if they’re comfortable… I’d love to be able to wear TOMS to work.


Becky @ TasteChaser     at 4:38 pm

I agree with the comments about spending an afternoon in Lahaina. I had the BEST shaved ice at Ululani’s there this summer! And the whole time you’re in Maui, drink as many lava flows as possible :) Delish!


Chase     at 4:50 pm

Small world, your dogsitter while you’re in Maui is a friend of mine :)


ash @ http://peacehappinessyoga.blogspot.com/     at 5:04 pm

Cullen is SO CUTE!!! Your fridge looks awesome btw!


m     at 5:08 pm

I´ve heard really good things about the Medela Calma as a bottle for breastfed babies who don´t like bottles…the sucking is more like nursing than drinking from a bottle so they usually take to it more easily.


Andrea @ Vegvacious     at 5:12 pm

I had to laugh at how out of control your fridge is!!! Mine gets like that on grocery day too, but our fridge doesn’t like it and starts freezing things – I think it must be from lack of circulation!

Boo hoo about the price of those Toms. I just saw them today and I hate that they’re $80! That’s a little insane!!


Heidi from BundlesofHugs     at 5:21 pm

Oh my gosh I’m so jealous you are going to Maui! My husband and I honeymooned in Kaanapali. We’ve gone every year since but weren’t able to go this year and it’s been on my mind lately. We actually traveled to Maui last year when my son was 3 months old, just like Cullen. It was an adventure to say the least. You may not want or have time to do excursions like Whale Watching, Snorkeling and things like that BUT you can go to the beach, go to Lahaina for shopping, Whalers Village for shopping, Drive Hana (go early! its very busy), visit the Blow Hole (you won’t be able to hike down but you can see it from the top), go to the Old Lahaina Luau (its the best traditional luau, eat prior to going. They do serve dinner but its not vegan friendly). We went to the Luau at sunset and it was gorgeous and the best experience. Plus Jeffrey fell asleep so we enjoyed the night together. When we went with Jeffrey at 3 months we pretty much stuck to shopping, the beach with a cabana and the resort. Though we had seen Maui 2x previously so this was okay for us. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful island.


Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs     at 5:28 pm

So many cute things in this post — the baby TOMS, the sunglasses, the face plant napping pose… too much! :)

I love the new ballet flats, but I’m sad they cost so much…
Have fun with your houseguests! Hopefully you can get out for those runs!


Allie@LiveLaughEat     at 5:30 pm

Can’t wait for you to experience Hawaii!! If you get a chance, you should go up to the top of Haleakala, see the sunset and bike down. I know you said nothing adventurous, but they drive the whole group in a van and you and Casey could take turns biking/sitting with Cullen in the van on the way down.

Oh wait, Mama Pea mentioned they might not be doing these anymore? Check it out. The most memorable thing I did in Hawaii by FAR. Of course, a Luau is necessary!


kim     at 5:31 pm

You will have so much fun! I have been to Maui a few times and our favorite things are hanging at the beach and eating at our favorite restaurants. Our favorite places to eat are Cheeseburger in Paradise (I don’t know if they have a lot of vegan options but I sure hope they do have something because its so yummy!) and we like Bubba Gumps and BJ’s Pizza. You will have so fun relaxing on the beach! Have fun for us!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 5:43 pm

I’ve been to Maui 6 times and you will LOVE it!! Paia is the cutest little town that has a great pizza restaurant that uses organic and locally farmed ingredients. Roy’s is also home to the best chocolate soufflé ever (it’s up near Kapalua) and has a decent vegetarian menu. Have a fantastic time!


Alexis Reply:

Ooooh Roy’s pumpkin risotto is phenomenal!!!!! I live near the Ko Olina one on Oahu, but their menus may be similar?


Alex @ Raw Recovery Reply:

Pumpkin risotto? Oh my gosh that sounds heavenly! I need to get myself to Oahu! I know they periodically change their menus so perhaps I either missed it on the menu the last time or it’s new, but either way it sounds amazing!


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 5:53 pm

My husband and I leave for Maui in 34 days!! I can’t wait to see some pictures and hear about what you do. I loved reading all the comments on things to do, places to see, and restaurants to eat at. Have a wonderful trip!


Teresa     at 6:18 pm

This might sound strange coming from a 25 year old parent of none, however I have bottle advice for you. I was the buyer in the whole body department of whole foods and learned quite a bit about baby bottles in this time. I worked with an amazing vendor named Susan of Kidz Basix- she IS a mother, and has done the most crazy extensive research on bottles in creating her own product. Without trying to go into all the details here on this comment, let me just say that she had lactation consultants assist her in creating the product and the bottle nipple is so well constructed that babies go back and forth from boob to bottle with no problem. Plus the bottles are eco friendly, easy to clean, and cute to boot! Check them out: http://www.kid-basix.com/


Teresa Reply:

Meant to say that at Cullen’s current age, you’ll want to get the starter. Do let me know if you end up trying them out!


Luv What You Do     at 6:26 pm

Baby Toms are so cute! I didn’t even know they existed. I bought TJ’s coconut oil, but still have no idea what to do with it. Looking forward to seeing how you use it!


JCHokie     at 7:02 pm

Two things. One, I love the TOMs ballet flats, have been looking forward to them only to be disappointed at the pricing! I do love the pink pair and the gray leopard. So cute.
Two, I’m currently planning a Sept. beach wedding in Maui! We’re planning on staying in West Maui at a new condo resort. Really looking forward to it and cannot wait to see all of your pictures and read your adventures there! Have a great trip!


Molly     at 7:40 pm

I have not read all the previous posts so I apologize if this is a repeat…have you tried other bottles? My daughter totally rejected the first two bottle types we tried (Avent and Dr Brown’s) and she tolerated the first one for a bit too. It turned out that she took to the third bottle…which was a super inexpensive Playtex bottle. My sister in law urged me to try different bottles…her thoughts make sense…that the nipples are all different and you just need to find the one that is most like you! Hope maybe this will help you have some freedom next week and in Maui. Cullen is the cutest thing ever!


Noelle (@singerinkitchen)     at 7:40 pm

Hey there. I took a 3 hour break and went to dinner with girlfriends and left our 3 month old daughter with my hubby. I have been giving her a bottle twice a week with no trouble but tonight since being with my hubby she refused her last feeding. This is the 2nd bottle he has given her and I bet she was not used to him giving it to her. She wanted some booby. :-) Crazy but I think babies know change.


Katherine     at 7:52 pm

My little one never would take a bottle. She acted like it was choking her every time we tried. I am grateful to be with her most of the time and my hubby brings her to me when I teach on the weekends. A few months ago (she’s 6 months) she really wanted to try water out of my glass. I let her and she started drinking out of a glass with help like a champ. Now my husband (and I sometimes while she’s eating) put some breastmilk in a cup and she guzzles it down. That’s been my experience. Good luck and travel safe.


Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee     at 8:09 pm

OMG! Baby toms! So cute. :) Have fun on your trip!


Shay     at 8:40 pm

You are so right! Those baby sunglasses are ridiculously adorable!

I don’t own any Toms yet, but I have been eyeing the wedges for a few months now. Think I may need a pair for Spring!…


Megan     at 8:41 pm

Why is it important to get cold-pressed coconut oil? Just curious, not sure if my coco oil is cold pressed…

Have fun in Hawaii – be sure to get a pic of Cullen in the glasses AND the cutie little Toms! :)


Laura     at 8:50 pm

Check out the best little raw food/vegan spot if you’re in Lahaina, it’s called Choice – their Acai bowls are delicious! Love your blog, both for the recipes and baby banter – I’m 32 weeks and really enjoy reading about your adventures in motherhood! Have a great trip.


mary lynne     at 9:59 pm

I just went to Maui! If you stay in Wailea, you need to go to Monkeypod Kitchen. Excellent farm to table menu. Sort of kid friendly. My co-worker took his 2 year old and didn’t have any problems.
Also if you like sushi, you gotta go to Sansei. There’s one in Kihei and I think in Kapalua. Recommended by almost everyone we talked to, and it was well worth it. Just be sure to get a reservation. It’s not fancy, but it has fantastic sushi.
There’s also a place near the airport. I think it’s called the Kitchen. I didn’t go, but my Hawaiian co-worker raved about it. We just ran out of time to go there.
I spent most of my time relaxing by the pool, so can’t tell you much about any activities.
Have a great trip!


Bethany @ One Girl's Taste On Life     at 2:42 am

I’m probably a broken record at this point but…those Baby Banz are too incredibly cute! I MUST get my little man a pair for this summer.

Second, Maui is my favorite place in all the world. I would live there if the flight wasn’t so long and the cost of living wasn’t so high. Here are my highlights:
-Haleakala Crater
-Lahaina (perfect for pushing Cullen around and looking in all the various shops)
-Whale Watching tour IF Cullen will go on a boat
-Paia…perfect little hippie town. There is a pizza shop there called Flatbread we tried last year and it was so yummy!
-Wailea is the ritzier part of the island and typically where I stay because the beaches are so mild and the weather is typically best. Another restaurant, Matteos, was probably some of the best, most inexpensive food we had.
-There is a book called “50 Thrift Maui Restaurants” that is a tiny bit dated, but has really good recommendations for cheaper places to eat on the island if you and Casey are not planning to make your own meals.
-Kihei Caffe (in Kihei) has the most amazing cinnamon rolls. It is a great little cafe in Kihei that has really yummy food and is pretty inexpensive
-If it’s in your budget, let Casey watch Cullen and go get a massage at one of the nice hotels (I recommend Grand Wailea Spa as it’s the nicest spa on the island though pricey). After all, vacations are about relaxing, right?
-Road to Hana is breathtaking, but makes for a looong day if Cullen doesn’t like the carseat
-Whalers Village and Shops at Wailea are both wonderful outdoor malls, but aren’t a must if you aren’t into shopping

**Remember to take your time and savor everything while you’re there. Hawaii is a veeeeerrrrry laid back place. No one rushes to do anything. Take everything in and enjoy yourselves. As I said, it’s my favorite place on Earth. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does. I’m so anxious to see your posts about traveling to Maui with an infant.

Side note: Jacob (my 8 week old) was conceived either during or right after our trip to Maui last March. :) ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!!!


Cyndi     at 3:48 am

I am so jealous! My husband and I got married in Maui. We said we’d go back on our 10yr. anniversary but that never happened! Road to Hana was awesome (but not sure that would be practical with baby). Lahaina town is fun to visit. And we enjoyed the Old Lahaina Luau.(even though seeing a pig dug up from an underground oven is slightly gross) The sun is so much brighter/stronger in Hawaii. We got sun burnt if we didn’t use SPF 30 sun block!


Erica     at 4:36 am

First of all, baby sunglasses? Perfection. Secondly, I agree – I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Tom’s ballet flats and they are $80! I think it’s because they’ve been building the hype up for so long. I still kind of want to try them on and see how they feel – if they are more comfortable than all the other flats I own then they might be worth it!


Rochelle     at 5:28 am

When I went there I LOVED Whale Watching. It seems like you can’t do it during certain seasons though, so you might need to check that out, but it is a FOR SURE stop while you are there. We also walked around a natural rain forest reserve. . . it was BEAUTIFUL!Waterfalls, etc. I also loved just driving around the island with the Hawaiian radio playing and stopping where ever looked interesting!


sarah (the SHU box)     at 5:29 am

1) our not-yet-born baby has had her own toms ever since 16 weeks gestation (when we first found out she was probably a ‘she’). i stare at them daily. and i have worn my toms platforms almost daily throughout this pregnancy. LOVE THEM.

2) we were supposed to go to maui this week — but then i got pregnant. so that worked out well! but you will LOOOOVE it (we went there on our honeymoon). it is paradise.

3) now i’m paranoid about the bottles! since our baby will be going to day care refusing them is not an option. i think i will try to introduce at about 4 weeks of age (subject to chnage of course if supplementation is necessary) – i REALLY hope it’s enough!


Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers     at 6:30 am

I was thrilled when I saw that Trader Joe’s sells coconut oil. I am loving the goodies they have been having lately!! Only wish they would bring back peanut flour!


Gretchen     at 6:59 am

TJ’s has coconut oil! Nice! That’s our go-to diaper cream :)

I would highly discourage the road to Hana. Its beautiful but I got sooo sick on the winedy road. I don’t know how Cullen is in the car, but the drive would be a total nightmare with my baby! If Casey will let you have some alone time, the spa at the Grand Wailea is incredible. With any service, you get to use all these incredible baths. Beautiful place to visit, too. Have fun!


Vanessa Miller     at 7:30 am

I’m sorry Cullen is refusing the bottle. A colleague of mine has a 6 month old and he WILL NOT comply with bottles. She is fortunate that she can bring him to work every day.

WOW on your vacation plans! So exciting :)

Love your well-stocked fridge.


jen     at 8:05 am

OOOO! Maui will b e so awesome! my husband went there a few years ago, and i wish i had known him then so i could have gone too hahah.

Speakin gof coconut oil, how do you use it? do you just spoon it out of the jar like that? I have a jar and its fairly solid, so im not sure how to handle it…melt it? just scoop it? HELP!


Rachel     at 8:29 am

Maui?? Oh, just reading the name makes my heart ache…we lived there for just over a year when I was 12-13. I was sooo mad at my parents when they made us move to Central America!!
Paia is definitely a great place to check out-Mana Foods rules and there’s so many wonderful little shops, including a great gelato place with vegan ice cream! But the beaches in Paia are a bit too wavy and rough to bring a baby into the water. I’d recommend Black Rock in Lahaina for sure. Be sure to check out the HeU’i Arts and Crafts Festival under the big banyan tree in the main part of town that goes on every weekend-amazing creations for sale with live music to boot!
Kihei is an absolute must…great beaches and not as touristy as Lahaina. Joy’s Place is the best! (http://www.joysplacemaui.com/)
The Road to Hana is incredible, but like Gretchen said, I don’t know how enthusiastic Cullen would be about the drive. But if he can handle it, I’d recommend going to the the Seven Sacred Pools-awesome place!
Upcountry Maui (above Paia) is where we used to live. You might like Thompson road (I think it’s called) in Kula, the one where Opera has her estate along :) It’s such a lovely, quiet road, perfect for walking, running and biking, with stunning views of the island…
Another place that would be perfect for Cullen is the Maui Ocean Center (http://www.mauioceancenter.com/)
Iao Valley in the West Maui Mountains was another one of our favorite’s. We used to love bathing in the streams there :)
Anyway, hope this helps-have a wonderful time!!


amanda     at 9:13 am

Your fridge is jam packed! I can’t quit thinking about it since our fridge is embarrassingly bare: two beers, some vegan margarine, cranberry juice, lemons, a piece of ginger, two hunks of cheese and half a carton of yogurt. What is wrong with me? It’s too cold to go to the grocery I guess. Have fun with your family! I hope its a good, restful break for you.


Lauren     at 9:15 am

I didn’t read through all the comments so I’m sorry if I’ve repeated another comment but have you tried rubbing your nipple and breast on the bottle. Sounds weird but when babies root for food they do it by scent so with your smell on it, it might help.


Amber K     at 10:53 am

Whoa! $80? That is insane. I’d stick with holey shoes too.

Oooh Maui! I have never been to Hawaii. I hope you have a great time!


Aimee     at 11:48 am

Uh oh! Baby Cullen- you take that bottle for your mommy! Just kidding- don’t panic- I’ve had some bottle refusers. At least 2 of my 7 wouldn’t take one. For date nights, nurse and then go out after his bed time (if he goes to bed early enough.) For longer times, set him up with a medicine dropper and breastmilk. BF babies don’t need much. Remember, when he’s older, he’ll be able to make do with baby food for decent stretches of time. Some babies will take juice from a bottle, even if they refuse milk.

Also, grandmas are sometimes very successful when everone else has failed!


Robin     at 12:34 pm

Yay Baby Banz!!! One of my daughters insisted on wearing hers until she was almost 3 years old. It was hilarious- she would wear them in the grocery store, church, anywhere! It was one of our best ‘baby’ investments ever :)

I feel your pain regarding Cullen refusing the bottle. The same daughter insisted only on breastfeeding, and it made it so difficult to leave her with the grandparents or for dad to take her anywhere. When I started sending her to daycare, the lovely women who took care of her reminded me that if she’s hungry, she will eat. It wasn’t too comforting at the time, but it was true. On the second day there, she finally took a bottle. Hang in there!


erin     at 12:53 pm

Love this post, hope you have an amazing trip! Baby C is too cute… We are traveling with our little guy in April and I have had a heck of a time finding a swimsuit/rash guard small enough… Would you mind sharing where you found one?


Jess S     at 1:38 pm

Trader Joe’s employees are usually good about finding out things – they have a number they can call and ask all sorts of ridiculous questions (my sister works there). Next time you’re there, just ask if it’s cold pressed and ask if they can find out :)


sarah     at 4:15 pm

it’s whale season here in hawaii. you should be able to easily book a whale-watching tour — there are a lot (and babies are probably allowed). highly recommend whale-watching. the road to hana is long, but that would be baby-friendly for driving/exploring part of the island. leave early, if possible. and sunrise at haleakala (or any time at haleakala) is cool. it’s cold at the summit. not sure if the altitude will affect cullen too much. enjoy your trip!!


Amy     at 6:20 pm

So jealous of your trip to Hawaii! I haven’t been to Maui but my husband and I spent a few days in Waikiki last year. It’s incredible. Please have a mai tai with lunch every day.

(And I have the same little swim top for my upcoming little boy! I can’t wait for him to wear it this summer. So cute.)


Amy Reply:

Ha, just remembered reading that you and Casey don’t drink alcohol. In that case, drink tons of fresh pineapple juice. It’s sooooo good.


Willow @ My Own Trail     at 6:24 pm

Don’t stress too much about the bottle. Just keep offering it to him. Both of mine went through phases where they just didn’t want one, which was especially difficult for me because I work outside the home. One thing I found with each is they they had bottle preferences, so I had to switch brands/types/nipples until I found one I was comfortable with. With my daughter, I so badly wanted her to use Avent bottles as they were the best when she was born almost eight years ago, but she couldn’t stand them. I eventually had to give in and use playtex bottles with her. With my son (2.5), I tried three different bottles (each one he took with little fussing for brief periods before refusing them completely) until he settled on the old school evenflow glass bottles with the non-breast like nipples (the small thin ones). So, I say buy a couple of different kinds with different nipples (and flow strengths) and see if he prefers something else. Good luck!


[New Balance] Nicole     at 7:13 pm

Great post!! I LOVE Toms and wear them most days. Have a great time on your trip, you deserve it!


katie     at 7:48 pm

OMG! We just laughed so hard at Cullen in the baby sunglasses!


Ruth     at 2:51 am

Lol! I remember seeing those holes many many times. In Argentina those shoes are very common, back then and there they were like $5 so whenever we got holes like those we would buy another pair, here it’s not so easy! Have a beautiful vacation!


mountain girl heidi     at 6:53 am

We just got back from Maui a few weeks ago. We stayed with family the whole time, but it was still a fantastic trip.

Make sure to pick up some of the great and free Maui maps while you’re there. They’re a life saver. I like maps more than GPS, and since Maui is so small, I found a map easier.

Big Beach is AMAZING. It’s down around Makena State Park. It’s probably the only beach we went to that wasn’t cluttered with rocks out in the water close to shore. Our other favorite beach was Kaanapali Beach, and snorkeling is fun there.

Pa’ia is AMAZING. There are a ton of fun shops, great places to eat, and it has the perfect surfer beach bum atmosphere. You’d love Mana Foods — it’s kind of obscure looking, but it’s an amazing organic/natural food market with lots of local flare. Flatbread Pizza is fantastic as well.

Even if you can’t get up there at sunrise, Haleakala is phenomenal. We did a 12-mile crater hike that blew my mind. You wouldn’t think hiking in a crater would be very interesting, but it was totally worth it.

The Hana Highway is beautiful, but VERY, VERY curvy and long. It’s 56 miles but takes about 3 hours to travel. There’s a short, 4-mile round trip hike at the Seven Sacred Pools area that takes you up to Waimoku Falls that is definitely worth the trip. However, if you get motion sick, be sure to take drugs. Or drive. Ha.

Lahaina was definitely cool, but I still like Pa’ia more. On the drive to Lahaina (coming from Kahului or Kihei direction, there’s an amazing little sandwich and pie shop along the highway called Leoda’s. Their garlic aioli fries are to die for.

Have a great trip!


mallory     at 8:19 am

I always to try toms, but I am not a huge fan of ordering shoes online because I can’t try them on first! I wish there was a store that carried them :( I get a little wishful when I see the sneaky “bobs” version.


Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie     at 8:41 am

Maui is gorgeous! What part of the island are you staying on?


KaraHadley     at 10:33 am

TOMS are the greatest. I’m on my 4th pair. And now I know what my next pair will be — ballet flats. With how much walking I’m doing not that I live in a city I think super comfortable ballet flats are the best investment.


Nathalie     at 10:55 am

Ohhh, exciting travel plans!!!
I don’t have Toms yet, but they’ve been on my wishlist for a while. The ballet flats are so pretty! I think the price is justified, because they look much ‘sturdier’ (in a very elegant way) than the originals and also a lot less casual, well still casual, but I think they could be dressed up or down. I just got the company founder’s new book, sounds pretty interesting.
Did I mention that Cullen is just too cute!!??


Ser     at 6:02 pm

I just wanted to tell you that with my first, I really stressed about the bottle issue. He would often go through phases of refusing the bottle (and also go on nursing strikes sometimes) and it was always so stressful. However, my second barely took a bottle, and I somehow managed to still get away for work and dates (not more than a few hours at a time) and it worked out okay. I was lazy and never even offered the third a bottle. I know you would prefer Cullen to take the bottle, but timing your dates or runs right after a feeding session and keeping a cell phone handy for your peace of mind could work if you need it to. Not sure if that helps–but there it is. I love your blog, btw, and have been reading regularly since you had Cullen. What a cutie he is!


Megan     at 7:55 pm

Yes, this is my second comment, but about total different topic. I’m thinking of getting a rice cooker – wondering which one you use/recommend? I remember you mentioning that you use one and I’m hoping it will make eating my morning oats in a rush much easier/faster. Thanks :)


Amy     at 8:23 pm

I can’t believe no one mentioned this…if you’re staying anywhere near Napili Bay, go the The Gazebo for the most amazing macadamia pancakes ever! You can get them with bananas, white chocolate chips or just plain…and it’s all amazing, especially with the coconut syrup at the table. And the views are absolutely unbelievable. Just be aware that it gets crowded, so get there early! My husband and I went to Maui on our honeymoon, and we went to The Gazebo several times. :)


Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)     at 4:19 am

Have you tried the First Years Breast-flow type of nipples/bottles? I went to a breastfeeding class a few weeks ago and it was recommended that this brand is the closest thing to the real deal. I also had several friends switch to this brand when their baby was struggling with the bottle and now there is no issues. Just a thought! Have a great time on your vacation!


Danielle @ D.Sells Seashells     at 7:11 am

Love the little baby Toms. So cute. I can’t say I sympathize that the ballet flats are $80 though – in Canada the classics are between $70 and $80!


Adrianne     at 7:28 am

Ok, this is going to be a long comment! Don’t say I didn’t warn you:)
On the bottle issue, my daughter did the EXACT same thing! I gave her a bottle pretty early on and she took it no problem, so I only gave it to her occasionally for a few weeks after that and then decided she had it down, so no need to continue until I needed it. Fast forward to a week before I needed it (almost 3 mos old) and she flat out wouldn’t take it. Tried for days and she would just scream. Knowing this and that I was scheduled to be back at work when she was 4 mos, we started trying one bottle every day or so. Eventually she took it again and has been taking it no problem since then. It just took consistently offering it which I know is a huge pain in the butt when you’re home and it’s so much easier to just nurse than to pump and then try something that you know will be a battle and you might end up throwing away breast milk:(

She’s now 5 months and I’ve also never switched bottle nipples to increase speed. My theory is that if I make the bottle too easy to drink out of, she’ll start to prefer that over the breast and I’m not ready to be pumping exclusively. So far it has worked well and she has no problem at all going between breast and bottle.

Lastly, MAUI!! So exciting! We got married there 5 years ago (in March) and absolutely LOVED it! If you can find a way to do Haleakala with Cullen, then it is an absolute must! Most amazing thing I’ve ever seen was the sunrise up there. You’re above the clouds and it just looks like you’re in heaven. I know I’m just repeating everyone else, so I won’t keep suggesting the same things, but wanted to give one more vote for Haleakala! Have a fantastic time and I’m looking forward to all of the amazing pictures!


Mandy     at 7:39 am

I know this sounds cruel (and trust me, I had difficulty with it myself), but if he gets hungry enough, he’ll take the bottle. My boy was a monster nurser, but I had to go back to work eventually. To prepare him (and me)I left the house for a few hours one day and put all my faith in my husband, and it worked! I think it helped that my little guy “knew” I was not home.


Kathy     at 9:12 am

I am sooo excited for you. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Can’t offer any site seeing suggestions though. Don’t worry too much about the bottle thing. I believe it is just a phase they tend to go thru. He may fuss for awhile, but if he gets hungry enough, he will use it. Babies and kids go thru all kinds of different phases. Pretty soon he’ll only want you and won’t want his dad. Then he’ll only want his dad and won’t want you. Its just developing personalities. Have an awesome time and take lots of pictures.


Michelle     at 9:32 am

I’m late commenting but hopefully you’re still looking for ideas! :) One of the best things I did in Maui was a day trip to North Country. We visited the Flying Goat farm. They produce goat milk and cheese and you can tour and feed the goats. (maybe not great since Casey is vegan but a fun time.) Right down the street is Ali Kula’s Lavender Farm which is also amazing. You can tour the farm and eat lunch in their cafe and the view from the amazing rolling hills is incredible!


Joanna@Drizzleofsunshine     at 11:11 am

I am with you with the obsession with TOMS! I can’t believe how expensive those flats our. Down here in Cali, there are TOMS sample sales every now and then where they sell for $20 a pair! You should see if there are any up there.

As for Maui, I LOVED The Feast at LeLe. It’s a Luau, but you get your own table (which would be perfect with the baby) and they serve you a couple of course which align with the different islands. So for the Tahiti course you get Tahitian food and the Tahitian dancers come out. It’s so great! We were surprised that the price was similar to a regular luau.

Have a great vacation!


Haley     at 1:20 pm

Obviously I’m a bit late [hello 140some comments], but I’m actually from Maui. =) Hopefully the weather will be just as gorgeous as it’s been lately! Not sure which side of the island you’ll be on, but there really is a lot to do, even with the little one…

–if you’re up for a long road trip and seeing some of the most gorgeous waterfalls/views, the road to Hana is unforgettable. Def an all-day adventure, and I’m not sure how Cullen does in the car for that long, though…
–sunrise at Haleakala is FREEZING, and you have to wake up ridiculously early, but it’s one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever experience…
–Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm would be good with a baby
–Pa’ia town, Front Street in Lahaina, and Market Street in Wailuku town are all fun little spots to window-shop
–’Iao Valley is a great place of history and it’s beautiful when it’s clear in there… although there are long trails, there’s also a shorter paved trail that you can walk [bring a carrier rather than a stroller though - stairs!].
–Of course, lots of beach time! =)

I know you’ll be on vacation and detaching, but if you guys are open to it, I’d love to meet up!


Emily Malone Reply:

Hi Haley! Sorry I’m late to get back to this! How cool that you LIVE on Maui – amazing! We are staying at the Honua Kai resort, on North Beach in Kanapaali – does that sound right?


Beth     at 7:35 am

Those baby sunglasses are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Have a great time in Hawaii!


Ella, RD     at 10:00 am

Hi Emily, I can’t imagine you’ll get to my comment with a 3-month-old, family in town, and a trip to prepare for but here goes: I just started pumping for my 3 week old. You said you pumped “here and there.” Everything I hear/read says to pump every day at the same time, to be consistent, or else you risk pain and/or supply issues. Did you find any pain if you missed a pump session? How often did you pump? I don’t go back to work until he’s 12 weeks and even then only very part-time. I have been pumping once every morning since Saturday and find it very time-consuming and cumbersome!! I would like to pump just a couple times a week…. but not sure if that’s OK.


Emily Malone Reply:

Hey Ella! Sorry I’m a day late to this. I didn’t start pumping until 6 weeks because I really didn’t have a need to (since I stay at home). Once I did start, I probably pumped twice a week? I don’t do it that often, but I also don’t have oversupply. I know regular pumping and consistency is more important at the beginning when your supply is still being established. I pump a couple of times a week now and seem to be fine! I can tell I have more milk on days when I pump, but on the other days when I have less, it is still plenty. Hope that helps!


Casey     at 1:26 pm

I have to say, thank you for introducing me to the world of TOMS! I just ordered the ivory wedges to wear for my wedding in June! I absolutely love them!


Emily Malone Reply:

Oh yay! LOVE the wedding TOMS!


Irene     at 12:41 pm

I called – the TJ’s Coconut Oil is cold pressed. It’s my favorite ‘pumping lube’. Fun times. Love your blog!


Emily Malone Reply:

Aha! Wonderful – thank you!


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