Five Things.

1.  We are a TOMS lovin’ family.  It’s pretty much the only thing either of us wear.  (Cullen’s are SO close to fitting!)

IMG_8535 (640x416)

I am definitely in the market for a new pair.

IMG_8536 (640x427)

And I am SO pumped about the new TOMS ballet flats that just came out this week!  But why are they $80??  I was so disappointed to see that they are much more expensive than the originals.  For now, I think I can get away with holes in my shoes.  It’s very Seattle.

2.  Trader Joe’s has started selling coconut oil!  This is one less thing that I need to go to a different store for now, and I love any added convenience these days.  I still want to do some research to find out if it’s cold-pressed though, since the jar doesn’t specify.

IMG_8546 (427x640)

3.  Cullen has decided to stop taking bottles.  I wrote more about it over on Babble this morning, but I’m pretty worried he’s going to be tied to my boob for the next year.  We’re going to keep trying but I am more than concerned.

IMG_8547 (427x640)

4.  The timing of the bottle refusal is particularly bad for two reasons.  The first being my in-laws arrive tomorrow for a week-long visit.  I had hoped that with some extra assistance around I might be able to go for a few extra runs, and a few date nights with Casey.  Those hopes are quickly disappearing!

In preparation for their arrival, I went to the grocery store yesterday while I was very hungry.  Things got a bit out of control.  I hope they are looking forward to eating a LOT of vegetables!

IMG_8544 (425x640)

5.  We definitely need to eat through all that produce because… we are going on vacation next Friday!  Which is the other reason the bottle refusal is less than ideal.

We booked our trip months ago, and I can’t believe it’s finally here.  It will be the first trip that just the two of us (now three of us!) have taken since our honeymoon in 2009.  I’m looking forward to relaxing, unplugging, napping, running, and most of all – seeing Cullen in his adorable baby bathing suits.  :)

IMG_8541 (427x640)

We are headed to MAUI for a week, and I am so freaking excited.  Neither of us has been to Hawaii, and it’s been on my bucket list for a while.  We knew we wanted to travel somewhere with Cullen while he’s still so young (and relatively easy), and February is a big vacation season here in gloomy Seattle.  In preparation for our trip, I ordered what is quite possibly the cutest thing ever made…

IMG_8543 (640x427)

BABY SUNGLASSES!  But seriously, Cullen’s eyes haven’t seen much bright sun in his three short months, and I didn’t want them to feel over-sensitive in sunny Hawaii.  I can’t even deal with the cuteness.  They are absurd!

IMG_8474 (427x640)

If any of you experienced travelers have tips or suggestions for what we should do in Maui, I’d love to hear them!  Keep in mind we’re traveling with a baby, so hard core adventure stuff or snorkeling trips are probably not going to happen.  But I’d love to hear if there are any “must do’s” while we’re there!

I am hoping that our trip will be a chance for all of us to catch up on some much needed sleep.

IMG_8538 (640x427)

Have a wonderful weekend!