Babywearing Updates (and Videos!)

Hi friends – Happy Friday!  Sorry to have disappeared on you.  It’s actually been for a good reason though.  I’ve been working hard to get Cullen on a pretty regular eating/napping/sleeping schedule, and we have had three really good days and nights in a row.  Trust me, this is exciting stuff.

Since it’s Friday and everyone is just counting down to start the weekend, how about a little video fun?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments recently about babywearing.  When Cullen was an itty bitty newborn, he really liked to be worn most of the time.  He snuggled up to my chest and napped all day while I went about my business.

IMG_3285 (768x1024)

I told you all about how I used both the Moby wrap and the Ergo for those first few weeks and months.  Of course, as does everything baby-related, my babywearing has changed quite a bit now that he has doubled his birth weight.

I only ever use the Moby wrap these days if he is going to be facing out – like he was when we were baking together last weekend.

IMG_9537 (425x640)

Since I don’t have a Baby Bjorn, I use this Moby technique instead.  Quite a few of you have asked how I strap him on this way, and today is your lucky day!  I made a short video tutorial of the forward facing Moby.  I’m sure there are other (and probably better) ways to do it – this is just what I found works best for me and C…

But wait, there’s more!  Now that Cullen is older (since four months is so old), he doesn’t want to be in my arms all day.  He wants to either be down on the ground scooting across the rug in search of toys…

IMG_9649 (640x427)

Or bouncing around in his new jumperoo – learning how to use his leg muscles and finding some balance.

IMG_9722 (427x640)

And if I’m being totally honest, as much as I love holding him and snuggling him on my chest, he’s too big now for me to do that and actually get anything done.  So we save our snuggles for walks for just quiet time in the rocking chair, and the rest of the time I put him down to learn how to explore the world himself. 

IMG_9577 (640x427)

But when we do go out for walks, we are still getting great use out of our Ergo carrier.  I have had a lot of moms tell me they find the Ergo to be too bulky and hard to put on/take off when they are alone.  I also get a lot of questions about my blanket roll technique for replacing the infant insert.  Since I was on a roll, I made another video showing how I do the blanket roll, and how I get Cullen in the Ergo when I’m by myself. 

I made these videos right before bedtime, so please excuse his volume.  :)  I still love carrying Cullen when we are out and about, but as he continues to get heavier, we’ll probably transition to the stroller more and more.  There is only so much my back can take!

Once he has a bit more core support, I hope to do some of the fun hip holds and side wrap techniques when we’re out grocery shopping or checking out the farmer’s markets (activities that aren’t very stroller friendly).  And eventually, he’ll make it onto my back!

That’s the update on babywearing, and all the video entertainment I can provide for the day.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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