Then and Now.

We have a special visitor this week!  Aunt Sarah has returned to Seattle to spend her spring break with her favorite west coast nephew.  The last time she saw him was back in December when he was only 9 weeks old…

IMG_6512 (427x640)

And he has changed so much since then!  Now he’s like a little person with a real personality (and temper).

IMG_9777 (427x640)

She stopped in Cincinnati before heading out west, and she brought me a few fun treats from home.  My mom gave her a pile of my baby pictures to bring out – most of them from around the same age that Cullen is now.  We had so much fun looking through them and trying to find the resemblances and features that Cullen may have gotten from his mommy.  Casey’s mom sent a few too, and it’s so fun to compare them and see how many similarities there are from when we were his age!

As far as his patchy and uneven hairline goes…

IMG_9694 (640x427)

It appears that he got that from me.  I can’t believe I had old man hair as a baby too!

IMG_9787 (640x507)

And of his facial features, I think he has my eyes.

IMG_9104 (427x640)

Only time will tell as they continue to lighten, but they get bluer and bluer every day, and that round shape looks just like mine.

IMG_9791 (640x500)

While he has his moments just like any baby, overall he is ridiculously happy and smiles all day long.  I have never seen a baby smile as much as he does.

IMG_9220 (427x640)

I think that one’s from me too.  My mom always says I was the happiest baby ever.

IMG_9794 (640x619)

Although it looks like Casey had a pretty good time as a baby himself.

Casey Baby0009 (622x640)

A love for trends and fine fashion?

IMG_3436 (640x480)

Seems to come from the Holcombe girls.

IMG_9796 (640x514)

But whenever he’s being Cullen the Crank…

IMG_9360 (640x427)

I like to joke that his grouchiness comes from dad.

Casey's First Swim 2 (640x630)

And even though I definitely think he has some of my features and personality, there is no denying how much he looks like Casey.

IMG_9532 (427x640)

They have the exact same mouth.  (I wonder if he’ll eventually get that bright red hair!)

Casey Baby0001 (640x635)

Casey is one of those people that kind of goes non-stop – always working, thinking, or planning what is next.  Cullen is the hardest working baby I’ve ever seen – never content to just sit and chill out, he always has to be doing something.

IMG_9809 (640x427)

He most definitely did not get that from me.

Casey Baby0004 (614x640)

Overall, he’s just a really happy and joyful baby.  He loves playing and exploring new things, and even though I think it’s fun to see bits and pieces of us in him – most of all I love watching him become his own little person.

IMG_9681 (640x427)

He has already changed so much from when he was a newborn, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to change and grow.