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These Days.

Remember when my posts used to be littered with pictures of these guys?

IMG_9611 (427x640)

Poor pups.  Now that their little bro has rolled into town, the camera has a new subject.  I’m feeling random today, and I thought it might be fun to share a quick update on the other two babies.

We found a great new kennel and daycare spot here in Seattle that they both absolutely love – a five acre ranch where they can run and play all day long.  We recently started sending them to daycare once a week, to help them burn off some of that extra energy.  The only problem is – they don’t seem to do too well there when they are together.  Indy gets really protective of Huey and starts problems.

IMG_9614 (427x640)

We worked together with the staff there (who are AWESOME), and we came up with a plan to actually send them there separately – on different days.  This is giving them a chance to adjust to daycare individually, and get them used to not being quite so codependent (it seems to run in the family).  Eventually we’ll transition them back to playing together at the ranch.

The great benefit to this is that I don’t have to wait for Casey to get home so that we can walk them together in the evening.  (I can’t walk them together by myself with Cullen – they are too strong.)  So while one dog is off playing at the ranch, the other gets to go for a long walk by the water with me and C.

2012-03-05 14.40.46 (480x640)

I haven’t tried dog walking + stroller pushing quite yet.  For now we’re sticking with the Ergo. 

2012-03-05 14.40.06 (480x640)

And when we’re back at home, the dogs have become Cullen’s newest obsession.  He thinks Indy is HILARIOUS, and laughs like a maniac any time he get near him.

Feb 26 (640x427)

Indy is still not quite so sure.  He gets closer and closer every day (and even licked his face once!), but he’s still pretty wary of the flailing arms and high pitched screams. 

IMG_9599 (427x640)

In other news… our Jumperoo is here!  We got it yesterday, and Cullen absolutely loves it already.  It’s weird to see him standing up and jumping – he’s like a legit baby now. 

IMG_9617 (427x640)

As you can see, it goes well with all our neutral and simplistic living room décor. 

IMG_9608 (640x427)

And since I’m feeling random, I’m just going to keep telling you my thoughts from today.  I ran a few errands this morning and had one of those new mom disaster scenarios.  First Cullen decided to do his new favorite thing – grabbing onto the pacifier and flinging it across the car, far beyond my reach.

Then I got distracted by his screaming and made a wrong turn, putting me onto a ramp for a bridge.  Then said bridge decided to go UP – causing a 20 minute backup while Cullen flailed and screamed in the backseat.  And as if someone was playing a practical joke on me, I finally got to my neighborhood – the homestretch – and the Fremont Bridge went up just as I got it to.  Burned by BOTH bridges, with a hot mess of a baby in the backseat.  Unreal.  Also – check out that tooth!

IMG_9621 (427x640)

I know I said I was only going to share Cullen’s updates at each month, but I can’t help but talk about all the fun new things he is doing these days.  He is such a BOY. 

IMG_9636 (640x427)

Every week I think he is at my favorite age, and then the next week it just gets better.  It is so fun see him explore the world around him.  He notices everything these days, and I love watching him watch things.  

IMG_9654 (640x427)

We are having some major sleep issues, which I’ll elaborate on later.  But the basic gist of it is – he’s refusing to nap.  Today I honestly felt like he was laughing at me.

IMG_9701 (640x427)

And while he may think it’s funny at first, eventually the lack of naps results in a very over-tired and painfully cranky baby. 

IMG_9715 (640x427)

Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight, and a few successful naps tomorrow!  Indy is off to the ranch, Cullen and I have mom’s group, and Huey and I have a long walk planned.  Should be fun!

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Ashley     at 9:46 pm

Love that he’s propped up on a FOOD book. :) All the boys are looking good!! Hope you get the nap situation figured out asap.


Gina (Yogattude)     at 9:48 pm

Oh my gosh…I LOVE the photos in this post!!


Gina     at 9:55 pm

I swear I think this every time you post about Cullen (which is a lot obviously)..He is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!


jenny     at 10:18 pm

we had major sleep issues with our babies, too! i know how hard that is on you, mentally, emotionally, and physically!!!! at least he is ADORABLE!! i mean, GORGEOUS!


Amber K     at 10:47 pm

Your life sounds busier and busier! You can get through all of the crazy and sleepless times if it means so many great stories. Good for you for keeping track so you can remember them later. :)


Casey     at 12:04 am

We have little guys two weeks apart! I so get the nap issue, I hope Cullen gets it worked out. Did you know the newborn on your Chicco carseat is only to be used up to 11 pounds? I have the same seat. I love seeing Cullen updates, you are a wonderful mama :)


Sara     at 2:31 am

I highly recommend reading The Sleep Easy Solution, even if his nighttime sleep is ok. It offers great “by age” schedules for the day and how to sleep train for naps. My daughter didn’t sleep through the night or do solid naps till almost 7 months until we used this method and it was a God send. I still reference it for the daily nap schedules as she get older. Get this book!! :)


Kim @ girlevolving     at 2:33 am

I love all Cullen’s expressions!

Our son has been having some nap issues, too – I’m thinking maybe related to teething? We use Humphrey’s homeopathic tablets – at CVS or Walgreens – to rub on his gums when he’s having a hard time napping. It doesn’t work every time, but it does help sometimes with the restlessness and irritability. And it’s natural.


Kinley @ Better Off Barefoot     at 2:36 am

Love the random post! For some reason they are always my favorites of yours :)


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 3:03 am

Good luck with your canine boys. My fur baby, Cooper, has slowly taken to the kids after 20 months. He was an only child so it was quite a shock when 2 little screaming things took away almost all of his attention. He still likes his alone time but the kids love him and I think he loves them. He’ll give kisses and allow them to ride on his back. I think what turned him around is that he realized they drop food a lot! It’s a work in progress but your boys will come around and they’ll be BFFs eventurally! Good luck with the naps!


Maryea @ Happy Healthy Mama     at 3:35 am

Thanks for the fun update! Hang in there with the nap thing. Stay consistent and I’m sure he’ll get back on track.


emily     at 4:22 am

Don’t limit yourself to monthly updates if you want to share more….as a mom to a 10 month old the changes are going to come quickly! We love hearing about Cullen!


Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)     at 4:42 am

Aw, Emily, I love him with his little tooth!

Koda started doing this weird thing where she’d come up to me and shake everyday in the afternoon. It scared me. David suggested she might be nervous about being a part of the ‘pack’ since Hailey gets so much attention now. So I’ve started going overboard snuggling with Koda when H is napping or playing in her exersaucer. It worked! Koda doesn’t shake anymore. Poor thing was feeling left out. Breaks my hart because I love her as much as ever- babies just demand a lot of attention :)

PS- I hope C starts napping for you soon! I treasure nap times. It’s how I get anything done!


Anne     at 4:54 am

I like how you take care of your dogs and listen to their needs even with a baby, seems like you two are really responsible and decided to have animals for the good reasons !


kathleen @ the daily crumb     at 5:00 am

i was so happy to see this post! we have 2 dogs and i worry/wonder what it will be like when we have a baby. glad to see cullen is happy as a clam around the pups :)


Ali @ Peaches and Football     at 5:18 am

I think the jumperoo fits the decor perfectly. Adds a little oomph and sizzle. ;)

We’re getting incredible weather over in the midwest and I hope to be able to take walks outside soon too! Definitely jealous of your weather.


Lee     at 5:26 am

It seems fitting that Cullen is standing on a cookbook!


Sarah @ See Sarah Eat     at 5:58 am

I think it is great what you are doing for the dogs and I wouldn’t mind if you updated about Cullen more often :)


Melissa (Things I Can Do With One Hand)     at 6:02 am

Were you like me and had this crazy idea that you would only buy baby toys that matched the decor of the rest of the house? And thought you’d be totally fine avoiding all the giant bright neon plastic items? Let’s just say that has been thrown out the window in my house! I also had the crazy idea that my boy would sleep through the night by 5 months. Lots of crazy ideas in my mom-to-be head that haven’t quite gone as planned! Just trying to accept the hard parts and enjoy the rest of the ride. Watching our dog Lucy become best friends with the baby has definitely been a highlight, though we struggle with giving her enough attention. Daycare sounds like a great idea!


Fran     at 6:21 am

I just joined your Blog and enjoy your posts. I am a mother of a 3-year old girl (with one on the way!) and can relate to how you feel about things getting better by the day. JUST WAIT!

I know you are active and enjoy running but getting to the gym has been a struggle, so I wanted to mention how much I love my BOB stroller. Lucia and I are running buddies-thanks to that thing, which has seen too many miles to count :) Cullen will soon be old enough to enjoy a jog with his momma, so if you haven’t done so already, check them out!

Happy parenting, cooking, and running!


Shaunna Ulrick     at 6:25 am

Love reading about your little guy! I can’t believe he has a tooth already. My daughter just turned 1 and finally has one popped up.

I am no parenting expert but don’t feel bad about laying him down for a nap and letting him cry for a bit. Give him 5 minutes and go and soothe him and then leave the room. If he starts crying wait 10 minutes, then 15 and so forth.

We did that with our daughter and she is a great sleeper. I know with the teething that makes it even harder but something you can try :)

Hang in there! As you know….it is all worth it!
Shaunna :)


Kelly     at 6:27 am

I love the Cullen posts!!! Keep them coming!! :)


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 6:36 am

I hear you on the naps! Try as we might, consistent, predictable daytime sleep is just not our little guy’s thing. At this point, we just try to roll with it. I’m hoping by the time he reaches the one-nap-a-day age (around 12 months?), he’ll settle into something better.


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 6:37 am

We just found a very similar dog kennel for our dog that’s literally 5 minutes from our house. We called yesterday and the lady wants to meet Ginger first before agreeing b/c apparently she had a really bad experience with a weimaraner before and I’m literally sitting here nervous that my dog won’t “pass the test” haha!


Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers     at 6:39 am

Your dogs are adorable. I have one golden lab that likes to play with other dogs and my yellow lab is very protective. He’s needy like a baby too, with such a funny personality. It’s amazing how animals have such different personalities!


Leslie     at 6:39 am

My son loved that jumparoo! Sometimes he would fall asleep in it with his little head resting on the tray.


Sarah     at 6:46 am

Have you considered trying a head halter for the dogs? It works in the same way as a halter on a horse…I highly recommend the Premier Gentle Leader (http://www.amazon.com/Gentle-Leader-Quick-Release-Collar/dp/B0002H3ZLM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1331131246&sr=8-2). It will make a world of difference in how your dogs behave on leash.


Renee Reply:

I was going to recommend the same thing! It works really well and it’s amazing how they won’t ‘pull’ at the leash anymore, but just walk by your side. My sister uses one on her two 100+ dogs.


Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)     at 6:48 am

loved this post. it’s nice hearing how the pups are doing, too!


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 6:51 am

Ohhhhhhhh my gosh. That second to last picture! Too good.


Rachel     at 7:12 am

I love seeing Greenlake in your posts. It’s what I miss the absolute most about Seattle. How lucky you are to live so close!


Samantha     at 7:15 am

Thanks for the morning laugh! Fun updates. :)


Katie     at 7:15 am

Love seeing the doggies!! :-)

I’m hoping you might do a full post on your Ergo. I recently received one at a shower, and I’m looking forward to using it. I’m just wondering if you found any videos particularly helpful when you were starting out. If you used the infant insert? How it fits, feels? Tips or tricks for a new mom who wants to be a baby wearer! You seem to have it down, and I love it that you use it regularly for walks, and on travel.


Danielle     at 7:20 am

He is so precious! Its funny that you say every week is your favorite age… its so true! I’ve been saying “this is the BEST age!” for 54 weeks now :)


Hallie (@ChasingHallie)     at 7:25 am

He looks like he is having so much fun in the jumparoo! How long does he laste in it? We are going to get one soon, and I too am not excited about another baby item in our living room. Oh well.

I also totally feel you on the naps, Molly has just decided no more and it makes her very cranky!


Renee     at 7:38 am

Loving the pics, especially the one with him in his jumper with the aid of the Food book – ha! Thanks for sharing:)


Sam     at 7:39 am

Yup, sounds just like my son (10 mos.). Right there with you. :)


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 8:04 am

My niece has that same jumper… all the toys on it are so fun (even for me).


colleen     at 8:17 am

love the random post! was wondering how the two older brothers were adusting. you are wise to not use the stroller yet while walking the pups by yourself. mine did well until they saw something, wanted to switch sides or something spooked them then it was hard to control them and the stroller.


Liz     at 8:19 am

Love that he’s standing on a cookbook – ha! He’s getting so big, but just as cute as ever :)


Jessica F     at 8:33 am

Haha I’ve definitely been there before with the bridges! My boyfriend and I have a running joke that if there is a bridge to accidentally cross nearby where I’m going, I will most certainly find myself on the other side. I was trying to get to Trader Joe’s in Ballard this one time and of course found myself crossing the bridge…which takes a very long time to find an appropriate turning around point. Then, when I got back to the bridge finally, it had just raised and was an excessively long wait. Oh bridge risings…


Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More     at 8:55 am

What a adorable, toothy grin! I’m glad to hear the dogs are adjusting well to the baby and their new life in Seattle.


Sneakers2Sandals     at 9:04 am

I couldn’t help but laugh at all that! I felt so bad for you but in a ‘thiswouldtotallyhappentome’ and ‘thisiswhyidonthavekidsyet’ kind of way!

There is a girl who walks her dog and a stiller in my neighborhood. She hooks the leash so it’s cross body and she is hands free. Does that make sense? It looks pretty good!


Misha (emerald city diaries)     at 9:33 am

Hello! I love that this post includes updates on all of your kids ;) I also live in Seattle and while we don’t have babies yet, we are looking for a good doggie daycare – would you mind sending me the name of the dog ranch you are using? I love the updates on Cullen too, what a sweet little guy! Thanks. M


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats     at 9:35 am

oh gosh, that sounds like a frustrating car ride! But that picture of Cullen laughing at Indy is too cute!!!!


Kat     at 9:40 am

Peanut has always absolutely LOVED the dogs. To this day whenever she’s a little fussy I just start playing catch with our pup and she starts giggling like a maniac and even tries to play catch too or to throw the ball. We actually have the SAME jumparoo! Peanut LOVED IT and we had to put books under her legs for a LONG time with it. We actually devised a system where we put playmats, stacked, under so that they wouldn’t move because she kept jumping and kicking the books out.


Avery @ YoungAspirations     at 10:20 am

I LOVE the Cullen updates! They never get old. His faces here are hysterical! So much personality for sure :)


Jamie @ FoodinRealLife     at 10:25 am

What a cutie! Sorry about the naps, that’s brutal I’m sure.


Emily McIntyre     at 10:28 am

Oh, how I relate. You do such a wonderful job with this crazy new motherhood thing. It’s inspiring for me!


Jessica @ The Process of Healing     at 10:30 am

I’m convinced that babies and animals know EXACTLY what they’re doing!!!
And those blue eyes.. they just seem to get bluer!
(er, more blue?)


marisa     at 10:31 am

I love Cullen updates. My son is 2 days younger than Cullen so I love reading what other moms are going thru and getting ideas.


Aylin @ Glow Kitchen     at 11:04 am

Cullen makes the cutest faces I’ve ever seen!


Lara     at 11:16 am

What a little stinker Cullen is with skipping naps! Ah, hopefully it’s a short-lived phase!

Love the doggie pics. So happy to hear that for the most part, dogs and baby are adjusting well. It’s been a source of anxiety for me but I guess we will all just do the best we can when the time comes.

Oh I am so excited, we were wait listed for the Centering group and we got in this week! I’m really excited and hoping to make some great friends out of it. Seems like it really helped you adjust to Seattle life.


Lara     at 11:17 am

P.S. Those darn bridges get my EVERY time.


Jen @ The Well Read Fish     at 11:22 am

Love that he’s standing on a cookbook! Legit babies = legit awesome!


Ashley     at 11:27 am

So cute ! Austin LOVES his jumperoo. He’s a maniac in it. We used to put a small pillow under him for the longest time. Now he’s graduated to the floor lol. I was wondering how breastfeeding was going now that Cullen has a new tooth. Austin is sprouting one at the moment, but it hasn’t posed a real threat yet. Are you having any problems with biting etc?


Steph @ funnygirltales     at 11:52 am

What a doll he is! That face is precious. I’ve often thought about how my puppy would/will react to a baby. She’s the lady of the house right now.


Coco     at 11:59 am

That sounds like a car ride from hell.. Poor thing! My dogs would probably love some kind of doggie play dates- I feel like a bad mom now! Haha..


kristin     at 12:22 pm

Aww, love the PUPS!! They look super healthy. And Cullen is cute as ever, love his silly expressions too!!

Have you tried having Cullen nap in the Ergo?
Just thought I would say that my brother used to ONLY be able to get my niece to nap while IN the Ergo (with the hood up)! Obviously, depending on what he needed to do, it could be problematic (since he couldn’t put her down to sleep in her crib), but I think he was glad to know that he could pretty much count on her sleeping… just had to make sure it was really quiet and I think he would read or listen to softer music during her naptime. I think she really liked being up against her daddy’s chest, feeling the warmth and knowing that she’s not left in her crib on her own, since nap time seemed to work like a charm for him in this way!
Otherwise, once he gets going with that jumper, he will wear himself out & NEED to voluntarily nap! haha, it’s SO cute to watch the jump/dance around in those! Good luck, Emily! :^)


Julie S.     at 2:07 pm

So clever of you to use a book to raise him up so he’s tall enough to use his new jumperoo. :)


Leah     at 2:18 pm


Your updates about Cullen are great even for us non-Moms. Many of us babysit (I do so once in a while to help out friends that are in a pinch) so the tips help even care-takers. Tonight I’ll be taking care of a little boy about to turn 2! Plus, Mom or Dad or even non-parent we all can benefit from your updates as they help put work/life balance in perspective.


Alyssa @ Fit and Fun in Third     at 2:33 pm

Such a little boy already! Adorable! :)


Elizabeth     at 2:57 pm

Have you tried a pacifier clip? I love that thing, it prevents the pacifier from falling to the floor and I can grab it if I reach back while driving.


Lolly     at 7:10 pm

Once you start walking with Cullen in the stroller, remember to consider that hands free dog walking belt I told you about. Having two free hands is really useful and makes everything easier. Great post, you are so relatable.
I would advise you to take on some sort of sleep training really soon.


Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction     at 7:26 pm

Your dogs are adorable! Were you ever scared at first to have them around Cullen when you first brought him home? My dog wouldn’t hurt a fly, but I’m not sure if he would get jealous if/when I bring a baby home! PS. I love how Cullen is standing on a Food book! So cute :)


Marty     at 7:57 pm

Omg, that picture Cullen appearing to be laughing at you, made me chuckle so hard! He is turning into a much more expressive happy little boy! I love it! I’m glad the dogs are getting their play time, how great!

How’bout a binky on a leash?!


Katie @Creature of Habit     at 8:51 pm

I love all your posts but, as a dog person, it’s nice to hear what the pups are up to these days. My fiancé can’t wait for the day when we have enough space to have big dogs like Huey and Indy and posts like this make me agree that we are definitely missing out on some big dog lovin’.


Kathy     at 3:07 am

Cullen is just so cute and growing incredibly fast. I remember one time my daughter was somewhere around 5. She was in dance class. We were coming home one evening after class and in the car she decided to throw an absolute tantrum. I was trying to get her to settle down and was not paying much attention to the road. Apparently a police car had been following me and after about a mile he pulled me over for going too fast in a neighborhood (45 in a 25). Needless to say I got a $85 fine and my daughter got the evil eye for the distraction. (I was bad & told her I should have told the police man to take her to jail for throwing a tantrum) So, be prepared – car trips just keep gettin better… LOL


Aubre Rice     at 5:00 am

I just had to commet….I had a very dependent baby just like Cullen. All I can tell you about the naps is that you must must must MAKE him nap. I had to do this with my guy. I would literally lay him down next to me on my bed and hold him, crying and flailing, until he fell asleep. I hated the crying but KNEW that the nap was going to become routine and he needed to get used to the process and timing. Yes, it was stressful, but eventually he did fall asleep and it resulted in a nap for him and I….and a nice evening when daddy got home since he was refreshed. I did this everyday without fail. What I can tell you is that it is WORTH IT. My guy is 4 now and STILL naps everyday and it’s just routine. Yes, I had to put up with crying for many months as I laid him down for nap, but I never just let him cry it out, I was always right there with my arm around him and singing. He always fell asleep eventually, and so did I. Hang in there, it DOES get better and if you stick with it, a routine will be established.


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 7:21 am

That second to last laughing picture is just awesome. How adorable. Sorry for the driving mishaps. It’s stressful enough when you don’t have a screaming baby so I can’t imagine. My niece LOVES my dogs (she’s 1) and thinks it is so funny when they play fight.


Lydia     at 7:38 am

Those faces on Cullen are priceless! As a mom to 4 children who are now 10, 10, 7, and 7, I can tell you how much you will appreciate these photos as he gets older.
But I’m sure that you already know that!
Lydia :)


Mary     at 2:14 pm

Hi Emily! I have a 6 week old and just got the ergo with the infant insert. I was wondering if you would be able to do a video of yourself getting Cullen in the ergo with the baby blanket instead of the infant insert? I find the insert to be really bulky and awkward but can’t figure out another way to make it work!


Clare     at 6:49 pm

What a gorgeous baby; he’s looking so grown-up now!

My 7 year old had similar sleep habits when he was a baby. Although he eventually went on to be a good night-time sleeper he never really seemed to understand the need for naps. Be prepared for a very busy little boy :)


Robyn     at 7:11 pm

I just wanted to pop in and say how much I LOVE following your journey as a mom! I have a little boy who is almost exactly a month older than Cullen, (my first too) and has a very similar temperament. Definitely all boy :) Your an amazing inspiration, and I appreciate your realness! Its nice seeing someone else going through the ups and downs too, and gives me a fresh perspective on things.

My little guy has decided he is not down with nap time either, so I cant wait to read your post about that!

Keep up the great work!


Anna Crouch     at 1:13 pm

Gosh! He is just so darn cute! I’m from Seattle too…and go to SPU (right down the street basically) so its funny to hear you talk about the Freemont Bridge, because I drive across it everyday! Or at Green Lake. Walked around there yesterday! Someday I’m bound to run into you, I’m sure. :)


Charlotte     at 7:59 pm

Ohhhh he is so adorable it makes my uterus hurt. Seriously pictures and blogs like this make me think “screw my marathon plans. Let’s make a baby” haha


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