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    A Look Back.


It was one of those perfect Seattle weekends.  Beautiful sunshine and warmish temps – very unexpected in March!  Cullen and I took advantage and headed to Greenlake for a loooong walk on Saturday.

2012-03-22 14.06.14

We looped in our stroller with a Gatorade on board, while dad ran 18 miles in the opposite direction.  We provided fuel and high fives each time he passed!

2012-03-23 11.46.41

Back at home, the pups took advantage of any sunny spots they could find.  Poor Huey is so tired of his cone!

2012-03-23 15.23.07

Cullen treated us by sleeping until 7am on Sunday morning, which is the latest he has slept in months!  Unfortunately, Casey had to head into the office and work all day, so Cullen and I were on our own for the afternoon.

I had hoped to do a good long training run this weekend, but without anyone to watch Cullen I had to take him along for the ride. 

2012-03-25 12.46.30

I’ll write more about this soon, but running with Cullen is not quite as simple as just strapping him in and heading out.  We covered about 3.5 miles – not nearly as far or fast as I’d hope, but it was the best I could do given the circumstances. 

After heading home for a shower and some playtime, I packed my sidekick back up and headed out to the Fremont Sunday Market.

2012-03-25 14.24.49

This market is more of an arts market than a farmer’s market – jewelry, clothing, antiques, furniture, funky food products, delicious food trucks, flowers, and more.  I try to get there every Sunday!

2012-03-25 14.25.02

The food trucks all looked and smelled delicious.  One of them had an amazing vegan plate of Indian food complete with freshly made naan, but I didn’t think I could maneuver eating it with my grabby baby attached, so I had to pass.

2012-03-25 14.33.50

Instead, we finished up at the market and walked down to PCC – our local health food grocery store.  I grabbed a new kombucha I hadn’t tried before (and didn’t like it).

2012-03-25 14.58.35

And plopped down on the serpentine wall by the water to soak up a little sun with my baby. 

2012-03-25 14.58.58

The only thing better than a sunny day by the water in Seattle is the addition of chocolate.  These Taza chocolates are hands down my favorite brand ever.  Dangerously addictive. 

2012-03-25 15.00.21

I also grabbed a few other things we were out of – just as much as I could carry home with me.

2012-03-25 15.05.51

Back home, I made blueberry walnut banana bread while Cullen napped.  And then I proceeded to eat the entire loaf.  Oops!

2012-03-25 16.17.24

Casey finally finished up his work around 5, and headed home to spend the evening with me and C.  Is there anything more exciting than Home Depot on a Sunday night?

2012-03-25 17.32.07

Yes, actually there is – and it is Whole Foods.  Finished up my weekend with a giant box of WF hot bar and stuffed myself silly.

2012-03-25 18.34.47

Another weekend gone by too quickly.  I am so grateful that the sun came out and reminded me how beautiful it is here, and that summer is just around the corner. 

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Anna @ On Anna's Plate     at 7:53 am

I’m looking forward to your post about running with Cullen– this is something I’ve started thinking about now that we’re so close to having our baby (39.5 weeks!). My sister runs with her kiddo in the BOB, but when I go with her and we alternate pushing the stroller, I’m always amazed by how much more quickly I tire out!! Even with a stroller as runner-friendly as the BOB, it gets exhausting!!!


Amanda     at 7:53 am

I love that flavor of Taza chocolate – the texture and the whole spicy/salty/sweet combo is phenomenal!

Sounds like a great weekend!


Victoria (District Chocoholic)     at 7:54 am

Taza’s salted almond disc is without a doubt their best. Very soft with a slight nutty edge and just the right amount of salt. Must have.


Jeanelle @ Glocal Girl     at 8:03 am

I know what you mean about the sun! I live in the Netherlands right now and it has JUST started to warm up. This weekend we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine, and it put me in an amazing mood. I spent the weekend riding my bicycle, blogging and running!


Alyssa @ fit and fun in third     at 8:03 am

Looks like a nice little weekend! I give you such props for being able to run 3.5 miles with Cullen…. Although I don’t have any kids yet, it amazes me whenever I see someone with a running stroller!


Emilie @ Emilie's Enjoyables     at 8:03 am

I absolutely love that Taza chocolate, the texture is so great!


Stacey     at 8:05 am

I’m sorry your training runs with Cullen aren’t going as well as you planned! Speaking of running, I can’t wait to hear more about how your training has been going lately. And is Casey gearing up for a marathon soon? An 18-mile run has marathon written all over it ;-) I was obsessively reading your Flying Pig recaps last night as I was making the decision on what my first marathon should be (you totally have me scared for the hills at miles 5-8, by the way). I need to sneak in one ASAP to get a qualifying time for Boston next year and made the final decision this morning – it’s a go! Although I’d more easily qualify on the flat course nearby in Providence on the same day, my best friend is running the Flying Pig half and it’s on her birthday… so it’s going to be a fun weekend! :)

And I agree with you on Taza! It’s amazing! I love the texture. I’m glad it’s made it’s way all the way to Seattle! Their factory is actually a 10 minute walk from my apartment… and they have free samples… needless-to-say I’ve gotten my stomach’s fill! Next time you’re in the Boston area you should go check it out. They do factory tours.


Katie @ Creature of Habit     at 8:07 am

Are there any brands of Kombucha you would recommend? My mom swears by that stuff but I’ve never been able to get over the smell of the ones she drinks. I’m usually a very adventurous eater, too.


Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More     at 8:19 am

I will now be on the hunt for Taza chocolate!


Aylin     at 8:24 am

That’s how it always is here. Just when you can’t take it anymore, there’s one or two sunny days that you hang onto as you plunge back into a rain cycle. Seattle weather is definitely something you have to bear at times. But camaraderie really helps. If you are home alone with a baby, I can imagine it’s really tough. But if you slog through it out and about, and you see others doing so too, it’s more of an “we are getting through this crap again” feeling, which helps. My advice for what it’s worth to make sure you are seeing people enough one way or another.


Fran     at 8:32 am

Nice work on the 3.5 miles! That sounds like a wonderful start :) It will get easier with time! Lucia was Cullen’s age when I began runing with her in the stroller-almost 3 years ago. Just to give you an idea, if we can’t run outside, Lu would rather sit in the BOB and have me push her around the track (5 laps equals a mile,) with her fruit snacks and blanket instead of going to the “Kids Klub” where she can play. I love (and sometimes dislike) having her- “MOM! Catch that guy!” Ugh! LOL!

AND, just wait until after you’ve put in some miles with the stroller and go for a run solo. You will feel super fast! Keep it up!

And that WF hot bar food looks to die for. They just opened up one in my area…I will have to go check it out!


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 8:42 am

Wowza does that bread look amazing. I probably would have had the whole loaf, too!


Chase - the CHASE project     at 8:43 am

That sounds like my kind of weekend!


Noelle (@singerinkitchen)     at 8:46 am

Cullen has a head of hair on him! My little girl barely has any yet haha! It sounds like you had a great time outdoors. I take advantage on weekends to be out pretty much all the time. I am cooped up most of the time during the week.


Samantha     at 8:48 am

The loaf you made looks amazing! :) Makes me want to bake something fun.


Ingunn     at 9:11 am

This was definitely one of those weekends that make up for weeks (and weeks and weeks) of rain. I’m glad you were able to get out, it must be so challenging to get anything done on those days when it’s just you and Cullen.


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed     at 9:11 am

Aw, poor Huey! Looks like a fun weekend. I can’t imagine running with a stroller, doing it without is hard enough! Just think of it as cross training… like a sort of separate exercise. It can only make your solo running stronger.

Would you believe I’ve still never tried the WF’s hot bar even though so many bloggers are obsessed? I need to get on this!


Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats     at 9:13 am

The sun was gorgeous! Thanks for talking about the Fremont Sunday Market. I am definitely planning a trip there soon!


Alison     at 9:19 am

It looks like it was a lovely weekend! We enjoyed the sun up here too. I’m curious about the flavour of that chocolate – salt and pepper?? I love dark chocolate with salt, but what’s the pepper like?


Sara @ Nik Naks and Noms     at 9:25 am

Wow, I’m amazed that you ate a whole loaf of banana bread in one day. That is awesome! Haha. It does look mighty delicious, I could go for a piece right now.


Emily McIntyre     at 9:28 am

What a wonderful weekend! My husband and I celebrated our three-year anniversary by leaving 2-month-old Eire with her grandparents (only the second time) and watching a movie.

I always enjoy your posts!


Nichole     at 9:29 am

My baby HATES the car seat which makes her HATE the BOB stroller right now. I’ve attempted running with her and get about a block before I can’t take her screaming anymore. Any tips are welcome!!


Carrie     at 9:49 am

What a great weekend, glad the weather cooperated!

Looking forward to your post about running with a baby. I’m not a mother yet, but hopefully will be in the next year or two, so I am thankful for blogs that talk about these sorts of things. :)


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats     at 9:55 am

oh gosh, I would have eaten the entire loaf of that bread too! I can’t remember the last time I had some delicious bread.


Heather (Heather's Dish)     at 9:55 am

doesn’t chocolate just make everything better? ;) i can’t wait to take Weston to markets and on hikes soon! there’s really nothing like colorado in the summertime!


Alaina     at 9:55 am

I live in the same town where the Taza factory is! I love their funky flavors. My favorite are the dark chocolate covered cashews!


Katy Widrick     at 10:00 am

Have you guys done the tour at Theo’s Chocolate yet? I *loved* it!


bitt     at 10:04 am

I didn’t like the brand of kombucha either, ick.

Have you been to the U district year-round farmer’s market yet? They are more focused on food, I don’t think there is any art.


Kamaile     at 10:10 am

If you ever re-create that curry tofu I spy in your Whole Foods box I would LOVE the recipe. It’s my favorite thing on their bar. Cullen is super cute!!!!!!!


Gina (Yogattude)     at 10:22 am

I must have just missed you on Saturday, I was there around 1:30 (and then got cupcakes!) Have you been to Cake Envy on the north side of GL? Although only one option…they do offer a vegan (and GF) cupcake. If you ever want to walk (and perhaps get a cupcake), let me know…I’m usually bored weekend afternoons (especially with Mick in his last semester and prepping for the Bar in July).


Coco     at 10:30 am

Looks like an amazing weekend! Too bad Casey wasn’t there to hang out with you guys the whole time- but the weather definitely looks perfect for a stroll through the market :) Your bread look great- blueberry and walnuts.. yumm! Enjoy the week!


Daniela     at 10:37 am

I started reading your blog because of the food, but I absolutely LOVE reading about Cullen! I’m almost a bit sad when there is a post without a picture of him. What a cutie… Do we get to see a recipe of the blueberry loaf or is it already somewhere on your website?


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 10:42 am

Isn’t is great to be able to soak up the warmth and sunshine again? Your weekend looked similar to mine. Lots of outdoor time, farmers market and of course Home Depot!


Amber K     at 10:49 am

I can’t wait for the weather to get a bit nicer so that my local Farmer’s market starts up. Best veggies ever!


Kamila     at 10:50 am

I want the recipe for that bread!! It looks delicious!!


Heidi from BundlesofHugs     at 11:15 am

What a nice a weekend you had. I hope you plan on posting the recipe for that blueberry bread it looks delicious. We’re already pretty vegetarian and I’m learning to go more vegan as I found out my little guy has an egg and dairy allergy. Countless books read this is the healthiest lifestyle out there. Anyway, hope to see that recipe!


Ellie @ healthy belly ellie     at 11:20 am

I too had a Whole Foods box for dinner last night! So delicious! So many choices!!


Natalie     at 11:24 am

Emily, I absolutely love reading your blog. I am from the northwest but am now living in the midwest. I had my first son about a month after you had Cullen and every time I read something about Cullen it seems predict what will happen with my little guy. In addition to theses similarities, I thoroughly enjoy cooking your delicious and healthy meals. Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences!


Ali @ Peaches and Football     at 11:32 am

I agree with others – the bread looks delicious. Even if you weren’t able to run as far/fast with the wee one, it’s got to feel good to be out and about getting in fresh air. And good for Casey for the 18 miles. Does he have any marathons coming up? I laughed at myself when you said dad went for an 18mile run. Took me a second to register that as Casey :)


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 12:18 pm

The Whole Foods near my parents’ house in Colorado has a walnut currant bread that is absolutely delicious. Slathered in earth balance it is one of my favorite snacks.


Vanessa     at 1:44 pm

Did you really eat the whole loaf? I thought it was only me who did things like that. Good to know I’m not alone.


Kim     at 2:12 pm

Do you have a recipe to share for that bread?!!


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 2:16 pm

Aww, Huey looks so sad! Haha

I have seen that mexican chocolate recently and almost got it!! I definitely will look out for it again now.


Jenn     at 2:47 pm

Bread = mouth watering…



kath     at 5:37 pm

Cullen is looking more and more like Casey!


Ash Bear     at 6:28 pm

I just found out today that I’m going to Seattle for work in June!! I so hope we can enjoy a long walk together or at least lunch. Cullen is growing more and more adorable each day!


Laura     at 6:37 pm

Glad I’m not the only one who proceeds to eat the entire loaf whenever I bake! Such a guilty pleasure. Sounds like a great weekend all around!


Liz @ iheartvegetables     at 6:57 pm

Blueberry walnut banana bread?! That sounds AMAZING!!!! Why have I never had such a delicious loaf?!


Kylee     at 10:08 pm

The Taza chocolate factory is walking distance from my house :) If you ever visit Boston, it’s over near Tufts University! It’s ish 5-10 dollars a person for a walking tour and you get to try a bunch of chocolate samples!


Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction     at 6:01 am

Cullen has the bluest eyes ever! What a cutie! :)


Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Pepper     at 7:05 am

What a wonderful day! I wish the weatehr in CA would be as nice. It was cold and rainy all weekend!! This is the third crappy weekend in a row!


Brittany     at 8:25 am

I just found your blog while searching for a vegan black bean burger recipe. I am soo in love with your site! I live across the water in Silverdale and visit Seattle often. I was in Seattle on Saturday for Vegfest and have to agree the weather was amazing towards the middle of the day.

You and your family are adorable, and I look forward to reading more on your site!


Sarah     at 8:31 am

Ah, I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog, Emily! I just moved to Seattle in July from NY to pursue my masters in Nutrition. Sometimes I fantasize about having gone the culinary route but I’m enjoying teaching myself and learning in my own kitchen. Your writing is right up my alley. I love all things food, cooking, nutrition, and running related. I can’t wait to explore your recipes and exercise tips:) Thanks for sharing!


Heather T.     at 4:44 pm

We took a trip to Home Depot with our little one this weekend too! I have an (almost) 7 month old boy, and I love reading your blog to read about you and Cullen :) I’m jealous of Cullen’s teeth, I’m still waiting for my teething baby Logan to get one!


Lee     at 7:18 pm

Is that giraffe (in the first picture) a hot item in the baby world? I just saw my 6-month old cousin and they left theirs at my mom’s house and had to come back for it because she needed it and now I have seen it on like 3 blogs! It’s everywhere!


hk     at 8:44 am

oooh! is there a recipe for your blueberry walnut banana loaf? Clearly, I’m just asking for the opportunity to eat an entire loaf myself, too!!

yum!! would love to bake your version!! would love your recipe! thanks!!


Marie     at 10:23 pm

Seriously one of the most beautiful babies I’ve seen! So cute! Love his eyes!


Gabrielle     at 11:09 am

Omigosh, is that WF fried chicken tofu? My local WF hot bar doesn’t have it, but the one closer to Atlanta has tons of hot tofu! And cold. I love the tofu.

Also… looks like you got Field Roast Frankfurters, yes? I love those, but they’re so salty. I need to try them again. :)


Sejal M     at 6:12 pm


Helpful stuff ;)


Emily Malone Reply:

Great link! Thank you!!


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