It was one of those perfect Seattle weekends.  Beautiful sunshine and warmish temps – very unexpected in March!  Cullen and I took advantage and headed to Greenlake for a loooong walk on Saturday.

2012-03-22 14.06.14

We looped in our stroller with a Gatorade on board, while dad ran 18 miles in the opposite direction.  We provided fuel and high fives each time he passed!

2012-03-23 11.46.41

Back at home, the pups took advantage of any sunny spots they could find.  Poor Huey is so tired of his cone!

2012-03-23 15.23.07

Cullen treated us by sleeping until 7am on Sunday morning, which is the latest he has slept in months!  Unfortunately, Casey had to head into the office and work all day, so Cullen and I were on our own for the afternoon.

I had hoped to do a good long training run this weekend, but without anyone to watch Cullen I had to take him along for the ride. 

2012-03-25 12.46.30

I’ll write more about this soon, but running with Cullen is not quite as simple as just strapping him in and heading out.  We covered about 3.5 miles – not nearly as far or fast as I’d hope, but it was the best I could do given the circumstances. 

After heading home for a shower and some playtime, I packed my sidekick back up and headed out to the Fremont Sunday Market.

2012-03-25 14.24.49

This market is more of an arts market than a farmer’s market – jewelry, clothing, antiques, furniture, funky food products, delicious food trucks, flowers, and more.  I try to get there every Sunday!

2012-03-25 14.25.02

The food trucks all looked and smelled delicious.  One of them had an amazing vegan plate of Indian food complete with freshly made naan, but I didn’t think I could maneuver eating it with my grabby baby attached, so I had to pass.

2012-03-25 14.33.50

Instead, we finished up at the market and walked down to PCC – our local health food grocery store.  I grabbed a new kombucha I hadn’t tried before (and didn’t like it).

2012-03-25 14.58.35

And plopped down on the serpentine wall by the water to soak up a little sun with my baby. 

2012-03-25 14.58.58

The only thing better than a sunny day by the water in Seattle is the addition of chocolate.  These Taza chocolates are hands down my favorite brand ever.  Dangerously addictive. 

2012-03-25 15.00.21

I also grabbed a few other things we were out of – just as much as I could carry home with me.

2012-03-25 15.05.51

Back home, I made blueberry walnut banana bread while Cullen napped.  And then I proceeded to eat the entire loaf.  Oops!

2012-03-25 16.17.24

Casey finally finished up his work around 5, and headed home to spend the evening with me and C.  Is there anything more exciting than Home Depot on a Sunday night?

2012-03-25 17.32.07

Yes, actually there is – and it is Whole Foods.  Finished up my weekend with a giant box of WF hot bar and stuffed myself silly.

2012-03-25 18.34.47

Another weekend gone by too quickly.  I am so grateful that the sun came out and reminded me how beautiful it is here, and that summer is just around the corner.