Easter Weekend.

I had been looking forward to this weekend for months!  Friday morning I was off to the airport to pick up my best friend, in town visiting from Cincinnati.  Unfortunately, Thursday night I had started showing symptoms of mastitis, and by Friday it was really kicking into gear.  So there are no pictures from the first half of our weekend, because it involved about 16 hours of what felt like the worst flu I’d ever had.

Luckily, by Saturday afternoon I was feeling better and ready to casually enjoy some sunshine (nothing too strenuous!).  My midwives had instructed me to treat myself as if I had the flu, and adjust our plans accordingly.  I thought vegan donuts sounded pretty relaxing.

2012-04-08_09.52.31 (640x480)

Followed by a lovely girls outing for pedicures.  Mine was long overdue – hadn’t had one since last summer (scary!).  Casey watched Cullen while Lindsey and I relaxed at the salon, and it was exactly what I needed.  I felt so rested and pampered afterwards!

2012-04-08_12.14.16 (640x480)

We ate a lot of fabulous food from places like Chaco Canyon, Revel, and Anita’s Crepes, but I decided to just enjoy it rather than lug along my camera.  I assure you it was all delicious.

On Easter morning, I woke up feeling almost like my old self again.  Even though we didn’t make much of a big deal of it, it was still fun to celebrate Cullen’s first Easter!

IMG_0683 (427x640)

He will have to wait until next year to hunt for eggs and dig through a basket.  Bunny ears were exciting enough for him this year.  :)

IMG_0686 (427x640) (2)

We went to Greenlake and walked a bit while Casey ran, and then we parked it on a blanket in the sun while Casey continued to loop, loop, loop (seven loops total, and 21+ miles!).  We provided cheers and Gatorade, and Cullen enjoyed rolling around in the sunshine.

2012-04-08_12.13.50 (640x480)

It was a perfect Seattle weekend, with highs in the 70’s, mountains everywhere you looked, and sunny skies all weekend long.

2012-04-08_11.38.47 (640x480)

It is always nice to have great weather, but it’s even better when you have great friends in town to share it with!

IMG_0720 (640x427)

After Casey’s long run (I skipped mine because of the mastitis), we headed home for a bit and then out and about in Fremont.  We strolled through the farmers market…

IMG_0758 (640x428)

Where Casey picked up this delicious vegan Indian plate for lunch.  YUM!  Well deserved after a crazy-long run. 

IMG_0726 (640x427)

We all sat and talked and watched the boats sail by on the canal. 

IMG_0727 (640x423)

Baby in the sunshine.

IMG_0737 (640x427)

I love getting him outside as much as I possibly can.  I hope he learns to love it as much as I do. 

IMG_0748 (640x427)

Family Easter photo!

IMG_0755 (640x427)

IMG_0756 (640x428)

Our Easter dinner was probably not considered traditional holiday food, but it was tasty and that’s all that really mattered.

IMG_0762 (640x427)

Sushi rice with blackened tofu, roasted sweet potatoes, charred broccoli, and crimini mushrooms.  All with a dash of soy sauce!

IMG_0763 (640x427)

A happy Easter, indeed.

IMG_0651 (427x640)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!