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    A Look Back.

Six Months Old.

In addition to all the other fun we were having this weekend, we were also celebrating something special.  Our little peanut turned six months old on Saturday.  Half a year – hard to believe.

IMG_1338 (640x400)

He is such a little boy now, and now that he’s starting to move around and be more independent, I have to remind myself sometimes that he’s still just a little baby.  I think he thinks he’s already about three years old!

IMG_1249 (427x640)

Before becoming a parent, I had no idea that his personality and silly little quirks would be so apparent so early.  I figured he’d a baby for at least the first year, and his personality would evolve has he became a toddler.  Boy was I wrong.  He is so full of life and love already, and he already knows what he likes and dislikes, what makes him laugh, and what makes him think “stop taking pictures of me, mom.”

IMG_1274 (427x640)

In the past month he has gone from starting to army crawl to full blown mobility.  Every day he gets faster and is trying something new.  His latest trick is to try to stand on things.  Check out those thighs!

IMG_1283 (427x640)

It’s amazing to me how much his appearance has changed over the past six months.  I look back at his early baby pictures and almost don’t recognize him, which makes me sort of sad. 

Here he is at one month with darker skin and features, and ridiculous old man hair…

IMG_4170 (427x640)

At three months he had lightened up a bit and finally had some hair growing in…

IMG_7702 (427x640)

And today, at six months he has light blue eyes, ghostly pale skin, and a floppy mop of reddish brown hair.  Clearly I am biased, but I feel like he gets cuter every single day.

IMG_1333 (640x426)

This is his new favorite facial expression – big blown up cheeks and smile that makes him look like a little frog.  It kills me. 

IMG_1304 (640x422)

Now that he has the run of the house, he’s no longer interested in the many many toys we have strewn about every room.  New favorite things include shoes (the dirtier the better), cords, wagging dog tails, door stoppers, and water bottles.  Nothing makes him happier than chasing a half-full Sodastream bottle around the floor. 

IMG_1307 (640x427)

I know that once babies are crawling and standing, life gets much more complicated.  While I’m already finding that to be true (time to babyproof), it is also so much more fun. 

Most of the time, I feel like I get to spend my days hanging out with my best friend.  We take lots of long walks, spend afternoons with friends, play in the parks and go to the zoo, and we have so much fun together.  I feel so incredibly lucky to get to spend my days at home with him, and I try not to ever take it for granted. 

IMG_1334 (640x426)

Six months sounds really old in baby-time, and yet at the same time it’s hard to believe our lives have become this full in just half a year.  I can’t really remember life before Cullen, and I definitely can’t imagine life without him. 

IMG_1351 (640x427)

Six Month Rundown:

  • Solid Food:  Started!  Still just oatmeal cereal until after we move.
  • Stroller Running:  Getting better – can do 4 miles with no walking!
  • Car Seat:  Getting better.  A lot less screaming these days.
  • Bottles:  Pretty much giving up and moving onto sippy cups.
  • House:  Moving to our new one this Saturday!
  • Weight:  17 pounds at yesterday’s appointment!
  • Likes: Crawling around naked, bedtime songs, splashing in the bathtub, chasing balls, staring at other babies, chewing on tags.
  • Dislikes: When mom picks his nose, having his diaper changed, getting dressed, naptime.

IMG_1352 (640x426)

For more parenting posts and updates, you can check out the parenting page!

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Catherine     at 10:04 am

Emily, I still remember waking up in the morning you were in labor and checking Twitter! In fact #babymalone is still one of my saved searches. What a gorgeous son, and so glad to hear you all are doing. I can’t wait to hear more about how Cullen likes your new house!


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}     at 10:06 am

Wow–6 months already?! He is just adorable. I’m glad you are enjoying all your precious moments together. As I’m sure you already can tell, it goes by fast.


Ashley     at 10:07 am

Oh my gosh!! Those legs…and cheeks!!! LOVE


Kelli H (Made in Sonoma)     at 10:08 am

He’s so darn cute!


Chase - the CHASE project     at 10:09 am

I love that his favorite toy is a rolling soda stream bottle. Ha! I laughed out loud.


Hannah     at 10:10 am

I love your little frog!! He looks just like BOTH of you, which is awesome.


Sara @ Nik Naks and Noms     at 10:11 am

So precious! Our baby has no interest in her toys now that she can move as well. She just wants everything she’s not supposed to play with! Ha.

Just a note, make sure to pop the little rubber parts of the door stops off so he can’t! They’re a choking hazard!


Emily Malone Reply:

YES. Learned that one the hard way. Looked over and saw him sticking the rubber piece in his mouth and nearly had a heart attack. Looking online for some that are all-in-one, because he won’t stop going after them!


Sara @ Nik Naks and Noms Reply:

What a sneaky little guy!


kelly     at 10:18 am

He is so advanced!! My daughter is only a week behind him and her biggest talent is sitting unassisted. It is crazy how different babies develop at different paces!! :)


April Reply:

I was thinking the same thing Kelly!
Wow, Emily Cullen is just adorbs:)
My little guy will be 6 months on Friday, and i know what you mean when looking at newborn pics, i got sad too:=


Leslie     at 10:19 am

And here’s some news for you…it just gets better and better! Can you even imagine? My 3 are all in their 20s, and I still love being around them more than anyone else! Cullen is utterly, heartbreakingly adorable!!!


Amy     at 10:21 am

I love reading these updates! My baby boy is just 2 weeks old, so I feel like I’m getting a glimpse of the future. Cullen is so cute!!


Emilie @ Emilie's Enjoyables     at 10:22 am

he is so adorable Emily!! And he definitely does just keep getting cuter :)


Jas     at 10:23 am

He is just adorable…i can’t believe how mobile he is. My son is about 2-3 weeks younger than Cullen and not so mobile. As a matter of fact he still has not rolled over ..I keep saying that he is my lazy boy.
But I found myself in your post :) I can’t believe that my little one is almost 6 months and like you said I don’t even remember life before him and I can’t imagine life withough him. They are so much fun these days but I wish I couls slow down time just a bit :) good luck with the move and can’t wait to see pictures of your new place :)


Emily Malone Reply:

I know a few other babies his age who are also just starting to roll over. They are all so different!


Shanna, like Banana     at 10:24 am

Cullen is so stinkin’ cute it kills me. He’s beyond precious!

Our lil one is about to turn 4 months and I’m loving every minute of his growth :)


Tami Jo Eaton     at 10:29 am

Love that face! When my son was a toddler he would make the “scrunchy face”. It’s not quite the same, now that he is 7, so take lots of pictures, they grow up way too fast.


Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength     at 10:31 am

What is with the nose wiping? You’d think I was trying to kill my son when I’m wiping/picking his boogies! :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Yes! Sounds like he’s being murdered! I bought Boogie Wipes, which make it better, but it’s still awful.


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 10:33 am

You have one of the cutest babies ever. Omg hes precious!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 10:34 am

He seriously is a really cute baby. I think a lot of babies look the same and get cuter as they get older, but he’s been adorable since day one. I can’t believe he’s 6 months old either. I really feel like it was so recently when I read about your labor and delivery. He’s very expressive and super photogenic. He’s such a cutie pie. Don’t you love baby sneezes? My niece turned one in February and my favorite thing was watching her sneeze. So cute but maybe I’m weird.


Liz     at 10:37 am

Oh, he is just so sweet! I love that he’s getting the red hair & those thighs are the sweetest pudgy baby legs – ha! :D


Julie     at 10:38 am

You may be biased but you’re also right- he is such a cute little boy! Love seeing your updates and pictures, his sweet little face and your love for him is such a joy to see


Michaela     at 10:40 am

you are not biased: he DOES get cuter and cuter!!


melissa     at 11:10 am

I can’t believe I have never commented because I am so obsessed with Cullen–in a non-stalker way. He is hands down the cutest baby I have ever seen, and I am not even a baby person. I love his smiles and hilarious expressions–like the one with the soda stream. Congrats on such an amazing baby!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thank you so much! :)


kath     at 11:15 am

SO cute!


emily     at 11:18 am


How many teeth now, Emily?


Emily Malone Reply:

Still just the bottom two!


Felicia (Natural + Balanced)     at 11:21 am

always reading your updates and don’t comment much, but oh my gosh..he is just the cutest. isn’t it funny how babies can entertain themselves with anything? who needs a ton of toys when you have shoes and water bottles- seriously!! big money and space saver ;)


Carrie     at 11:28 am

I know you hear this all of the time, but he is SO cute! I love all of his facial expressions!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 11:30 am

Ahhhh! I love his little facial expressions and legs! So cute! I think the fun really started when my kids became mobile. Trust me, it just keeps getting better and better with every milestone! Enjoy every minute!


Noelle (@singerinkitchen)     at 11:30 am

I love that LAST picture. Bum pic! :-)


Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)     at 11:38 am

I can’t believe how mobile he is! Hailey has zero interest in crawling. I like that she still stays where I put her (for the most part), but agree that mobility will bring in a lot of fun, too :)
Oh, I also agree that C gets cuter everyday!


KATHY     at 11:41 am



Hope     at 11:48 am

It’s so true! As my babies get older I love them even more, even though I thought yesterday I loved them as much as possible. Parenthood is hard but it is underrated in terms of just how much FUN it can be :)


RachelSD     at 11:51 am

Wow, that six months has gone fast! He’s really cute- you’re right, he really looks like a little boy now. :)


Stephanie @ LoveLaughterLight     at 12:33 pm

Your caption for the last photo should have been, “The End.”



Ellen     at 12:47 pm

Wow Emily. I remember reading all about your pregnancy and birthing process. How time flies! Happy six month mark to Cullen and mom! I hope all goes well with moving! He’s blessed to have a mother like you. :)


Heidi from BundlesofHugs     at 12:47 pm

Awww he is such a cutie! I don’t why I thought the first year would be totally infant baby too. They are so much fun!


Alison     at 1:00 pm

Happy 6 months to all of you! The pictures show just what a joy it’s been. :)


Emily     at 1:17 pm

He is so cute! I love all your family updates – thanks so much for sharing with us all :)
& 4 miles of stroller running is excellent – it looks like pretty hard work when I see mom’s doing it around our local park.


Meagan     at 1:37 pm

HE IS so much bigger! And the darker skin thing is interesting… I wonder if that happens with other babies too? He’s definitely getting really cute. I think he looks like Casey… what do you think?


Emily Malone Reply:

No idea about the skin thing! Haha we actually just had this conversation. I think he looks like me, but everyone else thinks he looks like Casey. :)


Jen     at 1:38 pm

Love a baby in a baseball hat. So cute…he is starting to look like such a little person.

ps we were at secrets last week in mexico and the sunscreen kept reminding me of you…haha so random.


Emily Malone Reply:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SECREEEEEETS. Which one did you go to? Secrets Capri? I am literally dying of jealousy right now – for both the trip and the sunscreen.


Jen Reply:

Yes Secrets Capri!.. and now I’m back in beautiful, freezing Cincinnati…


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 1:54 pm

Oh Emily, this was just so beautiful! Tony and I were just talking about how we feel like our kids are our best friends. Crazy how much joy, love and friendship they bring to our lives. Keep that and cherish it. I can’t believe that my oldest will be out of our house in 4 1/2 years. I’m soaking in every second I have with my buddies here!

Oh and hubba hubba, those thighs are hot! Love them!


Hallie (@ChasingHallie)     at 2:03 pm

He is such a little charmer! Too cute. And so completely different looking than his 1 month. Molly (6mo in 2 weeks) looks exactly the same. So funny.

M hates the car seat too and has started to stop screaming but every now and then. Crazy babies!

Curious how you do baths…still in the sink? In the actual bath tub? We are struggling to find the best set up.


Susan Fine     at 2:15 pm

i remember well when my sons had those chunky thighs, and i thought to myself, wow, this is the one time in your life when your doctor congratulates you for thighs like that! he looks great — so healthy and happy. loved also the photos of your remarkable new kitchen! can’t wait for a post all about it once you have settled in.


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats     at 2:19 pm

He really is the most adorable little thing, thank you so much for sharing these last 6 months with us!!! Haha and maybe it’s a good thing he doesn’t like his diaper being changed, perhaps that means he’ll be more quick about potty training! hopefully…


Cristen     at 2:19 pm

I’ve been having a rough go of it lately and I just want to say that pics of Cullen absolutely brighten my day. How can you not smile or laugh when you see that precious little face and his cute little facial expressions?


Brittany @ Delights and Delectables     at 3:22 pm

He is adorable! Love the updates!!


Diana @ frontyardfoodie     at 3:25 pm

I love love love love his chunky thighs. I hope my next one gets chubby legs! Avery never did, skinny boy, and he just keeps getting taller and skinnier!


Coco     at 3:51 pm

Holy Handsome!!! He is growing so quickly- and the froggy face is adorable! Happy half Birthday Cullen!!


Lissa     at 4:21 pm

He is just the cutest little guy!!!!! Makes me smile seeing that happy face. Thanks for sharing.


Army Amy*     at 4:47 pm

He’s changed so much in such a short amount of time!*


Kat     at 5:01 pm

I love his chubby little 6 month old legs


Robyn     at 5:43 pm

Little chubby baby thighs are my favorite! Before my little man was born, I thought I would always have shorts or pants on him, because just onesies didnt look cute. Now though, I hardly ever put pants on him when we are hanging out at home! I love watching him kick his chubby baby legs!!

Oh and good luck with moving! We are staring down a move in the next month, and I cant wait to hear how it goes for you, and any tips you figure out with your little man along the way!


Shari     at 5:48 pm

What an amazing, beautiful six months you’ve had. Wishing you so many more memories that will last a lifetime! :)


Kristen     at 11:44 pm

SUCH a cutie!! Love his thighs :-) I can’t believe he’s already 6 months old!


Natasha     at 6:07 am

He makes me clench my jaw reeeeeally tight he’s so beautiful! He must be the best snuggler ever…Happy 6MO little man!


Errign     at 6:10 am

Gosh, he’s getting so big. Still as cute as ever, too :)


Tracy     at 6:30 am

Love reading your Cullen updates! And of course your recipes too..you have added lots of spice to our meals :) pun intended!


jessica kiehn     at 6:35 am

Love how he actually looks at the camera and SMILES. That first picture is just too much! He’s such a little ham! He’s got happiness written all over him.


Shannon Bell     at 7:09 am

He’s so cute and chunky :-) This is enough to give anyone baby fever!


Heather (Cake and Green Beans)     at 8:47 am

What delicious thighs!!! Oh he is just so precious. I am due in 2 1/2 weeks and am having a boy, so keeping up with your blog makes me all the more excited. Hope the move is going well.


Amber K     at 9:50 am

It’s crazy how different babies look from one month to six months. And when they get older you can still see them in their baby pictures, and it’s amazing to think how they grow up.


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 10:03 am

He really is so stinkin’ cute. You’re not biased.


Angela     at 10:50 am

Oh my gosh he is such an angel. Your family is so blessed!

I have to say my jaw dropped over the 6 month mark…how has it been 6 months already??


Sarah     at 11:26 am

This is totally unrelated, but look…Pioneer Woman went to Revel! http://thepioneerwoman.com/blog/2012/04/seattle-with-my-sister/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+thepioneerwoman+%28Confessions+of+a+Pioneer+Woman%29&utm_content=Google+Reader
Made me think of you!


Emily Malone Reply:

I can’t believe she went the ONE day I didn’t go there this week! So awesome! Literally one block from my house.


Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More     at 7:31 pm

You might take a look at the crotch strap in his car seat. It may need to be moved forward. Could be squishing his business.


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha I think he’s just bored in the car. He wears huge bulky cloth diapers. I think his business is pretty cushioned. :)


Debbi     at 8:15 am

I love reading your blog and trying your recipes. But I love seeing Cullen grow, my “babies” are 40 & 43, oh how I miss the baby stuff. Even my grandchildren are big now. So, Cullen has become my baby fix. Love the downward dog picture – I remember my two thinking they could do that. Just enjoy each and everything he does – even the screaming and crying!


elizabeth     at 9:50 am

He really is getting cuter every single day! And by looking at the pictures, he does seem older than just 6mo, with such a big personality! Good luck with the move. :)


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 10:08 am

Oh man, I love to booty shot at the end! He is so stinking CUTE!!


Brittany     at 8:35 pm

Loved this post. Mr. Cullen is too cute. :)


Emily @ Life on Food     at 4:13 pm

Look at that head of hair. He sure is handsome.


Eryn     at 10:59 am

I stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it!! I read all of your pregnancy weeks and Cullen’s birth story….just sat here bawling the whole time! I am 13 weeks pregnant and have no idea what to expect. Thanks for being so honest and taking so many great pictures! I am going to go hunt for those Joe’s maternity jeans…..

Ballard Mama-to-be:)


Sarah K     at 9:05 pm

He’s such an adorable little man. I can’t believe he’s 6 months already!


Bethany @ Accidental Intentions     at 8:19 pm

He certainly has grown up! It’s been fun to witness it on this end of the blog — especially since it involves a lot less of the not fun stuff ;)


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