This was one of those great weekends where we packed so much in, it felt a lot longer than just two days.  Friday night I officially became the last person in the world to discover the joys of Instagram.  We had a movie night on the couch with the pups. 

IMG_20120414_205845 (640x640)

I made a simple spinach salad with miso dressing – my favorite.

IMG_0958 (640x427)

Followed by my favorite dish in all of Seattle – the tofu rice bowl from Revel.  We are moving in a few weeks and I will lose the luxury of having my favorite restaurant quite literally around the corner.  Eating as much of it as I can now!

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Saturday morning we were up early to enjoy the warm temperatures and sunshine at Greenlake.  I did my long run while Casey jogged with Cullen next to me.  It was so fun to all run together as a family!  We looped twice, with a bit of a walking break in between.

IMG_20120414_123530 (640x640)

Back at home, I spent the afternoon reading about baby food…

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Followed by about two hours of yard work.  I was so exhausted when I came back in – crashed hard on the sofa for a rare nap.

IMG_20120414_123354 (640x640)

Late in the afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day, and we headed out to spend a few hours in the sun.  First stop – the carwash. 

IMG_0980 (427x640)

I am notorious for leaving coffee cups and granola bars stuffed in every door and pocket – oops.  The car looks so much better now that it’s vacuumed and cleaned up again.  This was also Cullen’s first trip through a carwash – he wasn’t quite sure what to think.  His eyes got really big and he kept looking all around as the water and soap pounded the windows.

IMG_0978 (640x427)

Our final destination was Golden Gardens Park – one of my favorite spots in all of Seattle. 

IMG_0988 (426x640)

We found a nice big sunny patch and threw a blanket down on the grass.

IMG_0995 (640x427)

Cullen loves being outside around new sounds and sights.  He was pretty happy to just crawl around the blanket.

IMG_0998 (640x427)

Gorgeous sunny Saturday in one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

IMG_1010 (640x427)

Last summer I would come here and watch other families play with babies on blankets, and I would think about how much I was looking forward to that being us.  And one summer later, here we are…

Everything about this boy is pure love. I can’t believe I got so lucky.

IMG_1006 (640x428)

Little fingers discovering grass…

IMG_1020 (640x427)

A perfect way to spend the weekend.

IMG_1012 (640x427)

Sunday morning we were up early and back at Greenlake.  Cullen and I walked and provided Gatorade and high fives while Casey did his long run. 

IMG_20120415_103904 (640x640)

And in the afternoon, we were off to the ballpark!

2012-04-15 15.08.00 (640x480)

Cullen’s first baseball game!

IMG_20120415_150935 (640x640)

I wasn’t sure how he would do, and I was a little nervous going into it.  I hoped that all the sights and sounds would keep him happy and occupied.  Within a minute of hitting our seats, the crowd let out a loud cheer for a run, and I quickly realized it was going to be a very long game.  Cullen was terrified of the cheering and loud noises, and each time the crowd yelled he puffed out his bottom lip and let out a huge cry.  :(

2012-04-15_13.52.12 (640x480)

I didn’t want to subject the people around us to my crying baby, so I took him out and walked around for a while until he got a bit more used to the sounds.  I decided a full belly would probably help too.  We had a little adventure with breastfeeding at the ballpark (the full story here).

Afterward, he was content to just snuggle into the Ergo and watch the crowds around us.  He seemed to get more used to the noise as the game went on, although I wouldn’t say he loved it.

2012-04-15 15.38.26 (640x480)

Eventually he decided to take a nap, and despite the loud cheers and several home runs, he slept through about five innings.  Score!

2012-04-15 15.38.48 (480x640)

Let’s be serious here.  I think baseball is okay, but for me the whole point of going to the games is the fun of the crowd, and the stadium FOOD!  Last summer I discovered that Safeco Field is very vegetarian friendly.  We headed to an entire stand serving nothing but my beloved Field Roast veggie dogs!

2012-04-15_14.28.23 (306x408)

I got the Ichidog (named after Japanese player Ichiro) – a veggie frankfurter topped with caramelized onions, shredded carrots and daikon, nori flakes, and a drizzle of mayonnaise.  It was INSANE.  One of the best things I’ve eaten in quite some time.  I was skeptical of the nori flakes, but it totally worked. 

2012-04-15 14.32.49 (640x481)

By the end of the game, our little slugger woke up just in time to see the Mariners win, and to take a trip to the pro shop for some gear of his own.

IMG_1029 (640x427)

Since we live in Seattle now (and don’t see ourselves leaving any time soon), we figured it was time to hang up our Reds hats (sniff) and start supporting our home team. 

IMG_1036 (640x427)

Baby’s first baseball cap.  Too freaking adorable. 

IMG_1053 (640x427)

After a long weekend with many activities, this little guy was totally pooped and ready to crash for the night. 

IMG_20120415_184549 (640x640)

And so were mom and dad!  It was such a fun weekend full of many of our favorite Seattle adventures.  I feel rested and ready for the week ahead!

Moving boxes arrive Thursday – I think I’m still in denial that I have to pack our whole house – eeek!

PS – I recently published a Best of Seattle page – complete with all our favorite Seattle restaurants, parks, and activities!  We’ve only been here a year, so it’s a continuing work in progress, but I hope it is a good resource for those of you planning to visit our beautiful city!