This was our last weekend in our current house!  Friday night we drove over to our new house, which officially became ours. 


Cullen had fun crawling around the floor of his new nursery.  He loves the longer carpet!


We don’t officially move in until this coming Saturday, but each time we’ve driven over, I’ve taken a car load of stuff with us.  It feels silly to go empty handed!  Friday night I took all the big kitchen appliances – things that are hard to pack into boxes, and easier to just throw in the car. 

IMG_1146 (640x427)

Perhaps the best space in our new house is our gigantic and gorgeous kitchen.  Here’s a sneak peak. 

IMG_1148 (640x424)

Onto this next chapter of our lives!  I have moved every year for the last 10+ years, and every time I think it gets easier.  Although this time, moving with a baby is making things just a little more complicated. 

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Saturday morning we were up early so that Cullen and I could cheer for Casey at the Magnuson Earth Day Half Marathon!

IMG_1167 (426x640)

This was my first time at Magnuson Park, and wow – it was gorgeous! 

IMG_1176 (640x427)

The weather was perfect for both running and spectating.  So much sunshine!

IMG_1169 (428x640)

Actually a little too much for this little bear.  We had to bust out the Baby Banz so that he could see in all the bright light!


The starting/finish line was right along the bank of Lake Washington.  I can’t wait to come back to this park again for running and walking – such a beautiful space. 

IMG_1178 (640x412)

Casey actually signed up for this at the last minute, when I happened to see a posted for it earlier in the week.  He’s training for the Flying Pig Marathon coming up in two weeks, so this half fit perfectly into his training plan, and gave him a chance to get back into racing mode before the real deal. 

IMG_1185 (427x640)

The race included a 5k, 10k, 15k, and half-marathon – all looping around a 3 mile course.  That meant that Casey had to loop four times (and included one big hill) – not the best course, but still good preparation for his marathon. 

IMG_1188 (640x428)

The loop course made it easy for me and Cullen to watch and cheer.  Although I was really the only one cheering…

IMG_1189 (640x427)

It was a pretty small race, and I was counting the number of white (half-marathon) bibs I saw going past with each loop.  Somewhere around the half-way point I realized that Casey was in fifth place!

IMG_1191 (427x640)

And by the time he came around for his final stretch, he had moved his way into third.

IMG_1194 (640x427)

He finished in 133:58 – not a PR for him, but still a GREAT race, and a third place overall finish!  Neither of us has raced since 2010, and it was so fun to be back out there cheering and watching him run.  We are planning to sign up for a lot of shorter distance races this summer, and I’m looking forward to jumping into the Seattle racing scene!

Cullen woke up just in time to yell “Congrats, Dad!”

IMG_1201 (640x427)

Post race celebration at Revel – my favorite Seattle restaurant.  I started with one of the pastry items – toast with house-made Nutella, olive oil, and coarse sea salt.  Out of this world. 

IMG_1256 (640x427)

For lunch, we split the Abura noodle with Chinese broccoli, shitake mushrooms, smoked chili sauce, and a hard boiled egg.  SO spicy!

IMG_1259 (640x427)

And what was possibly the best veggie burger I’ve ever had.  A brown rice patty with pickled shitake mushrooms, walnut cheese, pesto, and sweet peppers.  I need this again sooner than later.

IMG_1260 (640x427)

After all that food, the inevitable happened.

IMG_1262 (640x427)

It was another gorgeous sunny weekend here, so we all just laid around soaking up sun for most of the afternoon. 

IMG_1263 (640x427)

Sunday morning it was my turn to lace up my running shoes.  I’ll talk more about this later this week, but I am also racing in two weeks – the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (a half-marathon).  To say my training has been sub-par would be a compliment.  It has honestly been pretty non-existent.

I knew this weekend was my last attempt to see if even there is a remote possibility that I can pull this off.  With all the racing adrenaline of Saturday still with me, and a gorgeous sunny morning out on the trail, I set out to tackle my longest run yet in well over a year. 

I pushed Cullen for four heavy and long miles in the stroller – my longest stroller run to date with no walking breaks.  At the four mile point, I jogged to Starbucks to meet Casey, who was there studying for a test.  I dropped Cullen with him and headed back to the lake to do another loop myself. 

Most of my runs up to this point have been very short and littered with many walk breaks.  For the first time since 2010, I ran seven straight miles without stopping.  Four with a stroller, three on my own – averaging out at 10 minute miles overall. 

2012-04-22 12.58.32 (640x480)

Most my my stroller miles were run around a 10:30 pace, and the miles on my own were closer to 9:00.  Even though seven is nowhere close to 13.1, knowing I still have some fight in me gives me hope that maybe just maybe I can run this race afterall.  But like I said, more on that later in the week!

I carefully planned my run and coordinated with Casey so that we would meet back up at the best post-run spot possible – Might O donuts.  After finishing my last half-mile running uphill, I got there and collapsed into a chair.


And them promptly inhaled two large vegan donuts – apple fritter and chocolate glazed with coconut.  Amazing.

2012-04-22 12.58.17 (640x480)

Large iced coffee slurped down in about 30 seconds.

2012-04-22 12.59.18 (480x640)

We finished up our weekend back over at the new house, trying to squeeze in some painting before our furniture arrives.  We took Cullen’s pack n play and put him to bed in a different room so that we could paint while he slept.  But first he enjoyed crawling around in his jammies. 

IMG_1314 (640x427)

And then while he slept, we painted.  When they painted our house for selling, they did the thing where someone just painted every room tan.  It’s a nice color, but we’d like to liven it up a little. 

IMG_1317 (640x427)

The real kicker is that they also painted all of the ceilings tan, so now we are going through and hoping to brighten them up with white.  Painting ceilings SUCKS.  But it will be worth it when it’s over!

IMG_1318 (427x640)

Hard to believe it’s our last weekend in Fremont.  So much to do in just a few short days!