A few months ago, Casey and I got into a dangerous habit of ordering our favorite dish from our favorite restaurant (okay my favorite restaurant) almost every single Friday night.  Rice bowls from Revel are my weakness.  So in order to protect both our budget and our waistlines, we decided to try making our own.  The result was delicious, and I have a new favorite Friday night meal. 

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Saturday we woke up to rain, as expected.

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Casey works in finance and is in his busiest time of year right now, which is no fun for anyone.  He needed to head into the office for the afternoon, which left me and Cullen with a rainy afternoon and no plans.  We headed up north to a baby consignment sale, but I found it sort of overwhelming and left empty handed. 

2012-03-31 11.43.22 (640x480)

Cullen liked checking out all the baby stuff and seeing all the other shoppers.  Even though we didn’t end up getting anything, it was a good rainy day activity.

2012-03-31 11.43.40 (480x640)

Once we got back home, Cullen napped while I made myself a delicious lunch of sourdough, avocado, and eggs.  My favorite.

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We hung out in the house being lazy until dad came home, just in time for the sun to peek out for a bit.  We leashed up the pups and all headed to Gasworks Park.

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And then we feasted on a delicious pasta dish for dinner – recipe coming tomorrow!

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Sunday was supposed to be another day of rain, but we woke up to sunny skies and perfect running weather.  Casey still had a ton of work to do, but after last week’s missed long run, he offered to stay home and work to make sure I wouldn’t miss it again. 

I fed Cullen and got him down for a nap, and then laced up and headed out the door.  This was one of the first postpartum runs I’ve done outside with no stroller, and it was amazing how much lighter I felt!  I cruised down the trail feeling awesome and pretty proud of my pace – between 8:30 and 9:00 most of the way out.

2012-04-01 11.06.42 (480x640)

I turned around after 2.5 miles, and was hit dead in the face with intense wind.  Turns out I had the wind at my back the whole way out, so perhaps I am not such a speedy gazelle after all.  I got my ass handed to me the entire way home.  At least I had a gorgeous view!

2012-04-01 11.06.35 (640x472)

My run was HARD, even without the stroller, but I felt great afterwards.  Five miles under my belt, and I think I probably could have squeaked out a few more if I’d had time.  I headed home after five, knowing it was time for Mr C. to be eating again. 

2012-04-01 11.17.31 (480x640)

Once I was home, I showered and got ready to head out for a gathering with friends.

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One of my best friends here in Seattle is moving to Connecticut this week.  I am excited for her family and their opportunity, but I’m also really sad to be losing one of the people that has helped make Seattle finally feel like home to me.

She and her husband had a goodbye sendoff at Pecado Bueno, our favorite neighborhood casual Mexican spot.  Casey was able to take a short work break, so we all traveled there on foot. 

2012-04-01 14.20.56 (480x640)

The butternut squash taco platter – delicious!

2012-04-01 14.42.44 (640x480)

Cullen was really excited to see all his other baby friends at the party – so much that he skipped his afternoon nap.  He crashed HARD as soon as we left. 

2012-04-01 15.53.43 (640x480)

We took advantage of him snoozing and wandered through the Fremont Market before it closed. 

2012-04-01 16.15.38 (478x640)

We wrapped up our weekend with family time at home.  Cullen worked on his crawling…

IMG_0404 (640x427)

And airplane…

IMG_0415 (640x427)

And tried out sucking on some baby carrots before dinner.

IMG_0425 (640x427)

Meanwhile, I busted out the juicer, which we typically reserve for the weekends these days. 

IMG_0426 (640x427)

Carrot, cucumber, celery, and apple – a great combo!

IMG_0427 (640x427)

And last but certainly not least, perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend – this bottle – emptied by my baby

IMG_0429 (640x426)

After months of refusing them, I had taken a break from attempting for a few weeks.  It just got to be too much with the pumping, screaming, flailing, and eventual dumping of milk.  For some reason I decided to try again today.  Cullen has become a lot more interactive and has gained a lot of hand coordination in the past few weeks.  I had a feeling he might like the bottle better now if he could hold it himself, and I was right!

Just before bedtime, I sat down in the glider and offered it, and he took it right away.  Go figure.  The next step is getting him to take it from Casey, but I’m hopeful that it will work.  Tomorrow will tell…

Finished our weekend off with a big plate of homemade goodness.  Basic crispy tofu, roasted sweet potato rounds, broccoli, and cauliflower.

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As always, it is over too quickly!