Do Over.

I baked you cookies.  And I was so excited to share them with you!

IMG_2251 (640x427)

They were delicious – Casey and I both agreed.  Huey agreed as well – after he ate all two dozen…

IMG_2292 (640x427)

I had hoped to share the recipe and photos with you today, but the cookies made their way into doggie doom before I could photograph the final product.  I also made you soba noodle salad. 

IMG_2254 (640x427)

That disappeared as well.

And while I was indeed cooking for you, I was also cooking for my mom’s group, who was headed to my house within about two hours of all my food disappearing.  Enter panic mode.

Cullen graced me with a one hour nap that allowed me to frantically shower, get dressed, vacuum, and quickly re-make noodle salad and throw together a chickpea dish (no time to re-bake cookies!).  With five minutes to spare, I moved the coffee table out of the way and prepped our living space for the arrival of our mini guests.

IMG_2270 (640x427)

I dished up what I had quickly re-made for lunch…

IMG_2267 (640x427)

And I wiped down the counters to hide the cooking mess so that no one knew that it looked like a tornado went through just minutes prior.  Our kitchen is such a dream to cook in!

IMG_2275 (640x422)

I set out a few flavored kombuchas so we’d have something fun to drink while the babies played. 

IMG_2282 (427x640)

And PLAY they did!  Rolling, crawling, tugging, crashing – it’s amazing how much this group has changed since our first meetup when they were just two months old. 

IMG_2283 (427x640)

They used to lay like lumps and just stare at toys and colors…

Jan 25 (640x415)

And now they are four distinct, hilarious little people.

IMG_5714 (640x424)

I can’t say enough about how rewarding it is to have such wonderful moms and babies in my life.  So fun!

Unfortunately, just as our friends were leaving, Casey called to tell me that his wallet, phone, and watch were all stolen from his locker at the gym.  Someone ripped his lock right off!  So the rest of the afternoon was spent cancelling cards and making phone calls.

IMG_2286 (640x427)

And now, I’m headed back to the kitchen to make you another batch of cookies.  I apologize on Huey’s behalf for delaying them an extra day.  You can bet I will be guarding this batch a little more closely…