Juanita Beach Fridays.

Since we were traveling for races last weekend, this was our first real weekend in our new house.  We’re just over the water from where we used to live, and while all of that is still very accessible, we also have some new territory to explore in our immediate area. 

I’ve been reading and mapping, trying to figure out some spots we might like near our new house.  This past Friday was the opening night of the Juanita Friday Market, and so it was our first trip to Juanita Beach!

IMG_1741 (640x428)

Casey was able to take the bus directly to the beach from work, so Cullen and I packed up and met him there.  He surprised me by showing up with Mother’s Day flowers!  What a sweet way to kick off a great weekend (pictured below once I got them home!).

IMG_1744 (640x427)

The beach and park area has a really cool walkway that extends out into Lake Washington over the water.

IMG_1677 (640x427)

The beach had lots of families and kids – swimming, digging in the sand, and sleeping on blankets.  Such a great spot for a sunny day!

IMG_1678 (640x427)

I imagine Cullen and I will be taking lots of walks here this summer.  We will wave to downtown Seattle in the distance!

IMG_1681 (640x428)

The park also has a huge playground, and we decided to give Cullen his first ride in the baby swings!

IMG_1684 (427x640)

He wasn’t so sure at first, so we started off slow. 

IMG_1691 (427x640)

But within minutes he was cracking up and loving it. 

IMG_1688 (427x640)

I know I say it all the time, but he really does just keep getting more and more fun.  For so long I had looked forward to him being able to enjoy things like this, and now that it’s finally happening, it’s even better than I could have imagined. 

IMG_1715 (640x427)

Once the swings were old news, we checked out the market.  It was small, but I have a feeling it will get bigger later in the summer.  A good mix of crafts, food, produce, and other artists.

IMG_1734 (640x427)

Casey and I were both already hungry for dinner, and we were excited when we saw this giant pile of veggies grilling…

IMG_1736 (640x428)

Patty Pan Grill had good veggie options, as well as cute healthy messages geared toward kids – loved it!

IMG_1738 (640x428)

Vegan bean tamales with grilled vegetables.  Out of this world.  Already looking forward to next Friday so I can eat this again!

IMG_1740 (640x427)

A great way to start our first weekend in our new ‘hood.  It’s fun to have all the places we already know and love in Seattle, as well as new parks and spaces to find in Kirkland.  Back soon with our Mother’s Day fun!