Memorial Day Memories.

While I love spending long weekends on trips or vacations, there is also something really satisfying about having an extra long weekend at home with your family.  Ours was full of food and friends and went by too quickly, as they all seem to do.

Casey worked from home on Friday, so with all of us at home it felt like the weekend started early.  Casey worked, while Cullen and I found other sources of entertainment.

IMG_2346 (640x427)

Friday night was our weekly trip to the Juanita Beach Market – fresh flowers, vegan bean tamales, a Nutella banana crepe, and round on the baby swings.  Let the weekend begin!

May 25 (640x640)

Saturday morning we were back by the water – this time at Magnusen Park – for Casey’s 5K race!

IMG_2363 (640x420)

Cullen gave Casey a pre-race pep talk.

IMG_2367 (427x640)

And the he and I cheered for the runners as they passed!

IMG_2368 (427x640)

Casey did a great job and finished in 20:39 – good enough for 8th place overall.  Naturally he was not happy with his time (he never is), but I was impressed nonetheless. 

IMG_2379 (640x428)

No trip to the park or beach is complete without playing on the shore. 

IMG_2396 (427x640)

Back at home, I cooked.

IMG_2404 (640x427)

And then it was off to another park for a big picnic in the sunshine with friends. 

IMG_2412 (640x427)

Potato salad, bean salad, quinoa salad, gluten free peanut butter cookies, hummus, crackers, and the world’s biggest bowl of fresh cut fruit.

IMG_2413 (640x427)

It was a perfect day in the sun, and we all sat and talked for several hours, enjoying a rare HOT day in Seattle!

IMG_2418 (640x427)

Cullen slept for two hours in the stroller, allowing Casey and I a relaxing afternoon with friends.  Amazing.  He woke up just in time to play for a bit in the summer sun. 

IMG_2421 (425x640)

Afterward, we were all tired from a long day out and about, and Cullen and I snoozed together in the backyard. 

IMG_2431 (426x640)

Casey and I stayed up late painting Cullen’s nursery.  It is the project that never ends.  We also built shelves in the garage at 9pm and realized afterward that our new neighbors probably hate us.  Oops.

Sunday morning came early.  We juiced.

IMG_2438 (427x640)

And caffeinated.  Actually, that’s a lie.  We drink decaf, and yet we are both still totally addicted.  We pulled out the celebratory mugs…

IMG_2476 (640x419)

And settled in to watch the greatest spectacle in racing

IMG_2478 (640x416)

Casey is from Indianapolis, and has been to more 500’s than he can count.  I’ve been four myself, and I hope to get to go again.  From our cool 65 degree day in Seattle, I texted our friends in Indy who were watching in the 95 degree heat.  Probably a good year to miss.

We spent the afternoon at Greenlake, catching up with the Pea family who were in town for a visit.  After the kiddos were all worn out, Casey and I took Cullen for a run around the lake.  We took turns trading off with the stroller, and I ended up with six miles total.  It hurt.

Home again.  More cooking.

IMG_2481 (640x427)

Sunday morning.  Even more cooking. 

IMG_2522 (640x427)

Yet another cookout with friends, this time with my moms group – plus the dads!  We’ve been trying to get all the dads together for months.  We had a delicious spread of healthy food – quinoa salad, fresh berries and other fruit, pesto pasta salad, homemade avocado sushi…

IMG_2530 (640x427)

And insanely good fresh-out-of-the-oven rosemary flatbread made by Nicki and Rick.  It was completely out of this world.  Rick actually sent us home with some of the extra dough so we can make some of our own.  A pizza stone has been ordered.  We will report back. 

IMG_2533 (640x427)

Cullen partied hard with his baby friends and passed out on my chest while I was standing up talking in a noisy kitchen full of people.

IMG_2537 (586x640)

If that’s not a way to end a holiday weekend, I don’t know what is.