My First Mother’s Day.

Last year on Mother’s Day, I was in Cincinnati celebrating with my own mom.  I was 17-weeks pregnant at the time, but I didn’t really feel like a mom yet.  Instead, I celebrated the wonderful woman who has given me so much.

This year there is no question – I am most definitely a mom.  Casey asked me if I wanted to spend the day being pampered with pedicures and massages, but all I really wanted was a day outside in the sunshine with my family.  And so we did exactly that.

IMG_1762 (640x427)

We started our day off nice and early at Magnuson Park for the Run Like A Mother 5k!  A friend of mine had gifted me an extra entry, so I figured it was a great chance to get another race in as part of my half-marathon training. 

IMG_1769 (640x427)

We got there a bit early so we hung out and gave Cullen another round on the baby swings. 

IMG_1795 (427x640)

It was a great spot to have a family race – so many kids climbing and swinging all over the playground!

IMG_1804 (427x640)

And then just before 9, I left Cullen and Casey and headed to the starting line.  One of my mom friends – Katie – ran the race with me, so we lined up and got ready for the race to start!

IMG_1765 (427x640)

I didn’t really have a plan or a goal for the race, since I’m really just now starting to get back into running and speed work.  My hope was to break 30 minutes, which seemed realistic.  Katie and I started out in the middle of the pack, but quickly realized it was a narrow course and there were a lot of walkers.  We darted in and out and ended up running in the grass for a bit to make our way up to a pace that felt more comfortable.

My goal was to run around a 9:00 mile for the first mile or two, and then go all out from there.  It was so nice running with a friend!  Katie and I ran side by side and chatted about running, baby food, Seattle, and more.  It was a strange course – much more like trail running than I had expected.  Over half of the course was on gravel, and parts were even on grass.  At one point we had to run across wood boards over a big muddy pond!  So considering the terrain, I was pretty happy to be keeping up a good pace.

Right around the 2-mile marker, I decided I was going to go all out and give it everything I had.  I tried to ignore my watch and just focus on my stride and my breath.  I rounded the corner and was shocked to see that my time was much faster than expected.  I ended up finishing in 26:04 – an 8:22 average page!  I know my first miles were closer to the 9:00 range, so that last mile must have been speedy!

I was on cloud nine afterward.  It felt so good to have a redeeming run after struggling so much during the half marathon.  And I am so thrilled to have a running and racing buddy here in Seattle!

IMG_1811 (640x427)

It’s so nice to have a friend pushing a stroller next to you, who understands the logistics of running with a baby.  And it was fun to come around the corner and see our husbands cheering!

After the race, Casey and I headed to brunch at Sunlight Café – a cute little vegetarian spot in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood.  We started with fancy goblets of kombucha…

IMG_1814 (427x640)

I got the Huevos Picante – a whole wheat breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and salsa, baked with enchilada sauce and served with black beans, home fries, and guacamole.  YUM!

IMG_1815 (640x427)

Casey got the Sunlight Vegettable Tofu Scramble – mixed vegetables & organic tofu in a garlic-ginger sauce, served with home fries & half 7-grain organic english muffin, with a lemon-tahini sauce on the side. 

IMG_1818 (640x427)

Back at home we all took long naps – Cullen in his crib, Casey on the couch, and me in a lounge chair in the backyard.  All our favorite spots!

We wrapped up our day at Juanita Beach Park, where we went for a 4 mile walk exploring some of the surrounding areas and trails along the waterfront.

IMG_1823 (640x427)

IMG_1830 (640x427)

We used the maps on our phones to navigate down a steep hill toward another little hidden waterfront spot – Kiwanis Park.  Good thing we have an all-terrain stroller – it was steep and all gravel!

IMG_1837 (427x640)

But once we got down there it felt like a little hidden paradise.  Hidden beaches with Lake Washington splashing right onto the shore. 

IMG_1840 (427x640)

Absolutely gorgeous.

IMG_1841 (640x427)

It was exactly what I had hoped for – a gorgeous day in the city that I love so much, with the family that I couldn’t possible love more.  While I know Mother’s Day is supposed to be a celebration and day of thanks for moms,  I spent most of my day thinking about how grateful and thankful I feel to have this privilege. 

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While I certainly don’t need a special day to make me feel like I’m doing a good job, it is nice to know that all the dirty diapers, midnight feedings, and hard work I put into this role are appreciated.  Many thanks to my two favorite boys for giving me such a wonderful day!