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    A Look Back.

Seven Months.

We made it past the half-way point, and so begins the journey toward one year.  Completely, totally, and utterly hard to believe.  Seven long months of joy.

IMG_2056 (426x640)

Long gone are the days when snapping pictures of Cullen involved me standing above him while he kicked around on the Boppy pillow.  These days, he’s the one standing.

IMG_2142 (640x427)

I don’t know how other moms do those weekly photos with the stickers, where babies lay on their backs on top of colorful fabric.  This is what happens if I try to convince Cullen to lay on his back for 0.2 seconds. 

IMG_2221 (427x640)

My sweet little baby with the old man hair has turned into a shaggy little firecracker that never stops moving.  Here he is at nine weeks…

IMG_6097 (640x427)

Four months…

IMG_9246 (640x427)

And now seven months.  Someone pinch me. 

IMG_2069 (640x427)

My mom and mother-in-law both keep hounding me to cut his hair, but I love it.  It’s shaggy, curly, and ridiculous, and it makes me smile. 

So much changed this month.  We have a whole new morning routine that involves sitting together for breakfast.  Homemade mashed banana for him, eggs and English muffin for me.  Predatory dogs always circling.  They are very aware that high chair = mess and FOOD.   

IMG_2080 (640x427)

We’re working on painting his nursery this week, which is fun but challenging.  Most painting has been done in the evenings since I can’t do it and watch him at the same time.  We moved his crib down the hall temporarily, so our house is a bit of a disaster zone right now.  He tries to help when he can!

IMG_2042 (425x640)

We spend a lot of our time during the days with other mom and baby friends.  It’s so fun to see how different babies are – even at the exact same age.  I am realizing that there are two types of babies – those that are relatively chilled out and calm, and those that are like Cullen. 

Everyone who meets him notices it within just a few minutes – this child never stops moving.  It makes him very fun and entertaining, but man is it also exhausting.  He doesn’t like to sit or be held, and he is constantly looking for what he’ll do next.

IMG_2095 (427x640)

Climbing and standing is the latest trick, so I spend most of my day following him around and trying to help him avoid any big falls.  I do my best to let him learn how to do things himself, but he’s also in a phase where he pulls up on things and then can’t figure out how to get down.  His forehead has a lot of bruises.

IMG_2111 (427x640)

He’s interested in anything that is NOT a toy.  Doorstops are the most fun and noisy!  After finding him with a tiny plastic cap in his mouth (terrifying!), I learned the hard way that all doorstops needed to be baby-proofed.  Other favorite things are strings, tags, cords, phones, and remotes.

IMG_2102 (426x640)

He’s also really interested in the dogs, and they are my best babysitters.  I am a little nervous to see this relationship develop once he starts walking and really chasing them.  So far they seem to like his attention, but they can also easily get away from his crawling if needed.

IMG_2106 (427x640)

Speaking of babysitters – we had our first real (not someone related to us) babysitter last week!  I was nervous because she had to actually put Cullen to bed, but it was a huge success.  He sucked down a huge bottle (!!) and went to bed easily.  Now that we’ve crossed that hurdle, I’m looking forward to doing it much more often.  Mom and dad need some date nights!

His current favorite thing is this awesome name stool.  (We got it as a baby gift, but you can find it here.)  It is the perfect height for pulling himself up, and he likes pulling out the name puzzle pieces and throwing them across the room.  He is such a boy.

IMG_2143 (640x427)

Standing in the crib is also a favorite.  Unfortunately it is so fun, it makes napping seem less appealing.

IMG_1866 (640x428)

He’s had two bottom teeth for several months now, and he’s currently working on two top teeth that are just breaking through.  This has led to some very cranky days, and many sleepless nights.  Now that the teeth have cracked the gums, I’m hoping we are over the hump!

As far as sleep goes, on a typical night, we still get up once – usually around 2:30am – for a feeding.  The last two weeks that has looked more like 2 or 3 times each night.  In seven long months he has not slept through the night once.  Not a single time.  Which means that I haven’t either!  He’s lucky he’s so cute!

IMG_2176 (640x427)

Seven Month Rundown:

  • Solid Food:  Loves sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and pears.  Hates squash and peas.  Thinks it’s funny to spit foods that are yucky!
  • Bottles:  Took one from a babysitter this weekend!  Hallelujah!
  • Teeth:  Two going on four.  Ouch!
  • Noises:  Dadada and a goofy growling laugh. 
  • Weight:  I’m guessing around 18 pounds?  No weight check this month.
  • Likes: Bath time, strings, climbing, standing, eating books, water bottles, measuring cups, banging blocks, and his reflection in the fireplace glass.
  • Dislikes: Getting dressed, all of his toys, being in the stroller too long, not knowing how to walk, going down for naps by himself.

And since you haven’t already seen 4,000 photos, here’s a short video of the little 7-month monster in action!  I’m amazed at how much more he learns and changes each day. 

For more updates and baby talk, you can check out the parenting page!

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Lisa @ The Splattered Apron     at 11:01 am

I.Am.OBSESSED! Love Cullen so much!


Marci     at 11:03 am

Too cute! He hasn’t slept through the night yet?! Yikes. Amazing that my baby is 10 weeks today and yours at 7 months looks sooo much older!


chelcie @ chelcie's food files     at 11:03 am

he is SO cute
i can’t even stand it!


Katie@newmamamac     at 11:04 am

Love the hair’, and he reminds me a lot of my son who also never stops moving! It’s been an adventure!


jane     at 11:05 am

ok, the 6th picture down is the cutest.thing.ever. Baby Gap ads, that’s all I’m sayin’. You must make a movie of Cullen with the background song being Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” when he’s really moving around. Congrats on a beautiful baby and family, and your inspiring return to running.


Haley S     at 11:09 am

He has the cutest little man face!! His hair is adorable…don’t cut it!!


Emily     at 11:10 am

I love your monthly updates… I’m serious: Cullen is the cutest little guy!


Leslie     at 11:16 am

Guarantee he’ll be walking by 9 months…I can just tell. All 3 of mine did, and it made life very interesting! Batten down the hatches! He is utterly adorable – it is impossible to look at his picture and not either smile or laugh. I’ve tried…can’t be done!


KatieTX     at 11:17 am

Ah he is so cute! It is funny that when you were describing him with the doorstopper/playing with anything that is not a toy I thought to myself…my little boy cat does the same thing! I need a real child pronto! :)


Alexis     at 11:17 am

Cullen is such a cute baby boy! I love all the pictures you share of him :). Congratulations on having started such a beautiful family! If today is his seven months, then we share a day–my husband and I have been married for seven months today!


Ingunn     at 11:17 am

Aaaw, it’s so much fun watching them learn how to use their bodies!


Tams     at 11:19 am

Cullen, you are such a cutie! I am with you on the whole pea thing. However, we need to talk about the squash; green and yellow ones are AWESOME!!!

Indy and Huey, start working out those escape plans now because little feet are going to be after you sooner than later!


kris     at 11:19 am

so. adorable.


Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries     at 11:19 am

oh my goodness, he could not get any cuter! that video had me laughing – loved it!


Leslie     at 11:19 am

Ooops – sorry to double dip, but in the very first picture I really see how much he looks like Casey!


Verna     at 11:20 am

I can’t believe how much more mobile he is than my daughter. She just turned 7 months and isn’t really crawling and hasn’t pulled herself up at all. She has only slept through the night twice. She’s normally up at least twice a night. It’s been hard. Hang in there mama!


Rebecca @ Blueberry Smiles     at 11:30 am

Love all his expressions! It’s so amazing how much babies change every single day.


Gwen     at 11:32 am

He is too cute for words, Emily! I love the sweet little squaking sounds when he tries to grab the duck. <3


Julie     at 11:32 am

Oh my gosh, he is just the cutest little thing EVER. What a funny, happy baby!


Emily     at 11:32 am

He is so beautiful!

That interest in everything is how you know he’s an intelligent boy already :).


Tiffany     at 11:37 am

Cullen is so stinking CUTE!


Sana     at 11:38 am

I adore his crazy hair!


Cristen     at 11:38 am

His little name stool with his and Casey’s name is totally throwing me off! And the reason for that is because a boy I grew up with, his name was Casey Cullen.


Haley     at 11:40 am

“Got distracted by the string on my pants.”
Cullen is so cute and that was hilarious. I absolutely love these updates, especially the videos. Thanks for the adorable video. :)


Beth     at 11:43 am

He has the sweetest smile ever and has changed sooo much!

I can’t believe he still hasn’t slept through the night – it will be coming soon. You must be so exhausted…you are doing such a good job for such little sleep, it’s amazing!

I get cranky when my 5 month old wakes up at 6:30am instead of 7, after going down at 7pm :)


Catherine     at 11:45 am

I always wondered what his middle name was! I’m with you – don’t cut his hair! There is plenty of time for that nonsense. This is his baby hair, and it’s precious. Keep it as long as you can! :)


Heather     at 11:47 am

such a sweet video he looks so happy. Love it!


Anne Weber-Falk     at 11:47 am

He is a handsome child. He is the spitting image of his dad but when he smiles I see you there too.

Our children enjoyed the door stop too. We called it plunking the magic twanger.


Colleen     at 11:49 am

Love it! Resist the voices to cut his hair. We got the same ‘requests’ and we didn’t cut both of our sons’ hair until they were at least 2 yrs. It helped that is was slow to come in and the curls were just too cute to cut.


Juliana     at 11:50 am

my guy is 1 month and one day younger than Cullen and we love seeing Rory grow up “with” Cullen. I show him photos of Cullen and he just squeals and babbles to them. Thank you so much for sharing his life with us. I know Rory enjoys it as much as I do!


Shari     at 11:53 am

Oh my goodness, so precious. That smile must melt your heart!


Cheryl     at 11:55 am

Emily don’t let people bragging about their babies sleeping thru the night make you feel frustrated. Every baby is different. My little guy was the same way. Super hungry guy so I would have to get up in the night with him until he was close to a year. I look at it this way… there will be a time (hopefully not) when they won’t “need” us so I’ll soak up all the time I can. To me every month gets more and more fun so enjoy it all. We have just started the non stop talking phase. New words and sentences every day.


jen     at 11:59 am

he is SO cute. i also would have a hard time cutting that hair-it’s adorable and fun!


Lexi @ You, Me, & A World to See     at 11:59 am

That first picture of Cullen is SO cute. I literally can’t stop giggling :)


Michelle M     at 12:05 pm

Love his hair! Hold out on that haircut as long as you can. I think I was finally convinced by the family to cut my son’s hair when he was a little over a year old and his beautiful, soft, curly blond hair grew back straight as straight can be. Oh how I miss those curls.


Tammy     at 12:06 pm

He is just the cutest!!! Watching the video made me teary…. my boys are 8 and 5 years old… yet it seems like yesterday they were at Cullen’s fun age of discovery. Time flies…


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed     at 12:06 pm

Omg he’s growing so fast, can’t believe he’s standing and climbing! His blue eyes are amazing :)


Heather (Heather's Dish)     at 12:06 pm

i am DYING at his crazy little laugh in that video! i can’t believe how much weston has grown up since he was born – the thought of 7 MONTHS is crazy!

p.s. i love cullen’s hair – i say keep it shaggy and out of control as long as you want :)


Ashley     at 12:08 pm

SO much personality!! Great update + cute video. My niece is a definite busy body too. Such a happy baby but always on the go. She’s 10 months already and very close to walking!


StefanieK     at 12:08 pm

He is so cute! My 9 month old is getting more and more hair everyday and my motto is “no haircuts till he’s 17!” I’m exaggerating, obviously…but a haircut will make him look so much older. Enjoy the baby wispiness!


StefanieK     at 12:09 pm

Psst…and at 9 months, my C has also never slept through the night. I’m just not ready to night-wean, so we’re still up 1-3 time for feedings here too.


Cate     at 12:10 pm

He is AMAZINGLY cute!


Robyn (GirlonRaw)     at 12:12 pm

OMG he is gorgeous Emily. You are such a lucky mummy. Manus and Cullen must be brothers from another mother as he is the other type of kid too and also loved door stops, cords and mobile phones (still does these) at 7 months. I was just telling my girlfriends how I am not sure I should take him to story time at the library anymore as he either runs out the door to get outside or starts climbing the furniture instead. It’s embarrassing, but I need to learn to embrace it. I am also told this is most common with boys :)


Katie@PopCultureCuisine     at 12:20 pm

I am so impressed with how mobile he is at 7 months, our 8 month old daughter rolls and ton and army crawls a little bit, but she hasn’t decided that she wants to crawl for real or pull up at all yet…I guess baby’s truly do just progress at their own pace.

P.S. LOVE the hair, our Kherie has some crazy hair as well and I refuse to cut it yet, because it just cracks me up each day!


Allison     at 12:21 pm

Hi Emily –

I absolutely love your blog and have been reading for a while without ever commenting! Thanks for the updates about life with Cullen – the good and the bad. As a therapist I talk with a lot of parents and I know how difficult it can all be, especially with the added task of living your life somewhat publicly through your blog. Keep the self-compassion for yourself going! Babies have different temperaments and sometimes they don’t always jive with the parent’s temperament and that is ok (not saying that is the case here, just something I know a lot of parents struggle wtih!). You are a beautiful person with a beautiful family – best of luck as you continue with Cullen! :)


Sabrina     at 12:24 pm

He is so cute. And so advanced! I love his big goofy smile. :)


Sarah     at 12:30 pm

Cullen’s hair is adorable just like it is! Did you know that it is supposed to be bad luck to cut a baby’s hair before they are one year old? My Southern grandma used to warn me not to touch my babies’ hair whenever I was tempted to do so.


Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile     at 12:31 pm

He is SO cute. He seriously has the BEST smile!


Hallie     at 12:33 pm

I love his grunt laugh thing! Too cute. And his hair is adorable, I wouldn’t cut it either.

M is 6mo and hasn’t slept through the night either. We usually are up once for a feed (which we are trying to train her out of, ugh)

Happy 7 Months Cullen!


tami     at 12:36 pm

don’t cut his hair, he will turn from a baby to a little boy and it will break your heart


Meagan     at 12:44 pm

I enjoyed the video :) Cullen’s facial expressions ARE better “in person.” BTW your house has a whole ton of great natural light, you must love it!


Debbie     at 12:46 pm

Long time reader but never commented before. I just had to though because I LOVE Cullens how. My boy just turned three and he still hasn’t had his haircut. Like Cullen his is all curly around the ears and I love it :D people have been hounding me for 18 months to get it cut but it ain’t happening yet :) yey for wild hair!


Debbie Reply:

his hair…no idea how I put the word how in instead!


Michaela     at 12:47 pm

he looks like he is definitely keeping you on your toes!
such a cutie pie!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 12:50 pm

I can’t believe how big he’s gotten! Funny how the adventure of parenthood continues to change EVERY DAY!!! He is just so handsome!


Julie     at 1:13 pm

He is just precious! Loved the video!


Danielle C.     at 1:24 pm

Aww I love these updates! It has been such a pleasure to watch him grow. :)

I’m in the DON’T cut his hair camp, it is so cute!


butternutrition     at 1:44 pm

Such a fun age, but busy and challenging at the same time, as everything around the house piques their interest! What a cutie!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 1:44 pm

I love hearing Cullen stories. He is just too adorable and I LOVE his hair. It’s way too cute to be cut just yet!! He seems to be thriving and so happy, so I’m glad for all of you :)


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 2:07 pm

Oh, sounds so like my son! Adorable! And the secret to our monthly sticker photos? Well, 1) He’s sitting and 2) You can almost always see someone’s arm holding him down. Tomorrow’s 12 month(ahhh!)? He’s standing. I lost that war. They grow so fast!


Ellen     at 3:16 pm

Wow, what a cutie pie! Can’t hardly believe he’s already 7 mos. old!! I’m sure he’s a blast to be with! Keep being a great parent and hold him tight! :)


Lindsay     at 3:17 pm

love your highchair!! what brand/model is it????


Lindsay Reply:

anyone?? really want this highchair and have no idea the brand


Lissa     at 3:24 pm

Cullen is beyond cute. Makes me smile just watching such a cutie. Lucky parents you are and thanks for sharing.


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 3:24 pm

Cute puzzles! Why no “Emily” pieces, though?!


Leigh     at 3:32 pm

SO CUTE! He is reaching that separation and individuation stage sooner than most. He must be securely attached! haha I’m practicing my new social work skills.


Leatitia @ The Sweetest Year     at 3:37 pm

God, he’s so cute! He sounds like my son at this age and it warms my heart.

The little bench/table is very cute! I’m sure he’ll like to place things on it when he’ll be able to walk around!

He’s so adorable, no wonder you’re crazy about him! ;-)


Tiffany     at 4:24 pm

He is straight up adorable! I love his little grin. So big and happy!!


Emily @ Life on Food     at 4:36 pm

His faces are just so adorable. Boy has he grown up.


Sherri Ogg     at 4:41 pm

He has the most adorable expressions. So much is shown on his face.

As a mother of 3 boys I know exactly what you mean by never stopping, from the time they wake til the time they just collapse from fatigue. Even now, they are ages 19, 17, 14 they are go, go, go….

You have a beautiful baby boy and don’t cut his hair, it makes his expressions so much more enjoyable.


Donna     at 5:33 pm

Better buy him a harness and some ropes for El Capitan. The youtube previews that come up when that video ends are all shots of rock climbers. :-)


Sara @ Nik Naks and Noms     at 5:39 pm

We have the same high chair. :) Love it.


linda     at 6:31 pm

I am convinced that there are no bad pictures of Cullen. He is soooo cute. Don’t cut his hair yet.


kath     at 6:47 pm

sooooo cute!!!!


Amie     at 6:48 pm

This is totally unrelated to the topic of the post, but where did you get the black chairs with your dining room table? I am looking for chairs just like that but in white.


Susana     at 6:58 pm

Hi Emily! I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment, but I have been following your blog since your first trimester of pregnancy… I was also pregnant at the time and I now have a little boy just over 7 1/2 months old (born Oct. 6th). It has been so great to hear about Cullen, I love all the updates! He is so adorable!
My little guy is also not sleeping through the night. He has done it 2 or 3 times, but I don’t foresee that happening again anytime soon… his bottom two teeth are just now breaking through and he has had some painful nights lately.
I loved watching Cullen crawl and pull himself up to standing – that is amazing! My boy just started crawling backwards last week and today made his first attempt at crawling forward. He also loves to pull himself up but only to his knees at this point!
Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that my son also has that same growling laugh that Cullen has – it is just the cutest thing and it made me laugh to see Cullen doing that on the video. :) SO thanks for sharing and happy 7-months to Cullen!


Stacey     at 7:08 pm

Oh my gosh. His laugh is TOO CUTE!


JessicaE     at 7:12 pm

My husband and I have a son coming on or around July 19th (Our first!!) and I absolutely love seeing pictures and videos of Cullen. He is beyond adorable. I don’t know if I have ever seen such a big smile on a baby. :) Makes me so excited to meet our little boy.


Lara     at 7:22 pm

So cute, it’s RIDICULOUS! Love the video.


Jennifer     at 9:50 pm

Cullen is my Carson all over! He never stops! Started walking early, which I think Cullen will too. And just wait till then and he wants to start climbing everywhere. And yeah at 18mths he has never slept thru the night, hopefully Cullen will do better than that. Now I have a newborn so I guess it will be awhile before I sleep again!


Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)     at 4:10 am

Your little guy is SO cute. Seriously too cute for words. It has been so fun following your pregnancy + beginning stages of motherhood! Seems like he is growing so fast. I know I will be feeling the same way as my little girl grows!


Lee     at 5:36 am

That’s one cute kid!


Adrianne     at 5:59 am

My Annabel is the same “type” as your Cullen: ALWAYS on the move! And it is NOT going to stop anytime soon:) Annabel was the exact same way at 7 months, and now at 8.5 months, she’s just more all over the place and trying hard to walk. You are right, it is so exhausting! But definitely tons of fun too!

I don’t know how you do all that you do while still not sleeping through the night! I’m so impressed by you! The crazy thing is that once he does start sleeping through, you will look back on this time and wonder how in the world you survived. And then when he has an “off” night and wakes up, you will REALLY wonder how you used to do that *every* night. Haha, at least that’s been my experience:) I hope he starts giving you some relief really soon! But like you said, at least he’s super adorable.


Jessica     at 5:59 am

I have a 14 month old little boy and was just SURE he would sleep through the night at 8 weeks. HA!!! It didn’t happen until he was a year old. I wonder if its a boy thing? Either way, sleep will find its way back into your life…hopefully soon! Enjoy your precious little guy!


Amanda Larson     at 6:52 am

He is so stinkin cute! My 6 1/2 month old has almost no hair and what I wouldn’t give for the long shaggy stuff Cullen has! Don’t cut it! That video was hilarious…that laugh!!


Sara     at 6:52 am

So cute! I don’t know how you get anything done. I would just be staring at him all day!


April     at 7:39 am

AHHH, absolutley ADORBS! So glad the babysitter worked out!!!! We are in the process of doing the same, don’t have family close either:(
I totally agree on the two types of babies and mine is the ‘chill’ one…i can’t seem to get him to want to get off his back, ha ha!


ARPL     at 8:15 am

My son put the rubber cap from a door stop into his mouth too when he was 8 or 9 months. One of our scariest moments.


Amy     at 8:34 am

My little girl Bria just turned 7 months on May 21 and she sounds so much like Cullen! From the time her eyes open in the morning til she naps (which is a hit or miss thing) and until bed time she is on the move. She wants to play with anything but her toys. She is so much fun and such a handful. She has started clapping too! It’s so cute. We cheer “Yay Bria” and she will laugh and clap with us. Bria and Cullen would probably be buddies if we actually knew each other! Bria used to sleep through the night but now that she is getting teeth, we are up at the very least once a night, most the time she wakes up twice and then she up and ready to party by 6 am.


Lindsay     at 8:47 am

He is so stinking cute!!!


Meg     at 9:17 am

Cullen is sweetness itself and reminds me of my Mary (19 months). She didn’t sleep through the night until 9 months and both my husband and I work full time. I was a zombie those first 9 months of her life! However, there is hope, because once he sleeps through the night, he will get in a routine. That means better sleep for you and Casey! Blessings and prayers!


Liz     at 9:26 am

Oh my is he a heartbreaker! That video is just so sweet. You’ve got an awesome little guy there & I can’t wait to see more updates as the months pass by. Oh, and I wouldn’t cut that hair, either – it’s adorable!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 9:52 am

What a doll! I haven’t cut either of my kids hair yet and they are almost 2. I’m afraid it will make them look too old! Don’t cave into the pressure! :)


Brittany (healthy slice of life)     at 10:19 am

I hope he starts sleeping better for you soon! You’d think all that crawling and standing would wear him out. I love how busy he is! H is so close to crawling and I can’t wait!


kristin     at 10:43 am

i second/third/fourth.. the notion- long-haired children are the cutest :) It’s so cool to be able to see both parents’ resemblance in their child- Cullen looks SO much like BOTH of you, just at different times! He is growing to be such a cutie, & his happy personality seems to shine through in all of your photos. Thanks for sharing your life with us! Love that you are back to running again, too – you look so healthy & happy. Congrats :)

Random question: Have you tried using sign language at all yet? My brother & wife went to a “Baby sign language” class at a local store & they have a deck of signing cards to help remember signs- it is AMAZING how much my niece picked up as a little baby. I think it made their lives easier being able to ask her what she needs, or if she’s feeling pain from her teeth growing in, etc. Pretty cool, check it out- maybe it will help.


Amber K     at 10:49 am

His hair is adorable! Why would anyone want to cut it already? That video was absolutely precious.


Jamie Bergen     at 11:18 am

Don’t cut his hair! I love it.


Sam     at 11:28 am

I don’t know if you remember, but way, way back when Cullen was a few weeks old and you posted about him being a very active, high-maintenance bundle of wonderfulness, I told you that he sounded exactly like my little guy: http://www.dailygarnish.com/2011/11/week-3-still-learning.html (at the bottom). After following your updates over the last six months and reading the one above, I think that is still true. :) I completely relate to the challenges and exhaustion you experience with your extremely busy baby.


Julie @ Running and Riley     at 11:40 am

Aww! He is such a cutie pie! They grow so fast and it’s amazing at how much they change just month-to-month! I love that you blog about it because it is like having an online scrapbook!


ANH     at 12:02 pm

Cullen is the cutest!! Haha love the baby grunting too. He’s so lucky to have such great parents and be so healthy!


Melissa     at 1:11 pm

People are always asking me if my 7 month old (almost 8 months now!) sleeps through the night, and my response is always the same as yours- never even once! Someday…I hope…


valerie     at 1:36 pm

I love the video!!! I’m at work so I have the volume off, I imagine it is even cuter hearing him make noises. Thanks for brightening my day with this great post/video!


Gillian     at 3:23 pm

SO CUTE! Very much enjoyed watching him play!


Erin     at 3:47 pm

Your baby has THE cutest smile! That video made my heart melt!


Ami@dashofcurry.com     at 4:11 pm

I love these update posts– Cullen is so adorable and growing fast! Your photos are gorgeous too!


claire     at 4:26 pm

Cullen reminds me of my nephew, who also never stops moving. He’s 5 now and is still go-go-go. It’s exhausting, but also super fun, especially since our family is athletic like yours. We had him hitting a baseball with a bat (not off a t) but the time he was 18 months. I bet Cullen will be athletic, too. Maybe you have a future ultramarathoner on your hands!


mary     at 6:02 pm

i WISH i lived near you…he is the cutest little ball of mushy adorableness i have ever seen. I would DEFINITELY babysit him…WHENEVER..if you are ever in boston, let me know ;)


Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction     at 6:14 pm

Cullen is so cute!! I think he resembles your husband a lot. He seems very advanced at well. Already holding himself up at 7months? I’d say he is going to start walking at 9months or less!


Lyndsay     at 6:20 pm

He has the most awesome facial expressions. I love seeing pictures of him, so this blog was especially wonderful!!


m     at 7:21 pm

He is so cute!

The sleep will come. My daughter woke up twice a night until she was 10 months. Around 6 months and 8 months I tried letting her cry for the 2 am, but she just wasn’t ready to not eat. Around 10 months I tried again and she complained for 2 nights (not frantic crying, just whiny/complaining) and then started sleeping through until 5 (which, after 10 months of multiple night wakings, I happily accepted!). This is probably not helpful at all in the immediate term, but just wanted you to know there is light at the end of the sleepless tunnel, even if you can’t see it yet.


Brittney     at 3:23 am

Aww, he’s so cute! I did notice how mobile he was at the park that day- it was so funny how he went after the stroller a couple times! By the way- I’m going to try to recreate our beet sandwiches soon. I still can’t stop thinking about them!!


Debbi     at 6:34 am

Wait till he can open child proof tops! I use to ask my kids to open them when I couldn’t. The dogs and he will be best of friends – as long as they have a safe spot to go to. My grandson has grown up with his dog and they are together always, she is very protective. And now they play hockey in the livingroom – Tessa is his goalie!


Alaina     at 6:21 pm

My gosh his expressions are adorable! And he is definitely the spitting image of Casey. :-)


Lisa     at 10:36 pm

Liam NEVER stops moving either! I wish you guys were here so our boys could wear each other out together! :)


Elizabeth     at 8:01 am

My little one is also climbing on everything right now. What do you do for naps, do you just go back in and put him down again..if so how many times do you do this before he actually falls asleep? He is super cute


Emily Malone Reply:

I usually let him climb around for a while, and eventually he goes back to sleep. Sometimes I have to go in and rock him back to sleep though!


Eileen Mayorga     at 7:30 am

I LOVE HIM!!!! Sooooooooooooooo adorable!!! Sebastian is now 3.5 months and I can’t wait to see him moving around like Cullen. That little woodend bench is awesome. I LOVE your high chair! Where did you get it?


Katy     at 8:48 pm

What bottle do you use? Did you go glass or plastic? I’m trying to decide & it’s so stressful!


Emily Malone Reply:

We use Tommee Tippee plastic. I like them because they look like boobs! :)


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