The Move Continues.

So after what was sort of the move from hell, we did eventually make it over to our new place.  Our poor movers were so tired by the time they got to the new house.  It went from empty, to suddenly filled with boxes and furniture in no time.

IMG_1436 (640x427)

My first day in my new kitchen!  I’ll try to give a more formal tour of the kitchen space once we’re settled.  It is big and gorgeous!

IMG_1437 (640x427)

Once the movers were finished, we got to work putting things back together…

IMG_1443 (640x427)

We started unpacking pretty much right away!  My mom unpacked the entire kitchen onto the countertops, while I tried to organize and figure out how to set things up.  I absolutely love organizing, but I take forever to figure out how I want spaces to flow and function.  I must have rearranged the cabinets five times, and I’m still not sure I’m done!

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The next day, we woke up and got to work right away.  We ran a lot of house-related errands, went back to our old place and scrubbed it for hoouuurs and hours, and then headed out to the dog ranch to pick up the rest of our family.

The pups were definitely weirded out by the new space, and probably confused to see all our things in it, but they settled in pretty quickly.  One of the most fun parts of this move is that we can finally use our giant living room couch again!  (It didn’t fit up the stairs during our last move, and has lived wrapped in plastic in our garage for the past year!)

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At some point during the weekend, I got really ambitious and decided I wanted to do some painting before we actually got settled (figuring it would be easier without furniture in place).  And then after hours of exhausting work later, I realized that painting was probably going to have to wait.

We have moved many times, but this one was so different now because of Cullen.  During past transitions I’ve always pulled long days, worked late into the night, and had our place unpacked and settled within just a few days.  This time, I’ve had to just admit that I can only do so much, and I’m trying to just take it one project and box at a time.  It will all happen eventually.

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Speaking of Cullen, he loves the new house!

We have a lot more space here and room for him to crawl and roam, and he’s taking full advantage and exploring every inch that he can get to. 

IMG_1450 (640x427)

And also performing new tricks (he’s sitting up now!).

IMG_1455 (640x428)

Casey headed back to work on Monday, and mom and I continued to tackle the boxes.  While Cullen napped, we did the bedroom closets.  It took us almost the entire day to get the master bedroom set up!

IMG_1461 (640x427)

And in between naps, Cullen got to play with Grandma.  No matter how often we try to visit, it just never feels like it can be enough.  I wish they could play together every day!

The other babies are adjusting too.  They love their new yard, and I think they will love the space once it’s settled.  For now I think they are still a bit wary of the mess and the boxes.

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My mom took the red-eye home Monday night, and I did my best to keep from crying the whole way home from the airport.  When I lived in Cincinnati, she was just blocks away and we saw each other almost every day.  Our whole family is close, but the two of us went through some really tough times together, and it left us with a really special bond.  I love her so much!

IMG_1464 (640x427)

And now it is just us three, settling in and trying to feel out our new digs.  We still need to do a lot more unpacking, but so far it feels great!

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A few people asked me about our moving boxes in my last post, so I thought it was worth mentioning since I think it’s a great concept.  Rather than using cardboard moving boxes, we actually rented reusable boxes from a company here in Seattle called KarmaBoxx

IMG_1494 (640x427)

When we moved to Seattle we had a million cardboard boxes, and it took us about 20 trips to the recycling center to get rid of all of them.  It felt like such a huge waste!  I was thrilled when I found Karmaboxx – renting and reusing boxes is such a great eco-friendly way to move.  They drop them off and pick them up, and you choose how many and how long you want them.  It was very affordable, and I’d definitely use them again!

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Even though this should be our first weekend in the new place, we’re actually getting on a plane tomorrow to head back to the Midwest for a racing weekend!  Updates on that tomorrow…