Boating Baby.

It’s another slow and lazy vacation morning here at the lake.  I promised you a recipe, but then I had too much fun editing my vacation photos.  (Recipe really coming tonight!)  We had another gorgeous sunny day out on the lake yesterday.

IMG_3923 (640x425)

We’re staying in a house that Casey’s parents rented, down a canal just outside the main lake.  It’s nice being here during the week because there is almost zero boat traffic, and the water is perfectly calm.  We have a great pontoon boat that is sunny up front, and nice and shady in the back. 

IMG_3921 (640x412)

When this trip was first planned, I was really nervous about how it would work with a baby.  I didn’t feel comfortable taking Cullen into the deep water off the dock, so we’ve been cruising down the canal to a little beach so he can play in some shallow water.  (Sorry to those of you I scared with pics of him on the boat.  He’s wearing a life jacket when we’re actually boating out on the lake – most of our pictures have been taken while the boat is parked at the beach!)

IMG_3925 (640x427)

We got sort of a late start yesterday, and as soon as we got to our beach spot it was Cullen’s naptime.  Dad was nice enough to hang out in the shade and let Cullen snooze on his chest for almost two hours.

IMG_3954 (427x640)

While the rest of us played in the water and enjoyed the sun!

IMG_3955 (640x428)

Even though it’s 90 something degrees here, it doesn’t feel as hot or crispy as I thought it would.  It’s only in the 60’s back in Seattle, so we are definitely not used to this.

IMG_3957 (640x427)

Once our little swimmer woke up, I sat in the shallow water with him so that he could stand in the sand and splash!

IMG_3962 (426x640)

He’s not quite sure about the water.  He likes splashing, but he doesn’t last more than 20 minutes or so.   Still just a minnow, I guess. 

IMG_3963 (640x427)

Pasty white Seattle ghost family.  We are all covered in something like 70 SPF!

IMG_3972 (640x427)

We stayed at the beach for a few hours, just alternating between swimming and hanging out on the boat.  Cullen changed out of his wet clothes and was much happier. 

IMG_3998 (427x640)

We had planned to boat over to a restaurant on the far side of the lake, so we all buckled up for a long breezy boat ride.  Captain Casey took the wheel.

IMG_4002 (640x427)

While Cullen passed out for an afternoon nap.  Poor little guy was just being swallowed by this giant life jacket.  He could barely sit up in it since it was so bulky. 

IMG_4012 (640x426)

We ended up stopping by the marina for more gas, and we asked them if they might have something that fit him better.  PINK!  He’s much more comfortable now.

IMG_4022 (640x427)

After almost an hour on the boat, we got to the restaurant only to find they were closed on Tuesdays.  OOPS!

IMG_4007 (640x415)

It takes a looooong time to get our pontoon boat across the lake, but at least we all got to enjoy some time out on the water.

IMG_4029 (640x422)

Cullen was a good sport – it was a long day out on the boat.  He was ready to crash almost as soon as we got home.

IMG_4032 (640x427)

I put him to bed while my in-laws picked up takeout.  Casey and I shared delicious veggie fried rice…

IMG_4048 (640x427)

A few different vegetarian sushi rolls – sweet potato tempura, spicy tofu, and green goddess rolls…

IMG_4051 (640x427)

And simple avocado rolls.  Yum.

IMG_4052 (640x427)

We finished our evening around a bonfire, making s’mores and talking until well past midnight. 

IMG_4055 (640x427)

Cullen didn’t get the vacation memo, so he was ready to start the day at 5am.  Ouch.  Looking forward to more relaxing this afternoon!