Georgia Greetings.

Greetings from Lake Lanier, Georgia!  We are here spending the week with Casey’s family – it’s our summer vacation. 

IMG_3795 (640x427)

We’re staying in a lake house tucked back in the woods, right on the water.  Very different from Seattle!

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Also different from Seattle?  The temperature!  After a very long day of travel, we got here yesterday and were greeted by 90 degree temps.  Haven’t felt those in a long time!  Unfortunately, the air conditioner in the house broke Sunday night, so we spent the evening parked in front of fans and wearing as little as possible.

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It’s such a pretty house, and it’s exciting to get to spend the week here with family.  Cullen loves being around his grandparents!

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After a HOT night, we were up early.  Cullen decided to switch over to Eastern time on day one.  Ouch!  He had a breakfast of blueberries and cereal puffs.

IMG_3804 (428x640)

While I had a bowl of blueberries with my mother-in-law’s grain-free granola (made from dehydrated nuts and coconut).  She’s really into food, and brought all sorts of goodies with her.

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Emma dog is here too, and I don’t think she’s very happy that Cullen is stealing all her thunder.

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This afternoon was our first adventure out on the water, and Cullen’s first boat ride!

IMG_3827 (640x426)

I wasn’t sure what he’d think, but he seemed to like hanging out in the shade and feeling the wind on his face. 

IMG_3840 (427x640)

The lake is gorgeous, and the water is clear and warm.

IMG_3842 (640x420)

Cullen and dad did some snuggling while we drove around and looked for a beachy area to park our boat and swim.

IMG_3851 (640x427)

And then our little fish made his first venture into the lake!  He hasn’t been swimming since we were in Maui and he was only a few months old.  This water was much much warmer, and he started splashing as soon as he got in.

IMG_3852 (640x427)

He didn’t like being dipped past his waist though.  Baby steps.

IMG_3858 (640x429)

He also has this great little raft that he LOVED.  As soon as I put him in he started smiling and kicking his little legs.  Too cute!

IMG_3864 (640x427)

Thirty minutes in the water was just about enough for him, and he passed out on Grandpa’s lap for an afternoon nap.

IMG_0860 (640x427)

Casey’s parents were nice enough to hang with Cullen in the shade while Casey and I got to enjoy the water and swim around for a bit.

IMG_0855 (640x427)

It’s so fun for us to all be here together.  Spread between Atlanta, Indiana, and Seattle, we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like.  Trying to soak it all up while we can!

IMG_0859 (640x427)

After a good nap, Cullen woke up in a great mood and was ready to drive us back to the house for the evening.  (Side note: isn’t Grandpa totally buff?)

IMG_3890 (640x426)

We’re back at the house lounging and relaxing.  Excited for another day out on the water tomorrow!  And for you guys – a yummy recipe.  Stay tuned!