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    A Look Back.

Hiking Saint Edwards State Park.

Another fun summery weekend in Seattle.  We tried to keep it sort of low key this weekend with no major plans.  My new favorite weekend thing is to make big family breakfasts.  During the week, I never have time for more than a bowl of cereal, so I like to do something more involved (and more decadent) on the weekend.

On Saturday morning, I threw together a mushroom and summer squash frittata – our oven broiler was having issues so we ended up folding it in half to finish cooking.  Turned out more like an omelet, but still just as delicious.  Paired with cantaloupe from this week’s CSA delivery!

IMG_5350 (640x427)

While Cullen napped, the rest of us enjoyed a few rare hours of laziness.  We watched the Olympics while the dogs snoozed and hogged the couch, and I taped all the trim in the living room to get it ready for painting. 


Once Cullen was up, we headed out for a few hours.  We checked out the University District Farmers Market for the first time.  Now I understand all the hype – what a great market!  So many vendors with an incredible amount of produce, and prices that put the grocery stores to shame.


We walked away with these two huge flats of organic berries for only $20.  We were literally eating them by the handful as we walked back to the car.  I wish summer would never end.


After the market, we all headed to Greenlake for a three mile loop together as a family, and then back to the house so Cullen could get in a good afternoon nap.  While he slept, Sarah hung out at home so that Casey and I could go for a rare run together.  We covered about 3.5 miles together, bringing the daily mileage total to about 6.5 miles.  Not bad!

We went into downtown Kirkland for the early bird special with Cullen.  He goes to sleep pretty early, so we don’t go out to eat very often, but since he’d had a few good naps we thought we’d brave it.  He did great, and we all enjoyed delicious Mediterranean food. 


Sunday morning I was up and immediately thinking about all those gorgeous summer berries from the market.  Cullen ate almost an entire pint of raspberries, and then had a major fit when I finally cut him off. 


Once the berry monster had been thrown into the bathtub, I got started on breakfast for the rest of us.  Homemade double-dipped french toast – I refilled on berries two or three times.  Can’t get enough.

IMG_5354 (640x427)

We needed a big filling breakfast to fuel our afternoon fun!  It’s been sort of grey here lately, and once we saw the sun peeking out we decided we wanted to do some sort of outdoor adventure.  Saint Edwards State Park is just a few minutes from our house, and I’ve been waiting for the right day to check it out.  Sunday was it!

My friend Carly was nice enough to let us borrow her hiking backpack – it fit Cullen perfectly.  (For those who are interested, it’s a Kokopax, and we loved it).  Casey did the honors of wearing the extra 18.5 pounds, and we set off on our adventure!


St Edwards is a 300+ acre park that borders the shore of Lake Washington in Kirkland.  Hard to believe it’s just a few miles from my neighborhood!

IMG_3778 (480x640)

It took Cullen about ten minutes to get used to the idea that he was going to ride in a backpack and not crawl around on the ground.  Once he settled down, he was a total trooper the rest of the way. 

IMG_3781 (480x640)

We looked at the trail map and planned to do the longest loop around the border of the park – I’m guessing it was 4-5 miles.  We climbed deeper and deeper into the park along a steep path that overlooked gorgeous wooded ravines. 

IMG_3784 (480x640)

IMG_3786 (640x480)

As we approached what sounded like the shoreline, we went down a pretty steep path toward the shore.  I was glad Casey was wearing the backpack and not me!  We took it slow, and eventually made it to the clearing…

IMG_3787 (480x640)

Where we found a gorgeous lakeside paradise waiting for us at the bottom.

IMG_3788 (640x480)

Absolutely beautiful.  Boats humming on the lake, the sun sparkling on the water, and just enough tree cover to give us shade.

IMG_3794 (481x640)

Sarah is leaving to go back to school soon, and I get teary every time I think or talk about it.  We are so lucky to have spent these amazing summers together, but it has made saying goodbye so much harder.  I’m soaking up every minute we have left!

IMG_3795 (479x640)

We all plopped down on a tree stump to rest and eat a few snacks.

IMG_3796 (480x640)

I packed a small backpack with things like water, puffs for Cullen, a few teething toys, diapers, etc. – no one wants to be stranded in the woods with a poopy, cranky baby.  I also packed snacks!

IMG_3797 (640x480)

I picked up this coffee cardamom chia ball at a local store, and I believe it is locally made.  It was delicious!  Need to get my hands on a few more…

IMG_3798 (640x480)

We hiked out of the clearing and headed back up through the park.  What came down would have to go back UP!  Along the way we found this awesome old log jutting out over the water.  Sarah and I decided it needed to be climbed.

IMG_3799 (480x640)  IMG_3800 (480x640)

IMG_3801 (479x640)

I still find it so incredible that Seattle has these amazing spots tucked right inside the city.  I am so happy when I’m near the water – can’t get enough.

IMG_3804 (480x640)

As we made the very steep climb back UP the path, Casey motioned to me to look behind him.  Our littlest hiker had called it a day.

IMG_3806 (480x640)

He snoozed through the rest of the hike until we got back to the car.  It was a great hike and I’m thrilled to have discovered a new favorite park!  Looking forward to doing it again soon.

IMG_3807 (480x640)

We spent the rest of the day lounging on the patio, watching the Olympics, and painting the living room.  Hoping to finish it tonight!

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sana     at 12:05 pm

Aww cullen is a little berry monster!!


Michelle@PeachyPalate     at 12:07 pm

Looks like the perfect day! I can’t get enough of fresh berries either! Eating them by the punnet full!


Erica     at 12:21 pm

Gorgeous photos – your weekend sounds perfect!


Ingunn     at 12:34 pm

I love hiking with babies! We spent the weekend backpacking at Noble Knob (near Mount Rainier) with our friends and their 8 month old son, he did so well and seems to love life on the trail…and who wouldn’t, with views like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/snutur/7674552530/


Nicole Reply:

Wow – stunning photo!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 12:41 pm

Hiking and exploring with a pack is the best! We only took our twins on smaller hikes under 8 miles and they were troopers. Seattle is so beautiful! It’s nice that you are showing the world there’s more to it than gray, rainy weather!


Abby     at 12:47 pm

I am so jealous of all the cool things Seattle has to offer! It looks like you guys had a blast :)


Army Amy*     at 12:54 pm

That French toast! Oh my geeze! That looks yummy.

Cullen is so adorable in the hiking backpack.*


jen     at 12:55 pm

looks like an amazing weekend. i love reading about your life in seattle. the picture of cullen after the raspberry cutoff is the best! :)


Ali @ Peaches and Football     at 12:56 pm

I knew Cullen was a smart kid – I love raspberries too! :-)

What a great place to hike and it looks like you need one of those carriers for Cullen.


Tricia     at 1:02 pm

Those gorgeous blackberries grow wild, and everywhere, I may add. Nothing like going for a hike with a few ziploc bags in tow.


Gina     at 1:15 pm

That looks like such a nice Park! I’ll have to add it to the list…I’m always looking for closer hikes that can be done after sleeping in and make a big breakfast!


Emily Malone Reply:

You need to check it out! Reminds me of Discovery Park!


RachelSD     at 1:29 pm

Sounds and looks like an awesome weekend Emily! And those breakfasts look ridiculously good. :)


Nicole     at 1:39 pm

It’s so great that you get Cullen out like this! I hope when I have kids that we can continue to be active and get outside as much as we do now.


Lolly     at 1:49 pm

I love how much Sarah looks like your Mom!
Those chia balls…do. not. look. appetizing…..but I bet they tasted better than they looked.
What an enviable weekend!


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha they were delicious!!


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 1:57 pm

Love that photo of you and your sister!


Sonnet     at 2:07 pm

Isn’t the U-District market the best? I actually think it’s better than the Ballard market for some reason. And I can’t believe I’ve lived in Seattle for almost eight years and have never been to St. Edwards. You have certainly inspired me to check it out!


Emily Malone Reply:

Better produce than the Ballard Market, I agree! But I love the hot dog cart in Ballard. :)


Lindsey     at 2:15 pm

The Mediterranean food looks awesome! Where did you get it? I’ve been looking for a good spot on the eastside for awhile now! Will also have to check out that park. My favorite is Discovery Park in Magnolia but since we moved to Bellevue it’s too far to drive.


Emily Malone Reply:

Santorini’s in downtown Kirkland! And St. Ed’s reminds me SO much of Discovery Park. Definitely check it out.


Jasmine @ learning to feed yourself     at 2:22 pm

Babies and berries are always so cute! And I am jealous at the availability of berries at the Seattle markets. We didn’t have a very good season here in Wisconsin unfortunately.


Amelia     at 2:30 pm

Great weekend! Looks like yummy food and fun activities were enjoyed by all. :)

I have had a ridiculous craving for stuffed grape leaves lately. TJ’s sells some awesome ones, but unfortunately our store in Charleston doesn’t carry them. Boo! Time to either make them or seek out a local joint.


Emily Malone Reply:

I have never seen grape leaves at TJ’s!


Britt @ Better Living XoXo     at 2:50 pm

Wow, you definitely keep busy! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


Danica @ It's Progression     at 3:22 pm

I wish so much that our farmer’s market was like yours! I would EASILY pay $20 for all those berries!! (and have absolutely no problem eating them quickly)


Katie @ Peace Love & Oats     at 4:44 pm

Those pictures of Cullen sleeping are too adorable! You have the most beautiful little boy!


Julie Reply:

I 2nd that! :)


Ellen     at 5:25 pm

The U District farmers market was where I shopped when I lived there… I miss it. Cullen reminds me so much of my nephew, who is also a fruit monster. Today I sat him on the counter as we were dancing and goofing off, and he reached behind him, grabbed a peach and shoved it in his mouth all in about 2 seconds, giggling the whole time. :)


Carly @ Snack Therapy     at 5:39 pm

Looks like such a gorgeous, summery weekend. I, too, dread the day that summer fruit is not longer in season. Summer produce is just unbeatable!


Michelle G     at 5:43 pm

Looks like fun! Kind of off the topic of your blog, but I would be interested in finding out how you have baby-proofed your house now that you have a little crawler.


Emily Malone Reply:

I will probably do a Babble post on that soon, and I’ll link over to it here when I do! We just put up babygates. :)


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 6:05 pm

Ha — the raspberry cut-off face is so recognizable. Has happened to us with various fruit, but my little guy’s thing is tomatoes. He goes crazy over them, so I have to limit it.

We found with the fruit it helped to put a set amount in a small bowl, give him a bit at a time, and make a big deal when we gave him the last bit from the bowl that it is “all gone, all done.”


Alexandra     at 6:31 pm

St. Edwards is one of my very favorite places! My cross country team ran there in high school and my swim team practiced at the pool there growing up. St. Ed’s is always on my must-see list when I’m home; I’m so glad you found it!

I’m a total blog lurker, but I’m from Woodinville and live in DC now so I felt like I had to say hi!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks so much for saying hi! :)


Jessica @ New Girl, New City     at 6:34 pm

$20 for ALL those berries?! I’m super jealous.
That’s such a beautiful place.. you’re so lucky to live in that amazing area!


Fernanda     at 8:55 pm

Cullen is precious! He is only a month older than my son, Alexander, it’s so fun to see the similarities in this phase of life! Don’t you just love taking photos of our little ones sleeping? I can’t get enough of them w my son ;)


Court Star @ StarSystemz     at 9:25 pm

So cute to see your husband and son hiking together! So cute!! Also those berries for $20.00 that is INSANE our farmers market is nothing compared to yours but I always invite my friends and make an adventure out of it! Love and Shine CourtStar


Kristen     at 10:39 pm

Sleeping baby on hike picture is too cute! I can’t believe how big he’s getting…love seeing all the pictures of him growing up :-)


Meagan     at 10:48 pm

I am going to live in St. Edwards State Park… I’m going to Bastyr! So cool.


Meagan Reply:

And what is the name of the Kirkland Mediterranean restaurant? Looks delish!


Emily Malone Reply:



Emily Malone Reply:

We grabbed food at the Bastyr cafeteria – very cool!


Lindsay Loves Veggies     at 11:46 pm

You’re such a cute little family! :)

St. Edwards park looks really cool! I think I might have to check it! Hiking, plus the lake! I don’t think it could get much better!


Shari     at 5:00 am

That last picture of Cullen is precious!


Marilyn     at 5:17 am

Like you, I have no idea what I’m going to do when the summer ends and I can no longer afford to eat my weight in berries weekly. :-)


Leah     at 7:04 am

Hooray for hiking baby backpacks!


Joy @ The Joy Vey     at 7:09 am

What a wonderful weekend! I’m completely with you on the summer berries. I’ve started buying extra to freeze, so hopefully we’ll still be tasting summer in the middle of winter. In reality, I’m sure they’ll all be gone in, oh, a week or so, but it’s the intention of the thing, right? :-)


Robin     at 7:15 am

I’m so jealous of your berries! My daughters are always upset when berry season ends.

If you find you enjoy hiking with Cullen, you might want to look into a Kelty backpack carrier. They are amazing and well worth the money, as we’re still able to use ours with our 5 year old on long, arduous hikes.


Emily Malone Reply:

I will definitely check those out – thank you!


stampylisa     at 7:16 am

I must know the full name of that chia ball’s company!! I can’t find it on a search and NEED to try one!! yesterday. Please share since I can’t read the name of the comp from your pic. Thanks!


Emily Malone Reply:

Gah, I threw away the wrapper! I’m sorry! I’ll have to pick up another one. :)


stampylisa Reply:

shoot! ok, good excuse for you to get more!! post it when you find it and i’ll get another email! :)


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 7:33 am

I love the pictures! I just found an amazing park to walk in that is completely shaded and near a river (I love, love, LOVE running water) and I love spending time outdoors. Finally a place in Philly that is pleasant to walk through during the day :) Glad you found a nice spot as well, Emily!


Emily Malone Reply:

Glad you found a great park!!


linda     at 7:47 am

Cullen is looking like such a boy, no longer a baby! You are so lucky to have such beautiful landscape so close.


Brittney     at 8:38 am

Awww, that last pic of Cullen is too cute! I love hiking. This makes me want to go again soon!


Emily @ www.main-eats.com     at 9:00 am

Looks like such a beautiful weekend! I’m an only child but when I was growing up one of my cousins would come stay with us for the whole summer. I absolutely loved those summers and it was so wonderful to have her around. It’s so great that you are your sister can be so close-I love it!


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed     at 9:56 am

You make me want to move to Seattle! All the wonderful markets and trails… looks amazing!


Angela     at 10:22 am

What a blessing that you have such a lovely place so near!


Ali @ Around the VeggieTable     at 10:41 am

Awww Cullen looks so cute all cuddled up on his daddy’s back! Sounds like a great hike :)


Allison     at 12:32 pm

What a perfect weekend! That park looks beautiful. Your updates make me want to visit Seattle so badly!


Emily @ Life on Food     at 3:11 pm

I love that last photo and those berries are pretty gorgeous too! My husband and I would have had a fit if they were taken away from us too.


Beth     at 5:48 pm

Gah, why are sleeping babies so cute! Love it. My little guy is 3 months and I love it when he falls asleep in the carrier on our long walks. Hooray for naps during outings! Looks like a great weekend. I can’t get enough summer fruit either and also love the prices. Finally had watermelon for the first time yesterday – why, oh why did it take me so long this summer?!


luv what you do     at 8:09 pm

What a beautiful weekend! I can’t wait to go hiking in Door County in a few weeks! It looks very similar and I love every moment of it. I’ll have to look for some Chia balls too : )


Maisie     at 6:25 am

Looks like you’ve been keeping busy! I sent you an email a little while ago, maybe you could check it out when you’ve got some time :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Hi Maisie! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am really backed up in email right now, and working nightly to catch up. I feel bad that I’m so behind! I just entered your email address into my email search and came up empty. Did you use a different address?


Maisie Reply:

No worries, it was from the same address so I don’t know where it’s gone though… Have just re-sent it so hopefully that’ll work. Thanks for getting back to me!


Kaci Blake     at 7:43 am

Beautiful!! I miss the west coast. Those berries look delish!


Marissa@ohhhsolovely     at 8:14 am

those berries look wonderful! it’s so great to see a happy baby out & enjoying nature! exposing my children to nature is something i hope to be able to do – i think it’s so important!


Emily Malone Reply:

I do too!


Andrea     at 10:12 am

Wow! I had no idea St.Edwards St. Park existed! I just bought my Discover pass when my sister came out to visit. (I feel ya on the sister thing- we just took her to the airport this morning after a 2 week visit)I finally got to go back to Salt Water St. Park. (stinky at high tide) but beautiful! at Sunset. I’ll have to put my pass to good use and check out all the local state parks again. (there are so many tucked in where you least expect it.) I’m in the South Sound area! I can’t imagine all the little jewels between here and there! The berries are GORGEOUS!!!and nummy!


Daily Garnish » Blog Archive » Grilled Zucchini & Eggplant Herb Salad.     at 10:21 am

[...] past weekend we checked out one of Seattle’s most popular farmers markets.  I try to eat what is in season as much as possible, and the giant overflowing tubs of [...]

Noelle (@singerinkitchen)     at 10:55 am

LOVE your hike. Looked like you had a lovely time! Gonna have to look into that carrier for sure!


MommyPage     at 3:31 pm

All that fresh fruit and vegetables looks yummy! That’s one reason why summer is so amazing- the produce! I hope you had fun on your hike as well.


Joe @ The Frolicking Fells     at 8:45 pm

We just bid some good friends adieu…it’s hard to say goodbye to those who are closest to us! Did you two run her first 5K yet? How did it go?


Jen @ The Well Read Fish     at 12:56 pm

That photo on the couch with the pups looks like a painting!


Bridgette     at 7:41 pm

Did the greek place happen to be Santorini? That is the best greek food I have ever had!


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