A few notes on this sunny Friday…

1.  Thanks for all the kind words about my Grandma.  We are hoping to do a family reunion to honor and remember her and Grandpa in Hilton Head at some point.  They would have wanted us all back together again!

2.  It’s possible that the only thing more exhausting than competing in the Olympics is trying to keep up with watching them.  Is anyone else dragging from trying to stay up ‘til midnight every night?  And while I’m on the subject, can we please all just make a deal to NOT post Olympic spoilers on social media?  I have been cutting myself off around noon each day to avoid seeing what happens.  I’m on Team Phelps forever.  Don’t get me started on Lochte…

3.  I bought kohlrabi at the market this week, and I’m excited to cook with it this weekend!  Haven’t had any since I worked on the farm in Charlotte.  Such a funny looking, but tasty vegetable.

IMG_5396 (640x427)

4.  This is Sarah’s last weekend here in Seattle.  I literally feel like her plane arrived last week. How has it possibly been two months?  I am so sad to see her go, but even more sad for Cullen.  He has fallen so in love with her this summer, and now he’s going to be stuck with his lame mom all day long.

photo (2)

5.  Cullen got his first balloon a few days ago – a gift from the Trader Joe’s cashier.  I held onto the bottom of the string, while he frantically threw his arms everywhere and laughed as the balloon bounced off his face.  Kids make the simplest things so much more fun.


6.  I have a serious coconut problem right now.  I’m eating coconut flavored everything.  Perhaps the most serious offender is this one.  Coconut peanut butter.  This jar was emptied in less than a week, and I was saving it until I remembered to snap a picture.  Every time I open the pantry I am sad it’s all gone.

IMG_5422 (427x640)

7.  The dogs sat me down and had a serious conversation about the ratio of baby to dog photos here in this space.  They have really been missing the spotlight.  They are loving summer in their new sunny yard with plenty of room to run.

IMG_5419 (640x426)

Indy is a big fan of Cullen, and he is surprisingly gentle and patient with him.  If I were going to worry about either of them, it would have been him.  So equally surprising is that Huey isn’t not quite as enamored.  He runs out of the room when Cullen is on the move, and only really gets close if he thinks food might be thrown.  Lucky for him, that is quite often these days.

IMG_5407 (427x640)

8.  I think Cullen is walking.  It’s hard to know what counts as official walking, but he can now take 6-7 steps in a row, and his balance is pretty awesome.  When we turn music on he even jumps and dances – too cute!  Here’s a short clip of him teeter tottering across the floor a few days ago…

9.  It’s going to be in the high 80’s in Seattle this weekend – our best weather of the summer so far!  I’m thinking another beach or pool day is in order.

photo (3)

10.  I hope you all have a safe and sunny weekend!