I’m working on typing up a recipe for you guys, but in the meantime I thought I’d share a few highlights from our weekend.  A lot of times I show the play by play of what we do and eat, but today I thought I’d just share a few fun things. 

After a teary goodbye with Sarah on Saturday morning, Casey and I took Cullen to the wading pool at Greenlake.  Even though I walk past this pool almost every single day, I had never taken him in.  It was 80 degrees this weekend in Seattle – perfect weather for a bit of splashing.

IMG_3842 (479x640)

In the past – in bathtubs or swimming pools – he has never really liked getting water on his face.  So I wasn’t sure what he’d think when he slammed his hand down into the water and came up water running down his cheeks.  He laughed and smiled and splashed over and over again – totally loved it.

August 11 (640x480)

I can’t wait to take him into the wading pool again later this week (when Seattle reaches 90 degrees again – eeeep!). 

IMG_3847 (479x640)

And because I can’t help myself, here’s a video of our little fish enjoying some playtime in the water.

It wasn’t all just sunshine and walking – though we did do quite a bit of that.  I’m working on doing more weekly food prep on weekends these days (and I’ll write another full post on this topic soon).  Saturday I roasted a huge pot of gorgeous red beets.  You’ll see what I did with them soon!

IMG_5859 (640x427)

When Casey asked me what I wanted to do on Sunday, I only had one thing on my list – buy blueberries.  I missed the Friday market where I usually buy them, and I was probably a little too concerned about starting my week berry-less.

So after a few other morning activities, we headed over to the Ballard Farmer’s Market and I crossed my fingers that my favorite berry vendor would be there.

IMG_5905 (415x640)

Hayton Farms is an organic berry grower here in Washington, and they are at various local markets here every day of the week!  The berries they grow are so fresh and ripe each week, and I literally can’t get enough.

IMG_5907 (640x427)

For a few weeks I was buying two flats each weekend, and then last week I stepped it up to three.  They are addictive and they disappear quickly in our house.  Best of all – they are so ridiculously inexpensive.  These two giant flats of organic berries cost just $20 – a steal.  And if you turn your old flats in you get a dollar off the next purchase. 

IMG_5909 (640x427)

We pulled up to the market juuuuuuuust as Cullen fell asleep in his car seat. We sat there for a few minutes debating whether or not to wake him up or just drive home. Casey offered to sit in the car and let Cullen nap so that we could still grab a few things from the market.  I looped the vendor rows until I spotted the familiar purple and pink boxes.  I happily grabbed two and made my way back to the car.

On the drive home, Casey and I did some snacking…

IMG_5916 (640x416)

And somehow ate half a flat of berries in about ten minutes.  I knew I should have bought three!  My berry addiction has me seriously wishing for a deep freezer so I could buy 20 flats and keep them around all year long.  Is there such a thing as eating too many berries?  I hope not.