Labor Day Love.

What a wonderful holiday weekend!  We have been going non-stop for a few days, and it feels good to finally sit down and look through our photos.  Casey’s parents are here visiting with us for a week, and Cullen has been loving all the extra attention.

IMG_0957 (426x640)

They arrived on Saturday afternoon, and we had a low key afternoon just showing them around, playing at the park, and hitting the swings. 

IMG_0964 (640x427)

Baby in a baseball cap.  It kills me.

IMG_0968 (426x640)

Sunday was another day of hiking!  Casey really wanted to show his parents the mountains outside of Seattle.  We considered trying a new hike, but ultimately decided to repeat the hike to Mason Lake that we did a few weeks ago.  Cullen snoozed for a while on the way UP.

IMG_6815 (427x640)

This is a pretty difficult hike, and I was really dragging on the way up.  Makes me realize that I am way too out of shape!  The views at the top were more than worth the climb though – the lake is just breathtaking.

IMG_6833 (640x427)

IMG_0991 (640x427)

As we started up our 2500 foot climb, Casey’s mom mentioned that she’s scared of heights.  OOPS!  She was a trooper, and I think once she got to the top she was glad she stuck with it.

IMG_6862 (640x427)

After some energy bites and PB&J sandwiches, we started the long descent doooooown.

IMG_6867 (427x640)

Cullen was a good sport.  Got a little cranky on the way down, but it was a big adventure for such a little guy.  A million thanks to Casey for carrying an extra 30 pounds on his back for 7 long miles.

IMG_6873 (427x640)

It was another fun hike, and I’m glad Tina and Eddie were able to see some of the gorgeous scenery that surrounds Seattle.  We are doing our best to entice them into moving here!

IMG_6880 (640x421)

IMG_0999 (640x427)

IMG_1004 (427x640)

Monday was another day out and about.  This time our adventures were a bit less active – a Mariners game!

IMG_6889 (640x427)

We took Cullen to one previous game early in the season, and he was really scared of the noise – screaming every time the crowd cheered.  Now that he’s a few months older, the crowd didn’t seem to bother him at all.  He had fun people watching and squirming around in our laps.

IMG_1022 (427x640)

But unfortunately, the game also coincided with nap time. 

IMG_6930 (427x640)

He started off pretty grumpy, and I spent most of the first half of the game walking around with him and settling him to sleep.  I rarely wear the Ergo these days except for things like this, and I’m happy to say it still does the trick!  It took a few extra bounces and kisses, but he eventually settled to sleep.

IMG_6888 (640x426)

Inside the Ergo… :)


After a short snooze, he woke up all smiles.

IMG_6931 (426x640)

Somehow between watching the game and trying to settle Cullen to sleep, I missed my window for a veggie dog.  Can’t believe I didn’t get one!  But it was still a great game – the Mariners won!

IMG_6941 (640x428)

Back at home I insisted on a family photo shoot since we have grandparents in town.  Casey showed off his tricks that terrify me.

IMG_1032 (427x640)

Three generations of Malone boys.  Such a good looking bunch – Cullen is lucky to inherit fabulous Malone hair.

IMG_6955 (426x640)

I love watching Cullen with Mimi and Grandpa.  He loves them so much.  Not to mention, it’s really nice to have extra hands in the house!

IMG_7003 (425x640)

A really great weekend with a family that I love so much.  I was so busy running around and capturing family pictures, I didn’t take a single picture of what we ate – oops.  You didn’t miss much.  Lots of takeout and Flying Apron cookies – yum.

IMG_6986 (640x426)

And now since I have extra helpers in the house, I’m off to do something I haven’t done in way too long – go for a much needed RUN!  Planning to talk more about that tomorrow.  Hope you had a great weekend too!