Running Forward.

Greetings from OHIO!  I am here for a long weekend visiting my family and going to a friend’s baby shower.  My family hasn’t all been together since Christmas, so it feels very special. 

Thanks for all your awesome support on my running post.  It has been a growing and learning process.  My in-laws were at our house in Seattle last week, so I took advantage of having some extra help around, and had them watch him so I could get a lot of things done.  In between projects, I laced up my running shoes and went for a rare run alone. 

As I went to leave the house, I realized it was ridiculous to actually run alone, and I leashed up my favorite yellow pup. 

2012-09-04 13.16.08

Even though I haven’t been running more than a few miles here and there,  I go for at least one long walk every day.  I know walking isn’t generally considered to be hard core exercise, but I do feel like it’s kept me in decent shape, and it’s kept my muscles moving.

My new neighborhood is filled with HILLS, which makes it hard to get started.  Indy and I walked up our first hill, and then ran two miles together before looping back to the house.  I swapped dogs, and took Huey out for another two – making it home in just over four miles.

The run felt better than I expected physically, and mentally it felt really good to be out there without the weight and burden of the jogging stroller (read: whining baby inside).  Going forward, my hope is to try to get a few runs in each week after Casey gets home from work (he’s trying to leave a bit earlier these days).  I’ll be ready to go in my running clothes when he arrives, and he’ll have an hour or so with Cullen before bedtime while I run.

Up until now, I’ve been trying to fit my runs in during the day, but having to drive to good running spots, plus Cullen’s hatred of the stroller has made that tough.  And by doing my runs at home after work, I can take the pups out with me for a bonus arm workout.  They were totally pooped after our run.  They got a lot of walks and exercise in the yard, but they are in rusty running shape too!

I didn’t run while I was pregnant, and because of that I discovered that there are a lot of other ways to exercise that I really enjoy.  Like I said, I’m a BIG walker, and it took a while for me to realize that walking is still good activity.  Now that I’ve gotten past the mental hurdle that all exercise must be sweaty and fast, I’m having fun exploring new things like hiking on the weekends with family.


I’m not going to make any training schedules or unrealistic plans, but I’d love to do a few short races this fall.  Not because I think racing is necessary or somehow proves something – only because I love the thrill of race day morning and the feeling of participating in a local race scene.  We’ll see how it goes.

While we still have warm temps and sunshine in Seattle, I’m going to to do my best to continue to take advantage of being outside as much as possible. 

IMG_3804 (480x640)

This weekend is all about visiting friends, time with family, and watching Cullen play with his cousin Jonah.  Cincinnati is also where I got started with running, and all my favorite running spots are here.  I packed my running shoes!