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    A Look Back.


Another great family weekend – and the first that has felt like fall is finally here!  I spent all day Friday celebrating Cullen’s 11 month milestone – we played with friends in the park, took a loop around our favorite lake, and had fun playing in the new playroom.  (His new thing is hugging, and it KILLS me!)


It was also the first day that has been cool enough to try out Cullen’s new puffy vest!  I couldn’t help myself.

IMG_8115 (427x640)

Once Casey got home from work, we all took a rare trip to the grocery store together.  I usually try to do our shopping during the week, but this week was pretty busy.  It was SO much easier and faster to go together – Casey held Cullen while I zipped around and filled up our cart.  It is sad how much I enjoyed family Friday night grocery shopping.  We had our CSA bin delivered on Friday too, so our fridge is now PACKED with all sorts of amazing produce.  Now I just have to cook it all…

IMG_8155 (640x421)

Once we got home we had to do Cullen’s dinner and bedtime routine, which meant that our dinner was getting pushed back pretty late.  I’d had this idea in my head all day long that I wanted to make a big pot of chili.  Even though it was already late, I got it started quickly, and by the time I came down after putting Cullen down to bed, it was ready!

IMG_8180 (640x427)

I also did some baking…  But I will tell you more about both of those things tomorrow!

IMG_8161 (640x427)

Chili, cornbread, good Friday night TV, and an old brown dog plopped on top of my lap.  A great start to our weekend. 


Saturday started out gloomy and drizzly, so we stayed in and did some house projects we had been putting off for a while.  We also took Cullen and the dogs for a 4 mile walk in our neighborhood.  We had a pretty low key day since we were getting ready for an exciting date night out!  Casey scored the last pair of his company’s tickets for this season – they are in the front row, directly next to the Mariners’ dugout – totally awesome. 


Garlic fries and veggie dogs for dinner – yum.  It was a great game (Mariners win!) but the best part was just getting to spend a night out with my favorite guy.  We try to do some sort of date night at least once a month – it’s not much, but it makes a big difference. 


The sun was out on Sunday, and we both were itching to get in some activity.  We headed to Greenlake for a family run.  Casey is considering training for another marathon, so he’s doing some pre-training right now to see if it feels right both physically and with our schedule.  He wanted to run 8 miles, and I wanted to run two laps (5.6 miles).

I did my first lap with the stroller and it SUCKED.  I felt like I had zero energy.  Not sure if I just chose the wrong breakfast (eggs) or if I was running too soon after breastfeeding (dehydrating) or what, but I felt like lead.  It didn’t help that Cullen was throwing toys and blankets out of the stroller every 30 seconds.

Since we run on a loop, Casey and I run in opposite directions so that we see each other twice as we go around.  After I finished the first lap, I happily passed the stroller off to him so I could run for a bit on my own.  I thought ditching the stroller would make a big difference, but I still just felt drained.  I ended up running another mile and then turning around to head back.  I knew Casey would be finished by then anyway.

Even though it was an ugly run, I was happy to have done it.  I have mostly been running in the 3-4 mile range recently, so I’m not sure why I thought I’d just go bang out 5.6 miles with no problem.  I finished 4.5 and collapsed in the grass.  It was ugly, but it was over.


Casey ran his 8 miles (final 2.8 with the stroller) and then played with Cullen in the grass until I was done.  He is loving all the leaves that are falling!


Post run treats at Flying Apron afterward.  This cinnamon roll was the size of my head, and honestly, too big.  I felt sick afterward.  Sugar overload, but still worth it. 


We walked around Fremont for a bit and checked out the farmer’s market.  Casey was still hungry so he got a big plate of Indian food, and we all sat on the canal steps and hung out in the sunshine for a bit.  The trail by the water is one of my favorite spots in Fremont, and I miss when Cullen and I would hang out there when he was a newborn.


The rest of the day involved a long soak in the bathtub (amazing!), reading Runner’s World, playing with Cullen, and throwing together a quick burrito dinner.  Filled with sautéed mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, and black beans – topped with avocado, salsa, and lettuce.  Delicious.


I got a horrible night’s sleep last night – Cullen was up four times for some reason.  Not sure what’s going on these past few nights, but he’s waking up screaming several times a night.  I hope he is okay, and that it passes quickly.  Going to go wake myself up with some fresh air!

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Heather (Heather's Dish)     at 11:20 am

i think all cinnamon rolls should come the size of a human head – sugar overload or not, it’s always worth it! :)


lori     at 11:20 am

not sure if you’ve already looked into it, but I like to use toy straps (I use the Baby Buddy ones) when my son is in his stroller/car seat. you simply attach them on one end of the toy and then secure it around a seat strap. that way, when he tries to throw a toy out of his seat, it’s still attached to strap and he can easily pull on the strap to retrieve his toy. it will save you from having to pick up his toys and worry about them getting dirty.


Ingunn     at 11:31 am

I need to stock up my fridge like you do, too many last-minute grocery runs for us! By the way, you have the best-fed family of anyone I “know”. Everything you make looks so nutritious and tasty.

Have you been to the arboretum in Seattle yet? Cullen will probably love it now that the leaves are turning and falling. Bonus: it’s close to Cafe Flora, so it’s a great place to go to digest brunch. ;)


Gina Reply:

Double bonus…restaurant week is coming up and Cafe Flora is on the list!!!


Lauren     at 11:35 am

What a lovely weekend. Can’t wait for your cornbread recipe! :) Have a great week girl.


barefootgirl27     at 11:41 am

I cannot believe how big he is getting!

And yay for date nights:) We rarely did that when our kids were little….. when the grandkids come i will ne sure to help my kids out so that they can take advantage of time alone together :)


Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries     at 11:45 am

I love how active you guys are as a family! Glad you and Casey got a date night this weekend too! :) Aaand I can’t wait for your chili & cornbread recipes!


Erica     at 12:05 pm

Puffy jacket is spectacular! You look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures – just radiating happiness, I love it!


Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength     at 12:11 pm

Looks like a delicious weekend. Did you and Lisa make cornbread and chili on the same night? :)


Heather @ girlyeverafter     at 12:26 pm

My hubs gets seats from his company too and they are awesome. The only seats where you can get a veggie burger option, weird but fine with me;) I love grocery shopping as a fam. I don’t have kids yet, but two is way better than just one at the store!


Maureen @ Organically Mo     at 12:29 pm

That puffy vest is too much cute for me to handle!! That cinnamon roll looks great!


Wendi     at 12:36 pm

The canal steps are some of our favorite hang out’s too — do you know that the trail they are on, the Burke Gilman, extends all the way into Kenmore and beyond? It’s really not a stretch to say one in north Kirkland could easily jump on the trail and head into Seattle. If you have a bike with a baby seat, it would be a great way to get out in the fall. You could also jump onto the BG trail and head to Woodinville — if you haven’t discovered Woodinville yet, you are sorely missing out (Barking Frog, movie nights under the stars, I could go on!!)


Heather     at 12:59 pm

Sounds like such a fun weekend. You might see if Cullen has an ear infection. My two were sleeping fine and then after a cold started waking up a few times a night screaming. They had no other symptoms but the waking up…no fever even. Good luck!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 1:08 pm

I just made your cornbread recipe last week to go with Sweet Potato Lentil Soup. It’s one of my favorites to pair with soup or chili.

Sounds like a great weekend!


katie     at 1:16 pm

Ahhh…hugs! I cannot WAIT to visit in November!


Lolly     at 1:18 pm

My favorite age with my boys was the 10-11 month old stage–they were just so much fun!
I’m sorry he is having some night terrors.
Have you been tested for iron deficiency anemia and do you supplement with vitamin B12? Your recent pics are the thinnest I’ve ever seen you. You may want to try to incorporate more fats like coconut milk (from the can not the carton) smoothies.


Emily Malone Reply:

Yep, just recently tested – iron levels are good, and yes I take B12 supplements as well. I am thinner than I was, mostly due to breastfeeding. It has been hard on my body! I eat a ton but still can’t keep up with it.


Hannah     at 1:19 pm

I rarely comment, but I can’t help but notice how happy you look lately! Not that you don’t always seem happy… But your smiles have seemed particularly cheesy lately! Keep up whatever you’re doing :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks! I AM really happy! :)


Amber K Reply:

I have to agree with Hannah. You are glowing!


Garnet     at 1:22 pm

It’s not quite chili and corn bread weather here in southern Arizona (today the temps reached the high-90s), but every night is a good night to have a shorthair warming your lap (and cutting off the circulation to your lower legs…).


Emily Malone Reply:

Awww haha yes. Such great lapdogs!


Elisabeth     at 1:27 pm

I LOVE those first two photos! Cullen in a puffy vest & jeans – just too much cute :)


Megan     at 2:29 pm

Such a sweet family post. I loved it for so many reasons, but mostly because it all seemed so warm and cozy. While I had a minor mom meltdown this weekend, you guys were playing in the park and snuggling with chili. I must remember to chill out sometimes!

Also, have you tried clipping Cullen’s toys to the stroller? I have a few Mam pacifier clips that work great when I take my running stroller out. The end has a loop that you can Velcro around any toy, and the clip part attaches to the harness.


Emily Malone Reply:

I should try those again. I used them at the beginning but they didn’t fit our toys that well.


Sana     at 2:42 pm

Baby jeans+puffy vest- I dieeee!


Morgan @ moments of mmm     at 4:10 pm

Oh my gosh, I can’t get over Cullen’s little outfit with the vest! Ah, I just love little people in adult-style clothing.

Your chili looks incredible, I hope you are planning on sharing the recipe!

Have a great week!


Kiran @ KiranTarun.com     at 4:44 pm

Cullen is getting bigger now. Boy, time surely flies!


Lee     at 5:29 pm

Sounds like a great weekend. I love the picture of Cullen in the puffy vest. Too cute.


Emily S     at 5:32 pm

I LOVE the puffer vest! I got Parker one at a consignment sale recently, but here in North Carolina it will probably be three months before it’s cold enough for him to wear it. He looks ADORABLE. :)


Amelia     at 6:18 pm

Emily you are so radiant! The first pic of you and Cullen is so sweet.

I’m glad y’all had such a beautiful weekend. This past weekend was the first relaxing one I have had in a long time. The weather is just starting to turn here in Charleston. We are having our first cool night and sat at the dock and enjoyed dinner on the water. No humidity for once!! If only the mountains (of NC) were close enough for apple picking!!


Emily Malone Reply:

You are so sweet!


purelymichelle     at 6:29 pm

that first picture…priceless. just made my heart melt!


luv what you do     at 6:43 pm

Your chili looks great!
I have been craving some too and made a big pot of veggie chili this weekend too!


Jennifer     at 7:40 pm

MOLARS!!?? Be ware, my son is the same age and he was sleeping like a champ, then his molars started coming in & he’d scream like crazy in the night!


Carrie Reply:

I agree with Jennifer – you are heading into molar time. My kids always started to show signs of molars before they turned one. I even had one go on a nursing strike because of it. Take a peek back there. Teeth are the worst!


Pam     at 11:22 pm

Haha, I also had chilli and cornbread on Friday, and I also started it a bit too late! So yummy and worth it though. I’ve been having the cornbread leftovers with poached eggs on top for breakfast, yum!


Emily Malone Reply:

That sounds SO delicious! I have two slices left. Hmmmmm… :)


Maya     at 1:08 am

I posted this as a reply to your reply to my reply to someone else’s reply to another post (haha… following me here?) but you probably didn’t see it, so I’m going to be completely annoying and post it again. :) Are you sure you aren’t pregnant again?? That could explain the hungriness, tiredness, legs-feeling-like-lead-ness, period-less-ness, and milk supply issues… not to mention the happy glow. :) How funny if that were the cause of everything, after your worries about kid spacing? *Done being annoyingly nosy now*


Kat     at 5:19 am

Maybe he’s teething? That’s the only times that P wakes up in the middle of the night for no reason.
I need to get back into running – I’ve been slacking but with this beautiful fall weather I actually might get back into it


Debbi     at 8:24 am

He is probably having dreams and then wakes up and it’s dark and he has no parent to comfort him. Or those teeth are coming in.


Emily     at 9:05 am

I have been looking all over for slanted bowls, just like the ones your served your chili in! Where did you find them?!


Emily Malone Reply:

Got them from the C&B outlet two years ago. Not much help – sorry!!


Rachel C     at 9:13 am

I can’t wait for the chili and cornbread recipes.

I also wanted to say that after reading your post about the Pig Sanctuary, I have researched and found a sanctuary near me, and I will be visiting soon. But prior to my visit, I have signed up to sponsor a Pig for the year. I just received my photo and information about her and I am so excited to visit all of the animals. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. :)


Emily Malone Reply:

This makes my day!!!!!


Emily Malone     at 10:49 am

Haha sorry I missed it – not avoiding. :) Nope, definitely not pregnant. Just a tired, breastfeeding mom. Milk supply is back up this week! Think it had to do with C’s cold and reduced nursing efficiency.


Maya Reply:

Ok, glad your milk supply is back! I’m hoping mine doesn’t go down after Yom Kippur… then again, my daughter weighs as much as most two-year-olds (about 28 pounds, younger than Cullen by one day!) so it might not be a bad thing. Hope you get some rest! :)


Katie@Real Food Katie's Way     at 11:42 am

Oh I love fall!!! These pictures capture it perfectly!

Your cornbread looks fantastic…I am making some this weekend as a trial run for Thanksgiving (which is next week for us Canadians!)

And also, your idea of date nights are VERY similar to my husbands and mine…it doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as we are spending quality time together!…and there must be good food ;)


Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More     at 12:06 pm

Think I need one of those cinnamon rolls. Like now!


alex     at 9:38 pm

I can’t wait for my little one to give hugs!! looks like you had a fun weekend playing around in your old neighborhood. I bet you miss Fremont, but it must be a treat to visit!


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