Crafting and Packing.

Our flight to DC leaves late tonight!  We are braving the red eye and hoping for at least a little sleep.  I feel pretty confident that Cullen will sleep through the whole flight, but I know I’ll feel a lot more relaxed once we’ve landed on the other side.

This trip sort of popped up at the last minute, since it’s a business trip for Casey (Cullen and I are just crashing the party).  I am so excited to go see our friends and our old favorite city!  But there has been a lot to do to get ready.  I’m certainly not one to complain about an awesome free trip, but the timing has been a little bit complicated.  I am a procrastinator by nature, but since we’ll be out of town I have been forced (for once) to plan in advance!

Someone is turning ONE next weekend…


I can’t actually talk about that yet.  He is still a baby for one more week!

Anyway, there won’t be much time in between our return and the beginning of birthday festivities (including my mom’s arrival!).  So I’ve been running around this week getting everything together for his party.  For someone with almost zero crafting skills, I have spent an absurd amount of time in crafting and party supply stores recently. 

IMG_8973 (640x427)

In fact, it has been SO long since I’ve done anything remotely crafty or creative, I even had to buy new glue.  Mine was dried and shriveled, and possibly left over from the fourth grade.

IMG_8975 (640x427)

I have also been doing a lot of BAKING.  I’m testing out some recipes for Cullen’s birthday cakes (plural), and I really want them to be good!

IMG_8974 (640x427)

There has been a LOT of sampling, and now I’m not so sure it was wise to have washed all my jeans this morning. 

IMG_8980 (640x427)

Last night was spent watching the debates and stuffing myself with cake, while cutting, gluing, and carefully measuring.  I am by no means going to be one of those amazing crafty mamas, so I’ve been pretty low-key about this birthday business.  I more focused on the friends and family coming to celebrate, and less worried about hiding all my pencil marks. 

IMG_8981 (640x427)

I finished up my projects last night, so today has been spent working, doing lots of laundry, and hopefully eventually – packing.  It’s kind of gloomy here in Seattle today, so Cullen and I are having a rare day at home.  We broke from playing catch and dancing to Caspar Babypants to have a mid-day lunch date.

IMG_8986 (640x427)

Eggs and toast with coconut spread for me – eggs, squash, and spaghetti noodles for Cullen.  He’s just recently started becoming very picky about his food.  Fifty percent of what I offer is picked up, and then immediately tossed onto the floor for no reason.  Like he will pick up one raspberry – throw it on the floor – and then pick up another raspberry and eat it.  What? 

IMG_8990 (640x427)

I thought the dogs hovering below might be the problem, so I started removing them during meal time. Hasn’t made a difference – half of my precious meals still wind up on the floor. Very frustrating.  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious.

IMG_8998 (640x427)

After lunch and before nap, we snuck in a quick neighborhood walk with the pups.  We’re losing more and more of our evening light, so I’m trying to get them out more during the day.  Not easy to take all three out together, but I’m doing my best!


Sleeping in the friendly skies, and waking up on the east coast tomorrow.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!