Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I have all these other things I want to tell you about – a sweet potato recipe, a one year postpartum post, and more – but life has limited my time at the keyboard this week.  And today, well – today is Halloween! – so we’ve been celebrating in style all day long. 

Last year, Cullen was just 10 days old on Halloween.  He wore a pumpkin hat (made by my friend Lisa!), and I turned our light off because I couldn’t deal with trick or treaters and a newborn.

IMG_3477 (640x427) (2)

This year?  Totally different. 

IMG_0279 (425x640)

We’ve got a mini marathoner in the house!  I had so much fun putting his costume together this year.  I figure by next year he’ll probably want to pick his own, but for now mama gets to make him a runner.  :) 

IMG_0308 (426x640)

It’s amazing how something as silly and simple as a costume can brighten up a day.  I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at him all day long.  His ridiculous sweatband and tiny short shorts had both of us cracking up!

IMG_0265 (427x640)

One of the reasons I picked this costume was that I knew anything involving an elaborate hood or headpiece wasn’t gonna happen.  He hates hats, and I didn’t want him wearing a headless costume.  I’m actually amazed that he tolerated the headband!  His long shaggy hair made it that much more ridiculous looking – I loved it. 

IMG_0268 (427x640)

I shared all the details about his costume over on Babble, but most of it came together with things we already had.  Just had to make a quick stop into American Apparel for the shorts and sweatbands.  Hopefully we have a baby girl someday who will appreciate the tiny purple shorts.

IMG_0271 (427x640)

We spent our afternoon at storytime with friends.  It was fun to take him out of the house in his costume – it got a lot of laughs.  I was also shocked that he didn’t mess with the bib number – guess he was having too much fun to notice.

IMG_0293 (427x640)

Tonight, we headed over to my friend Katie’s house so all the babies could play in costume together.  Sadly, the little sushi roll was sick, so she stayed home.  The boys club missed her!


Just as it started to get dark, the runner and the pilot headed out in their Halloween chariot.  They both LOVED the wagon, and it really kicked the adorable factor up a notch. 

IMG_0364 (640x428)

IMG_0381 (426x640)

It was funny to watch them trick or treat – they weren’t quite sure what to think of it at first!

IMG_0385 (427x640)

After a few houses, they discovered how fun it was to choose candy from the bowl.  Honestly, I assumed all the trick or treating fun was still a few years ahead of us, but I had such a great night tonight!

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Today has been so fun, and it just makes me that much more excited for all the holidays to come.  I might have to start dressing Cullen up more often!

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We got home just in time for the big Halloween rush in our neighborhood. I bought three huge bags of candy and it is ALL GONE! I feel so bad – it is 9pm here and we still have kids knocking on the door and I have nothing left. Now I know for next year.  Hope everyone had a safe and spooky evening.