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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I have all these other things I want to tell you about – a sweet potato recipe, a one year postpartum post, and more – but life has limited my time at the keyboard this week.  And today, well – today is Halloween! – so we’ve been celebrating in style all day long. 

Last year, Cullen was just 10 days old on Halloween.  He wore a pumpkin hat (made by my friend Lisa!), and I turned our light off because I couldn’t deal with trick or treaters and a newborn.

IMG_3477 (640x427) (2)

This year?  Totally different. 

IMG_0279 (425x640)

We’ve got a mini marathoner in the house!  I had so much fun putting his costume together this year.  I figure by next year he’ll probably want to pick his own, but for now mama gets to make him a runner.  :) 

IMG_0308 (426x640)

It’s amazing how something as silly and simple as a costume can brighten up a day.  I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at him all day long.  His ridiculous sweatband and tiny short shorts had both of us cracking up!

IMG_0265 (427x640)

One of the reasons I picked this costume was that I knew anything involving an elaborate hood or headpiece wasn’t gonna happen.  He hates hats, and I didn’t want him wearing a headless costume.  I’m actually amazed that he tolerated the headband!  His long shaggy hair made it that much more ridiculous looking – I loved it. 

IMG_0268 (427x640)

I shared all the details about his costume over on Babble, but most of it came together with things we already had.  Just had to make a quick stop into American Apparel for the shorts and sweatbands.  Hopefully we have a baby girl someday who will appreciate the tiny purple shorts.

IMG_0271 (427x640)

We spent our afternoon at storytime with friends.  It was fun to take him out of the house in his costume – it got a lot of laughs.  I was also shocked that he didn’t mess with the bib number – guess he was having too much fun to notice.

IMG_0293 (427x640)

Tonight, we headed over to my friend Katie’s house so all the babies could play in costume together.  Sadly, the little sushi roll was sick, so she stayed home.  The boys club missed her!


Just as it started to get dark, the runner and the pilot headed out in their Halloween chariot.  They both LOVED the wagon, and it really kicked the adorable factor up a notch. 

IMG_0364 (640x428)

IMG_0381 (426x640)

It was funny to watch them trick or treat – they weren’t quite sure what to think of it at first!

IMG_0385 (427x640)

After a few houses, they discovered how fun it was to choose candy from the bowl.  Honestly, I assumed all the trick or treating fun was still a few years ahead of us, but I had such a great night tonight!

IMG_0391 (640x427)

Today has been so fun, and it just makes me that much more excited for all the holidays to come.  I might have to start dressing Cullen up more often!

IMG_0284 (427x640)

We got home just in time for the big Halloween rush in our neighborhood. I bought three huge bags of candy and it is ALL GONE! I feel so bad – it is 9pm here and we still have kids knocking on the door and I have nothing left. Now I know for next year.  Hope everyone had a safe and spooky evening.

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Sana     at 9:53 pm

I can’t get over how cuteee the headband is on Cullen!!!


Ashley     at 10:14 pm

I cannot handle the insane cuteness of your child in that outfit. The mop of hair…the shorts??? AH!


Kimberly     at 10:16 pm

What a great idea for a costume! Headband and shorts are adorable!


Hillary     at 11:08 pm

Oh man, Cullen’s costume is the best! What a happy lil’ runner :)


Jerrell     at 11:13 pm

That is one of the cutest costumes I’ve ever seen! And you’re totally right, the wispy hair made it even funnier! I think the best part of Halloween is the kiddie costumes.


Maya     at 12:52 am

Such an adorable costume, and so Cullen!!! I may have to steal that for Purim this year…


Michelle@PeachyPalate     at 1:10 am

Oh my god they are seriously he cutest pics ever! Love his outfit!!! Props to Mum!


Army Amy*     at 2:11 am

I love the runner costume! He looks like a professional, but in mini-size! Haha! It’s perfect!*


Erica     at 4:00 am

That outfit is cute and hilarious – great idea! I also love the pic of him trick or treating! Glad you guys had a wonderful holiday! ours was kind of a bust – we heard that there would be tons of kids out and so we bought two big bags. NO ONE CAME!

We got our 7 month old a little monkey costume that was quite a hit, he liked playing with the big padded stomach, but we didn’t do anything Halloween-y. Hopefully next year will be more fun :)


Simply Life     at 4:01 am

oh is just just ADORABLE!!! Love the outfit! Looks like such a great Halloween!


Grace     at 4:05 am

OMG, Cullens costume is AWESOME!!!!! I love it! Such a great, creative idea. My 3yr old picked Spiderman and my 20month old decided that he’d much rather go the noncostume route.


Erica     at 4:20 am

OMG I would have just died if I opened the door and saw these baby trick-or-treaters! I hope your neighbors enjoyed them!


Lauren     at 4:22 am

Too cute!!!


Caroline     at 4:33 am

Oh my gosh that outfit is absolutely adorable! I can’t get over how cute those shorts look on him either! It sounds like a fun day for you both.


JL     at 4:58 am

Oh, Emily! I don’t have children and I really don’t get into Halloween but YOU WIN! Cullen’s costume may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever! So clever and so adorable!


luv what you do     at 5:10 am

What an adorable costume…it kind of remnds me of mine but I had more bright colors channeling the 80′s : ) Glad you guys had a fun and memorable Halloween!


Andrea     at 5:12 am

What a fun halloween! You’re such a cool Mom!


Kelly     at 5:18 am

THOSE SHORTS!!!! At work (too) early and the image of that costume has started my long day off right! Too funny.


Shari     at 5:21 am

Oh, he looks so cute! Glad you all had a great Halloween!


Lea @ Greens and Coffee Beans     at 5:33 am

Cullen makes such a cute little marathoner! I love it!


Ali @ Peaches and Football     at 5:49 am

That headband and the shorts over the pants – I couldn’t stop laughing. Ridiculously adorable.

Can’t believe you still have trick or treaters at 9pm! They only have it from 4-7pm here. We bought way too much (estimates from what we usually gave out at the old house) and only had ONE kid this year. He got well taken care of but we still have way too much left over.


Kaitlyn @ Keeping up with Kaitlyn     at 5:58 am

I LOVE this costume!! He is SO adorable! Just makes me smile and laugh!!


Sara     at 6:03 am

My daughter was a marathoner too! She was a bit more specific…a Boston marathoner, but generally the exact same costume. LOVE IT! The headband really made the costume, I even had a foil wrap for her but she wanted nothing to do with it. Cullen looks so cute!


Ky G     at 6:12 am

Absolutely adorable & hilarious! Cullen enjoys life so much! Good job Momma!


deva at deva by definition     at 6:39 am

So cute! I love the costume and the bib – so fun!


Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries     at 7:16 am

OH MY! I can’t get over how cute this costume is! So unique too! He was adorable. I’m glad you guys had a fun Halloween!


Stephanie @ LoveLaughterLight     at 7:22 am

Emily, Cullen’s costume is the most adorable get-up I’ve seen in years!!! And his expressions are priceless! Thanks for the post and bringing a smile, and giggle, to my morning after a hellish night at work. :)


clare @ fittingitallin     at 7:26 am

Cutest. Costume. Ever.


Coco     at 7:32 am

OMG.. So adorable! I love it :)


Mia (Savor Everyday)     at 7:43 am

OH.MY.GOSH. That marathoner outfit couldn’t be more perfect for a baby of marathoners! Too cute. I love the pieced-together feel too – compared to some of the over-the-top baby costumes these days…


Katie D.     at 7:44 am

That is totally the type of costume I grew up wearing and I love it! So cute!!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 8:46 am

I love the marathon costume. It’s such a cute idea.


Jules     at 8:52 am

Love it! The headband is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
And the hair! Too bad he wouldn’t have tolerated a stick on mustache, he would have looked like Prefonaine with that hair!! Seriously, he is the cutest kid!!


Megan @ My Path in Motherhood     at 9:01 am

Oh. My. Goodness. SO adorable! And clever! I wouldn’t have even thought of that, my creative thinking skills are quite terrible!


Stephanie @ Food and Fitness 4 Real     at 9:30 am

Love his little costume and it looks like he has such a blast all day! I am so glad that he was able to trick-or-treat, I know my kids were a little scared/hesitant at that age but now they LOVE to run up to each house and ask for candy!


Jen     at 10:25 am

That is too cute – I love it!


Tammy Root     at 11:03 am

That costume is GENIUS!!!!!!! I LOVE it!


Elisabeth     at 11:33 am

Til 9pm?? Wow! Our trick or treat is only 5-6:30!


Sarah @ Kids Heart Real Food     at 12:38 pm

Oh my goodness Emily, this costume is AMAZING!!!! Honestly, I think it’s so fun when parents deviate from the “furry animal” costumes and do something silly. Good job!


Jenny P.     at 1:34 pm

AMAZING costume! At first I thought he was a tiny John McEnroe!!


colleens     at 1:46 pm

That hair and the headband! Priceless!


Theresa     at 1:52 pm

I’m dying over this costume! SO stinking cute!! I love the sweat band with his hair! And the felt bib!…heading over to babble to read about it.


eliza     at 2:08 pm

He looks so adorable!!!!! Maybe in a few years, you can have a little girl dressed up in the same outfit! too cute


Alexis     at 2:18 pm

OH.MY.GOD. I am absolutely MELTING from cuteness!!! Absolute most adorable costume and pictures ever!!


Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy     at 2:19 pm

I love his costume! So adorable!


Julie (A Case of the Runs)     at 4:43 pm

Cute costume!


Emily @ www.main-eats.com     at 4:59 pm

Oh golly-SUCH a cute costume! Precious! He is only getting cuter! : )


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 5:33 pm

Love it!! I thought my kids would want to pick out their own costumes this year at age 2 but they wouldn’t let me put ANYTHING on them. Thankfully we have glow in the dark skeleton PJ’s that worked as a costume!


Sam     at 5:45 pm

Oh wow! We actually did the exact same costume for our son, who is 18 mos. old. It is such an easy and comfy costume, loved it! Cullen looks adorable. I’ll send you a pic of Will. :)


Maryea @ Happy Healthy Mama     at 5:51 pm

Love it!! So stinkin cute!


Lesley T.     at 6:52 pm

Adorable costumes on Cullen and his friends!


elizabeth     at 6:54 pm

Your boy has the best smile!
Looking forward to the sweet potato recipe, I have a whole box to use up.


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 8:30 pm

Cullen is so cute!! What an awesome costume idea! I’m so glad you enjoyed your Halloween!


Megan S     at 9:16 pm

Emily, you might need to start warning us:)that is seriously so cute I can’t even stand it.


Cindy     at 9:24 pm

I never comment and am a frequent reader of your blog. I literally laughed out loud when I saw how insanely cute Cullen’s costume was. He could not be any cuter! Love it :)


Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen     at 9:29 pm

Cutest costume ever! I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but looking at your pics I can tell that will change when I have kids someday!


kristin     at 9:30 pm

TOO FUNNY!! Cullen is adorable, as always! And he looks pretty enthusiastic- maybe it’s all the attention he’s grabbing? haha! Genius costume idea for a lil one! :) Glad you had such a fun Halloween!


lisa     at 5:15 am

Cullen looks so cute in the costume! Great idea and glad to see how much fun he had!


Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement     at 5:52 am

That costume! TOO CUTE. He looked adorable, it was homemade, and he was warm. We only had one trick or treater in our building…lame.


AMANDA     at 5:58 am

I dont usually comment, but have been a reader for a long time but I just had to say this now ( after thinking it for the past year ) You have the most beautiful little boy I’ve ever seen. He is just adorable and is gonna be such a heartbreaker!!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thank you so much, Amanda! :)


Haley S     at 8:56 am

Cullen seriously has the BEST smile!!!


Alexis @ Hummusapien     at 9:44 am

Okay, hands down, cutest marathon runner I’ve ever seen!!That smile just kills me.


Emily J     at 3:16 pm

That costume is SOOO CUTE! He looks adorable and super funny at the same time. :)


Ashley     at 4:35 pm

This is the most adorable thing ever! What a great idea! I love his smile! So cute! :)


Carrie @ The Cook's Palette     at 8:53 pm

This may be the most adorable post ever. Those little purple shorts…gah! I bet Halloween is even more fun for you now that you have a little one!


Marian Schembari     at 10:02 pm

Dude, I’m not just saying this, but you have the most attractive child on the planet. That face!


Lani (@armytbonegirl)     at 2:01 pm

That is the cutest little runner ever!! What an awesome idea for a costume!!!


Christina     at 1:07 pm

His little costume is absolutely hilarious! I was literally laughing out loud.


Daily Garnish » Blog Archive » Cranberry Orange Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts.     at 9:57 pm

[...] one on us this year – am I right?  Thanksgiving feels SO early!  I swear I was making a Halloween costume last week.  I had a small panic attack last weekend when I realized that Thanksgiving is next [...]

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