The Other Washington.

We are here in DC for Casey’s conference, which is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  So Sunday was his only real day to explore and get out in the city – we wanted to squeeze in as much as we could.

Our day started off bright and early in Old Town.  I had forgotten that my favorite time here was the early morning.  The streets that are usually crowded and bustling are so empty and still. 


Even though Seattle is a mecca for coffee lovers, I love the little coffee shops here in Old Town.  We spent so much time working in them, and they became a second home during the day.  Misha’s is our favorite!


After breakfast in Old Town, we jumped on the Metro to take a trip into the city.

IMG_9062 (640x427)

Cullen’s first Metro ride!  He was totally confused and not sure why he was allowed to sit in our laps instead of the car seat, but he was definitely happy about it.

IMG_9065 (427x640)

My good friend, Blake (from college!), came with us and practiced his uncle skills.  His first niece arrives in December!

IMG_9071 (427x640)

I forgot how much I LOVE the Metro.  I know people that use it daily for commutes have a (justifiably) totally different perspective, but I only used it here and there, and found it so refreshing to not deal with car traffic.  If we still lived here, it would be so nice to not have to load Cullen into a car seat all the time!

After a short ride and a walk across the Memorial Bridge, we made it!

IMG_9075 (640x427)

Cullen’s first trip into our nation’s capital!

IMG_9082 (426x640)

Definitely won’t be his last trip either.  This is such a great place to bring kids to learn about the history and cultures of our country.

IMG_9092 (640x427)

IMG_9108 (426x640)

It was so nice to be back on the National Mall and walking around with Cullen.  It’s such a beautiful and historical space, and I just feel this amazing energy up there.

IMG_9131 (640x425)

Cullen loved all the grass and the trees, and staring at the big buildings.  He was in a great mood the whole time, and we probably walked at least 5 or 6 miles.

IMG_9147 (427x640)

When we left, the Reflecting Pool was still under construction.  It looks beautiful all filled up with water again!

IMG_9165 (423x640)

We checked out the World War II Memorial and found Indiana and Ohio right next to each other.

IMG_9170 (640x428)

We walked over to the new MLK Memorial since none of us had seen it yet.

IMG_9178 (640x427)

It was right on the water across from the Jefferson Memorial – a beautiful space!

IMG_9184 (640x425)

IMG_9188 (640x427)

I guess this memorial has been somewhat controversial (although I don’t know the backstory there), but I thought it was really moving.  This sculpture coming out of the rock was incredible!

IMG_9189 (427x640)

It was in the high 70’s and sunny on Sunday – the perfect weather for walking around in the sunshine.  I hear it is incredibly gloomy back home, so I’m happy to get a few more extra days of sun.

IMG_9195 (640x427)

Cullen had been a good sport in the stroller for many miles, so we sought out a shady grassy space for him to run around in before we headed back.  He stretched his legs at the base of the Washington Monument – something everyone should do at least once.

IMG_9204 (427x640)

I know I’m a sap and I’ve probably already said this ten times, but it just feels so special to share the place and things that I love with Cullen.  I love seeing my pre-parenting world come together with my new little family of three – it somehow feels like it has all come full circle. 

IMG_9237 (425x640)

As I watched him run around and find sticks and leaves (to eat), I was remembering the picnic that Casey and I shared in that very same spot two years ago.  Our lives were so different then.  Time flies!

IMG_9239 (427x640)

Sunday night kicked off Casey’s work dinners and meetings, and I was luck enough to get to spend the evening with friends Lindsay and Lisa!  Lisa and I were pregnant at the same time when I lived here, but our babies had never met!

IMG_9261 (640x427)

They had fun running around the playroom together and wrestling for toys.  This was the first time Cullen has met his match!  He’s usually the most wild baby of the bunch.  .  But Caroline definitely held her own, and even tackled him a few times to get a toy back.  Hilarious.

IMG_9269 (427x640)

Thanks to Lisa and Lindsay for a delicious dinner and great company!

IMG_9276 (640x427)

We are here until tomorrow afternoon!