Election Day.

Happy Election Day!

I love the first Tuesday of November.  I know a lot of people can’t wait for all the political ads and signs to go away, but – no matter what side you’re on – I think it’s exciting to see enthusiasm and energy going toward our country’s future. 

I remember voting in my first presidential election (2000) when I was in college.  A sophomore, I think, because I can picture my dorm room at the time.  I filled out an absentee ballot and I can specifically remember marking in the bubble to cast my vote for President.  I felt so important!  I’m fairly certain the evening was spent playing election coverage drinking games down the hall.

The 2008 election was also quite memorable.  Casey and I were actually on vacation in Mexico.  It felt so strange to be out of the country on such an important day, and I remember feeling very disconnected.  Before we left, I packed my VOTE shirt and a small campaign poster that I hung up on our balcony window.  We got a lot of waves and smiles from other vacationers. 


I also had much better hair back then.  But anyway…

We went to the hotel cabana bar, naively assuming this was big enough news to be broadcast at the resort.  The bar was broadcasting rugby, so we headed back to our hotel room to watch election coverage.  We had no phones and no internet – just one channel on a tiny hotel room TV.

It was very exciting, and a little bit strange.  By the time we got home a few days later, I felt like something huge had happened, and we had missed the party. 

This year, we are voting for the first time in Washington!  We mailed our ballots in a few weeks ago, so today has been a little anti-climactic.  In the past, I have voted in Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia – all swing states!  But even though Washington is pretty much already decided for the presidential election, we have a few really important state issues on the ballot – gay marriage and legalization of marijuana.  I hope to wake up tomorrow in a place that is making history.  I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what happens!

Cullen is napping, and I’m cozied up in front of the fireplace with the dogs – wearing my VOTE shirt again, and waiting for Casey to get home so we can get our election party started.  Still not sure what to make for dinner.  Considering a large pot of soup!