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    A Look Back.

Farm, Family, & Food.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Get ready for a holiday photo bomb!

We lucked out with the most incredible weather here in Connecticut.  Since both babies are currently on a similar afternoon nap schedule, we all got up early to make the most of our morning.  My sister needed to check in at work in the morning, so we all went with her. 

IMG_0613 (640x427)

She works on a school that is centered around a farm – very cool!  She actually had a gorgeous farm wedding right here on the school grounds a few years ago!

IMG_0620 (640x427)

I have been to the farm many times, but it still feels fun and exciting every time.  I love getting up close and personal with the animals.

IMG_0627 (640x427)

And we had fun showing them to Cullen and Jonah.  What a lucky guy to get to grow up with his own private petting zoo!

IMG_0632 (640x427)

We stopped to feed the turkeys, and reminded them how lucky they were to be in their cozy coop on Thanksgiving (we are all vegetarians). 

IMG_0641 (640x427)

And tried for the obligatory cousins photo, where naturally they both refused to look at the camera or smile.  (Adorable matching jackets courtesy of Grandma.)

IMG_0677 (640x427)

We toured the farm and the grounds for a bit while Rebecca finished up her work (feeding animals – never a day off!).

IMG_0719 (640x427)

IMG_0722 (425x640)

And then we headed up into the woods for fresh air and a family hike.

IMG_0726 (640x427)

IMG_0730 (640x427)

Cullen passed out the minute he went into the Ergo.  Just when I think he’s a giant toddler, he acts like a little baby.

IMG_0734 (427x640)

The weather was absolutely gorgeous – couldn’t have asked for anything better.  And Connecticut still has beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves all around.  I am so used to the Seattle landscape (which is quite different), and I forget how beautiful some of the other parts of the country are too.

IMG_0741 (640x427)

IMG_0744 (427x640)

After a leisurely climb UP, we eventually landed at top of West Rock Park.  There was a wide open lookout area, and we had the place all to ourselves.  The views of New Haven and the Long Island Sound in the distance were absolutely gorgeous.

IMG_0748 (640x419)

IMG_0746 (640x427)

IMG_0749 (640x427)

IMG_0753 (427x640)

IMG_0756 (640x417)

I haven’t been out to Connecticut in almost two years, and I am so, so happy we were able to make this trip work.  Having a week together to celebrate my mom’s birthday as well as Thanksgiving has felt so special.  So many thanks to Rebecca, Sam, and Jonah (who gave up his nursery to Cullen!) for the wonderful hospitality. 

IMG_0772 (640x427)

Our whole crew at the top of West Rock Park.  Perfect weather, perfect day, perfect way to gear up for a big day of eating!

IMG_0784 (640x427)

I love these two way too much.  I am working hard to mobilize my family to all start heading WEST!

IMG_0803 (640x427)

Cullen snoozed through the entire thing – I was just glad he got in a good nap.  Casey was burning up with the sleeping puffy-coat monster strapped to his chest.  I am always thankful that holidays mean more time with these two!

IMG_0808 (640x427)

After taking in the scenery from the top for a bit, we headed back down so we could start cooking and getting ready for our feast.  I love that my family loves being active and spending time outdoors as much as I do!

IMG_0811 (427x640)

IMG_0813 (427x640)

We got back to the house around noon – just in time for babies to take afternoon naps so that we could get to cooking.  Except someone decided to nap during the hike instead…

IMG_0895 (426x640)

So we hung out in the playroom for a bit until others were available for babysitting.  So fun to be back with this girl!  We miss having her in Seattle with us. 

IMG_0919 (640x426)

Eventually, Casey and I made our way into the kitchen to begin our Thanksgiving prep.  I think I underestimated how many dishes and how much food we had to cook – it took us five hours from start to finish!

IMG_0922 (427x640)

We worked nonstop – cutting, chopping, roasting, talking, and hanging out in a kitchen full of family.  It was everything that I love about Thanksgiving.  Couldn’t have done it without my favorite cooking partner. 

IMG_0934 (425x640)

At 7pm on the nose, the food hit the table!  Our spread included: Cranberry orange Brussels sprouts with walnuts

IMG_0938 (640x427)

Homemade cranberry sauce…

IMG_0939 (640x427)

Green beans with sliced almonds (thanks to my mom for making this one!)…

IMG_0940 (640x427)

Quinoa lentil loaf – I had forgotten how good this is – favorite dish of the night!  Looks weird, tastes delicious.

IMG_0943 (640x427)

Mashed skin-on red potatoes, along with white vegan gravy

IMG_0947 (640x427)

Roasted carrots with brown sugar (Casey made this one up!)…

IMG_0948 (427x640)

Sourdough stuffing with fennel and capers (sooooo freaking good).

IMG_0954 (640x427)

It was a monstrosity of food.  If you think vegetarians can’t enjoy Thanksgiving, you are mistaken.

IMG_0958 (427x640)

I ate and ate, and ate some more.  I love mixing a tiny bit of cranberry sauce into every bite.  Great food, great conversation, and great company to share it all with!

IMG_0978 (640x427)

After a bit of a break, and some kitchen cleanup, we were all ready for pumpkin pie in front of the fireplace.  Casey and I made two of our vegan pumpkin pies, along with homemade whipped cream. 

IMG_0981 (640x427)

We made a second pie so we’d have leftovers, but I didn’t end up getting a second piece since we left to head home early this afternoon.  I can’t stop thinking about wanting more pie.  Perhaps I will make another one for us when we get back to Seattle!

IMG_0987 (427x640)

We all agreed that this was one of the best holidays we can remember.  The food was great, the weather was outstanding, but of course the best part was spending four days with the people I love most.  I have so much to be thankful for this year, and this week was such a good reminder of that.

IMG_0796 (640x426)

Flying across the country as we speak – a smooth flight, no travel hiccups, and a snoozing baby on my husband’s chest.  Thankful, indeed.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Connecticut Celebrations.

Whew!  Remember me?  I think this is the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without even turning on my laptop – four days!  Casey and I had a really low key weekend, and I was hoping to do lots of cooking and writing.  I did end up working on a new stuffing recipe…

IMG_9967 (640x427)

Which was delicious, but my photographs were so terrible.  I am a good cook, but a mediocre food photographer, and so I decided I would remake it and photograph it again the next day in better light.  Sunday morning, I woke up with body aches and chills, and my fourth round of mastitis.  We are in the midst of weaning, so I feared this might happen.  I spent most of the day glued to the couch, not packing for my upcoming trip, and definitely not remaking stuffing.

Luckily this bout with mastitis was more mild than my last, and I was able to rebound pretty well by the next morning.  Good thing, because we were up early for a long day of travel across the country.  We had all sorts of delays that almost made us miss our connecting flight, but we were blessed by a Thanksgiving miracle, and the second plane actually sat at the gate and waited for us (and a few other passengers in the same boat).  Totally amazing.  So here we are in Connecticut – many hours and miles later!

Cullen jumped onto Eastern time on our first day, which meant a painfully early wakeup time for mom.  We played for a while at the house, and then the cousins headed out for some fun at the playground.  Don’t they look pumped?

IMG_9984 (640x427)

Luckily their spirits improved after they ran around for a bit.  It is always so fun to get to see my nephew – I can’t believe how much more he is talking since I saw him in September.

IMG_0019 (425x640)

Cullen discovered the joys of going down the slide on his belly.  Best part was dad catching him and tossing him into the air at the end!

IMG_0022 (640x427)

IMG_0025 (427x640)

We hung out for a while at this great playground that is just a short walk from my sister’s house.  The best part?  NO MULCH!  Cullen is a mulch eater, so playgrounds can be a struggle.  This one had really soft turf-like flooring – great for wobbly toddlers.  We also took my sister’s gorgeous dog, Milo.  So pretty!

IMG_0077 (427x640)

The boys are all sorts of adorable together – I can barely stand it.  They are the perfect age to finally interact and have fun together, and I know it will only get better from here.

IMG_0101 (640x428)

Beyond the playground, the rest of the day was spent napping (babies), cooking (me and Casey), and just hanging out together at the house. 

Many many months ago, way back in the summer, my sisters and I started talking about our Thanksgiving plans.  My mom is actually celebrating a BIG birthday (today!), and since her birthday happened to line up with Thanksgiving so well this year, we wanted to do something special for her. 

My family will all be together again (in Seattle!) for Christmas, but we wanted to surprise her with a birthday week together as a family.  So we headed out a bit earlier than usual to help celebrate my mom’s big day. 

While the babies slept, I hung streamers, made chili, baked cornbread, and texted my little sister constantly to find out when they would be here.  And after a veeeery long drive from Ohio, the rest of our family arrived ready to celebrate!

IMG_0135 (427x640)

My mom is so amazing and adorable, and I am so happy to be able to celebrate this milestone birthday with her!  Happy Birthday, Mom!

IMG_0141 (427x640)

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is two days away.  I was actually laughing re-reading some of my recipes from last year, realizing that I managed to cook and post so many more recipes with a four week old baby, than with a one year old.  Who keeps perpetuating the myth that the newborn days are so rough?  Toddlers are exhausting.

But many of you have asked what we will be cooking this year for Thanksgiving, and I’m sorry I didn’t do one of those big recipe review posts for you weeks ago.  I saw a lot of other good ones out there though, so I know there is no shortage of options.  For other last minute planners (like me!), here is a bit of what we’ll be eating this year…

IMG_4108 (640x427)

Sourdough Stuffing with Fennel and Capers – one of my favorite recipes EVER.  This year I’m adding a few tablespoons of miso to the veggie broth, and also adding some lentils!

IMG_2739 (640x427)

Butternut Squash and Cranberry Maple Millet – this is an oldie but a goodie, and a really great blend of flavors and textures.  Easy to make ahead of time too, so less cooking to do on the big day. 

IMG_3613 (640x427)

Vegan White Gravy – don’t know what type of potatoes we will eat this year (I’m winging it!), but we will most definitely be having this gravy.  My little sister remembers it from last year, and already lectured me on making sure I make enough to last through leftovers. 

IMG_0004 (640x427)

Cranberry Orange Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts – we just talked about this one last week!  I made it while Casey was out of town, so I ended up eating every serving myself.  I’m excited to make it again for family!

IMG_4129 (640x427)

Vegan Pumpkin Pie & Coconut Whipped Cream – and last but not least – pie!  Many pies.  Want to make sure there are ample leftovers.

I’ll probably make a few additional dishes too – not recipes, just off the top of my head.  I’m thinking about honey-glazed whole-roasted carrots, another green dish (green beans, maybe?), cranberry sauce, and as a hearty protein – a variation on this quinoa lentil loaf.  We’ll see.  Flexibility is key this year, and rather than trying a lot of new things, I’m sticking with what has already been taste-tested and approved.  Casey and I are doing all the cooking, while Grandma and Aunties keep Cullen happy.

Tomorrow’s mission?  Grocery shopping for all our Thanksgiving ingredients.  Nothing like the last minute for an extra holiday challenge, right?  Safe travels to any of you headed out of town tomorrow.  I’ll be back to share our holiday spread!

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