The Mondays.

Usually I sit down on Sunday nights or Monday mornings, excited to edit all my photos and share whatever fun adventures we had that weekend.  But not this weekend – it was pretty much a bust.

It started off strong – a delicious homemade dinner and a movie night with Casey.  This is my most recent obsession – creamy polenta bowls topped with roasted squash, cheesy kale chips, and sautéed mushrooms.  Can’t get enough.

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But the rest of the weekend was pretty lame.  We spent Saturday waiting around for Cullen to take a nap that never happened, and then Casey ended up having to work all day Sunday.

Sunday was a really hard day, and I’m not quite sure why.  I was in a horrible mood.  The weather was rainy and gross.  I was frustrated that Casey had to spend the whole day in the office.  I bought a new ball for Cullen and Huey popped it an hour later.  Cullen took one 40 minute nap.  My Brussels sprouts got overcooked for dinner and ended up tasting like mush.  Just one of those days, I guess.

Casey took a break around bath time, so he could spend a bit of time with Cullen before bed.  We’d been talking for a while about how out of control Cullen’s hair had gotten.  The mullet was cute for a while, but it was starting to go too far.  But I didn’t want to pay $30 for an overpriced kid’s cut when all he really needed was a small trim.

With his hair wet and combed, I grabbed a pair of kitchen shears and very carefully trimmed off the long pieces in the back.  It was impossible to get him to stay still, so it was a pretty rough chop job.  I didn’t want to give him a legit haircut – just get rid of the extra long pieces in the back.

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As soon as I did it, I regretted it.  But as it dried, it grew on me.  Crazy how different he looks with just a few locks of hair missing.  He still has all his wispy curls and loose pieces in the front…

IMG_0021 (427x640)

But the back is short and boyish, and he looks like a total toddler now.  And now there is a small pile of baby hair on my bathroom counter and I don’t know what to do with it.  I can’t bring myself to sweep it into the trash can.  And with that, I have officially become my mother.

IMG_0008 (427x640)

My sidekick kicked off our Monday at 5:30am.  We enjoyed a very early breakfast together. 

IMG_9951 (640x427)

I’m gearing up for a long week ahead.  Casey is bogged down with work this week, so he’s out of commission and it’s just me with Cullen – sun up to sun down.  The pups have been following me around and keeping me company.

IMG_8627 (640x428)

The biggest challenge these days is Cullen’s napping, or lack thereof.  Basically, he’s not doing it.  He went from napping 3-4 hours each day, to suddenly not napping at all.  I thought he was dropping down to just one nap (from two), but now it seems like he just doesn’t want to nap at all.  It is exhausting (for both of us!), and it makes the days feel very looooong.

IMG_20121107_143656 (640x640)

It is also making it virtually impossible to get anything done before 7:30pm.  I’m sad that I have all these really great Thanksgiving recipe ideas swirling around my head, and I haven’t been able to bring them to life for you.  I’m still hopeful that I might be able to squeak out a few at the end of the week.

Since we were going strong from 5:30am to 7:30pm today, I had to work hard to keep everyone entertained and happy.  Cullen and I did story time with friends this morning.  Once it became very clear no afternoon nap was happening, we leashed up the pups and covered 3-4 miles in the neighborhood.  It has taken me almost a full year to figure out how to successfully walk both dogs with Cullen, but we’ve finally got it.

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One funny tidbit about our walk – as we looped around, I waved hello as we walked past a man getting into a big truck.  A minute or two later, the truck pulled up next to us, and I saw the side of the truck said something like “The Steak Man.”  He very kindly asked if we knew what we were having for dinner yet, and asked if I’d like one of his (extra) steaks.  I thanked him and told him we were vegetarians.  What are the chances?  I felt bad.  It was a very nice offer.  We continued on and stopped to say hi to our favorite neighbor.

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And enjoyed the gorgeous views of downtown Seattle and Lake Washington along our route.  Whenever I am in a bad mood, a refreshing walk with this view turns it right around.  I feel so lucky to live somewhere so beautiful!

post 5

By 4pm I thought I was going to lose it, and Cullen was reaching new levels of grumpiness.  I thought letting him stretch his legs would help, since he hates being forced into the stroller.

IMG_0113 (428x640)

I grabbed my camera and followed him around the playground – click, click, click.

IMG_0177 (640x425)

Fresh air always cheers him up, and cute baby pictures do it for me.  Check out those CHEEKS.  Such a little stinker.

IMG_0135 (427x640)

IMG_0152 (426x640)

IMG_0194 (426x640)

Eventually, dinner time and bedtime came, and here I am finally sitting down at my computer..  I apologize that this is basically just a self-indulgent rant with no purpose.  It happens.  It’s Monday.  On Tuesdays, I have some childcare help, so I’m hoping to get you part two of that postpartum update

To end on a brighter note, I’m currently camped out on the couch with a snoozing pup on either side of me, a fire warming the room, and a big mug of this warming my belly.

IMG_9965 (640x427)

Hot chocolate with cayenne pepper?  Yes, please.  Hope your week is off to a good start!