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    A Look Back.


We had a great weekend here in Seattle!  I spent most of Friday prepping and cleaning, getting ready for visitors arriving all the way from Atlanta.  Casey’s brother, Kirt, and his wife, Katie, came to spend the weekend here and play with their little nephew. 

IMG_0565 (427x640)

They got in late Friday night, and we all stayed up until almost 2am talking.  Saturday morning came early.  It was supposed to be rainy and gloomy all day, so when we woke up to dry skies, we decided to take advantage with an early morning walk with the pups.  Uncle Kirt tried out the hiking backpack!


We had a nice lazy morning, followed by a late brunch at Portage Bay Café.  I left my camera at home, but I did snap a phone picture of Cullen’s adorable outfit while he was burning off energy at Greenlake.


Since we were out most of the day, we stayed in for dinner.  Everyone lounged and watched football while I made black bean chili and pumpkin cornbread.  Perfect Saturday night.


On Sunday, we headed over to our old ‘hood – Fremont.  Kirt wanted to watch the Colts game, so we dropped him off at the bar (Cullen isn’t allowed in – no minors!) and the rest of us checked out the farmer’s market. 

IMG_0494 (640x422)

Aunt Katie got an arm workout carrying Cullen around. 

IMG_0490 (427x640)

One of the reasons I love the Fremont market is that it is filled with arts and antique vendors.  Every time we go, I check out the refinished furniture booths.  Last summer, I got Cullen a dresser for his nursery, and yesterday I scored a few more good pieces!  This refinished maple console table – not sure if it’s going to stay here or move to our bedroom.  Haven’t decided yet!

IMG_0582 (640x427)

We also got this set of matching end tables (they also match the console table).  They are black and they have that sort of weathered refinished look.  The color peeking through the black is an orangey-red – it looks really nice.

IMG_0587 (427x640)

We put them on both sides of our bed – a huge upgrade from what was there before.  I wasn’t sure if black would work in our bedroom or not, but I think it looks good with the black accents from our old trunk (another farmer’s market find – back in Old Town!).  I got all three pieces for $140 – awesome.  Just one side table would cost more than that at most retail stores.

IMG_0592 (640x427)

And on a completely unrelated note (but I’m sharing anyway since I had my camera out) – did I show you guys the wreath that I made?

IMG_0594 (427x640)

Somewhere in between Cullen’s birthday and Halloween, I had a weird freak out that I am not crafty or creative enough (silly, yes).  My mom was super crafty when I was growing up, and I loved that she made us handmade gifts and decorated our house with things she created. 

I also just feel like I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately.  I’ve been in a bad cycle of focusing entirely on either taking care of Cullen or working – leaving very little time for extra things that matter to me – exercise, hobbies, etc.  So last week, instead of mindlessly zoning out like a zombie in front of the TV at night, I grabbed a glue gun and exercised some creative muscles.

IMG_0596 (640x427)

It was really fun, and I’m itching for another project now.  I have a feeling everyone in my family is getting a holiday wreath this year.  You have been warned.

IMG_0597 (427x640)

Aaaaaaanyway.  Where were we before I got totally sidetracked?  Walking around the market!  After finishing up in Fremont, we headed over to Ballard.

IMG_0495 (640x427)

While Fremont is best for things like antique furniture and awesome handmade scarves, Ballard is all about the FOOD.

IMG_0497 (427x640)

And while you browse all the delicious booths overflowing with produce, there is also always great street entertainment.  So many talented people here in Seattle!

IMG_0501 (427x640)

We’ve been sort of treating our Ballard Market stops like grocery runs these past few weeks.  We’re trying to get in more good probiotics, so we’ve been picking up a jar of this fermented kimchi from Firefly Kitchens each week.  Last week we grabbed Kale Kimchi, and this week we’re trying the “Pacific Northwest” variety.  Yum.

IMG_0502 (640x427)

Tis the season for absolutely gorgeous produce everywhere.  All the veggies are so bright and colorful right now!

IMG_0505 (640x421)

IMG_0507 (640x427)

IMG_0509 (640x427)

IMG_0514 (640x427)

Cullen took a ride on dad while we walked around.  They try to maximize their snuggle time on the weekends!

IMG_0511 (425x640)

Can’t leave the market without a delicious grilled apple sage Field Roast veggie dog.  No matter what I try, mine are just never quite as good at home. 

IMG_0516 (427x640)

We had some time to kill before the end of the football game, so we hung out in Miro Tea for a bit.  They make this amazing decaf masala chai tea that I get made with hemp milk – sooooo rich and full of spice. 

IMG_0527 (427x640)

I sipped my chai and tossed puffs at Cullen to keep him happy and distracted.

IMG_0533 (427x640)

It was a fun afternoon with my family and my sister-in-law.  We really lucked out with the weather, and I’m glad our visitors got to see a few more of our favorite Seattle spots!

IMG_0544 (640x425)

After letting Cullen get in a good afternoon nap at home, we all had a nice final evening together – a delicious dinner at Cactus in Kirkland.  Kirt and Katie left early this morning, and I’m feeling sad typing this up, realizing their time here came and went so quickly.

IMG_0572 (427x640)

We probably won’t see them again until March, when we’ll be down in Atlanta for one of Casey’s work trips.  Cullen will have changed so much by then!  I’m really glad they were able to come out this fall and spoil him with kisses.  He is lucky to have so many people who love him so much.

IMG_0578 (425x640)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

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Emily @ www.main-eats.com     at 10:22 am

Looks like a great weekend!!! I really like your new home decorations-they look great!


Kelly @foodiefresh     at 3:01 pm

I’m dying over Culen’s gray sweater. Little boy clothes are sooo much cuter than they used to be.

Also, I”m super jealous over your furniture finds. There’s nowhere in Charlotte like that, unless they charge you an arm and a leg for refurbished furniture.


Lara     at 3:24 pm

Would you believe I’ve never been to the Fremont or Ballard markets?! Agh! It’s on my list :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Lara, how is this possible?? Fremont is open 10-5 all year round, and you can WALK there! Although they are both much better in the summer, but still have a lot of vendors so far this winter season. You are missing out!


Alex     at 4:04 pm

Can I say, that your husband looks mighty handsome in glasses ;)


Emily Malone Reply:

I agree! :) They are new, and I really like them.


susan     at 5:02 pm

Love the wreath. My friend has a similar one she bought on etsy and I really liked it…. I think I’ll try to make one too.


Anna H (Pooches For Peace)     at 5:06 pm

Looks like u had a great time. Love ur wreath!


Sarah @ Kids Heart Real Food     at 7:38 pm

I can totally appreciate how precious time with out of town relatives is. My sister lives a 5-hour flight away and was home in the summer, but will not be back again until Christmas. I know she finds it difficult not seeing my son (her nephew) as they grow up so much in a few short months.
Great job at making the most of your time together :)


Meagan     at 10:03 pm

Cactus is GREAT! I went there with my mom this summer. Definitely a good spot :)

When is the Fremont market? Different than Sundays Ballard? I’ve heard Ballard is the place to go for food, and I’ve been searching for a good source of eggs, so I am going to check it out! Your comments about finding good furniture pieces at Fremont is intriguing… I am looking for a few for my apartment!


Emily Malone Reply:

Sundays from 10-5 year round! Definitely check it out. U District market is another good one for food.


Meagan Reply:

Thanks Emily :)

I’ve been to the UW market and it’s great! But I still haven’t found “it” yet ;)


Kristonlion     at 2:46 am

Emily! Awesome! I love ALL of these places! Better than a travel guide for sure!


Casey     at 8:31 pm

Hi Emily! I love reading about your adventures with Cullen. My son Leo turns one next week! Could you please share where you found the tutorial for the felt flowers on the wreath? Or if it’s your own technique maybe describe it? I’d love to make one as a Christmas gift to my mom. Thanks!


Erica Reply:

I’ve seen these tutorials linked on Pinterest, so you can Google Felt Flower tutorial and get what yoi need! its pretty simple and fun!


Carrie @ The Cook's Palette     at 10:35 am

Wow, looks like such a fantastic weekend! These are some of my favorite weekend spots too! Love the new furniture…the end tables look perfect with the trunk.


eliza     at 3:42 pm

Your family is adorable!


Gina @ Walk to the Mailbox     at 3:52 pm

Love seeing Katie in these pictures! looks like you guys had fun!!!


[Ö÷Ò³]     at 10:28 pm


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