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You guys are so awesome.  So much nice and supportive feedback.  I am so lucky to have this crazy outlet and opportunity to hear from so many of you.  So I’m gonna do something I never really do, which is talk about blogging. 

For some reason I feel like taking about blogging is really awkward.  I’m not really sure why – obviously everyone here knows I write a blog.  But writing it and writing about it feel very different to me.  Anyway, here goes.

Here’s the thing about writing and blogging.  I think it’s really easy for things that are really sort of a small thing to come across as a BIG DEAL through words.  Between writing here and on Babble, I probably average writing a thousand-ish words each day.  It’s easy for small things to look blown out of proportion.  And the person responsible for that is definitely me, but I’m human, and sometimes it’s what ends up happening.

Here’s the other thing.  I think my writing has changed a lot this year.  Some for the better – I’m a lot more introspective.  Some probably not – I’m also a lot more filtered.  Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve found myself really pulling back in some areas – feeling fiercely protective of my family and our privacy.  Then stop writing about your life online.  I know, easy problem to solve, right?

But I love writing!  And I’m not ready to stop just yet.  I’m just finding that I only feel comfortable sharing bits and pieces, and less of the whole picture than I used to a few years ago when I was younger and perhaps a bit more…free.  But the problem becomes just that – I’m only showing a part of the picture.  It’s one of those confusing things that I’m aware of, but I’m also unsure of how to fix it. 

And here’s another thing while I’m at it.  Sometimes I think I feel guilty about how good I have it.  I spend all day hanging out with what is arguably the cutest baby in the world (in my unbiased opinion), meeting friends for lunch and play dates, sitting by the water on sunny days, and still having the freedom to contribute to my family on my own terms, and by my own rules.  I find myself wanting to write about things we do or things we see, and I pull back because I worry I will sound like I’m bragging.  Or worse, ungrateful.  And it’s neither of those things – I’m just living this strange, evolving life in a new role I wasn’t sure I’d have, in a city I never thought I’d live in.  It’s not always great, but a lot of the time it is.

And so instead, what happens is I gloss over a lot of the good stuff.  I don’t photograph the really delicious meals that are made after sunset, because I hate overhead lighting and I don’t want ugly pictures.  And I don’t talk about how my friends came over and baked cookies at my house all afternoon and I laughed until my sides hurt.  And most of the time, I don’t post anything at all because I don’t want to miss all the good stuff happening around me.

But then a bad day happens, or we have a long week, and I get into a funk.  Casey is gone and I have too much time alone and in my head, and that’s of course when I end up running to the keyboard.  So I end up painting a picture that is probably the ugliest Instagram filter of how things really look.

So I’m going to try to stop doing that.  I don’t like feeling censored, and I think that is the direction that I accidentally veered off into.  And I hope that for what it’s worth, you guys know that I appreciate the (constructive) criticism here just as much as the compliments.  I know there are writers that turn their heads to complaints, but feedback is feedback, and I’m pretty proud of the community that we’ve fostered here. 

Please also realize that this isn’t an apology.  I’m not regretting what I posted last night.  My only regret is that I didn’t post Monday and tell you about the delicious dinner we ate.  And I didn’t post Tuesday and tell you about how we met one of my college friends for coffee, and then I dropped my entire lunch on the ground when I took it out of the microwave.  And yesterday, I should have told you that we went to a fun music thing where Cullen waved scarves and shook shaker eggs and it was adorable.

And this isn’t a big thing.  It’s just a thing, and I’m writing about it, because that’s what I do – I write.  And as even as exciting as our lives are at times, they aren’t always filled with BIG things.  There are lots of little things in between.

I’m not even sure why I’m writing this, or what triggered it.  Just something I’ve been thinking about the past few weeks, as posts have been staggered and felt just a little bit..emptier to me recently.  Sigh.  I think that I think too much. 

See what I mean?  Isn’t writing about blogging totally awkward?  That’s enough for now.  I promise I won’t do it again.  Can’t write a post without a photo though.

IMG_8695 (426x640)

If only we all had this much joy every day.

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Mai     at 10:15 pm

i love how open/honest/relatable you are, and that’s why you’re one of my favorite bloggers! i always enjoy reading your writing–whether it’s a recipe or a more personal story.


Rachel     at 10:16 pm

Thank you for being you. I wish I could express how much your writing has helped me.


Sana     at 10:24 pm

<3 I adore you and Cullen!


Mariel     at 10:26 pm

Thanks for being honest. This is exactly why I read your blog. Please don’t stop doing what you do. We all have good days and bad, that is what makes us human! :)

Ps Cullen has the best little smile!!!!


Samantha     at 10:53 pm

Our blog persona I do think is just a snapshot. Even my blog style and information has changed with time, aging, and life changes.

I know you have awesomeness in your life too. :) I know because I can write post about a rough week and leave out the smallest thing that happened, but saved a day.

Just the way it is. :) I envy and admire how close you are to your family. I suspect it is very hard for you to be away from them.

Have a good evening.


Samantha Reply:

Two more things…

1. I am single, the nights alone get old, especially in the Seattle area winter. And I imagine even more so when your day is exhausted with the toddler and you miss a really great husband.

2. I am in the North Bend area and basically started taking weight lifting group classes at a community center. Way cheaper, awesome workout, amazing people. I have made great friends that way. We are a little more laid back out here, but people do bring their kids. Granted they are all a bit older than Cullen right now. Anyway, you might check out more community exercise options. I swear I am usually the only non-mom in the group so lots of gals trying to juggle life that just need to sweat and get those hearts pumping.

Good luck.


Alicia     at 10:56 pm

Authors always write about the stuff that’s bugging them/negative because they are busy enjoying themselves when it’s good. Don’t apologize, this is your outlet and we can choose to read or not. I may not write a blog, but I certainly pick up the phone when things are crappy and not so much when they are great because I’m too busy enjoying them!


Laine Reply:

This is so true. I keep a journal, but I only write it when I’m having a hard time and need to work something out. I feel like I should put a disclaimer in the front “If I’ve been hit by a truck and you are cleaning out my apartment, please don’t think this little red book reflects my whole life. Please go to Facebook for that.”


Belinda Reply:

I feel the exact same way about my journal :)


Liz     at 11:50 pm

I read your prior post and could completely relate. First, love your blog and thank you.
I have 2 daughters, ages 2 and 3 and my husband works long hours. He has early mornings and is rarely home before 7/8 o’clock. I too realize how lucky I am to be home with my beautiful daughters everyday. I didn’t realize how much I was missing a social outlet until I joined our Country Club, met an awesome group of women to run and workout with, and enrolled the children in the kidcare facility. It has changed everything. They love their new friends and I love mine! I highly recommend looking for something like this that gives you a little time to yourself! Good luck with everything. These days when the kids are so young and rely on us 100% are so short lives. It’s sad how fast it all goes by.


Liz     at 11:50 pm

I read your prior post and could completely relate. First, love your blog and thank you.
I have 2 daughters, ages 2 and 3 and my husband works long hours. He has early mornings and is rarely home before 7/8 o’clock. I too realize how lucky I am to be home with my beautiful daughters everyday. I didn’t realize how much I was missing a social outlet until I joined our Country Club, met an awesome group of women to run and workout with, and enrolled the children in the kidcare facility. It has changed everything. They love their new friends and I love mine! I highly recommend looking for something like this that gives you a little time to yourself! Good luck with everything. These days when the kids are so young and rely on us 100% are so short lived It’s sad how fast it all goes by.


Michelle@Peachy Palate     at 12:36 am

I completely know were your coming from in terms of the censorship. I suppose it’s just human nature to not always shout the good stuff from the roof tops yet hone in on the negative. We all do it at times. I think your posts have been great, really insightful and even if they haven’t been completely open you can rest assured that you’ve provided a fantastic insight in to being a new mum with some sound advice and beautiful pictures and it’s certainly come across like it’s all come from the heart!


Haley     at 1:07 am

First: That picture of Cullen is adorable! When did he get so big?!

Second: I admire this post, and the one previous, because it is real. You are honest about all the mishaps and sometimes they do pile up on us and we need to vent. Your posts come across not as complaint-filled, but as genuine.

I have loved reading this blog even back to Culinary posts because you draw a reader in to see what you see. That is a powerful skill. Keep writing (even about the dropped microwaved food!). This is your blog, your story.


Erica     at 4:03 am

I look forward to your posts (all of them – motherhood, weekend updates, recipes [my fave]) more than any other blog I read. You are so relatable, open, honest, and deep and I appreciate how much you share with your readers! Keep it up, but write in a way that makes *you* happy and fulfills your life, not what others expect of you.


Kori     at 4:17 am

Emily, I understand what you mean about feeling in a funk and isolated. If I am at home while my twin sis is at work just for 8 hours, I miss her and feel, for lack of better terms, blah. I absolutely know where you came from in your previous post, and I understand the purpose of this post. I love that although I am single and not a mother, I feel that I can relate to you in many ways, and your foods always inspires me that much more to continue to cook. I love it so much, and I love coming to your blog for recipes and ideas. I realize that blogs are just snippets of bloggers’ lives, and I appreciate you sharing those with us. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


Katy     at 4:25 am

I absolutely relate. I’ve reduced my posting severely because I found myself being too negative. But I haven’t felt that way about you!


Lee     at 5:25 am

I think it’s natural to be more introspective when things feel bad rather than when they feel good. That said, your blog is one of my favorites and I don’t feel like you’ve ever come off as negative at all. I think you do a great job of showing the good and the bad in a very realistic way.

You know what I think is even more awkward than writing about blogging, talking about it. I didn’t even tell most people that I had a blog for about 3 years after I started it!


Sarah     at 5:27 am

I totally get it. While I’m single, I often find myself not embracing the little, good things, and just getting down about life. In actuality, I have a pretty awesome life and I feel bad complaining about it because I do have it good. But it is good to get it out there and acknowledge it. There is no criteria for complaining…just because you are blessed in your life doesn’t mean you are always happy. I appreciate your honesty and your candor and hope you continue sharing yourself in this way. I like it a lot!


Anna     at 5:31 am

Emily-I’ve been reading your blog for several years now and I just want to say you’re awesome and I appreciate your honesty! Your posts have impacted so many readers across the US (including myself!). I always enjoy reading your new posts and appreciate anything you are willing to share and talk about (the good and the bad). Thanks!!


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed     at 5:36 am

I think a personal blog is a great place to vent, as long as you’re not just doing it all the time, which you aren’t :) I definitely feel ilke there’s so many things I could share on my blog, but sometimes I’m really just to busy enjoying my life. Don’t stress yourself too much, you have so many followers that love you just how you are!


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed Reply:

** Too busy – grammar fail :)


Heather @ The Simple Lens     at 5:37 am

I’ve been reading your blog for several years now, and it is precisely because you have such an authentic voice in your writing. Your writing has never come across as negative – just an honest reflection of the frustrations we all have. I always anticipate your posts to be quality pieces and I’ve never been disappointed – so, keep up the wonderful work!


Elizabeth     at 5:39 am

You’re passionate and full of love and those both come through in your blog. And I have never once felt like you were whiny, at least not in an un-relateable sense. When you write a blog you open yourself up to criticism, that is something that completely freaks me out and why I filter what I write. I have read through your comments from time to time and love how open you are to others opinions, good and bad. Keep writing and I’ll continue learning from you.


Sarah     at 5:46 am

YES! Candid and honest = why we love Daily G. And that Cullen smile doesn’t hurt ;)


Meg     at 6:03 am

Acknowledging feedback (good and bad) is what makes your blog more relatable. You don’t live your life just to document it online – you live it for you and your family. Keep doing that and it will always be more valued by your readers. A lot of bloggers do things just to post photos and post a bunch of crap – it comes off fake and it’s really obvious to readers. So thanks for being honest!


Emily     at 6:13 am

Just so you know, I started following a lot of blogs beginning about a year and a half ago and yours has by far been my favorite and most inspirational. You have positively influenced my running, my eating, and my health more than you can realize. Keep it up, I love your blog no matter what you post :) I’ve lived a vegetarian lifestyle for a while now but I haven’t officially titled myself anything and I still haven’t. But when my roommate came to me the other day with her own realizations I sent her to your blog and she already loves it. You’re doing awesome and I think you’re a great mom. I’m also running the flying pig this May eek!


Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)     at 6:13 am

Such a great post! I definitely see where blogging and writing–and the relationship between the two can get a bit fuddled. I think everyone assumes that a blog shares almost every aspect of a person’s life (whereas, any other venue for writing isn’t seen that way)–so therefore, it can be misinterpreted easily. However, I must say, you do NOT come across (at least to me) in the way you are worrying that you are!

In fact, I think almost 99% of the time, it seems you are incredibly happy with life and grateful for what you have. I do like hearing it all though! :)


Jessica     at 6:21 am

I love your style of writing and content, keep up the good work :)
I read a handful of blogs, and yours is by far my favorite.


linda     at 6:35 am

You have such a gift to be able to express your emotions the way you do through writing. I hope that you continue to write and just let it flow. I don’t think you realize that you help so many people to reflect on their own lives in a positive way.


Patricia     at 6:48 am

Hi Emely! I just want to let you know that I love your blog! While I was pregnant I totally freaked out when my doctor told
Me I failed my glucose test and I had to do the 3 hour one! So I got online and searched and searched to see what I was able to do to pass it and strangely enough I happen to found your post on it and ever since then I been following you. I have a 10 month old and I love to see what you’re feeding your little
One and get some ideas. BTW Im in love with Seattle now!


Melissa     at 6:51 am

One of the reasons you are one of my favorite bloggers is because of your honesty. Nobody has perfect days. We all have different issues/struggles that we deal with. Its what makes us human. I love all that you share with your readers, but obviously you can’t share all, some of it should remain private. Keep it up! And those adorable pictures of Mr Cullen. Man he looks like the happiest kid i’ve ever seen.


Tracy     at 6:51 am

I don’t think that post was awkward at all. You did a great job really explaining how you feel. It really does show how very cognizant you are of what you do and how it can be perceived. However I do agree with you! You think too much ;) I recognize it myself because I do the same thing! Waaay too much and too often (drives my husband bonkers). For the record you have never even come close to sounding like you are bragging. I love your posts and enjoy reading the information you choose to share (knowing full well that you don’t share everything only what you choose…which is the way I would do it too.) Venting to everyone is a benefit of blogging I think you deserve to take advantage of. You have a very positive blog and I very much enjoy reading it.


Alice     at 6:52 am

so here’s the thing–i really never comment on the blogs i read. but i want to let you know, you never seem ungrateful. your family is beautiful, and your attitude is as well. i was a little worried about you, so i’m glad to hear that everything is normal. i loooooove your blog, and you do have one of the cutest babies in the world :)


Julie     at 6:55 am

Parenting is HARD. Doing as much single-parenting you do is hard too. Hang in there and read this. It is really comforting to read and I really wish I had read this 15 years ago when my first one was born:


Chasity Grome     at 6:57 am

I am so glad that you wrote this post and I have so many thoughts about it! I will try to keep them short and to the point. (Spoiler: I failed. It’s not short!).

1. It’s understandable that you don’t want to share bad food photos on here, especially since you’ve evolved into such a great photographer over the years, but I personally would still love to see the food! I know that bad photos occasionally happen and it doesn’t reflect on the dish, the cook, or the photographer. Sometimes I just need inspiration, not a recipe. It’s also nice to know that you still have time to cook great meals occasionally (moms are busy).

2. “I find myself wanting to write about things we do or things we see, and I pull back because I worry I will sound like I’m bragging. Or worse, ungrateful.” This makes me sad for you! You have a lot of readers who have been following your blog for some time now, and we’ve been able to see how you’re life has evolved. You and Casey have both worked hard for the life that you have and you shouldn’t feel guilty for it. I don’t think anyone would judge you for taking advantage of your circumstances and sharing your experiences with your readers. Reading a good blog (and yours is a good blog) is like watching a good TV show. You keep coming back week after week to see what’s going to happen next. Not every episode is great, and there are ups and downs, but you keep coming back anyway.

I personally love reading about the little things that go on in your life. I’m not just here for the recipes (though I do drool over every one), I’m also here because I admire the life that you’ve created, for yourself, for your marriage, and for your family. I know that I only see a tiny glimpse of it and that it’s filtered, but I really think that you’re doing a great job.

Before you and Casey had Culled I admired how important eating healthy and fitness were to both of you, and then I loved seeing your journey through pregnancy and the first year as a mom. My hope for you (is it weird to have hopes for people who are essentially strangers to you?) is that you’re able to find a good balance between being Cullen’s mama, Casey’s wife, and EMILY. I hope that you’re able to get back into a fitness routine again, even if it’s completely different from anything like what you had before. And my hope for me is that you share it with us. Share the journey, so we can see how other families out there are making it work. Share the good and the bad (filtered as much as needs to be to make you comfortable) so we can see more of the full picture and feel connected in some way. Readers like to feel connected. We don’t need to know all the ins and out of your family and all the details, so don’t stress if there are things you don’t want to share, but the personal stories are what keep us (or at least me) coming back. I like reading blogs that feel real.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing a great job!


Laura Azbill     at 6:58 am

Hi Emily,

I haven’t read all the posts here or on the previous post so excuse me if this has already been suggested, but have you thought about maybe getting a mother’s helper? Just someone to come over for a few scheduled hours each week to help you with Cullen or just to give you some time for yourself. I’m told that many new moms feel very guilty about taking time for themselves, but the reality is it’s really ok to do. You might try checking with your local highschool and finding a Junior or Senior that would want to make a little extra money after school a few days per week. I’m not sure if this is something you would be able to even afford, but it’s certainly worth looking in to. Maybe you get someone to come over 3-4 days per week, pay them $10 per hour. It would be a nice little part time job for a high school girl and give you the extra time you need to do what ever it is you want to do all by yourself. You can also check you local YMCA for teens that have just completed a first aid course. Many times teens take this in order to be certified in first aid and to find better babysitting jobs. You could also look in to maybe sharing a mom’s helper with someone. I have many friends that do this. Anyway, just something for you to think about.


Erika     at 7:01 am


I rarely post, but I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now. Please know that your so-called “negative” postings have helped me to cope with being a first-time mom of a 5-month old. It’s great to know that I’m not alone! Obviously, you need to do what is best for you and your family, but please don’t feel the need to censor your down days; as you can read from all of these comments, your readers value your honesty and openness.


Erica {Coffee & Quinoa}     at 7:07 am

Emily, definitely don’t apologize! I love that your posts are a little snapshot into your life, and I don’t think you’ve sounded negative or at all ungrateful – you say in almost every post how lucky you are to get to hang out with Cullen all day, and I think everyone who sees your adorable pictures of him knows that you mean it! I think it’s so awesome that you can take care of your family and write so much for all of us. We appreciate it!


Alison     at 7:10 am

This comment might go better with the previous post, but I wanted to let you know how much I’ve always admired you and thought of you as “having it together”….so while I don’t know you and likely have no business making assumptions about how ‘together’ you are….I have SO appreciated the posts you write about things being a little nuts…or not being incredibly motivated to get on the treadmill. It helps me take a step back and realize it’s enough to do what I can in a day and let go of the things swirling in my mind that ‘other people’ might have accomplished. (specifically the treadmill. ;) So–more or less, CHEERS to you and THANK YOU for sharing. You are awesome.


Lisa     at 7:18 am

I can see that you’ve changed your writing style over the time you’ve been a blogger and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love how you are honest with yourself and your readers. I think sharing how you feel and what you’re going through will help you and helps others recognize what they are going through in their own lives is relate-able.Good for you for being honest with yourself and all the readers; don’t ever feel like you need to apologize for your feelings. Also, I must agree that Cullen is possibly the cutest baby ever.


Leslie Ennis     at 7:19 am

First time commenter! I really love your blog – your honesty and realness is super refreshing in the land of narcissistic bloggers. I enjoy every single post – all the Cullen sweetness, the cooking tips, and the personal sharing of great and not so great times. Your writing is fun to read because you are so honest and open with no pretense and it flows really well. Thanks for sharing and being fearless in that sharing. L


Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy     at 7:33 am

I like reading about the good and the bad. That’s what real life is! When bloggers sugar coat things, or only talk about what they ate for breakfast, what they ate for lunch, what they ate for dinner, etc., it’s doesn’t interest me as much. I love your blog!


Shannan     at 7:38 am

I hope you’re never afraid to share the wonderful, happy times you have throughout your day! The blogging world, and real life for that matter, can be strange at times. I have relationships with friends where I don’t want to pick up the phone to tell them exciting news because I don’t want them to seem like I am bragging, or trying to make them jealous of this life that I have, or this moment that has happened for me, that they don’t. However, your true friends and real readers will be happy and not jealous.

It’s so much easier to vent when bad things or moments are happening because people can relate to it a lot easier. However, it is important to talk about those cookie baking, coffee talking, cute music group for your baby moments.

Share what you want, hold back what you want, but try not to feel too guilty about sharing those great moments :)


lauren     at 7:42 am

I can totally understand what you mean about not sharing all the good stuff, then boom! you vent a little…resulting in a skewed picture of reality. I tried blogging for something like 6 months. I found the times when I felt like I’d failed or had a bad day or needed to vent, the words just flowed. I had a lot to say. Afterward, I wasn’t too happy with myself. I wasn’t capturing the whole of my life. I stopped for awhile and I’d love to start again, but it IS hard to share all the good without feeling braggy and like you are giving too much away.
I’d love to hear about your daily life and see more of what life is like with a toddler, but this is your blog. It IS all up to you :)


lauren     at 7:47 am

Just wanted to add that I’d love to see photos of what you’re making, even if it is in the evening light. I’m guessing your pics would look pretty good to us, but I bet you could do something with a natural light-bulb and a white poster board and some camera magic if you really wanted to! I’ve seen tutorials all over the web, but they’re a bit over my head.


Dani     at 8:05 am

I still come back to this blog all the time for your banana bread recipes from three years ago, regardless of what you are writing about now!


Jenny     at 8:41 am

One of the most important things I learned as a mom is that “me time” is very important! Without it I get cranky and resentful which makes me no fun as a mother or a wife. I don’t want to get to the point where the joy of being a mother is gone and replaced with a resentful, run down “me”. Alone time/workout time is just what I need to have a healthy me, which helps make a happier marriage and happier children.
Another thing that I think is very important for mothers to learn (and especially hard for new mothers) is that you can not absolutely cater to your child’s needs/wants 100% of the time! If that means leaving him screaming with a child care provider than do it. It helps him learn to cope and adjust to the “scary” things in life; it will help him to be secure with himself rather than always finding his security in you. He will come to the point where he loves his new security and independence (mine did-although it took several weeks).
And it is always ok to admit that you aren’t superwoman or supermommy even though sometimes it may feel like you have failed as a mom, or wife, or complaining when you shouldn’t be, everyone has been there! We are all human and we all needs breaks.
Love your blog! You’re a good mommy, good wife, and good Blogger.


Dina     at 8:51 am

I have been following your blog since last year. I love it and feel like you are a friend and I keep up with your life via your blog. Please don’t feel like you are bragging or feel guilty because of your life..it’s YOUR life and that is the reason I follow…in one way or another, every time I read your blog, I get insight to something, either of my own life, or something I would like to get into or just a passing thought, but it’s because you have shared and shared so much that I feel like you are a friend and I wonder how you are doing when I don’t get to read your blog..it’s weird how technology has brought us to this. I am at home with 2 children, and I sometimes feel as you have said…guilty or don’t want to brag, but that is probably a good thing..
Thank you for all the delicious recipes and please don’t stop sharing..


Erin     at 8:52 am


I’d like to just say thank you for your honesty. I find it so refreshing and can truly relate to the way you feel a lot of the time. I, too, stay home with my child (11 months old) and we spend our days playing, meeting friends for lunch, etc. While I know it is a privilege to do so and I absolutely love spending time with her, some days are HARD! When I see that you struggle occasionally, too, it makes me feel like I’m not the only one! Cullen is lucky to have you as a mom and you are doing a great job!


Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker     at 8:54 am

Agreed on blogging not showing the whole story. I think I come across as a totally isolated, friendless person . . . hahaha I just don’t want to share every single moment of my life on the blog. So frustrating.


Kristen @ The Balanced Bowl     at 9:00 am

I think you’re fantastic.

I also think a good blog should include both the good and the bad and here is why. I believe we all have moments where we gravitate towards our own feelings in others as well as moments where we gravitate toward where we WANT our feeings to go.

When I am in a great mood, I want to read others in that mood. When I am feeling melancholy…misery loves company. And sometimes I am feeling down but trying to lift myself out of a fog and I will search out good stuff to read and lift my spirits. But at one time or another…I relate to all of it.

Admittedly, yesterday’s post was a little depressing and I will admit that for that reason I skimmed and didn’t quite read all of it. But if I had been feeling down, I would have found it comforting that someone else’s life isn’t perfect either.

That’s why I say a good blog covers it all. And I hope you keep a healthy balance.

Wishing you all the best.


Sara     at 9:25 am

My son is 4 weeks younger than Cullen, and it’s so nice to see reminders that I’m not alone in my concerns/questions/challenges/joy. Love the blog!


JennF     at 9:34 am

Love the yummy healthy recipes…keep ‘em coming! Everything else (little or big) that you share, is just a bonus for us.


Heather C     at 9:38 am

Everything you put in here is what makes you human – feeling every possible range of emotions, questioning choices and pulling through each day with a smile or not! I would so deeply hope that no one ever resents you for the life you live – it’s one that you and Casey have worked very hard to build and why shouldn’t you enjoy the good/great days?? We all have moments of self-doubt, guilt, sadness AND (hopefully) pure joy and gratitude when we look around and simply can’t imagine life any other way. :) And I think most of us are grateful to realize that sometimes other people swing along the emotional pendulum, too. I love/read your blog for the recipes – both creative & delicious – and yep, have always thought that writing, and more so Talking, about blogging is just plain weird. Ah well, at least it’s a common truth ;)


Amanda     at 10:04 am

I love your blog and appreciate what you share! I hope you aren’t discouraged! I’m about your age, but in a different phase of life and I enjoy reading about what y’all are up to (and eating)! I think you have an awesome and thoughtful approach to eating and feeding your son! Thanks for sharing with us!


Lacey     at 10:09 am

You said in your last post you thought you were painting a bad picture, but really all I have seen here is truth and you always manage to put a positive spin on things. This is probably one of the most inspiring blogs I read and I look forward to every post of yours that I read, no matter the topic: food, Cullen, exercise, etc. It’s nice to hear about someone just trying to make it through life with an adorable baby she loves to death. Keep on doing what you’re doing!


Theresa     at 10:22 am

I must say I adore your blog! I feel like we would be friends in real life! (ha – you probably hear that a lot!) It is so fun reading about your experiences as a mom and wife, and your delicious recipes, all of the things you decide to share with us. But understand your desire for some privacy at the same time. I will keep reading for the glimpse into your family life, as well as posts with recipes or about nutrition, fitness and health. You’ve been very inspirational and it has been fun to read along since “The Front Burner” days. Happy Holidays!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks for reading for so long! :)


Jv Reply:

I was trying to remember what your former blog name was the other night and it took me forever to come up with The Front Burner!


Stacey     at 10:41 am

I don’t think you should feel obligated to blog your life. I think a lot of us are here because of your great recipes – and would gladly stop back here more often for them. (Even if not full recipes, food and cooking related tips and ideas. Or more ideas about food for kids.) Corporette is my model for this – she has a little one at home but the blog has stayed true to its original form – about work-related fashion and tips. I think focusing on the food might make you feel less awkward about everything else. But I am probably in the minority as I’ve seen all the positive comments on your personal posts. I will say I read both the recipes and your personal posts but the recipes and food/cooking tips are what drew me to the blog and why I keep coming back. They are inspiring, helpful, healthy, and delicious. BTW, I hope this didn’t come across super negatively – I really do appreciate all of the work & thought you put into the blog.


Emily Malone Reply:

Nope, not at all. Great feedback, and I actually agree with you on a lot of it. More and more I feel drawn to writing about food, but not really in the way that I used to. More food for kids and families, rather than long elaborate recipes!


Arlene     at 11:21 am

I love how honest you are too. We all get into funks when we have more time on our hands to think… we over think things and usually veer towards the negative. Just remember it’s the little things that mean the most!

Glad you got some “you” time yesterday you deserved it! Take care of yourself :)


Kate     at 11:25 am

Oh, please don’t censor yourself! It is great to get an HONEST opinion about how you feel and how your life can sometimes be hard. Most of the blogs I read are getting so fake. It’s SO nice that yours isn’t.

I DO wish that you’d get some help with Cullen. Take some time for yourself- it’s worth it!!


Leanne     at 11:26 am

I think your last 2 posts are very refreshing!
Thank you for being real and letting all your readers know that No one is perfect, we all have our “off” days too! I hope your week gets better and your posts always show the real you =)


Stephanie     at 11:43 am

Love your blog…I like to know you are a real person just like the rest of us! Everyone has their ups & downs, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be normal. We all have bad days and I’m sure there is always someone out there having a worse day than me, but my bad day is relevant to me. Same goes with happy days! Thanks for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly!


Maryz     at 12:06 pm

Honesty is always the best policy! For years, I tried to sugar coat everything in my life. After awhile, I didn’t know who I was or what I liked or didn’t like. I was too busy making sure my life looked ‘good’ on the outside. Being real is what makes us who we are! Love this blog and how honest and open you are :)


Carolyn     at 12:30 pm

I just came across your blog very recently and I love your honesty, especially about motherhood. It’s what drew me into your blog. I am a stay at home mom to a 1 year old and I find your blog to be so easy to relate to. When I read mom blogs that are 100% positive all the time, I feel horrible that I don’t feel 100% positive all the time. It’s nice to know that other people are going through the same things. Thank you for how you write!


Hilary @ PeanutButterSpoonfuls     at 12:37 pm

I will say it again, RELATABLE. I think we all do what you describe in one way or another. I used to only call my mom when I was really upset about something, but never on the 99% of days when I was just fine. Eventually she thought I was really depressed, oops! I’m excited to read more about your every day happy times :)


Ali     at 1:34 pm

I hate to say this, but I think you’re totally normal for writing about the bad things instead of the good sometimes. Unfortunately, I think it’s almost human nature to have 100 great things going on around us and then we focus on the one bad. I think too much too and I totally understand your predicament. I stopped blogging for several months due to morning sickness and being too emotional in the first trimester of pregnancy because I didn’t want to complain on my blog everyday. Thankfully I’m out of that funk now. Just keep on going… you’re doing great and we all love reading whatever you put out there… the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s life and it’s honest.


Angela     at 5:02 pm

Beautiful picture! And such an honest post… I truly enjoy reading your blog!


Christina     at 6:49 pm

I for one would LOVE to see your dinner pictures, bad light or not. Sometimes too much focus is on how good the picture is, I like to see the delicious food people are eating as long as I can tell what it is! Also, most of my favorite blog posts are candid, spur of the moment ones. You beat yourself up a little about not having more thought provoking or more formatted posts, but I enjoy reading your posts because I like to see what your family is up to (and I mean that in the absolute least creepy way!), not because you are trying to get a Pulitzer prize. Basically what I am saying is that I always enjoy your posts.


Ruth @ FacetiousFarang     at 7:20 pm

Your introspection is one of the things that I love about your blog! I am also someone who thinks too much, and I appreciate your willingness to be honest. I think you generally hit a good balance between discussing the hard things and the good things in your life. I’ve been a reader for a couple of years now, and I keep coming back for more!


Ella     at 8:48 pm

Hey Emily, I think you’re awesome, and you’re so gracious, which is an unusual quality these days. When you have to come with a lot of content, day after day, it’s just going to feel mundane (to you!) sometimes. But to us it’s strangely interesting. Why do people get addicted to reality shows? Same thing with blogs. It’s fun to escape into someone else’s life. You are doing your thing and you’re doing it so well, and to boot, you’re just nice about it. I keep coming back to your blog and other similar blogs (Kath, Jenna) because of that. You do your thang, and don’t worry, your readers will still be here. I’m glad you’re not apologizing because there is no reason to do so!


Marissa     at 6:28 am

2 things…first, please do not feel guilty for “how good you have it.” you may feel very blessed, and that is awesome and totally ok! it’s also because of hard work that you are where you are in life! also, i don’t have kids yet, but my husband works long hours sometimes, and i know i “catch the crazy” when i have too much alone time. so, please don’t feel like you are the only one that this happens to!


Leah     at 7:02 am

Wow, blogging is awkward. No one has ever said that to me before but it’s probably why I don’t update my blog as much as I should. :( Great post as usual, Emily. We love your 1,000 words per day. Even if you were writing a cookbook or a novel it would still rock but there would not be as many great food or Cullen photos…so keep at it!


Jamie     at 7:34 am

Hi Emily! I have been reading about your journey in life since the old days of Cin Weekly and the 1st flying pig blog :) While I don’t comment on a regular basis, I do genuinely enjoy reading about your life. It brightens my day to see Cullen’s smiling face or read about the love you share with Casey. Please don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t share your happiness with the blog world. I enjoy knowing that there are good hearted, happy people in this world! Thank you for sharing moments of your life with me.. Love from your hometown.. ~Jamie


Cailin     at 11:50 am

Great post. You are human and it’s all good. I have been reading your blog for several years now and I think it’s neat to see how it’s evolved. I am not much of a chef (um, not at all) so I must like your blog for other reasons. I gave you a lot of feedback in your last post and within 24 hours decided that I think I am going to quit my job to stay at home with my little girls. (I better learn how to cook). I have been on the fence for some time now…
Because I do stay at home for three months during the summer- I am now mentally prepared for how hard and lonely it can be– and how awesome it can be at the same time. Like you, I sometimes (or too often) feel guilty for the “good” I have in my life. I have a ton of “good” but that doesn’t mean there are days when I just want to escape because everything seems to be going wrong. It’s normal. I am still excited about the new treadmill and will still likely be on it at insanely early hours.
Keep doing what your doing and saying what your saying! Cullen is the cutest!


Jacquelyn     at 12:05 pm

I have come to the realization that a major part of growing up (and we never really stop growing up, do we?) is figuring out what is right for you, what is right for others, and what the best decision is. Writing is your outlet. It’s your way to let go of some things, to make others happy, and to spread a little joy. Sometimes we share good times. Sometimes bad. But no matter what you’re sharing, the people that came here to read came here because they want to read everything. Your writing is cathartic not just for you, but for everyone that stops by. It isn’t easy to push aside what people say about you, but just keep doing what makes you happy and you’ll be all good. :-)


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 4:16 pm

I think it’s your prerogative to post when and what you please. You’ve been doing this a lot longer than I have, but I notice that my writing ebbs and flows along with what I want to post about. Sometimes it’s nice to be more open and share things and other times I don’t want to let the world know everything. I think what’s most important is how the blogger feels.


Charlie @ the runner beans     at 1:56 am

I find i have the opposite problem. I end up blogging only the good, fun stuff, partly because I think people won’t want to read the boring stuff, and party because I don’t like admitting to the world that sometimes life is hard, sometimes horrid things happen, sometimes its not all great runs, great food, great friends. It’s hard enough sharing that to my friends and family, let alone the internet. Thanks for sharing the hard times, and for letting people know it’s ok for things not to be all sunshine and flowers all of the time. LOVE.


Angela     at 1:17 pm

It takes a lot of mental energy to write about personal things. I so appreciate all that you are able to share about Cullen and your family on here. It helps me learn. I always remember that your family comes first and your privacy is important. Thank you for sharing what you feel comfortable with!


Ali     at 5:56 am

As someone who has been reading your blog for several years, I disagree with the other commenters. You obviously do have a nice life and no one holds that against you. Of course being a parent is hard, but to me it seems to just be a lot of complaining on your blog the past year and that makes you seem ungrateful for what you have, whiney.. I don’t know. It comes off in a bad way. I’d rather you write about recipes, or fun things, than constant whining.
Granted, this is your blog and you’re free to write what you want just as I am free to stop reading I guess.


Emily Malone Reply:

Appreciate the feedback! I’d definitely like to share more of the good here, like I said. I don’t think it’s constant whining, but I do think there is room for improvement. Thanks for reading for so long!


Becca     at 12:21 pm

Oh please don’t stop the ranting posts! They make you seem real. I often see the blogging world as this perfect little bubble where everyone only posts about the good stuff…but sometimes we readers like to read about the other side of the story? It makes bloggers more relate-able I suppose. It is so refreshing to see posts like yours about the struggles of mommyhood and life from time to time.


Sarah     at 10:17 am

Emily, I’ve been reading for a few years now and I love your blog for many of the reasons that others have already commented on. I’ve been thinking about this post for weeks now and I really just want to share my thoughts with you.

I am not a blogger, nor do I think it will ever be a good outlet for me. I don’t know that I would ever want to be as open and honest as you and your fellow bloggers are and I appreciate it must be a fine line to walk. I read a lot of blogs because it helps connect me to others in a different way and the ones I love most are the honest and REAL ones. I have a two year old at home and I find that there are moments of pure joy and moments where everything is totally overwhelming. I just wanted to thank you for being honest about your experiences and your thoughts. Sometimes I feel like blogs filter the difficulties of life and in the end make those of us struggling feel even more incompetent. Share the good and the bad and keep up with the honest and fabulous writing. Thanks for reminding me that there is balance and both good and bad are normal.


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