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    A Look Back.

14 Months.

Somewhere amidst our holiday guests and festivities, Cullen turned 14 months old.  I took a bunch of pictures that day, but am just now getting around to writing about it.  Figure if I wait much longer, he’ll be hitting 15 months!  His littler toddler personality is coming out more and more each day.

IMG_9414 (427x640)

He and I both love to be outdoors, so it’s been a challenge for us this month to be cooped up inside so much.  We’re finding new things to do at home – crafts, stickers, sorting, stacking, chasing – and we’re running outside the minute the sun peeks out. 

IMG_9428 (427x640)

I meant to do “Day in the Life” type of updates for many many months now, and always seem to push them off until the next week.  I wish I’d written about our days at 8 months, or even one year, because they are so drastically different now.  Cullen is down to just one nap each day, so most of our time is spent hanging out together.  I’m lucky that he’s such a fun little companion. 

IMG_9245 (427x640)

At fourteen months, his is totally into everything, but in a different way than before.  He used to tear into everything – climbing, tossing, eating, chewing.  Now his exploration seems much more methodical and specific.  He turns things over carefully, examines details, places things in very intentional arrangements, and you can see concentration all over his face.

IMG_9890 (427x640)

He is really into his shape sorter, and in the last few weeks he went from banging the shapes and trying to jam them all through the square, to rotating and fitting most of them into the right places.  It’s so interesting to watch him work.  He always, always starts with the circle, and then the oval.  He gets really frustrated by the triangle and the wedge.  I’m convinced he will grow up to be some sort of engineer or mad scientist.  That is, if his venture into cloth diaper modeling doesn’t pay off.

IMG_9730 (427x640)

He loves to run, and he’s been walking for long enough now that he has some decent speed.  He has this awesome little shuffle, and he loves to run with something in his hand.  If you chase him, he giggles and screams, and then melts into a fit of laughs when he’s caught.

IMG_9440 (426x640)

He is still fiercely independent, and has been since birth.  While I see other kids walking along side their parents and holding hands, Cullen will have none of it.  If you try to hold his hand, his body goes limp and he dangles off your arm like a rag doll.  He seems very confident, and has little fear.  I have to keep a very close eye on him all the time, because he’ll just run and run and run. 

IMG_9473 (640x427)

But eventually, he always turns and comes back to mom. 

IMG_9436 (427x640)

IMG_9370 (640x427)

His hair is totally out of control, and he’s starting to look like a member of The Bee Gees.  We took him to get his hair cut last week, which resulted in a crying, hysterical meltdown.  He’s just starting to show fear of strangers, and he’s been a lot more clingy in public and crowds recently.  He cried and buried his head so hard into my chest, that we ended up leaving the kids’ salon with a full head of (wet) hair.  Maybe next time. 

IMG_9740 (640x429)

So the mullet mop lives to see another day. 

IMG_0272 (640x427)

The most notable thing that is different this month is his language.  He’s never been an overly vocal baby, but boy has that changed.  He doesn’t have many specific words just yet, but he seems to have developed his own language.  You know how some babies wait and wait to walk, and when the finally start they stand up and RUN?  I think Cullen is skipping individual words, and moving straight to sentences. 

IMG_0226 (640x427)

He babbles in loooong stretches of words, and uses conversational inflections.  It’s really bizarre, and kind of hilarious.  I’ve never heard anything like it.  He looks at you like he can’t believe you don’t understand him, and he even seems to raise his inflection to ask a question.  (Video at the end!)

He does have an official first word:  APPLE!  He says aaap-puuhl whenever he sees one, and he’ll stop turning the page of any book with an apple in it.  We also seem to have an alarming amount of books about fruit.  He also points to them in the grocery store.  He also makes a vroooom vrooom sound when he plays with cars!

IMG_9712 (640x427)

After a year of having no interest in books other than eating them, he suddenly can’t get enough.  I think he would sit and read all day if I’d do it.  He only likes very specific books though, and he’ll slam the cover shut if you don’t read the right one.  He loves his birthday chair, and he sits and reads for long stretches of time while I prep lunches and feed dogs. 

IMG_0107 (640x427)

He’s eating and sleeping really well, but I might touch more on that in my Day in the Life post (which I will do soon!).  He sleeps through the night and naps once in the afternoons – it’s a great schedule now that I’m used to it.  At 14 months, Cullen is still breastfeeding twice a day – morning and night (although as I write this we’re down to just one feeding).

Something feels like it has shifted this month within me.  While I’ve always enjoyed my time at home with him, I often felt like I was just sort of managing his needs all day, and our worlds felt sort of – I don’t know – separated.  He was a baby, I was a mom.

Maybe it’s all this talking and babbling, but I suddenly feel so much more connected to him on a personal level, not just a parenting level.  This might not even make sense, who knows.  But I just feel like these days there is a totally awesome and legit PERSON in our house, who is filling my day with fun and laughter.  I am happier than I have been in a long time.

IMG_0310 (640x427)

I know every age feels like the best, and next month I’ll wax poetic about how 15 months is so amazing.  But he’s at this great stage right now where he’s teeter tottering between being a baby and a toddler, and I love that I still get both aspects of him.  He plays hard, braves the big kid area at the playground, and races down the hallway to climb up the stairs – knowing I will chase him.  But then he gets sleepy, rubs his eyes, buries his head into my neck, and gives me a big sloppy baby kiss.  Life is good.

IMG_0324 (640x427)

14 Month Rundown

  • Weight: Probably between 23-24 pounds.  He’s a chunk.
  • Teeth:  STILL only 8!  He got so many so quickly, and then totally stalled.
  • Diapers:  Cloth – love them.  Size 4 disposables for overnights. 
  • New Tricks:  blowing kisses, giving high fives
  • Favorite toys:  wooden pegs, empty yogurt cups, wrapping paper tubes, BOOKS!, cars, the baby monitor, shape sorter, cups
  • Likes:  stacking, sorting, bath time, pouring water, throwing sand, standing on his Twilight Turtle, spinning in circles, throwing piles of socks into the air, playing in his crib, hanging out in his toy corner
  • Dislikes:  diaper changes, stroller rides, getting into the car seat, being held for more than five minutes, the vacuum, the blender, the coffee maker, having his face wiped, not being allowed to play on the stairs

Chatterbox in action!

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Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries     at 9:56 am

What a little cutie pie you have! That photo of him “modeling” his diaper had me cracking up. What a fun age!


Nadine     at 10:09 am

I’m hearing “My dad reads a book.” in the video. Maybe I speak Cullen?


linda Reply:

I hear the same thing! I heard “daddy” several times.


elise     at 10:15 am

emily, i love watching these videos and reading about the life of a mom with a baby boy. im currently 35 weeks (with my first – a boy) and ive been following your blog for about a year and i just love it.
anyway, why i decided to comment today is because as i watch these videos my little dude (still in my belly) gets crazy active. its like he hears cullen. normal noises dont elicit such a response, even when my husband and i talk to him or play music. now that the video is off he’s back to sleep or whatever he’s doing in there.


Marisa Reply:

The same thing happened to me as well, how crazy is that? I’m 38 weeks now and baby boy just went wild while I was watching the clip :-) How funny! Anyway Emily I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but haven’t commented. Just wanted to say how much I love it & how helpful your pregnancy posts in particular have been to me. On a side note, hi Elise, not long to go now! Can you believe it?


elise Reply:

hi marisa! we’re so close :) its crazy. and i totally agree about emily’s pregnancy posts.


Courtney     at 10:24 am

I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, both boys, and they both jabbered the exact same way!! They both started around that age and jabbered all the way until they were 2! My 2 year old is just now starting to talk where I can understand him, but he would change his voice at certain times and then repeat the same “phrase” over and over, so I know he knew what he was talking about. So funny!


Lisa     at 10:25 am

My 19 month old only has 4 teeth! He’s the latest teether ever!

8′s not bad for 14 months!


Carly @ Snack Therapy     at 10:25 am

Those chubby thighs are just so snackable!! Nothing is cuter :).


Ericka     at 10:27 am

That “modeling” pic is so cute! What a little ham.


Michelle@Peachy Palate     at 10:27 am

He looks like such a little poser in the second photo down! Seriously one of the cutest kids ever!!!


Rosalie     at 10:29 am

You asked if he wanted someone to read the book to him and he definitely said da in with the rest of his baby babble. I thought he was saying he wanted his daddy to read it to him. Then he gave the book to his daddy. So he dfinitely is telling you exactly what he wants.


Tammy Root     at 10:34 am

haha! I LOVE how Cullen cracks himself up!


Kathryn     at 10:38 am

He’s just DARLING. I love his babbling!


Colleen     at 10:43 am

Look at that belly! I love it! He is so adorable, especially posing in the diaper. What a doll!


Whitney Reply:

I thought the same thing! That belly!! :)


Rachel Reply:

Me too! How could you not always be blowing raspberries!? :)


Abby     at 10:45 am


Cullen is a doll!! My Owen is a few weeks behind and 13 months. I have commented a few times about how much I love your monthly updates to give me an idea of where we are headed and what to expect. Owen loves to talk and bus are his fav. As he loves to watch the traffic outside our windows and in the car. He isn’t fully walking yet and still prefers to crawl but will take steps when you ask him to walk. It amazes me how much they are understanding us and responding to what we ask and say. Cullen is absolutely precious. Happy weekend!


lisa     at 10:49 am

That modeling pic of him is the cutest thing ever!


Catherine     at 10:56 am

I am smiling right now because I scrolled down the post only to see Cullen’s four month update thumbnail. Same beautiful eyes, same cutie-pie smile but what a difference!! He is so, so adorable – thank you for “sharing” him with us all!


Jacquelyn     at 10:57 am

When I was about Cullen’s age my mom said she was laying on the couch and I ran up to her, spoke a whole bunch of gibberish and ended with “K?!” and when she replied okay, I took a deep breath in with excitement and ran off clearly happy I got the answer I wanted. My mom jumped up to find me putting her lipstick all over my face.


Anne Reply:

Haha this gave me quite a chuckle!


Elisabeth     at 10:59 am

He is just too cute – especially those thighs & his belly! You can really tell in your writing how happy you are these days. :)


Belinda     at 11:04 am

I think I heard Cullen saying “right now” over and over when you kept asking him “are you going to read the book?” It’s between seconds 49 and 54 in the video. Or he could be saying “my dad.”

He is absolutely precious.


Sarah G Reply:

I agree with all the people saying that he’s trying to answer your questions with “my dad” and “right now” also I thought I heard something about his chair…. the repeated phrase perhaps?? So tough and so fun! Might be my favorite part of parenting :) So glad to hear you are feeling so good…. would love an update on your thyroid if that is something you’re willing to share.


Heather (Heather's Dish)     at 11:05 am

OH MY GOODNESS I want to blow on his cute little tummy!!! The modeling shot is PRICELESS, and I love the video at the end. Reminds me of Weston sort of, although his grunting and “singing” isn’t really conversational just yet ;)


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 11:22 am

The diaper modeling is so cute! But, like everyone else, I’m hearing a LOT of words in there. “Which book are you reading?” “This.” … “Right now, right now, right now.” “Doggie” Maybe they just sound like my son’s versions of those. :)


Amber @ Mommy's Me Time     at 11:32 am

Cullen is such a cutie pie! I have a son who is about the same age, will be 15 months next week and I think he and Cullen would get along great – I keep telling my husband that I think our little guy is bound to be an engineer someday too! It’s so fun to see their little personalities develop!


Sarah     at 11:33 am

What cloth diapers do you use? I’m currently 22 weeks along with my first kiddo (a boy!) and I’ve already started building my stash but love to get as many opinions as possible.


Kristen @ Change of Pace     at 11:39 am

I have just loved watching him grow. I’ve been following your blog since you were pregnant. You and I don’t exactly have the same food interests but we do both have kids. I have your blog in my google reader to see Cullen and check out your mommy posts! His babbling cracks me up. It’s his facial expressions. He really tells you how it is haha :)


Kate     at 11:39 am

A tip I picked up from my SIL is to have the hairdresser wet the comb, NOT spray directly onto the child’s head. As soon as we requested that change he was a (moderately) happy camper getting his hair cut. Hope this helps!


Katie     at 12:06 pm

LOVE that video! And his belly! Oh my goodness, he’s just precious!


nicky     at 12:38 pm

THAT belly! He is adorable!! SO precious seeing him hop on his daddy’s lap for book time


Laura     at 12:47 pm

Apple was my first word too!


Allie@LiveLaughEat     at 1:16 pm

Oh my goodness his belly!!!! I die.


Mary     at 1:40 pm

My best friend’s 16 month old does the same adorable inflection way of talking. She used to say “Uh rah roo!” to her parents in the same way that they would say “I love you!” to her. So stinking cute!!

Also, your son has some of the cutest chubby thighs I have ever seen. Oh my goodness. :oD


Jamie     at 1:44 pm

Cute! I am due with my second in three weeks and it will be exciting to have a baby in the house again. My oldest is six and it seems like forever ago that he was that little!


purelymichelle     at 2:09 pm

He is getting so big!! he is too cute


Chasity Grome     at 2:17 pm

Oh my gosh, too cute! And Casey reading to Cullen – makes my heart melt! I love seeing Dad’s in action with the little stuff.


Lorie     at 3:19 pm

TOO STINKING CUTE!! His laugh and babbling totally match his pictures, just adorable and happy all around! Too cute when he brings the book over and then sits on the ground, ready to listen :)

It almost sounds like he is saying “Read a book”! And then says “Daddy” or maybe “Doggy”?


Lyndsay     at 3:21 pm

His babbling is hilarious!! And I love his cute little tummy :-) Thanks for sharing so many pictures and videos of your little one!


Lara     at 3:35 pm

The cloth diaper model…kills me!


Lara     at 4:04 pm

Just watched the video—so cute! His tummy! Ok except it made my dogs bark like crazy. This is not good.


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 4:19 pm

He is talking up a storm! I find this stage in child development really interesting because clearly he is saying something that in his mind makes sense, it’s just the rest of us who can’t understand. I’m sure it will be great to actually have conversations with him!


mary     at 4:24 pm

Oh my gosh…I cannot get enough of Cullen! I know people probably always say this about every baby (because it’s true) but Cullen is the CUTEST baby I’ve ever seen! He is so happy all the time, that it melts my heart. I hope that when I am old enough to have children my children as just as happy and adorable as Cullen. He is such a cutie :)


Tricia     at 4:32 pm

I remember sitting and reading every single one of your pregnancy posts word for word… it’s hard to believe he is now 14mos old!!! It seems like just yesterday we were on baby Malone watch. He is adorable!!!


Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker     at 4:59 pm

Hahaha I love the video. I think he and Ada should gChat because they have the same language :) Great update. I think I’ll probably continue with mine in the first year, too (I read your Babble post about debating it) — because they are changing so much from month to month still! xoxo


Amber K     at 5:01 pm

Loved the video! He has such a big personality.


Rebekah     at 5:24 pm

I totally agree with the fact that he was saying my daddy when asked who he wanted to read the book and when he dropped the book it almost sounded like that is what he was saying…dropped book (that may be stretching it a bit). He is such a sweet little boy.


Merrie     at 6:09 pm

your a very talented writer! Your little boy just cracks me up.


Alison     at 6:25 pm

I love all the videos of Cullen. He is so entertaining.


dynamics     at 8:39 pm

Geez mom…I heard him clear as day. He said he wanted his dad to read him a book. LOLOL Emily you definitely have your hands full.


Erica {Coffee & Quinoa}     at 9:12 pm

What a little babbler! Love the video – so so cute.


Gauri     at 12:29 am

Hi Emily! Love your blog and your baby is the cutest. I was wondering if you had done any posts or reviews on cloth diapers?


Shari     at 5:55 am

How is it that he just gets cuter and cuter? :)


Jorie     at 10:25 am

Hallo!! :) I am a dsylexic adult in her early 30s, and I can understand Cullen! Here is what he was actually trying to say:

“want to read a book” (in the very beginning)
“My Dad read a book” (as he climbs into his chair)
“My Dad”* (in response to Do you want someone to read that to you?)(Not “Viaga”)
“Daddy”* (in response to What does that mean?)
“Da” “Dad-dy”* repeats
“My Dad read a book” (after he’s frustrated we don’t understand him)
“My Dad”
When the camera is re-adjusting its zoom I think he’s trying to repeat “My Dad read a book”
“Down here” (refers to the book is on the floor)
“My Dad” “Read this”

I hope this helps?!
I’m not sure why I heard the words differently than you did, accept to say I have noticed that being dsylexic I do hear differently than others, as this can either work in my favour or lead to a misunderstanding. Maybe this will help you know when he wants his Dad to read to him?


dynamics Reply:

I think you nailed it!!!


Jorie Reply:

Thank you dynamics!! I played the video back a few times to make sure I could line up his words in order for Emily. Have a lovely day!


Johanna     at 11:50 am

Amazing how cute Cullen is! Jorie it is really fascinating and makes so much sense what you write…


Jorie Reply:

Thank you, Johanna!! :) I didn’t always understand the differences when I was younger, but as I turned into my 20s, and now 30s, I am understanding more about everything! Which is generally the case, but when you learn differently, sometimes it takes longer to piece things together! I’m just thankful my Mom is a regular blog reader of Daily Garnish, and that I get to enjoy the posts through her eyes, as well as come by to read them myself! :) I felt compelled to share what I heard in case its helpful! :)

He’s a very independant little boy and I can tell he’s quite aware of things, even at his tender age! I bet he’s going to be a great conversationist one day!


Michele     at 1:28 pm

He is so sweet! I love how he went into downward dog to get himself up at 2:30. Budding yogi maybe? :)


nicky     at 4:12 pm

Your blog is so addictive! I love seeing how Cullen is grwing up. You should do a house tour or a video because I LOVE your furniture and house lay out! How cool is Cullens chair?! All grown up!!


Kristen @ The Concrete Runner     at 6:36 pm

That video is hysterical! Love it! It’s amazing to me how different MacKenna and Cullen are even though they’re only days apart in age. She’s still content with crawling but is talking up a storm. I love his hair! We’re so jealous! ;)


Sarah @ Kids Heart Real Food     at 7:10 pm

Such a great update Emily. The haircut part made me laugh because my husband and I were just talking about how Tyson might be ready for his first haircut soon and how we know he is going to HATE it. The picture of him burying his head in your shoulder is priceless!


Maya     at 1:25 am

SO cute!! My daughter (who is the exact same age– one day younger) totally laughed when you asked Cullen in the video if he was telling a joke, so I’m pretty sure he was, just in baby-ese. :) She “talks” the same way, and it’s funny, because I don’t think I’ve heard that many other kids talk like this! Her favorite word for a while was “baDAI”… we really wondered what it meant! Now she says a ton of actual words but still babbles like this a lot too. I think Cullen is about where she was a month ago, so I doubt full talking is far away at all! I really wish we could get the two of them together for a playdate… in many ways they’re so similar. My daughter is gradually catching up to his running skills, though she still moves like she’s been sitting on a horse for way too long… Cullen is all-out jogging!!


Carley     at 11:04 am

It is incredible to see how much change there is from month to month! I don’t have babies yet but it makes me excited to see all the changes for when I do!

He is a very happy boy :) Kudos to you both!


Heather (cake and green beans)     at 6:48 pm

Gaaah he is precious. You might have mentioned this before, but where did you get his little chair?


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 10:57 pm

Cullen is too stinken cute!! I love his belly! And it sounds like he is talking back to you when you ask him questions, I could have sworn I heard him answering daddy when you asked who reads the book. Happy New Years to you and happy 14 months to Cullen!


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 5:24 am

The fun really begins now that you have a little buddy to chat with nonstop. I loved when my kids started telling me about their day and “reading” books to me. For so long it was a one sided conversation!


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