A Week of Workouts.

Many apologies for all the crazy issues with DG this week!  Many of you experienced site crashes, bad redirects, and malware warnings.  Casey and I worked on it all week, and finally found the fix.  Hope all of the issues are finally resolved!  Thanks so much for all the emails, and for your patience.  Here’s what we were up to this week, in case you missed it:

It’s the W-word.  Something you haven’t seen here in quite some time!  I never like to write about something when it’s still new and I’m just getting started.  I like to wait and see if something sticks, in case I change my mind a week later.

Back when I was in the thick of babyhood, and struggling with finding any sort of time for myself, many of you often suggested I get up “early” to find extra time to work or workout.  And that is a great suggestion – unless your baby wakes up at 5:30am.  I know there are moms who get up at 4am and run on treadmills.  I think they are awesome, and slightly insane. 

But somewhere around his first birthday, Cullen became a super sleeper.  I’m sort of afraid to talk about it.  He sleeps through the night and beyond, not waking up now until usually around 8am.  Sometimes if he goes til 8:30, I’ll have to wake him up.  It’s crazy.  It’s wonderful.

When he first started sleeping through the night, I slept along with him.  He was my alarm and if he wasn’t getting up until 8am, why should I?  But Casey gets up really early for work – usually 5:30am, in order to catch a 6:30 bus.  So he was needing to go to bed early, while I was a total night owl since I was sleeping in later.  Our schedules were way off.  It only took a few weeks before I realized I had this huge gift of TIME suddenly available in the early mornings.  And so a new schedule and routine were born. 

These days I’m in bed by 9:30 (ten at the latest), so I can get up at 5:30am when the alarm goes off.  It sounds early, but it’s really not hard to get up as long as you go to bed early enough.  Some of the days I’m getting up and working out right away, and then on others I’m taking a rest day and working the whole time (which is why you’ve started seeing posts earlier in the day!). 

I’m feeling really motivated to workout and be active, and I’m already feeling much healthier and more energetic.  I’m doing a big variety of different things, which is keeping it interesting and fun.  Here is what this week looked like, in workouts:

Saturday – Running

Planned to run around Greenlake with Casey (and the stroller), but it started raining as soon as we got there, so we took Cullen to the zoo (indoor playgym) instead.  When we got home, Cullen went down for a nap, and Casey and I took turns alternating running out in our neighborhood.  I have no idea why this took us so long.  It felt awesome, and I covered about 3.5 miles total (and took a few walking breaks up giant hills).  I came back and found this smiley monkey was up from his nap.

IMG_0342 (427x640)

Our neighborhood is CRAZY hilly, and I always complain that it’s too hard to run near our house.  Now that I’ve gotten out there a bit more, I’m actually really liking it.  The uphill sucks, but the downhill provides some relief, and I can run a few different short loops and mix them up as I like.  There are also AMAZING views of the mountains and water.  Nothing better.

2013-01-03 13.23.54

Sunday – Barre3 Fitness Class

A few months ago (November, maybe?) I tried out a Barre3 class with one of the nice women from Barre3 corporate.  She and I had been emailing for over a year, and she finally convinced me to give the class a try.  She treated me to the class, and Cullen to childcare.  How could I say no?

I didn’t write about it because I had only done it once, and wanted to give it another chance.  So this weekend I headed down to the Kirkland studio for my second class. 

2013-01-06 15.53.57

I know I am seriously out of shape, but HOLY CRAP.  This class completely kicked my ass.  In a good way, of course.  Barre3 is all about micro-movents – holding postures and moving up and down just an inch or so at a time.  It is crazy hard.  The instructor kept saying “go with that shake!” as I was wobbling and my muscles were twitching and shaking out of control.  I was sore until Tuesday.  Can’t wait to do this again!

Monday was a much needed rest day, although I did take Cullen and the pups for a long walk around the neighborhood.

Tuesday – Jillian Michaels DVD

I know, I know.  Jillian is like so 2009, right?  Well that’s probably when I got this video.  I don’t remember.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Casey and I are working out together, and he’s taking a later bus into work.  We had planned to do a different DVD, but it didn’t come in time, so we did this instead.

It is very cardio-heavy, and I was sweating and out of breath by the end.  We push our coffee table off to the side, and do the workout together in the living room.  In a former life, working out together was something I really enjoyed, but that hasn’t been possible for a while.  Now it is!

IMG_0361 (427x640)

Wednesday was another rest day.  I got up early to work, and spent a lot of time trying to fix all the recent bugs on the site.

Thursday – New York City Ballet workout

When I first started talking about the Barre3 classes, I told Casey that they were a lot different from what I originally expected.  I thought they would be more like yoga with some ballet elements, but it’s actually much more like strength training.  As our conversation continued, we got to wondering what actual ballet dancers do for strength and core workouts.  We found the NYC Ballet workout series on YouTube, and tried it out a few times before ordering this.

IMG_0714 (427x640)

We did the first hour-long series on Thursday, and I loved it.  There is a lot of core work and stretching, mixed in with all sorts of fun ballet that I remember from childhood.  I’ve never really been into workout videos before, but my inner ballerina had a lot of fun with this one.  Casey liked it too!

I took Friday off, since I had a lot of work to do and wanted to use my extra time in the morning catching up.  It feels great to be back into a routine, and so far I’m loving my early morning schedule.  Now that I have more time to get things done in the morning, I am a lot less stressed about squeezing everything into nap time. 

Another fun perk about being back into a fitness groove?  New workout gear!  I almost never ever do any sponsored stuff here on DG (in fact, I honestly can’t remember the last time I did), but I got a chance to try some of Old Navy’s new active line (currently 40% off!), and I couldn’t resist. 

IMG_0683 (427x640) (427x640)

I have never been a fan of tight workout shirts.  They always make me feel really self conscious, and I find them to be the opposite of motivating.  Especially now after having a baby, I appreciate a looser, more forgiving fit.  I was excited to find this tie-waist bubble tank.  So flattering!

IMG_0688 (424x640) (424x640)

I also got the striped bubble active tank – same idea.  The pants are compression capris, and were a great deal – just $15.

IMG_0690 (426x640) (426x640)

I had $50 to spend, so I also tossed in this sports bra since it was only $8.  I just grabbed it off the rack when I was headed to the fitting room, and didn’t pay attention to the signs.  I laughed when I looked it up online and saw that it was the padded sports bra.  Now that I’m done breastfeeding, my boobs are totally deflated, so a little padding probably can’t hurt. 

IMG_0695 (640x427) (640x427)

So far my new year’s resolutions are off to a good start!  A new schedule, a new workout routine and commitment, and some new gear to give an extra boost of motivation.

Wrapping up the week over on Babble – in case you missed it!

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at oldnavy.com #GetYourActiveON