Saying Goodbye to 2012.

I took so much time off from writing over the holidays, that now I feel a million weeks behind.  I’m going to skip a lot of stuff and not bother showing you things we did two weeks ago, because that would be weird.  So instead, here are the highlights of how we spent the end of 2012.

We had family in town for almost two weeks, which was awesome.  On the very last day with our last guests, we all headed to the Experience Music Project – a museum here in Seattle that pays tribute to local music history, as well as rotating national exhibits.  I’m sure it comes as no surprise that there is a pretty incredibly Nirvana exhibit.

I wasn’t sure how Cullen would do at an adult museum, but he ended up loving it.  He loves music, and he loved running around in all the wide open spaces and jamming to the beats.

IMG_9800 (640x427)

It was our last day with Casey’s parents, and it was a great way to spend it.  We are missing them so much already!

IMG_9809 (640x427)

Sunday was our first day just the three of us, and while I missed our families a lot, it also felt good to get back to our normal family routine. 

IMG_9815 (426x640)

The sun was out and the temps were reasonable, so we headed to our favorite Ballard market in search of some fresh produce.  Our fridge was totally emptied after many holiday meals for a big group, so we needed to replenish the fresh stuff immediately.

IMG_9818 (640x427)

We found a few good deals and then headed out, hoping to squeeze in a local lunch before naptime. 

IMG_9831 (428x640)

When we lived in Fremont (sniff), we went to Homegrown sandwich shop all the time.  We decided to venture up the hill to Queen Anne and try another location for a quick lunch.  I was totally bummed to find that my favorite sandwich – roasted beet – was off the menu.  Sobs.  But this delicious egg and avocado sandwich with hot sauce helped ease the pain.

IMG_9842 (640x427)

Casey shared his seasonal squash sandwich with a hungry mooch (who also had his own lunch he could eat). 

IMG_9849 (640x427)

Once we got home and Cullen was snoozing, I unloaded our market goodies.

IMG_9854 (427x640)

Bok choy!!  I absolutely love bok choy, and I’m so excited that it’s in season right now.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with this yet, but I’m guessing it will be some sort of rice bowl dish to go along with our favorite blackened tofu

IMG_9855 (640x427)

Shiitakes!  Another huge favorite.  I am a mushroom maniac.  We cook huge batches of sautéed mushrooms several times a week, and whenever I post pictures I get asked for the recipe on Instagram.  I promise I’ll do it soon – just need to find time to cook them during daylight so I can take decent photos!  These were only $6 for a pint, which is a steal of this type of mushroom.  I had to restrain myself and only buy one.

IMG_9860 (427x640)

A mixed bag of loose kale – several different varieties.  This bag was only $5, and we like getting flat kale varieties for making raw kale salads.  It is a bit less hearty than the curly kale!

IMG_9862 (640x427)

We also scored this giant 5 pound bag of various root vegetables for $7.50.  It’s a mixture of carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips, and I’m not sure what else.  I think my plan is to clean and trim all the veggies, and then roast them all in my dutch oven together with lots of olive oil and rosemary.  Mmmmm I can smell it now. 

IMG_9863 (427x640)

Whenever anyone asked me if we had New Year’s Eve plans this year, I just sort of laughed.  We didn’t even bother trying to get a babysitter, and I was very content to ring in 2013 in my sweatpants.  But then it turned out that we did actually have plans!

IMG_9896 (640x427)

We rung in our new year with friends at 4pm.  :)  Our friends Nicki and Rick had us over along with some of our other favorite parents and babies.  The adults ate delicious food and drank bubbly things while the babies ran around and threw coasters at each other.  Nicki and Rick made an amazing spread of food – I believe all the recipes were from The Conscious Cook.  Tasty lentil crostinis with goat cheese spread…

IMG_9897 (427x640)

Twice baked fingerling potatoes with paprika and chives, mmmmm.

IMG_9898 (640x427)

Double chocolate pecan cookies – SO GOOD.

IMG_9899 (640x427)

And marinated mushrooms with fresh herbs – these were a HIT!

IMG_9908 (640x427)

I also brought a big bowl of “cheesy” pasta salad with kale and raisins.  I might make this again and post a recipe for you guys – it was good!

IMG_9900 (640x427)

Fancy New Year’s Eve spread.  So fun to celebrate with friends!

IMG_9901 (640x427)

The babies also enjoyed all the fingers foods.

IMG_9905 (640x427)

IMG_9912 (640x427)

Back at home, we celebrated the last of this year’s holiday season.  It has definitely been one to remember!

IMG_9921 (428x640)

IMG_9930 (427x640)

We talked about New Year’s celebrations of past, and remembered the parties, the sparkly dresses, and all the crazy things we did when were younger.  Like the year that I wore hair extensions (why did this ever happen?).  Or the year that Casey fell through a closed door and landed in a pile of trashcans on the other side (you had to be there…). The memories were good, and I’m definitely glad we have some wilder years to look back on.  But the present is pretty good too, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

IMG_9980 (427x640)

We finished up 2012, all cozied up on the floor together, watching Cullen literally laugh himself into the ground.  He was the party animal this year! (Sorry the video is long – no time to edit this morning!)

Hope 2013 is treating you well already!