Working It Out.

After a long day of travel, we have arrived in Indianapolis safe and sound!  Cullen was a trooper and did really well on the flights.  We struck gold and even had empty seats next to us on both legs!

2013-01-15 14.45.46

I knew that once we got here I’d want to just hang out and be with family, so I tried to get as much activity and exercise in as possible before we left.  Sunday afternoon I did another Barre3 class, which is quickly becoming my new favorite thing.  The last time I went, the Sunday class only had about five people.  This time there were over 25 there!

I am consistently surprised and challenged by these classes.  This past week, I worked out next to a woman who was 28 weeks pregnant, and barely breaking a sweat.  Talk about humbling.

All day long I kept hearing my instructor in my head – lift and lower, lower and lift.  lower, lower, lower.  lower and lift.  It is BRUTAL!  Already looking forward to the next one!

Our flight on Tuesday didn’t leave until the afternoon, so Casey and I got up early for another date with Jillian.  I also got another chance to test out my new Old Navy compression capris.

IMG_0875 (640x427)

Nothing like starting the day with mountain climbers – OUCH!

IMG_0876 (640x417)

It can be hard to convince myself to get out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5:30am, but once my heart rate is up and my muscles are burning, I never regret it.  And sitting in airports and on airplanes for 10 hours yesterday, it felt good knowing I’d gotten in a good workout that morning.

IMG_0881 (640x426)

Although I will admit that sometimes I feel like a huge dork kicking and punching in my living room.  Even more so when I ask Casey to take pictures.  Talk about weird.  He’s a good sport.

IMG_0883 (427x640)

Now we’re here for a week of family and memories.  It’s 11am and I’m still in pajamas, currently eating coconut flour pancakes and scrambled eggs, courtesy of my mother in law.  I didn’t expect to be in Indianapolis this week, and I certainly wish it was under different circumstances.  But it’s nice to get an extra week with family, no matter what.

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