Happy end of the week!  We’re having a random day, so I thought I’d share some ramblings.  Care to join me?

I know it’s super lame to talk about the weather, but I can’t help myself.  Ours BLOWS right now.  It’s rainy and really, really windy.  Cullen and I haven’t set food outside today.

IMG_2947 (427x640)

And even worse, the forecast shows nothing but rain for the next ten days (and beyond, I’m sure).  Last winter I was hibernating with a newborn, so I don’t think I noticed it quite as much.  This winter I am climbing the walls with a crazed toddler.  This morning we were lucky enough to have a play date at our house, which made the morning go by quickly!

IMG_2956 (640x417)

But the lack of sunshine and fresh air just make me feel so blaaaaaaaaah.  I’m working during all of Cullen’s naps, but what I really want to do is curl up on the couch with the dogs under a giant blanket and take a nap.  They are taunting me. 

IMG_2946 (640x423)

When my friend was over this morning, she commented on our fridge being “bright and cheerful.”  I know a lot of people are anti fridge clutter, particularly with these sleek stainless appliances.  The rest of our house is really minimalistic – almost no clutter, very little excess, and perhaps even a bit stark.  I like to contain chaos to very specific places.  The back of my car is one of those places, and my fridge is another. 

IMG_2967 (422x640)

I love that every time I open the doors, I am surrounded by smiling faces of friends and babies that I love.  I try to mix up what we have on there every few months.  A few favorites right now:

  • Birth announcements for my two favorite Cincinnati babies
  • A “school picture” of my adorable nephew, Jonah
  • A sweet Valentine’s Day card from Casey
  • My favorite Instagram family photos, turned into Stickygrams
  • A Chinese fortune that I’ve been putting on our fridge since 2009!

It’s probably time for the Christmas photos to come down now, huh?  What do you think?  Clean fridge or fridge covered in memories and special notes?

Speaking of home décor, up until recently we had almost zero framed family pictures up anywhere in our house.  I have countless photos on laptops and hard drives, but somehow they never make it into frames.  I’m trying to be more on top of this stuff now, so I finally had some pictures of Cullen printed and framed for the walls.  This isn’t a good picture (there are more pictures outside of the left frame), but you get the idea – a photo wall in the stairwell. 

IMG_2952 (427x640)

I’m not sure what took so long.  Every time I go up the steps I look at all the pictures and smile.  It makes our space so much warmer and more personal!  I have a few more in frames that I need to decide where to hang.  I did it backwards – bought the frames and picked out the photos without finding the right wall space first.  Oops!

I’ve felt really uninspired in the kitchen lately, which is likely evidenced here.  I’ve actually been cooking quite a bit, but nothing has felt good enough to share.  This morning I made some (healthy-ish) mixed berry muffins for Cullen, but they don’t really feel recipe worthy.

IMG_2942 (640x427)

As life with a toddler is picking up, and Casey’s work hours are late, I’m making a lot more make-ahead stuff like soups and stews.  And lots of baked goods for snacks and quick bites.  And while those things are great, I’m sure you guys will get sick of a rotation of nothing but soups and muffins.  Alas, that is mostly what we’re eating right now. 

IMG_2943 (640x427)

But I’m hoping more inspiration will strike soon!  I have some good ideas swirling around in my ahead – just need to bring them to life.

I went to a daytime Barre class yesterday for the first time in months.  Up until now I’ve been doing evenings and weekends, and just squeezing those in here and there.  It was fun to mix it up during the day, and Cullen had a blast in the childcare area.  I’m making it my goal to go to one weekday class each week now!

IMG_2944 (640x427)

Although my legs are paying for it today.  I really want to do a weekend class with Casey at the studio that has childcare.  I really want him to see how tough it is, and what an awesome (and different!) type of workout it is.  I feel like exercise and activity is a constantly evolving thing in a person’s life, and right now I’m excited to have something I look forward to so much. 

On a less healthy note, I’m having one of those days where I keep creeping into the pantry and eating handfuls of chocolate chips. 

IMG_2963 (427x640)

Tell me I’m not the only one.  I just take like ten at a time, because it doesn’t feel like too many.  But then I go back over and over again.  The bag is less than half-full and I just bought it yesterday.  Oops!

Hope everyone is close to starting their weekend.  It’s going to be rainy here, but I have plans for pedicures and Hot Cakes with some friends on Saturday, and family birthday celebrations on Sunday.  Should be fun!