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Happy end of the week!  We’re having a random day, so I thought I’d share some ramblings.  Care to join me?

I know it’s super lame to talk about the weather, but I can’t help myself.  Ours BLOWS right now.  It’s rainy and really, really windy.  Cullen and I haven’t set food outside today.

IMG_2947 (427x640)

And even worse, the forecast shows nothing but rain for the next ten days (and beyond, I’m sure).  Last winter I was hibernating with a newborn, so I don’t think I noticed it quite as much.  This winter I am climbing the walls with a crazed toddler.  This morning we were lucky enough to have a play date at our house, which made the morning go by quickly!

IMG_2956 (640x417)

But the lack of sunshine and fresh air just make me feel so blaaaaaaaaah.  I’m working during all of Cullen’s naps, but what I really want to do is curl up on the couch with the dogs under a giant blanket and take a nap.  They are taunting me. 

IMG_2946 (640x423)

When my friend was over this morning, she commented on our fridge being “bright and cheerful.”  I know a lot of people are anti fridge clutter, particularly with these sleek stainless appliances.  The rest of our house is really minimalistic – almost no clutter, very little excess, and perhaps even a bit stark.  I like to contain chaos to very specific places.  The back of my car is one of those places, and my fridge is another. 

IMG_2967 (422x640)

I love that every time I open the doors, I am surrounded by smiling faces of friends and babies that I love.  I try to mix up what we have on there every few months.  A few favorites right now:

  • Birth announcements for my two favorite Cincinnati babies
  • A “school picture” of my adorable nephew, Jonah
  • A sweet Valentine’s Day card from Casey
  • My favorite Instagram family photos, turned into Stickygrams
  • A Chinese fortune that I’ve been putting on our fridge since 2009!

It’s probably time for the Christmas photos to come down now, huh?  What do you think?  Clean fridge or fridge covered in memories and special notes?

Speaking of home décor, up until recently we had almost zero framed family pictures up anywhere in our house.  I have countless photos on laptops and hard drives, but somehow they never make it into frames.  I’m trying to be more on top of this stuff now, so I finally had some pictures of Cullen printed and framed for the walls.  This isn’t a good picture (there are more pictures outside of the left frame), but you get the idea – a photo wall in the stairwell. 

IMG_2952 (427x640)

I’m not sure what took so long.  Every time I go up the steps I look at all the pictures and smile.  It makes our space so much warmer and more personal!  I have a few more in frames that I need to decide where to hang.  I did it backwards – bought the frames and picked out the photos without finding the right wall space first.  Oops!

I’ve felt really uninspired in the kitchen lately, which is likely evidenced here.  I’ve actually been cooking quite a bit, but nothing has felt good enough to share.  This morning I made some (healthy-ish) mixed berry muffins for Cullen, but they don’t really feel recipe worthy.

IMG_2942 (640x427)

As life with a toddler is picking up, and Casey’s work hours are late, I’m making a lot more make-ahead stuff like soups and stews.  And lots of baked goods for snacks and quick bites.  And while those things are great, I’m sure you guys will get sick of a rotation of nothing but soups and muffins.  Alas, that is mostly what we’re eating right now. 

IMG_2943 (640x427)

But I’m hoping more inspiration will strike soon!  I have some good ideas swirling around in my ahead – just need to bring them to life.

I went to a daytime Barre class yesterday for the first time in months.  Up until now I’ve been doing evenings and weekends, and just squeezing those in here and there.  It was fun to mix it up during the day, and Cullen had a blast in the childcare area.  I’m making it my goal to go to one weekday class each week now!

IMG_2944 (640x427)

Although my legs are paying for it today.  I really want to do a weekend class with Casey at the studio that has childcare.  I really want him to see how tough it is, and what an awesome (and different!) type of workout it is.  I feel like exercise and activity is a constantly evolving thing in a person’s life, and right now I’m excited to have something I look forward to so much. 

On a less healthy note, I’m having one of those days where I keep creeping into the pantry and eating handfuls of chocolate chips. 

IMG_2963 (427x640)

Tell me I’m not the only one.  I just take like ten at a time, because it doesn’t feel like too many.  But then I go back over and over again.  The bag is less than half-full and I just bought it yesterday.  Oops!

Hope everyone is close to starting their weekend.  It’s going to be rainy here, but I have plans for pedicures and Hot Cakes with some friends on Saturday, and family birthday celebrations on Sunday.  Should be fun! 

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Nikki     at 4:16 pm

You are definitely not the only one re: the chocolate chips!! Some days (and weeks) are just a little less healthy than others:-)


Veggie V @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure     at 4:23 pm

Our weather has been so crappy, more weekend than not this winter I’ve come home from work on Friday and stepped foot outside of the house until Monday morning :-/


Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats     at 4:25 pm

I have been having the exact same problem with handfuls of chocolate chips too!! In fact, I just started a 30 day challenge to cut out this habit. I blame our weather. -_-


Meredith     at 4:25 pm

I did that at the beginning of this week…. had a quarter bag of choc chips left after baking this weekend and I every time I walked through the kitchen I grabbed a few more!


Clare @ Fitting It All In     at 4:32 pm

totally guilty of the chocolate chip bag!! yesterday it was butterscotch chips for me:)


Ella     at 4:34 pm

I can’t believe you work while Cullen naps! That’s impressive. I try to use nap time as me time. As you know you don’t get ANY downtime with a toddler in the house!


Theresa     at 4:35 pm

You’re not the only one! I’ve had 2 cookies today. I tried fixing hot tea, but it didn’t curb the craving for something sweet! I love the gallery wall. My boyfriend and I are just getting settled in our new place. Hopefully the boxes will be gone after this weekend so we can move on to the fun part, decorating! Have a great weekend. I hope you make it to a barre class with Casey!


Melissa     at 4:40 pm

I hope you and Cullen are outside right now enjoying the surprise bit of blue sky. It’s still windy, but we have to take advantage of the breaks when we get them these days. Seattle winters do seem to drag on….and I’ve been sneaking butterscotch chips straight from the freezer all day.


Lee     at 5:02 pm

I just had a handful of chocolate chips and I’m trying to will myself not to go back for more.

Also, that stickygrams thing is awesome. And my fridge has my friend’s holiday cards from the past 3 years still on it. It’s actually really fun to have them next to one another and see how everyone (especially kids) has changed.


afarmerinthedell     at 5:04 pm

It’s rainy and dreary here in hood river OR as well. I’ve been doing a ton of the barre3 online classes in my living room. Best rainy day activity!


Michaela     at 5:15 pm

Definitely do the chocolate chips thing, so we stopped buying them. Now I do it with dried fruits, nuts and the jar of peanut butter. I’m not sure that’s much better, but we are destroying our newly purchased bags of cashews, raisins and dates.

I think it’s time to re-instate the “always have chopped veggies in the fridge” rule..


Leah Reply:

Peanut Butter & Co peanut butter is my latest obsession.


Michaela Reply:

Yea, I bought the dark chocolate dreams and polished off by myself in a week. Good thing I workout a lot….


Meagan     at 5:21 pm

Emily I have the EXACT same knock knock notes on my fridge! Farmers market and baking notes! They are so helpful :)


Tammy Root     at 5:23 pm

It could be worse — you could grab the entire bag of chocolate chips like me. :( I try to justify it by buying dark chocolate chips — antioxidants!


Emily @ Main-Eats     at 5:25 pm

I’m ALL with you on the fridge clutter and chocolate chips…it’s all good! : )


Alyssa     at 5:55 pm

I totally do that with the chocolate chips!!! I try to hide them, but just go back over and over!


Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More     at 6:00 pm

Chocolate chips are addicting!


Sarah     at 6:02 pm

I do the exact same thing with chocolate chips. I keep them to use in granola bars for school lunches, and I usually end up eating 3/4 of them in small quantities (especially on dreary winter days). Glad to know I’m not the only one.


Emily     at 6:12 pm

I keep my chocolate chips in the fridge! I love them cold!


Meri     at 6:44 pm

Haha! You’re definitely not alone in the chocolate chip thing. I’m so glad to know so many other people do it, too. Oh and I’m still waiting with baited breath for your marinated mushroom recipe!!


Kristen @ Change of Pace     at 6:47 pm

Even just one or two days of cold weather and rain drives us crazy. I can’t imagine 10. My kids love the kidcare at my gym. They’ve been going since they were babies. I go almost everyday because it’s a break for me and I feel good about myself afterwards. Plus it’s only an hour :)


Katie     at 7:04 pm

My hubby and I just moved to the Seattle area 2.5 months ago from San Diego. We went from sun every day, to almost none at all. I was afraid of the transition, but it really hasn’t bothered me at all. Maybe it’s because I’m new to the area (and because we’re military, we will only be here a couple years), but I don’t think it is all that bad. The scenery is beautiful, and the air is crisp and fresh.

The best piece of advice we got when we moved here was, don’t make the excuse that you aren’t going to do anything just because it’s raining, because then you won’t do anything at all and you will miss out. We still do things like hiking and farmers markets, and had a great run around Green Lake last Sunday.

Living in as many places as we have (four different states in the last 4.5 years), and can honestly say, there are worse places to live.


Leah Reply:

Yes, kind of like in Boston (we get more perception per year than Seattle oddly enough!!) Right now the people that whine about February are the ones NOT on skis, snowmobiles, hanging out by a roaring fire, or on snowshoes. “wahhh I have to shovel” versus “oh hay I don’t have to go to the gym today since I just shoveled” big difference. Seattle gets a bad reputation when we are more grey here in Beantown.


Katie Reply:

I totally get what you are saying about the Northeast. We were stationed in Newport, RI a couple of years ago, again during the dead of winter. The shoveling provided a great workout, and when it wasn’t snowing, I would often jog 1.5 miles down to the beach. Did that a couple times a week for the short time we lived there. It’s all in what you make of it!


Amanda Reply:

I totally agree with your comments. I have to really bite my tongue when people bitch about Seattle — it is a glorious place to live — especially in the rain! Move away to the dirty east coast and I promise you, you will wonder what you ever complained of. Seattle is probably the best spot in the country, in my opinion, but the more people that don’t want to agree with me is just fine, we don’t need more traffic. :)


Emily Malone Reply:

I absolutely love Seattle. I think it’s okay to complain about some rain here and there. It’s pretty normal. I spent the other 98% of the time gushing over our gorgeous parks, landscapes, mountains, cools summers, and amazing food.


Amanda Reply:

I’m sorry, Emily. Believe it or not, I wasn’t really meaning to direct that are you.


gina (fitnessista)     at 7:10 pm

at least you’re classy and use your hand to transport. i pour the chocolate chips into my mouth like a savage beast haha.


Mia     at 7:40 pm

Ha! I do the same thing, except I dump the bag in a mason jar and go back over and over again. TJ’s really are the best!

I’m so jealous of your day tomorrow. That Cakery looks INSANE!!!! Please save pics or post to twitter what you order. :)


Mari     at 7:42 pm

Im curious what the fortune says!!

Ps love random posts like this


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 7:56 pm

Ok so right before reading this post, the thought actually crossed my mind to go grab a handful of vegan chocolate chips. I did that last night and tonight it just sounded good too. Then I read your post and smiled, so no, you are not the only one.


Lara     at 8:07 pm

We had a playdate this morning, too :) It definitely makes this crappy weather more bearable!

Also, I recently did a black frame wall along our staircase as well! Except ours looks funny because I started with just four frames and then kept adding more and more…so the pattern is a little odd looking ;) Still, they make me happy!

I made Matthew come to a Dailey Method (barre class in CA) with me once, after he laughed when he saw the tiny weights we lift in the class. He never laughed again after at me after that ;)


Elizabeth     at 8:20 pm

This mama would love your veggie soups and stews recipes and healthy mini muffins. My picky toddler loves muffins but so many recipes aren’t all that healthy.


Anne     at 8:23 pm

Hi Emily! I completely know what you mean when you say, “one of those days!” There definitely is something about prolonged sunless days that enervates. When I moved from LA to SF, it was tough to motivate to go out in the cold- but I found that just getting out the door and joining the fray instantly energized me- then I just formed new routines and adapted. I love that you’re changing up your fitness routine, for me it was trying a new yoga studio, and completely falling in love with the energy/community- I think it’s so essential!


Lisa     at 9:46 pm

I’m bummed to hear the weather isn’t great. I’m heading to Seattle in the morning. Are there any big farmers markets open tomorrow. Then again if its pouring its probably not a great idea.

I totally eat small handfuls of chocolate chips out of the bag.


Emily @ Life on Food     at 3:19 am

I love a cluttered fridge, especially with pictures. I have such trouble taking them off. I have wedding announcement, etc from 3 years ago. Chocolate chip snacks are the best!


Caitlin     at 4:07 am

Keep the fridge “clutter”- I love all the happy, wonderful photos!

I’m with you on slacking at putting photos and what not up- we rent and tend to push it off and next thing we know we’re looking at the end of a lease and saying, “well..it would be silly to put stuff on the walls now!”

I’m glad to hear the barre classes are guy friendly- I love new fitness classes and doing something different and think it would be fun to bring my guy along.


Lauren     at 4:52 am

I am still waiting for the mushroom recipe. I believe you call thrm marinated mushrooms. Or did I miss those along the way? Also I can’t get enough stew/soup and I have a husband who loves fruity muffins so I guess I’m saying bring on those recipes. Oh and I’m with you. I am very minimalist everywhere in my house BUT the fridge….pictures galore.


Jan Reply:

We love all your recipes. Keep ‘em coming.


Leanne     at 6:23 am

I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and I’ve been wondering, what made you want to live in Seattle? I lived on Whidbey Island for 5 years and would never things of going back. Maybe I’m just an east coast girl.

Oh, and expect more and more of that weather-it’s year round there.


Leanne     at 6:23 am




Katie @ Soulshine and Sassafras     at 6:44 am

Cluttered fridge all the way! To be fair, my home is quite cluttered in general, but I really love fridges that are covered with magnets and pictures and notes. It makes me so happy to see so many reminders of people I love every time I go into the kitchen :)


Danielle Andolina     at 7:12 am

You are not alone! I just bought a bag yesterday…trying my darndest to stay away. But soon enough I’ll start creepin–


Anne Weber-Falk     at 8:34 am

I understand your restlessness. We are in the dog days of winter here in Chicagoland. Sighhhh…we can’t wait for springs mild weather. As for your frig, we call ours the metropolitan refrigerator of art.


Erica {Coffee & Quinoa}     at 8:54 am

Love those Farmer’s Market and Baking Notes notepads on your fridge. I’ve bought a few of those (mostly ones like “Dear Roommate” and “Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy”) – so hysterical. Not sure where they are now!


Emily     at 8:55 am

Sleepy puppies are the WORST for motivation, especially when they’re snoozing on the couch.

My Pure Barre studio invited men to come for free on Valentine’s day and it was hilarious! All the guys were shocked and could barely keep up.

I can’t wait for them to do another class, so I can take my hubby. I don’t think they realize just how tough it really is!


Andrea     at 9:29 am

I feel ya…This is the time of year that drags and the rainy gray seems infinite. Even though spring is technically a month away, and we don’t have the blizzards like back east. (thank goodness!)But it’s gray and blah and sometimes it sucks all your energy. We finally got smart this year and took a week off to Sun Diego! But we are back now. *sigh* It was awesome to have the sun but the temps were coolish- 60-65- it felt like Seattle in the spring, but more sun so we didn’t mind. This crazy wind keeps rattling the door, and makes my dog bark… Ah… life in the PNW…


Gabrielle     at 10:40 am

I say decorate the fridge! It is a big hunk of metal in the middle of the room, after all, might as well turn it into something fun. And I LOVE Stickygrams! I got some myself not long ago. Such a great idea, wish I’d thought of it first.


Michelle@Peachy Palate     at 11:28 am

I don’t blame you wanting to take a nap on the sofa it looks hella comfy! The weather is blah here in Ireland too….sleet and snow and lots of dullness, I feel your pain!


Samantha     at 2:53 pm

Not the only one on the chocolate chips…not remotely. :)


Beth     at 6:44 pm

I do the same thing with those chocolate chips! I’ve even tried wrapping rubber bands intricately around the open bag then sealing it in a ziploc bag then hiding it in the back of the freezer, but I can’t help myself. I ate quite a few myself this week. I guess I can’t stand to have a partial bag since it’s essentially useless for a recipe. :)


Laura     at 6:50 pm

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one . . . Totally did the same today, only mine was a Green and Blacks mini dark chocolate bar. Always a win. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Erin     at 9:20 pm

I love how adding photos or artwork to a home brightens it up so instantly! Plus, it really makes it feel like you’ve settled in. I’ve just moved and can’t wait to get some personal pieces up on my bare walls.


Babs     at 12:50 am

I do think it’s sad that we take so many more pictures now a days but most end up only on computers :( I need to make a better effort printing them too.


Elizabeth @ Positive Change     at 6:03 am

Sounds like a fun Friday! I have the same issue with “things” in certain areas!


Jennifer     at 6:55 am

Although you may be feel uninspired in the kitchen today, you always post my favorite recipes! Your curried chickpea soup recipe is a new obsession. I have made it 3 times since you posted it! Perfection!


HilJo     at 7:51 am

I love chocolate chips. I eat about a bag a week……and I feel no shame! Haha :)


April     at 10:27 am

Ahhhh Emily, i am SO with ya on the *blah* weather here in Boston, i feel SO cooped up too!!!! Wow, your barre class has childcare?!? that is AWESOME! I am still trying to find time to get to one…
I just made a berry muffin recipe from weelicious and it was just “OK”, hoping Jack will like it though!
You are not alone on the choc chip thing, i do the exact same thing – over and over, ha ha! I hope the rain doesn’t last for 10 days, and i hope more snow doesn’t come my way:=


Hilary @ PeanutButterSpoonfuls     at 12:36 pm

Based on these comments, you’ve probably gotten a decent amount of reassurance about the chocolate chips so let me just chime in and say, I am over this winter as well!!! Bring on Spring so we can eat chocolate chips outside!


Amy     at 3:36 pm

oh, thank god other people do that with the chocolate chips. I’ve realized that I should really only buy chocolate chips immediately before baking, otherwise they will end up being eaten by the handful and no baking will happen!


Michelle     at 5:40 pm

You mean I’m not supposed to eat chocolate chips by the handful? What?


Anna @ On Anna's Plate     at 5:50 pm

Ughghg, winter weather sucks. We live in the South, but we’ve gotten our fair share of rainy days lately. I’m definitely ready for spring!


Leah     at 6:59 am

My LG stainless fridge does not hold magnets. It’s the same style fridge as yours (love the ice bucket in the freezer). We needed our weekly calendar to hang on it so we put a strip of metal from the Container Store on the upper left. We also put a metal peg board on the right (very narrow). This limits how much clutter we have on the fridge. It’s clean and easy and we don’t loose super important things (checks to cash, etc.) The hardest thing for me is to clean the stainless (had to give up on the Method product for stainless–boooo!)


Mari     at 7:19 am

What are those cakes?! I just made the epic mistake of wondering what Hot Cakes is, and now I am seriously considering ordering a few for an upcoming birthday. In DC. Ordering cakes from Seattle, to get shipped to DC. So tempted.


ashley     at 8:25 am

Do you have a referral code for stickygram? I was just going to make some magnets on their site and noticed there was a spot to put in a referral code from someone, earning both the referrer and referree $2 off.


Shannan     at 8:26 am

My fridge has tons of pictures and drawings from friends and nieces and nephews. I love it! :) My house is also full of pictures of my nieces and nephews and I love seeing them everywhere. I try and update them every few months. They grow so stinkin fast!


Brittany @ Kitchen::Candid     at 8:32 am

I wish we had a barre class available. That would be my favorite exercise, hands down!!!


Betsy @ A Dancer In The Kitchen     at 8:06 am

I say yes to putting things on the fridge too! We recently moved and debated for like a second weather we should put stuff on the new fridge….in fact we bought a black fridge just because we were afraid on stainless ones you couldn’t put magnets up! I used to buy magnets from each place I toured with my dance company! I’m glad to see so many other feel the same way we do about the fridge clutter :)


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