My Funny Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Not much cooking over here – both literally and figuratively – just a busy day of the usual stuff.  But I thought I’d pop in and say hi and share some pictures. 

I did end up going to that Barre class last night (that I had mentioned yesterday).  It was my first time going to that class, and it was brutal.  I felt it even more when I was up early to do my DVD workout with Casey.  Ouch! 

After a tough workout, I gave him the homemade Valentine that Cullen and I put together earlier this week.  It turns out that at this age, painted feet are a lot more successful than painted hands.  Trust me on that one. 

2013-02-14_08-19-22_401 (565x640)

Once my little Valentine woke up, we dressed in our holiday finest and posed for cheesy pictures with a bad background and even worse lighting. 

IMG_1931 (640x427)

IMG_1942 (640x428)

IMG_1945 (640x427)

Happiness.  We celebrated with delicious blueberry pancakes (pulled out of the freezer from last weekend).  Easy and tasty – doesn’t get better than that. 

IMG_1964 (640x427)

IMG_1968 (427x640)

And before we headed out for the morning, we did a couple of rounds of peekaboo in the dining room.  Does anyone know where Cullen went? 

IMG_2002 (640x427)

Ahh, THERE he is!

IMG_2052 (426x640)

Cullen and Huey played chase by running laps around the table, while I grabbed my camera and clicked away.  I think this is the first picture ever captured of them together!

IMG_2084 (640x428)

From there we were off for the afternoon, and it was a busy one!  We hit up a toddler storytime at a new (to us) library with a few friends.  Afterward, we headed over to Greenlake and took a 3 mile spin around the lake with our other friend, Lacey.  It was great to walk and talk, and Cullen almost lasted the whole way.  He insisted on walking the last quarter mile, which made it very sloooooow.


Even though we’d been out for a while, I decided to push my luck by running one more errand before we headed home.  We returned a few sweaters I’d ordered, and then decided to stop for a quick V-day lunch at Veggie Grill.  While looking for a table, we spotted one of our friends from mom’s group – win!  So we had an impromptu lunch date, which was really fun. 


And I pushed it way too far, so Cullen fell asleep on the ride home.  I kind of knew he would.  He does this a lot, and it’s usually no big deal – he transfers into the crib pretty easily.


But not today, apparently.  I’m currently sipping my Yogi tea and listening to him sing from his crib, not a chance of sleep in sight.  Oops!


Guess that means I get more time with my little one today.  I’ll take it.  And it sounds like it’s time to go get him!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  We’re not really celebrating – just hanging out at home like we usually do.  But it’s always nice to feel a little extra love and cheer in the air.