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    A Look Back.


Look what’s back!  Yep, it’s the SUN!  It is gloriously sunny and fabulous in Seattle today.  A strange sight for us, even more so since I know that other parts of the country are bracing for a crazy super storm.

IMG_1826 (640x427)

And look what else is back!?!  My suitcase.  Yep, another trip!

IMG_1825 (640x427)

But this is no ordinary trip.  Tonight I’m taking the redeye home to Cincinnati.  Just me.  Without Cullen.  For the first time.  Ever

I’ve been planning to go home in February for many months now, but when we had to unexpectedly travel back to Indiana in January, I wasn’t sure the February trip would still happen.  I really didn’t want to travel with Cullen again so soon – the time change is too hard, and I worry too much about all of the travel germs.  But I really wanted to still figure out a way to go. 

Two of my best lifelong friends have had babies recently, and I have been aching to hold and cuddle their little ones.  And I haven’t had any good, uninterrupted quality time with my best friend in what feels like years.  Casey and I looked at the logistics, and figured out a way for me to go on the trip all by myself!  I traded all my skymiles in, so I was able to get a last minute flight for freeeeee – even better. 

There was a small hiccup in the plans when we realized that Casey actually has a work conference tomorrow, but my awesome friends have rallied to help, and Cullen will be playing with his buddies tomorrow while mom is in Ohio playing with hers.  :) 

The longest I’ve spent away from Cullen is a few hours, so this is kind of a big deal.  But honestly?  I’m ready.  Like, really ready.  I will miss all the snuggles and bedtime kisses this weekend, but I am so excited for 2.5 days on my own schedule and with no agenda.  I’m going to cuddle my friends’ babies, go for a run in my old neighborhood, go out to eat whenever I want to, and try not to miss this face too much. 


Today has been spent doing endless loads of laundry, getting the house ready to leave, charging electronics, and trying to narrow down which of my favorite restaurants I want to go to while I’m there. 

IMG_1824 (640x427)

I’ve also been prepping a bit of food for Casey and Cullen for the weekend.  Although Casey is more than capable, and probably doesn’t need it – I just really wanted to steal some sweet potato fries.  Casey hasn’t ever had Cullen on his own for a whole day (or several in a row!), so this will be a good time for both of them.  Cullen is in a really serious daddy-phase, so I know he’ll be loving it, and I doubt he’ll even notice I am gone. 

IMG_1827 (640x408)

My carry-on is stocked with a fully charged iPad, several downloaded books, three magazines, and a big cozy scarf I can use as a pillow.  I might read a book, I might take the world’s longest nap, I might rent a movie.  I’m in a middle seat, I have a two-hour layover plus six hours in the air, and all of that sounds luxuriously fabulous because I don’t have to worry about entertaining a one-year old.  I am ready!

To my East coast friends, be safe this weekend!  This storm sounds like a doozy.  See you from Ohio! 

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Colleen     at 4:17 pm

Sounds like a fabulous girl weekend! A must for any momma. Enjoy your time!


natalie @ will jog for food     at 4:22 pm

Have a great time! You deserve it :)


Laura Reynolds     at 4:30 pm

I’ve been following your blog for a while now and am a Northern Kentucky girl myself! I hope you’ll share what restaurants you go to when you are home in Ohio.
Enjoy your trip!


Sarah     at 4:34 pm

Enjoy!! Time away will renew you.


padma     at 4:38 pm

Aww, Cullen will definitely miss his momma! And you totally deserve this trip! Have fun,and stay safe!


Jamie     at 4:46 pm

Cullen looks SO much like you in this picture! Adorable. Have a wonderful trip!


Lee     at 4:52 pm

Enjoy your trip!


Lauren @ Eat Like An Elephant     at 4:57 pm

Enjoy your trip! :)


jane     at 5:05 pm

have so much fun! good on you for doing this for yourself. Cullen is obviously in good hands with his dad and a little bonding will be great for them!


Kath     at 5:10 pm

Have a great trip! SLEEEEEEPPPP!


Katie @ Balanced RD     at 5:16 pm

That sounds like so much fun! Have a great time :)


Anna @ On Anna's Plate     at 5:25 pm

I took my first weekend trip away from my baby girl when she was about six months old (we formula fed), and it was tough, but so, SO good for me too. Honestly, I think it’s good for mamas to get a baby-free break every now and then– and not just for a few hours! I hope you have a wonderful trip– I’m sure you’ll miss him like CRAZY, but hopefully you’ll also have a great time– I know my time away from our baby only made me love her even more!


Kate     at 5:38 pm

Enjoy your trip! My daughter is the same age as Cullen and in November/December I had to take a 3 week long overseas business trip. I have to admit, the first couple days it was refreshing to have no responsibilities but work (my days were a simple routine of an early morning run, a long workday, pub for dinner, back to the hotel to Skype with family and curl up with a book, repeat). The last two weeks were a bit of homesick torture, but I really did enjoy the first little bit of me time!


ARPL     at 5:55 pm

You lucky duck – you totally deserve a getaway. Yes, you will sob at some point for a few minutes (either when departing or right before you return). I just had my second baby and will continue to take a yearly Black Friday shopping trip to Minneapolis for two carefree nights with my girlfriend. It keeps me sane. It also makes my husband appreciate how much work is involved 24-7.


Heather     at 6:14 pm

I hope you have a GREAT time, you deserve it!


Amber     at 6:19 pm

Have fun Emily! Us Mamas definitely deserve a day (or 2.5) to ourselves every once in a while! This weekend I actually might take my little one to the Ballard Market…always a fun time :)


Laura     at 6:38 pm

The second to the last paragraph just made me so jealous. I would add…drink a whole cup of coffee and not get distracted by the time it’s cold. Enjoy!


Jen     at 6:41 pm

Have fun. I’m doing the SAME thing in two weeks! I have no clue what I’m going to with my free hands and all that extra room in my suitcase!


Amber K     at 6:44 pm

Sounds like fun; have a great trip!


Kate     at 6:52 pm

I hope you have a blast!! I travel in March for work and I have to say, I am ready for it too (my son is 3). Have fun!!


Jacquelynn     at 7:06 pm

Enjoy! I love visiting my brother in Cincy (I’m in Columbus), there are so many fantastic restaurants!

What books did you download?


Carly @ Snack Therapy     at 8:42 pm

How exciting! You definitely deserve it :).


Ella     at 8:55 pm

Ahaha, I feel you about being in the lap of luxury even if its a middle seat – I realized I could meet my husband for a biz trip in NYC next month and altho I’m sure I’ll end up on a red eye in the middle seat I DON’T CARE because I will be BY MYSELF without my 1 year old! It shall be amazing!


Elisabeth     at 10:39 pm

That picture of Cullen is just precious! Have a great time here in Ohio with your friends, toddler free!


Kim     at 1:29 am

HAVE FUN!!! I just got away for a few days and it was GLORIOUS to just take care of me for a bit. (My husband and I also got away recently and that was even better!) Cullen will be more than happy having boys’ time with Casey!


Leah     at 1:43 am

Have a great time!! It’s normal to miss Cullen but try to enjoy this toddler free time as it doesn’t come along very often! Mama needs to have fun too :) I just flew from Canada to England last weekend with my 2.5 year old and 3 month old, on my own- so everything you described sounds amazing for a baby free flight!!


Shannon     at 2:31 am

Say hello to Ohio for me!!! Have a fab time and try not to miss your C’s too much :-)


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama     at 2:54 am

The first time I spent a night and day away from my kids was hard…at first. Then I went wild! No schedule to follow. I could go whenever and wherever without having to lug around snacks and extra everything. It was great! Enjoy!


Tricia     at 3:33 am

Good for you Emily!!! You should get some time for yourself!!!


Tricia     at 3:34 am

Oh and that picture of Cullen is priceless! It should be framed. Of course he will notice his mama is gone, but you have no reason to feel guilty because he has an awesome dad who loves him to spend time with him! Have a blast!!!


Coco     at 4:13 am

I hope you have a wonderful trip- be safe!! :)


Anne     at 4:17 am

Good for you ! Made your “soup” yesterday, I wanted more creamy so I haded 1 cup of uncooked rice, put some mushroom too, very good !


Kristin     at 4:53 am

awwww I am soooooo happy for you!!!!! Have a blast!!!!!


rachel     at 6:02 am

safe travels!

I would love for you to do a run down of your favorite stops in Cincinnati – i live in Louisville, and we usually run up that way for Ikea, other random shopping, and reds games – however i never know where to go out as far as lunch, dinner, and drink places :)


Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed     at 6:25 am

Safe travels and enjoy your free schedule :)


Lauren @ Lettuce Eat Cake     at 6:39 am

Here’s hoping you have a good movie on the flight! I travel all the time for work, and I have to say, I love to fly. It relaxes me. I think the total unplug is what I love the most. I don’t have to feel bombarded by texts, emails, Facebook notifications. I don’t feel guilty that I’m not doing work. Pure bliss. Have a great trip!


Kristen @ Change of Pace     at 6:47 am

Can I just say that I am JEALOUS!? From a mama to a mama I’m so jealous of you! I feel like the worst mom ever when I say I enjoy the breaks away from my kids. Live it up Emily!


kelly     at 6:58 am

Have a good time! I have yet to be apart from my 15 month old fore more than a few hours either. My hubby and I are going away for the weekend for our anniversary in a few months and I’m already super anxious about leaving her! I am excited to hear how you do away from Cullen (hopefully you say it is super easy and can ease my worries..hah) :)


Lindsay     at 7:21 am

I am excited for you!! Safe travels and have so much fun :)


Sarah     at 7:42 am

So glad you get to take a fun trip! I hope you have a fabulous time with your friends :)


deva by definition     at 8:20 am

Have a great trip home! it’s going to be a fairly decent weekend, weather-wise (it has been COLD lately, so 40s? HEAT WAVE!!).


Julie     at 8:34 am

Have a great time Emily! Cullen & Casey will be just fine. It will be good for all of you.


Maureen     at 8:58 am

I’m excited for you! Have a great trip and make sure to take pictures of all the good food you are sure to eat! :)


Sara     at 9:14 am

Oh my gosh! How excited but also scary! Ha. I haven’t been away from my almost 18 month old for more than a few hours as well. A weekend trip sounds lovely!! Let us know how it goes!


Sara Reply:

Oops, *exciting. :D


Theresa     at 9:37 am

Have a great time! You deserve it :) Travel safe.


Michelle@Peachy Palate     at 11:25 am

Have a great time! It will be good for you and Cullen to spend a couple of days apart…I put my mum never leaving my side or going anywhere without me up until I went to school to my belated seperation anxiety when I school time came around!


Kamila     at 3:59 pm

You Enjoy it, girl. Have a blast!!


Aly @ FitandFrugirl     at 8:42 pm

Oh my goodness you’re so close to where I am!


Alex @ Raw Recovery     at 5:38 pm

I just got my internet back after a week but oh my gosh Cullen’s hair is so thick and dark!! Gosh he’s cute. Hope you have a fabulous and safe trip!


Babs     at 2:10 am

I think moms are just a bit better when they have their own time – so let go and enjoy the freeeeeeedom! I’m sure your boys will love their boys weekend.


Elizabeth @ My Neon Running Shoes     at 5:49 am

Hope you’re having a good weekend! My son is also in a huge daddys phase! Sometimes it’s kind of nice, other times it’s a little sad!


Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie     at 8:10 am

Have a wonderful time! You deserve a rest!


Rachel wardell     at 11:53 am

Good for you! Have a wonderful trip you totally deserve it. Your boys will fine x x


joelle (on a pink typewriter)     at 2:12 pm

I love how crystal clear and bright your photos always are!

Have a great trip!


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